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Yeah, RNM’s always been a ‘midseason’ show, insofar this just indicates that the show will indeed have to wait until the new fall shows have finished airing, and a time slot becomes available. 

Shows such as Roswell, New Mexico, In The Dark, Supergirl, Stargirl, Dynasty and Legends of Tomorrow will launch ‘midseason’ along with new titles Kung Fu and Republic of Sarah.

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In another Deadline article, Pedowitz also talks about CW’s deal with Netflix ending (meaning RNM will no longer be available on Netflix in the US!). All CW content will instead move over to HBO Max. The deal with HBO also allows CW what they couldn’t do under the Netflix deal: they can keep all episodes of a new season on their website for catching up, instead of just the most recent 5!

In the post-Netflix setup, the CW is able to do AVOD* in-season stack of all episodes following their premiere on the network vs. just the most recent five under the Netflix agreement. By the end of this coming season, the CW will have seasons of seven original series stacked up on the CW’s digital platforms for audiences to catch up.

* AVOD = Advertised Video On Demand

from this article ➡️

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Ooh, you know what I’d love? If they’re there to discuss alien stuff, and then Michael flirts with Alex every other line or confesses to how jealous we all know he is, and Greg and Kyle just kind of look at Alex as if to say, Is this idiot bothering you?

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Which means Alex is definitely there, right? He has to be there. I wouldn’t understand how you could have the man Alex loves, Alex’s best friend, and Alex’s brother in a scene without Alex. He’s there. I can feel it.

I had been dreading 2x06 since the mention of the episode’s plot. Please, television gods, let me be happy about 3x06. Let it be so wonderful that it erases 2x06 forever from the minds and hearts of men!

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Asked 3x05/06 director Rachel Raimist how they continue filming without her being on set (she’s currently in Covid timeout ), and this was her answer.

RNM Executive Producer Lance Anderson (also directed 3x1/02, 2x02, 1x10, 1x04 and 1x02) took over and keeps the cameras rolling until Rachel can hopefully return to set eventually. 👏

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Poor Rachel, the 3x05/3x06 director’s come in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid19. She’s no longer on set, instead she’s quarantining at home for two weeks, and monitors everything from there. Filming continues uninterrupted tho. Fingers crossed Rachel (and everyone else) stays healthy, and she can return to set at the tail end of her directing stint. 🤞

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Q: I just heard that “Riverdale” will be back with a new season. What about “Roswell, New Mexico”?

A: That will be a midseason offering on the CW, which in this case means around March or April 2021, or possibly later. (The third season is currently in production in New Mexico). Because of the pandemic’s effect on production, the network delayed launching what would have been its fall lineup most years until early 2021. 

I doubt the Albuquerque Journal knows more about CW’s programming than anyone else. I certainly wouldn’t bet on March, and even April seems a bit of an ambitious take considering how many shows, that would’ve normally started airing in fall 2020, will only premiere in January and February 2021. 

So I’m not getting my hopes up for such an “early” (March or April) S3 premiere just yet, but who knows, maybe an earlier time slot than May or June will become available after all. Fingers crossed!

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Cast & crew are back in Santa Fe to continue filming 3x05/06!

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Imo there’s a correlation between the drop and a possible S3 premiere, but that’s just what I think.

This whole HBO deal makes no sense to me either, and I don’t see a US premiere happening in January tbh. There are just too many things that don’t quite add up.

Not that I don’t want the show back, but if they’d go for a January premiere, it’s almost certain that the show would have to be bumped around, and we’d quite likely face at least one, maybe more hiatuses throughout the season. I’d much rather RNM premiere’s later next year, and the season can air more or less uninterrupted each week.

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Yeah, until there’s official confirmation the show will indeed premiere in January, we can speculate all we went, we’ll be none the wiser. 

I’m here for aaaaaall the Vlamburn content (and I’m legit excited for the drop!)

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Yeah, episodes 3x05 and 3x06 will continue to film almost the entire month of January, according to the director. 

I really don’t see why they’d be in such a hurry to kick off S3, when they’ve only just wrapped 3x01-04? 

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