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#sitting on your desk
adhd-vibes · 5 months ago
ADHD tip of the day: study or work in a new location (if you can)
why? because: 
studying in multiple locations improves your memory of the material because your memories aren’t tied to one location. 
ADHD-ers often thrive off novelty and new experiences, so changing things up might provide just enough new stimulation to meet the stimulation threshold that allows you to work. 
if you’ve been unproductive lately in your current study/work space, over time your brain has been primed to associate that location with unproductive habits, which will make it harder to be productive. break the cycle by finding a new location (one not already associated with “lazy” activities like a couch or bed)
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flowerflamestars · 2 days ago
Fix-it Fic Snippet
Not chance to be had, a single second to think.
There was only Nesta- Nesta- tired beyond need of rest at the repetition, heavier certain in her bones than the weight of eternity.   That what she loved could be taken. Again, again, again that what was hers- what she had seized and chosen and built- that it existed to be ripped away.   Eris’s pain felt more real than her own, dragging at the edges of the world, blurring her sight.   The first Illyrian didn’t have time to scream. The second did, and the third, the fourth, as silver fire rose across the hall to meet her- Eris was awake.   The six faeries it taken to hold him had fallen, by the time Nesta reached his side. In clean, ruthless motion, Eris cast off the last, right into her outstretched hand.   Flames reflected back in the blood running thick down her husband’s face- told the story Nesta did not look to confirm, silver fire than neither caught or sparked but burnt and burnt, spilling free as water from the eyes of the fallen man.   Eris stepped over the body.   She wanted her hands on him- she wanted to know- she wanted- Nesta traced the hanging shape of his arm and with the permission of a grimace, shoved Eris’s shoulder back into place. “Fuckers.”   And Eris smiled. “Not anymore.”
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arcadia-city-stories-if · 2 months ago
How would the ROs feel about a very touchy-feely MC that likes to drape themselves over RO whenever possible? Sitting on the couch watching TV? MC has their legs resting in their lap. Doing paperwork at a desk? MC is now suddenly sitting on their lap "helping."
Murphy -
Complains about it, lots of sighing and huffing and acting like he's being hard done by. If MC were to then stop doing it he'd maybe last a couple of days before taking the opportunity to pull them into his lap first. Wouldn't say anything, or acknowledge it, but he wouldn't let them go easily either.
Shae -
At home and during their down hours, Shae really enjoys the casual affection. At their desk, while they're trying to work? Yeah, that's gonna be cute for all of 5 minutes until MC actually tries to touch something work related and that chair is getting swivelled and MC will be politely, but firmly, ejected from their seat of choice.
Callie -
Is all about that stuff. She's already a touchy-feely kinda person so to have MC be comfortable enough with her to just drape themselves into her personal space would make her very happy.
Toni -
Allows it. Always.
Claude/Claudia -
Would find it distracting, for better or worse. Would always be tempted to indulge a little and take things further.
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trailshome · 4 days ago
omg omg omg did one of my favorite authors just call me sweet?? istg i am SO happy rn ajshfjx anyways its the anon from the last ask and i couldn’t resist sending another one if thats ok!! what about cats or dogs for all of them?? im personally a cat person but dogs are alright, i used to be obsessed with cavalier king charles spaniels (I think that's what theyre called) and we went to a pet shot once when i was younger and found one and she was SO CUTE. i called her sticker bc she would lay in my lap and fall asleep no matter how many times i would put her back on the ground ashfajx we didn't get her tho bc she was too expensive but she was rlly cute. anyway im thinking of interacting (like sending in asks and stuff) more!! this is only my second time sending in an ask and im usually a lot more nervous talking to people but you seem so cool and?? safe?? if that makes sense?? idk but youre really nice askdhsx anyways just realized this is getting. really long. so i just wanted to say, again, ur really cool and awesome!!
//ahh hello hello again, anon!! I'm glad you feel safe sending in asks/interacting with this blog -- that's one of my biggest priorities here! I'm more of a cat person too (I have a cat named, Moe) but Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (link for pics) are super cute with their floppy ears ahh!! <3
Hollond: Prefers cats -- this may stem from them being so... cat-like but also because they'd adore snooty/aloof cats, haha!!
Galeon: Prefers cats -- tho, tbh, probably wouldn't be opposed to having a dog. Might prefer a bigger dog tho, like a great dane!!
Lesilfae: Prefers dogs -- specifically lap-dogs! Would probably have a super expensive, rare dog that he'd flaunt to show his wealth (but secretly spoil rotten)!
Finlay: Prefers dogs -- a dog that was energetic and loved to travel would be right in Finlay's lane!! Then again, they'd like any animal that enjoyed traveling with them -- pocket mouse?? Maybe a bird??
Greta: Prefers neither -- oddly neutral towards dogs and cats. Probably feeds ally cats and stray dogs when she can and loves them all!! More of a ferret person tbh (smh)
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consumedkings-archive · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ANCIENT NAMES ✤ a john seed x female deputy fic
When Elliot was very young, she remembered coming across a snake coiled on the hot pavement of the path up to their front door. It had been after school; her mother had had the windows of the kitchen open, playing an old song, something about a dream, and she could hear it from all the way down at the road. The snake was basking—drinking in the sunlight, mottled in shades of brown and copper, flecks of white highlighting the prettiest parts of it. The snake had been a dream to a girl who ran wild and barefoot through every inch of the Hope County wilderness she could reach; the speckled pattern begging for a touch, it’s elegant coil beckoning for attention.
“He’s pretty, mama,” Elliot had said, staring out the window at the snake. “Did you see his spots?”
Now, sitting in the back seat of an Eden’s Gate truck, her face mottled with a dead man’s arterial spray, she felt like that prairie rattler, her spots belying a poison and vicious bite.
Pretty, she thought tiredly, combing her fingers through Boomer’s fur. Pretty venomous.
hi guys!! this post comes with a sappy emotional blurb that makes it five times longer than it needs to be, because just a few days ago, ancient names reached 3k hits on ao3 and my heart absolutely exploded!!!!! fucking insane!!!!! writing ancient names (and in a way, witching hour too) has been one of the most incredible things, especially with quarantine but mostly as a cathartic and important experience for me as a person. i never thought that i would find a fandom like this, and i never thought anyone would give a flat fuck about my writing, but you all have been so incredible and wonderful and gorgeous and you just! you just spark joy in me. needless to say i am emotional and crying in this taco bell parking lot tonight, but i just wanted to say thank you and give AN a pretty graphic that she deserves, given that she’s done all the work for me ♡
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leavesontheground · 5 months ago
sometimes newt just makes up words while he's talking. his brain will either mash two similar or related words together, or just string together random sounds in the middle of his sentence, and sometimes he notices and stops to try and find the actual word, but a lot of the time he doesn't even realise and just keeps talking. Sometimes, particularly when he hasn't slept or seen the sun in a while, Hermann will start sprinkling German or Yiddish words into largely English sentences, just using whatever word best fits his purpose regardless of what language it's from. The reason they don't even question their drift compatibility when it comes down to it is because (even though Newt doesn't know a lot of German or Yiddish) they always understand eachother perfectly.
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what-would-azula-do · 4 months ago
andjnsjsjs my mom just barges into my room whenever n starts screaming at me for no reason ab how I am ruining my own life and I’m never gonna make it anywhere n when I yell back telling her to go away she’s like THIS AGAIN??!?!!!!!!! ,,,,, ma’am you are. mentally ill
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unproduciblesmackdown · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
appreciating some real juxtaPosition in the contrast of [winston’s posture re: being across from rian] when being at adjacent desks for the first time in 5x05 vs their Relationship Definitely Hurtling Towards Something exchange in 5x07
#also i'm like near tears about it lmfao#i again paid attention to the [small Gesture turns into nervous fidgeting w/hands] also pictured in the 5x07 screenshot#and definitely got misty about it like you're killing me here#sure is also Relevant to think about the approach in 5x06 when they are sitting across from each other#where neither of them turns towards the other save with their heads a time or two and the mutual attempt at. some restraint is clear lol#but this is like Peak Juxtaposition here of the most Get Out Of My School Moment vs most I Look Sometimes; I Was Already Impressed Moment#aka winston trying to present Animosity in the former & all but directly convey ''yes i Like you =]'' in the latter#even if probably both times the underlying sentiments are clear enough to rian lol#just gonna lean back and prop the feet up as a tbt established display of Performing Confidence ft. maybe also issuing a challenge#which also just so happens to put more distance & a barrier between yourself & your crush & re: the latter so does crossing your arms....#then cut to 5x07 with possible in vigilantrix veritas elements as we always say and oh i'll just pivot towards you and smile#and sit more upright then ever ft. just maybe leaning in a tiny bit and either way it's all certainly more open than 5x05 / 5x06's scenes at#their desks....well now i; the person posting this; am Just Looking....just absorbing some of these choices / details....#winston billions#riawin#simply thinking about all this....
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