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She examined her nails with a hum. “Yeah, I can’t see how any of this is my fault. You said something horrible to them, probably. You brought it on yourself because nowhere did I force you to start shit with them…

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3, 9, and 13 for your apprentice and their LI of choice!

Hi there, Grace! Before I answer, may I ask which April Apprentice Ask is this for? ^^;;
I linked to the first and second April Apprentice Asks~

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1, 10 + 16 ✨✨

1- collecting old cameras, not cool antique cameras just old broken one I find at goodwill

10- any marvel movie, not infinity War or endgame because they’re sad, usually Thor Ragnarok

16- I don’t have any tattoos yet but my nose is pierced

Ask game: 50 questions

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Opinions on the "Kenshin Uesugi was a woman" theory?

This… is gonna be a long response. TL;DR: While I cannot denounce it, I have strong doubts because the person who wrote that theory is not a historian. Japanese sources identified that this person is a novelist, and someone who appears to be fond of sensational conspiracy theories to boot (he has other theories aside from this Kenshin one).

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Where did sombra learn how to bake?



Sombra shifted from one foot to the other. She did not like talking about herself, not the more personal stuff… “Mamá had a cookbook that…Well, you see, I managed to salvage a few things of my parents before I was sent to live with Tía Adella. I wasn’t given much time to pack my things and leave. We were in the middle of a war, you can’t just…stick around and flip through albums, taking your time to pick out what you want to take with you. So I grabbed one photo album, the one that had their wedding photos, not the one that had pictures of me in it. I don’t know why I picked that one instead but… I grabbed her cookbook, which was her mother’s, and I grabbed a tie. Tía was not a good substitute for a parent and was rarely home, so I taught myself. Mostly. What I couldn’t grasp on my own, Baptiste actually showed me a little of. Mostly the proper way to cut things. But uh, heh, that was um, waaaay more information than you probably wanted…Reader’s Digest version is I taught myself because there was no one else around and I had to eat.

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Yo can you tell me when and why this trope of Nagamasa And Oichi Were In Love happened?

Someone somewhere wrote a popular/interesting piece of work (be it a novel, a theatre script or a movie), and people started copying left and right because I suppose in the past copyright isn’t really enforced as strictly as it is now. This has happened many times, it’s just not easy to find who is the Trope Starter since there has been novels about the Sengoku going all the way back in the Edo era. 

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Oh, didn't know my name is No one. Ya learn something new every day I guess lmao (context: your last reblog)

this feels vaguely threatening and condescending and i didn’t mean for the reblog to seem that way? i’m sorry,,,,

sometimes it feels like the only interactions i have with most of my followers is request art and ask memes,and never my personal art and stuff.

i have 139 followers currently and i think only around 8-10 of them even interact at all,and that’s only to like and rarely reblog my posts/reblogs.

the only one i speak to on a near daily basis is @paintbender and sometimes @sunn-ydelight

paintbender/louiz is one of my closest friends,and sunny is my child.

i don’t want to come off as mean or whatever in this reply,i’ve been really tired and stressed lately and being cooped up inside a house where everyone judges you for every little thing you do,where your brother’s main words for you are “shut up”, is taking a toll on my mental health (i’m not okay,i haven’t been ok for days,i’m trying not to have a mental breakdown or do something i’ll regret).

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I would agree that yes, I could look it up. But you are the one who said this opinon, and it invalidates your own opinion to not have anything to back it up. Also I think the idea that the character is a bad gay stereotype is a bit weak, since I personally have a gay friend who I know loves that character. He made a pin of that character. I actully showed the original post to him back then, and he agreed it was a gay stereotype, but he didn't care because he likes the show and the character

i do have shit to back it up i’m just not wasting my time on stupid idiots.

i’m tired,i’m sick,i’m overworked,i’ve had throwing up fits no less than 5 fucking times today that included just straight up bile at one point,and i’d rather not my free time while i’m lucid get taken up by someone looking for a pointless fucking argument about some stupid ass fucking show that looks like a 3 year old barfed,ate that barf,then threw it back up again.then mixed it with some old shitty crayons.then ate it again.

do i really look like i give a shit? it doesn’t matter if your friend likes the character while being gay,the character is still bad.

i really don’t have time for this stupid fucking bullshit.fuck off,leave me alone to get some work done before i throw up again

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Hey. Me again. I did want to ask something. I remember in your original post that I responded to, you said that one of the characters was a walking gay stereotype. I know what character you were referring to, but you didn't use their name so out of respect I won't either. So I just wanted to ask why you believe this?

it takes literally 1 second of looking at that thing to realize that he’s a walking gay stereotype.a bad one,at that.same as literally every other fucking character in that show.

i don’t have time to explain why since i,in fact,have a life to to do,people to take care of.sickness to get through.

it’s also just as easy for you to look up character analysis from people who also don’t like the show.or,look up the tag Trashbin Hotel or whatever it was called. @kiingcorobo owns that tag i believe (and,sorry for the tag king btw >_<)

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Hi there, luv, just wanted to jump in and tell you, your fic is the sole reason I ship LawNa now, thanks, I didn't know I needed them! I love your portrayal of all the characters!! Have a nice day!

Awww, thank you so much! It’s always a pleasure to hear my writing has opened someone up to a new ship, especially one I love so much! I hope you enjoy future chapters of my fic!

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send me ❅ for my muse to cuddle up next to yours while asleep on the couch (For Lucio 🙃👉👈)



He was drained, jet lag having caught up to him. While he wouldn’t normally just collapse onto someone like this without asking, he didn’t have the energy beyond a questioning hum. The moment he was given the okay, he kicked off his shoes and flopped onto the couch, nuzzling her leg and was out in moments.

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(For Lùcio) ✗                      



Lúcio yelped when he tripped over a stray pillow, taking Ethan down with him. Not his most graceful moment, but he’s had worse. At least they didn’t hit the couch or the coffee table. Small mercies. “You okay?

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In Nobu’s arc, is Danming a real city or is the city name referencing Great Ming dynasty or something? Nobu’s arc also mentioned Choson, which I assume is Korea’s Joseon era, but I couldn’t find anything about Danming.

It’s the translator obfuscating it to avoid offending Chinese people (maybe). It’s originally just Ming in JP, as in the Ming dynasty. In the real world it’s called Da Ming, so they added one letter and it becomes Danming.

As you said, they did the same with Korea, obfuscating it as Choson. In the real world it’s actually Chosen (Japanese spelling of Joseon).

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Hi Bibi, this is Cream n Ice from AO3! May I just say I love all your Claudette content and consume it voraciously (when I can). As a black girl it’s so nice to see her get representation. If you’re taking art (or HC) requests I’d love to see your HCs for Ghostface/Claudette or see Ghostface/Claudette dancing to some form of morbid tango in appropriate outfits. Excited to read your more recent works and can’t wait to read more!

Ahhh you don’t know how excited I got when I saw this was you! Thank you so much, I always appreciate your words. As I’ve said before Claudette deserves love and I’m here to make it happen. It might not be a big deal to others but it’s nice to see people who look like you get positive representation even if they are a fictional character. But yes I am taking both art and HC requests and I will definitely get some stuff posted for you. I hope you’re doing well and it’s great hearing from you!

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