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Due to the inability to raise the necessary funds, Lima Heights Community College has been permanently shut down. Not wanting the students in the already troubled part of town to go without an education, McKinley Heights University have agreed to accept ten former Lima Heights students into their school and provide them with a scholarship. Even though the two parts of Lima have a long history of hating each other, older members of the community are hoping this will be the thing to unify the town.


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What the hell was Glee?

Like, that show did not age well.

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In A Night Of Neglet when Kurt was showing Blaine around the school he said “of course you know the choir room”

Why? Did Blaine visit the glee club with Kurt or something?

If he did it must’ve been the same day Blaine went to McKinley to talk to Dave for Kurt.

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Rodrick marries Marley in the gym ,because of this Jake quits the team and sings Take Me Home Tonight to Rodrick this goes on for 2 episodes and ends with Jesse singing Pretending

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rachel berry is the most homophobic person with gay dads and two gay roomates

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I have been so busy this weekend! Excited to relax and watch glee. Currently watching Night Of Neglect on my rewatch. 🥰💛

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✨dianna smiling✨💘💞💗💖💝💓

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its one of those days

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wow! kitty is fucking awful! what the fuck!

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Consept: the unholy trinity being a thruple.

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The Glee version of Chasing Pavements is what gets me through the tough times. Like her voice is so smooth and beautiful.

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