#this one was a blast to do fr
sherbovania · a month ago
Tumblr media
(commission) teef 🦷
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romantichopelessly · 4 months ago
“oh you make character playlists? how seriously do you take them?”
(looks at Breathe from In The Heights on my Jesper playlist) “…..very.”
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astrxealis · 4 months ago
to anyone curious yeah since i got back into kpop uh id say the groups i stan are... txt, enhypen, aespa? at least fr the like. OFFICIALLY. by me. :o but from before and now too bcs i was a huge multi and still am that deep down LMFAO there's also skz, twice, itzy, nct, rv, exo, mamamoo, svt, ateez... that i am contemplating on actually stanning too wahaha
#very considering actually properly stanning skz svt ateez from everything out ^^ there#once went to skz concert... my mom went w me ofc and w lune my twin too and another friend of ours ! awkward lowkey bcs. bang chan did that#AHEM I MEAN YES RIGHT#i love the music of kpop tbh n the ppl r just rlly cool n all? but i dont want to stream stuff bc i want to stay mostly a pretty casual fan#but i do rlly want my faves to win awards !! esp txt bcs i was severely underestimating how into txt i wld get LMFAO#legitimately i was on the precipice for a long time and listening to so much of svt's songs again the tipping scale#but then txt blasted their way in and look where i am now jfc /pos#svt is just srsly taleneted in general so thats that !! and ateez wodnsodnsks i was there w their first few comebacks i think#but i wasnt too into them but theyre so cool.......#lovely how the tables turned tho HAHA i liked txt since pre debut but wasnt into them bcs skz and nct were my ults#but then... now.... TuT doesn't help too that i used to have an picture editing acct and my last i made was fr yeonjun#but i never posted it ! and guess what he's my 2nd fave now orz WHAHAHAHJSBSKSJ#pls ignore me im just rambling here TuT#enhypen and aespa... i wasnt there for debut bcs it was my missing from kpop era LOL but i think theyre vv cool. 2nd faves. tied?#hmm nah enhypens a bit higher ;O txt is undoubtedly my no. 1 fave tho ahaha#✩.rambles#mhm yeah id say these grps r the ones im most interested in !!#there were more i liked but unfortunately they dont rlly catch my eye anymore TuT for various reasons#like man i LOVE got7 sm but they disbanded and thats sad yknow? day6 is kind of in a weird place... wanna one was temporary and all that#i like bp and bts too but the thing is they're too popular imo and i dont rlly want to get into them much WHABSOANSK so yes#ok#time to stop rotting my brain aka brainrotting#back to homework!! which i accidentally wrote as honework forst#but that makes sense tbh too bcs im honing my work and skills thru homework:(#itzy still doesnt rlly fit my vibe so idk if i can stan them fr fr TuT i love them though !! <3
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cheekbites-moved · 8 months ago
okay but like truly the vampire fuckers absolutely WON this year. we got the last season of the castlevania anime, re village, AND the vanitas no carte anime. all in this year. and they are ALL sexy as shit. like we really got nourished this year and i’m really grateful. we deserve the influx of sexy vampire content. <3 so i ask my fellow vampire fuckers in this gay chat. how we feelin’ this fine ass october after being so well fed?
#im glad vnc will continue to provide in 22 since. castlevania is done & village is a game so. no more content for those#well ig there's the castlevania spin-off but. eh. depends on how it goes ig if alucard & dracula aren't around i cant be bothered tkjktrtr#vampires#castlevania#re village#vnc#mine#fr though like i can't believe we got THIS much content that is so fucking h*rny abt the vampires. that just.#lets them be in full blast glory looking fine as hell like they are. we rly got our rights this yr & im so grateful#i get to indulge in my fantasies w sm content lol just. waiting for it to not be fantasy. but at least i got content to hold me over now#nsfwish//#i mean tbh idk what ur expecting from me it should be a known fact if i bring up vampires it will be h*rny krjkjrtkjtkj#god i keep staring at my icon.... fuck tkjtkrjtktj a MISTAKE but one i do not regret. i just. hope. that i can.#get another dream like that one dream where i was like brought to that fine ass vampire's mansion or whatever#& he was totally gonna kill me but he got so enamored with how flustered i got when i asked if he was gonna bite me we just.#were gonna do other stuff instead but then i woke up right before he fucking bit me bitch. im still mad. let me go back#that dream felt so real. that's the closest ill get to my indulgence until a vampire whisks me away fr bitch. let me continue it. pls.#im just trying to get my vampire harem ok like i deserve it alright listen-#(except it's actually a polycule bc we all got two hands for holding bitch. & other stuff ahem but. u know. u k n o w)
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luvseulgis · 6 months ago
my cat keeps waking me up anywhere from 4-6 when will it eND
#ALL FOR ME TO FEED HIM ?? brother will still have kibble in his bowl too from the previous night#tht sounds bad like. im just made at the hours he demands to be fed when i do it at like 8 am always#he also scratches and cries at one of my roommate’s doors too like dude stop ur going to get me in trouble😭#i should probably just get him a larger bowl? im p sure he does this bc his whiskers are extremely long and they’re touching the sides#of his current bowl when he eats?? so he does eat a majority of his food and creates a hole to the center w#kibble on the sides but wont touch the kibble touching the sides bc i think his whiskers make him unwilling//unable to#does that wven make sense or is 6:15 getting to me 😭#this is the price of having a half maine coon 🧎🏼‍♀️ lörge kat#but fr it is amazing to me that him scratching a door down the hall can immediately awaken me but my roommate#attached directly to my room (via wall) w her tv on blast wont ?? what 😭#n e ways back to bed i dont need to be up for another 2-3 hes#kt.txt#u know what ive come back to add that i’m p sure he scratches at my roommate’s door bc he knows THAT will get me out of bed#like it’s never my door and when it is i ignore him (he’s been banned from my room dhsudjdh) bc that’s what ur supposed to do#bc like. dont let him win. ​but how on earth am i supposed to ignore him when he does it to my roommate’s door 😭😭😭 he’s v smart and i cant#like my boy my son light of my life i promise u sweetie waiting til 8 am will not kill u#i wonder what he’d do if i got him one of those timed feeder things#would he wait and lay his tubby ass by it ?? probably#okay NOW i sleep
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dreamquackity · 3 years ago
Jumping on the “Jealous!Amy” bandwagon…maybe reintroduce Sophia since she was canonically a woman that Jake “loved” before Amy (and I put love in quotation cuz it’s debatable if Jake actually loved Sophia but not the point). Idk it probably wouldn’t work now but I’d love to see it played out with your angle (that they’re married now but Amy can still feel insecure especially since Sophia was Jake’s first real gf and he told her he loved her 3 times, accidentally but whatever).
mmmmm i mean yeah but jake had feelings for amy before he ever dated sophia and how i saw it at the time was while he did care for sophia, he was jumping in headfirst w her bc things w amy “didn’t work out” and he just wanted things w sophia to succeed even tho they were clearly headed off the deep end! i doubt she’d pose enough of a threat to amy to even begin to feel jealousy 
u kno what would really turn the fucking tables tho is if jake’s old “best friend” from the old days (college/high school/camp) came back and jake was really excited about it bc “wow we were so close!” and that bestie was actually in love w jake the whole time n they were dating kind of but jake didn’t realize, and his best friend was there to for real STEAL jake from amy so he’d bring up shit like haha rmb when we’d practice kissing back then xoxo in front of amy and then be really passive aggressive to her behind jake’s back and this character is played by emmy award winning comedian john mulaney 
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cliveguy · 3 years ago
me n my mum bond over hating our extended family skdkksks
#her fam are just assholes but my dads fam are ughhhhHHH#so my mum went away on a residential trip w the school she works at and she was away for one night#and my grandparents came up to stay in town fr a few days which they do p often now but we thor#*thot#itd be a good idea to have them around in case my dad needed taking to the hospital or smth#(i can't drive lol)#and coincidentally my uncle and aunt were passing thru town and also decided to stay nearby#so on the day my mum was away my grandparents came over for lunch which is fine. its all very fussy n i was basically a host#against my will but like.. fine whatever it happens we all have family obligations#but THEN they proposed the idea of a dinner party w my aunt and uncle coming over and eating w us which was.. fucking stupid#my grandma cooked but we had to get shit ready and ofc i had to cook for my brother and sister bc they eat earlier bc ofc they get up early#for school#everyone arrived around when i put my brother n sister to bed n i was like. no im not doing this sorry lol#everyone knows im trans but we dont acknowledge it and idk my uncle and aunt all that well#and theyre all very loud so i get stressed and anxious#so i just went to my room and said i was feeling unwell lol#and they were SO fucking loud like i had my headphones on full blast and i cld hear them all yelling and laughing until midnight#which is fine for me bc i dont sleep rly#but my brother n sister needed to be up at 6 for school and there was no way they were sleeping w that noise#and then everyone left and didnt even clean up#n my dad was Exhausted bc guess what. they werent supposed to come n eat our food they were supposed to fuuucking be on standby#in case we needed to get him to the hospital bc he had a blood transfusion the DAY before#so anyway my mum found out and was so pissed off she banned my uncle and aunt frm our house lol#they're annoying anyway and keep doing this#like#my grandparents come over SO often and ofc i cant hide in my room every time jsjdkskdk#the convo always goes to politics by accident and theyre bro brexit as well which is 😬#anyway i luv ranting and shit talking w my mum is fun#bc she rants abt how annoying our fam have always been and then i rant for 20 mins abt how someone i knew didnt know#how to use tissues properly andnjsmd
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infictionalwonderland · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Marvel characters with s/o more badass than them !
characters included : tony, bruce, nat, thor, bucky, steve, wanda
warnings : fem reader, mentions of killing, murder etc, swearing, mentions of sex & sexual tings 😳✋
tony stark —
he thinks youre so hot
which of course is true
and if anyone tries to rub it in that you’re more capable and badass than him he won’t even deny it.
will hands down agree
is your number one fan
you’ve got your own specially customised to your liking super suit :)
you two are so hot
fighting hoes and still looking flawless
and ohh bitch
*fuck boy face*
you with your preferred weapon of choice, killing people left and right makes this man feel some typa wayyyy
everyone has no doubt in their mind to how to how you bagged tony
they’re all wondering how he bagged you.
bruce banner —
my mans is SHOOKETH
he always knew you were exceptionally talented in your line of work
i mean how could he not? you had literal fans left right & centre, even nick fury was impressed with you
so he didn’t really know what to expect
BUT it certainly wasn’t that.
you were so talented it honestly made bruce feel inferior yet in complete awe of you simultaneously
he’s SUCH a worrier tho
like it’s both cute & annoying
always always always checking for injuries
as soon as you walk through the door, he’s immediately up and over to you and checking for any injuries
the smallest cut? hello first aid kit.
the most barely noticeable injury? he’s seen it as soon as you walked in.
hulk loves you, too
youse two r are literally unstoppable together
natasha romanoff —
now imma be fr..
who can be more badass than miss natasha romanoff?
that’s right, the only correct answer, no one.
so we’re just gonna put y’all at equal badassery
pls half the squad gotta take a moment to recollect themselves from the affect of both of your combined hotness
the media is all over you two
& EVERYONE is thirsting over you both
understandably so
you’re always each other’s partner for missions
and that’s just how it’s always going to be bc you guys work best together
everyone thinks you two can talk telepathically at this point
silent looks exchanged and you already have a whole plan
all in all the two of you take missions very seriously
& everyone respects that
however.. there are times were youse two just can’t help it so you snog while fighting off whatever the fuck it is this time
nobody says shit tho bc they’re fully frightened of the both of you
scariest hottest duo 😁
thor odinson —
he called it the moment he saw you
you just looked like someone that no one should mess with, and he admires that
thinking it and seeing it in action are two very different things
let’s say on a mission, he’ll see you fighting and dodging and killing all while having a battle of sarcastic quips with tony over the comms
literally in awe of you
will stop and stare with literal heart eyes
will shower you in endless compliments
tony has almost blasted him out of the compound multiple times cuz in EVERY single sentence he says, he adds compliments for you.
will proudly boast about your abilities
‘yes, you must know of lady y/n, the best avenger if i do say so, i’m not quite sure how ive managed to get her to court me’
‘yes this is my partner, lady y/n, im sure you’ve heard of her’
cue smug, proud smile
the cutest <3
bucky barnes —
he’s quite sure he’s never been more turned on
seeing you, his girl, in action— fighting effortlessly and just being your badass self really gets him feeling stuff, man
like to the point he’s almost drooling tbh
you : 🦵🍑 him : 👁👅👁
in his mind, you > everyone else
no but he’s genuinely very proud of you and is, too, in awe of your fighting abilities
thinks youre so awesome and just amazing, and doesn’t understand how someone like you can love someone like him
the two of you make for scariest couple hands down
tho according to nat there’s not much competition cuz only one person in tony & peppers relationship is scary ( spoiler: it’s pep )
he always finds a way to compliment you— and most the time, the compliments are not acceptable cause we are all holy children here 👰‍♂️
taking care of each other’s wounds >>>
the sexiest sexiest duo 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
steve rogers —
if you understood that.. no you didn’t.
he’s so fducking in awe of you bby
the way you just effortlessly dodge and fight and how you think quickly on your feet—
and not to sound pervy, pls steeb is such a gentleman
but the WAY your body moves when you fight, like how all your movements are so graceful and just—
ugh. you’re perfection <3
obviously bae stays professional on the battlefield of whateva. he’s captain amercia for ... ducks sake
but he shyly compliments you after, DEFINITELY with a cute rosy blush on his cheeks
the ones on his face, i mean.
silently convinced you’re another of thor’s long lost sisters of something
you’re just too unreal to be human
in ALL aspects
wink wonk
wanda maxipadmoff —
the most concerned cute gf
knows you can handle yourself but that isn’t gonna stop her from being concerned
always there to clean and tend to your wounds when necessary <33
not that it’s necessary often cuz you don’t get injured that often
thinks you’re extremely cool
like extremely extremely cool
shyly asks you to teach her
her small little ADORABLE smile omg stop she’s so cute i cant
the two of you together >>>>>>>
probably the most shipped couple ( by the public ) of the avengers
bc of your little moments in battle that they get to see on tv :((
she’ll fly you up somewhere, arms around you bridal style and she’s holding you with so much love & care OR your on her back, head on her shoulder
and you thank her with a tender kiss & a wink with makes her brain momentarily fuzzy and noticeably red
or when you and her team up and the constant worry and intimate care for each other which is so plainly obvious
even through a tv screen
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planetdream · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
this post contains: smut [d/s dynamics—brat!reader kinda sluts out minho. slapping (once). dumbification. oral—m.rec. drool/spit play. a couple tears. a lil degradation/praise (stupid/pretty boy). finger sucking. coming on command. creampie <3. slight overstim] the idea of control.
pairing: lee minho x reader | words: 1553 | next part ->
concepts of control masterlist
💌 idk how to explain this fic, just that it initially went through several different drafts, and i liked this version the most. like fr ngl i blast writing this :) as always, feedback is lovely and helps me improve :)
Tumblr media
In this context, the definition of Control is to hold [someone or something] in check. Now, if this is the definition we choose to play with, then the truth of the matter stands clearly: Minho has no control over you. And as a man who prefers and craves to play the dominant role, this is surprisingly not a problem for him. In fact, Minho loves the fact that he can’t control you and make you submit to him so easily. With you, control is something that he could give up easily.
Of course, having a bratty submissive who can only bite back for so long until he has them stuttering over their words and begging him for some kind of forgiveness is fun, absolutely. But you, on the other hand, are someone who continuously bites back, no matter how severe or teasing the punishment might be. And that’s because, in the end, Minho always gives you what you want—it's nearly impossible for him not to.
Originally, he thought he’d get sick of it, the fact that he can’t break you as he has done to countless other subs who’d been in the picture before you got here. He also thought that he would be able to separate romantic affairs from sexual ones, but the truth is that you’re too good of a catch not to pursue in both ways. Point is, this defiance from you (which at times can be extreme—but nothing Minho can’t handle) is something that draws Minho in so deeply, and sometimes, it actually makes him go a bit dumb whenever you fuck.
Take tonight for example; you’re riding him so well, lifting yourself up and down his cock with all the grace in the world. Each time you bring yourself back down onto him, he stretches you out so wonderfully, cock hard and nudging against the soft spot deep inside of you. It’s gone unspoken for a while, but there’s no denying that Minho’s cock fits so well inside you, it’s like your pussy was made just for him, or maybe his cock was made specifically for you. Regardless, the fact that Minho gets so achingly hard for you is proof of the spell you have him under.
You’re using him like he’s disposable, a toy—and he fucking loves it. In fact, he loves it so much that he’s drooling as you ride him. Eyebrows furrowed together with his eyelids so low that they are almost closed—but they’re open, and he’s fixated on the way you ride him, so good that you’re creaming and clenching around him. His mouth is open, letting him unleash whatever degrading phrases he chooses, though, it’s occupied by deep moans and the lines of drool that leave his lips.
Then you do something you’ve never done before—although you’ve thought about it—raising your hand and landing a quick slap at Minho’s face. It’s not necessarily hard, but you’re still rewarded with the most beautiful, pornographic moan you’ve ever heard leave Minho’s mouth. He’s not that much of a moaner, typically choosing to grunt or to cover up his noises by degrading or praising you. But you find that when you’ve got him like this, completely under your mercy, he has the prettiest moans you’ve ever heard. And you wish you’d hear them more often.
“My eyes are up here, you know?” You tease.
But when he still doesn’t look at you, you grab him by his face, fingers digging into his cheeks as you tilt his head up; forcing him to look at you. His gaze finally meets yours after minutes and he’s just so fucking perfect. The softness of his eyes and how glassy they look with tiny tears brimming in his waterline. And the way he wears a little pout, almost like he’s begging you for more when at any point he could take the control back into his own hands—and he knows it.
“There you are, pretty boy. Was beginning to think I’m fucking you too dumb,” You slow down your movements, and Minho’s cock twitches at your words.
His hands, which had previously been resting at his sides, come up to grab at your waist, not wanting for you to stop anytime soon. But you stop him before he can touch you, taking his wrists in both of your hands. “Thought I told you no touching, baby? Maybe I should tie you up like you do me?”
He holds back a moan, attempting to thrust up into you, but fails when he realizes he’s too weak to do it. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? If I called you a stupid slut just like you do me? Hm? Make you beg to cum?”
Minho can’t bring himself to answer, no. The words are in his head, stringing together along the tip of his tongue in an incorrect order, and still, he can’t begin to answer. Every time he opens his mouth, only moans and incomprehensible murmurs leave it. His mind is clouded with a thick haze, only being able to concentrate on the feeling of you, all wet and warmly wrapped around his cock, and the words that spill from your mouth.
He shuts his eyes once you start moving again, and you’ve got him exactly where you want him. To an audience, this would seem like a brat getting payback for all the times their gorgeous dom punished them—and in part, it is. If Minho gets to see you all dumb and fucked out, don’t you also get to see him like that?
“Wanna help me cum, pretty boy?” By this point, you’re rolling your hips on him, at a slow and steady speed. “Or are you too stupid and fucked out to do it?”
“Always wanna make you cum,” He speaks! Looking up at you in a haze, bottom lip between his teeth.
You let go of his wrists, bringing your hand up to his mouth and prying it open with your fingers. You let two fingers rest on his tongue, your middle and ring, before spitting into his mouth and thrusting those same fingers deeper into his mouth. Minho closes his mouth around your fingers and sucks them in.
“Such a good boy,” You laugh as he moans around your fingers.
But just as quickly as you started, you take your fingers out of his mouth, rubbing the saliva all across the bottom half of his face. You plant a quick kiss onto his lips, and he lifts his head, following you for more. You deny him the kiss, lifting yourself into a squatting position—planting your feet against the soft cushion of the couch. You place your hands against his chest and begin moving on his cock again, gradually increasing your speed.
Minho’s thumb meets your clit, rubbing tight circles on the bud. With his other hand, he holds your face and makes you look at him, similar to what you did to him not long ago. His eyes meet yours and they’re no longer glossy and filled with tears, rather, his eyes are filled with such a deep hunger that makes you shiver and clench around him. It’s a sudden contrast from how spaced out he previously looked and now he looks like he’s ready to devour you whole.
“Oh, don’t be scared now,” He says, wearing a dangerous smirk on his face. “You didn’t even get a chance to make me your slut.”
He wants that to sound intimidating, he truly does, but you can see right through the facade. And the fact that he’s biting back his moans just makes it better. You laugh, smiling widely at him—hair a mess and sticking to your forehead, and still, you’re the prettiest person on the planet.
“You were my slut the second I laid my eyes on you. And you always will be, pretty boy. Now cum.”
Minho’s never cum on command before, and it’s like his cock has a mind of its own, twitching and releasing his cum deep inside of you. Still, you continue to bounce on him, not letting the aching in your thighs deter you from getting as much cum as you can from him. His thumb still working on your clit and driving you into your own orgasm. Not even getting the chance to cry out for him because he silences your moans with his lips. He continues slow, tight circles against your clit until you come down from your high, planting multiple kisses on your lips as you begin to catch your breath.
You lift yourself off of him, watching as cum leaks out of you and back onto his cock. You smile, coming up to pepper kisses all over his face, his chest, and abdomen. Once you’re face to face with his cock, you lick along his shaft, swiping up all the cum with your tongue before spitting it back onto his cock and taking him whole in your mouth. Minho bucks up into your mouth with a cracked moan leaving his before he pulls you off of him. You laugh teasingly at his sensitivity.
“You were so good for me,” You smile at him, booping his nose—to which he rolls his eyes, trying to contain his smile at the praise. “Next time, you can do whatever you want to me.”
Tumblr media
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isadora-larkspur · 3 months ago
‧₊˚ ꒰ brownies ꒱ ‧₊˚
wilbur soot x fem!reader [fluff]
❥ summary : y/n and wil do a baking stream together and chat is totally freaking out over how adorable they are with each other
❥ a/n : fr so close to 1k thank you so much guys 
❥ warnings: the amount of fluff may cause the heart to melt
masterlist |  wilbur soot m.list
Tumblr media
I laughed as I aggressively waved around the whisker I was holding, dancing around the kitchen as I sang along to the song blasting from the speakers as I waited for the brownies in the oven to bake. Wilbur was watching me, trying to pull an unimpressed look on his face but I could see the amusement in his eyes. 
“This is why I never let y/n in the kitchen by herself chat,” He said as I continued singing along to the song in the background. The kitchen was a mess, flour was everywhere and there were bits of chocolate and cocoa powder all over the counters. 
“You are the one that nearly spilled the mix!” I retaliated as I pressed a hand against my chest in faux offense. Truth be told, we could cook, just not doing it together. When the song ended, I looked down at my apron– which had not served its purpose as my shirt was covered in brown brownie mix. 
“I need to change,” I said as I furrowed my eyebrows together, trying to untie the apron behind me. I vaguely heard Wil’s voice talking to chat as my fingers fuddled with the strings behind me, unable to find the ends to untie them. 
“Can you- Do you need help?” I heard Wil ask. I turned around to see him, feeling myself flush before nodding. I turned around, facing chat, as I felt Wil’s hands carefully untie the knot behind me. My eyes flickered over the messages. 
user: i’m melting 
user: they are literally soulmates, you CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE!
user: he is literally being so gentle with her ohymgod-
user: i want that.
I felt myself flush even redder as I read the comments, turning around when I felt the apron come loose. I smiled up at him, biting my lip when I saw his face was stretched into an adorable grin. I watched as he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine in a short kiss, my eyes fluttering close before we pulled away.
I turned around and went to go change, Wil continuing with the stream as his voice faded away as I walked into my room, softly shutting the door. 
After I had changed and fixed my appearance, I made my way back to the kitchen smiling softly when I heard Wil quietly singing along to my favorite song. Wil had spotted me by the doorway when he walked towards me, pulling me back to the stream and turned me around to face the camera. I looked at the laptop where the chat was, feeling Wil wrap his arms around my waist and swayed us from side to side. 
“Chat, this is y/n’s favorite song,” I heard Wil say, resting his chin on the top of my head. I nodded in confirmation before an idea struck in my head. I turned around, offering my hand to him as I mockingly bowed. 
“May I have this dance?” I asked in an overly poshed voice, causing Wil to laugh. I grinned as he took my hand, immediately twirling me around as I giggled. The next few minutes were just Wil and I gliding around our kitchen, Wil guiding me around the counter as I tripped on my own feet. 
When the song finally came to an end, we both burst out laughing, Wil turning towards the chat with his hand still grasped in mine. 
user: where do i sign up for this shit
“Okay, I think that’s enough dancing for today,” I breathed out, placing a hand on my chest when I heard the timer go off. I perked up and turned to Wil, a grin on my face. 
“THE BROWNIES!” I exclaimed as I rushed towards the mittens, quickly slipping them on as I opened the oven and took the brownies out. 
“Careful love,” I heard Wil say. I placed the brownies on the counter and took off the mittens. 
“Look, chat! We finished the brownies! They don’t look half bad, yeah?” I said as I gestured towards the brownies with both my hands, turning to Wil to find him already looking at me with a fond smile on his face. 
“You’re so cute y/n,” I heard him mumble before he shook his head, making my face flush.
Tumblr media
masterlist |  wilbur soot m.list
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simplysober · 4 months ago
Could you write something with zuko, illumi, or robin? Anything you’re in the mood for. It’s so obvious I have a type 💀. Top!reader if you can please
🍃| nah bruh my type is the same as urs💀💀 and also ur username is sending me
💚| ayoo thanks for this!! never gotten a tt or an atla request before- this will be headcanons in which reader is stronger than them and how they (characters) react to this! obv this will be in context for the shows these characters r in (ex: illumi- reader is stronger nen user)
🌵| so yea i hope u enjoy<33 so sorry this took so long:(((
🌱| ps the image below is actually mine hehe
Tumblr media
pov: y/n is their s/o and more powerful than them
robin (dick grayson)
· tbh, robin is used to people around him being more powerful than he is. all his teammates are definitely stronger than him physically due to their powers/abilities, so it's nothing new.
· but holy crap ur insane
· robin is hardly shaken by anything since he's always fighting ridiculously powerful adversaries and has equally powerful friends. but the sheer power u alone possess is almost a little frightening
· u get to practice fighting with machines only. he can't let u kill anyone while ur sparring😭
· stays way out of range whenever he sees you preparing to use your abilities. he'll very subtly just back up further and further until you're barely within his line of vision- he is not messing with that😭
· due to your abilities, you do tend to get out of control, and often have trouble pulling yourself back together and keeping your powers in check. robin will do whatever he can to help (although he's probably awkward asf abt it lmao)
· sometimes wonders why in the world u even want him fighting alongside you??? u could probably take out ten Robins in ten seconds ngl
· if he is met with someone he doesn't feel is worth physically fighting, he'll just gesture to u (bc of course ur automatically ready to blow up everything in sight) and be like "have at it idc"
reader is a firebender!
· he's faced countless enemies that have all been significantly more powerful than him (mostly family members </3) but he has genuinely never seen the likes of you. he loves u and all but bro ur scary asf
· often he forgets how powerful u actually are and is usually very caught off guard when he watches u fight
· won't let u spar with anyone- he's worried you'll kill them😭
· the way you take down enemies so effortlessly is never not mesmerizing to him
· seriously- where were u when he was fighting azula?!?!?!?!?!?!
· absolutely shows u off- although he's quite subtle about it. he makes it so somehow everyone knows how powerful u are
· will very awkwardly ask if maybe u could teach him some things like maybe he means if u have the chance and u don't have to but like it would be cool and-
· uses u to terrorize sokka tbh, one fire blast from u and that mf is running
· katara, suki, and aang r probably scared of ur ass too
illumi zoldyck
· huh?!?!?!?! ur more powerful than him??? hold tf up
· insists on watching u in action when he hears that you may be more powerful than he is
· then he finds out it's true and probably starts stalking u. you're someone of interest now- he wonders to what extent your abilities stretch?
· may set traps and try and trick you here and there from behind the scenes to see how you handle it
· no fr how are u more powerful than him??? ur deadass right up there with chrollo
· ur aura is actually terrifying. like, worse than hisoka and illumi combined. even illumi himself tends to shy away when you conjure it up, and that is definitely saying something
· shows no physical sign of intimidation when you prepare to use ur nen but will probably take a step back or two
· will want to test your abilities, probably by having u fight him or various residents in the zoldyck mansion (obv not his family though)
· will probably have to use force to keep hisoka from trying to get at you. if you're more powerful than illumi, then ur more so than hisoka, which means he'll definitely want to fight you really badly
· honestly, the only reason illumi won't allow the two of u to fight is that he doesn't want u to accidentally kill hisoka.
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gojonojo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Author's note: Yes, I am referencing Cam from Modern Family. This is hella self-indulgent. I honestly suck at twerking but practicing has definitely helped, and I've gotten better but I still cringe every time I think of how awkward it was to have someone walk in on me... Ugh. Anyway! This is how I think the BNHA guys would react to seeing you trying to twerk.
CW: MDNI, +18 content, nsfw, f!reader, established relationship, no actual smut but suggestive for some parts, twerking, reader is a really terrible dancer, I gotta learn how to tag stuff fr
Tumblr media
Honestly, he'd join in. Like, for real. He'd fuck it up.
It’s not even just normal twerking. He knows some shit you had seen pros do in the countless videos you watched, hoping that somehow the technique would sink into your brain and you’d magically know how to dance.
He’d honestly just upstage you. You couldn’t even feel embarrassed that he caught you dancing like a broken washing machine. He’s that good.
The attention would immediately be on him fr
Also, he’s honestly the kind of s/o you can embarrass yourself around, he does dumb shit all the time. He knows this.
This is the same man who walks around in public with a charger cord hanging out of his mouth as he charges his phone.
Gives zero fucks about who sees him because he is who he is.
That’s why when he sees you dancing he can’t help but join in and make it something fun for the both of you.
“No stress, sweetums.”
You were not expecting this. None of the events of the day could even hint that you’d be expecting this.
You did not expect your significant other to just pop up into your shared bedroom and start blasting Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage as he clapped his ass cheeks like a seasoned stripper. You knew Denki could move - you had felt him move, but this was something else. You didn’t know your man could move his body like that. The control. The execution of each move.
You were appalled and freakishly turned on.
“Denki… Denki, where the hell did you learn to dance like this?” The disbelief in your voice evident as you try to contain yourself. Your husband glanced over his shoulder, body in a squat position as he shook his ass.
“Sweetums, didn’t you know? I was born a bad bitch.”
Tumblr media
You wouldn’t even realise he was standing there for the longest time.
Like Drax, he has mastered the art of standing freakishly still. One would think he was not even breathing.
I honestly don’t think he’d even care if you could dance or not.
He’d just be like, “So that’s a thing you can’t do.”
I headcanon that Shoto doesn’t even know what the fuck twerking is so he won’t know that you’re doing it wrong as hell, but he loves you and thinks everything you do is amazing.  
He’d be so blinded by his love for you that he honestly thinks you’re doing good.
He’d just walk in, munching his chips and watch you from the doorway and think about how lucky he is to be married to you.
“Is this of the TikTok?”
The low voice of your husband seeped into your concentration as you tried desperately to execute a specific twerking technique. You hadn’t heard him approach at all. How long had he been watching you…?
“Sho, how long have you been standing there? And what do you mean ‘of the TikTok’?”
Your face was marred with a frown as he watched you. Sometimes, you wonder if he spoke this way intentionally. It would be like him. Your husband could be a salty bastard when he wanted to.
“You know, one of those dances people do on that application.” He stood there munching his chips and you chose to lie like a coward.
“Yes. Yes, it is.”
“You’re really good at it, sweetie.”
Tumblr media
This bitch. This bitch would laugh.
This bitch would straight up laugh at you. No trying to hold back. No putting a hand over his mouth.
He’d point at you and then he’d laugh like a lunatic.
Bakugou gets a great sense of satisfaction when people mess up things, just because you’re married to him does not mean you’re exempt from this.
Look, Bakugou would definitely be softer with you but he’s still Bakugou. The whole reason you married him was so you could lick his forehead and take compromising pictures of him to lord over him.
Your relationship very much consists of a decent amount of give and take.
He’s such a dick.
You watched the love of your life laugh uproariously for the last five minutes, gripping onto the doorframe of your shared bedroom. You hadn’t been that bad…
Katsuki had walked in on you trying out a beginner’s twerking routine, and now he seemed to be dying from how terrible your dance skills were. You stomped your foot, anger and embarrassment getting the better of you, “Katsuki Bakugou, don’t you laugh at me!”
You watched him try to talk as he wheezed with laughter, desperately trying to gain a slither of composure. He wiped stray tears from his eyes, a large hand resting on his belly as he leaned against the doorframe. Even as he laughed at you, you couldn’t help but find him incredibly attractive.
“Baby. Baby, what the fuck was that?” Another bout of laughter seemed to attack him as he doubled over.
“I’m trying to dance! Get out!” You screeched, lunging for him. Katsuki caught you as you tackled him, stray giggles still leaving him as he planted a kiss on your forehead.
“Princess,” his voice was filled with mirth, “that was something but that was not dancing.” You squinted your eyes at him, brows furrowed in annoyance.“Yeah, well at least my laugh doesn’t sound like someone smashing letters on a keyboard.”
Tumblr media
Y’all. Izuku is a freak. 
He finds you attractive no matter what you’re doing.
He’s a man in love.
Just because he’s a freak doesn’t mean he won’t be blushing like hell when he catches you trying to dance. 
He’d walk in on his day off of his demanding job being a hero, grey sweatpants hanging low on his waist, shirtless with a cup of coffee dwarfed in his big, scarred hands.
He searched the house for you as soon as he got his coffee. Finding you all sweaty in your gym clothes. 
You’ll both turn bright red seeing each other in the early morning light.
Sheeee ya girl blushing right now
Your husband’s low rumble reached you across the space of your home gym, causing a squeak of embarrassment to leave you at the state he found you in. You were hoping Izuku would wake when you were finished with your routine, but with him being accustomed to waking early you should have known how likely it was for him to walk in on you.
“Izu-” Your eyes travelled up the length of him. Your husband, with his bed head, clad only in grey sweats, seemed like a vision with the soft glow of the morning light hitting him just right. You were a lucky woman.
You sighed, the embarrassment from your lack of dance skills non-existent now as you watched Izuku place his coffee mug on a table nearby. Your body seemed to thrum with anticipation of what was sure to come as you watched him near you, the already impressive bulge growing as he began to tug the waistband of his sweatpants down.
Tumblr media
This man. This man right here is an ass man and no one can convince me otherwise. 
Pretends he doesn’t know what you’re trying to do but he knows:)))))
Still tries to keep up an innocent act despite all the nasty stuff he’s done to you. 
Sure, Iida, lie to yourself.
When you tell him what’s up, all of a sudden the dude is super invested. Starts Googling the correct techniques and shit.
You find him watching twerking videos all the time. He tells you he’s “studying” them to “help” you. 
No, but he’s actually like, “I must have my love do this on my dick.”
He’s really in it. 
He will legit learn how to twerk before you do just to show you the technique.
“Come on, my love! Let’s get in position!” 
Tumblr media
Fucking appalled. 
The man is in a state of duress when he sees you dancing.
He used to live in strip clubs before he met you.
He thinks it’s a sin you can’t dance, but the heart wants what the heart wants.
“What in Stain’s name are you doing?”
Y'all. He is just bitter about the whole thing. Seeing you like this, decimating something he really loves: woman who shake their ass really well.
He's such a fucking troll too.
"I know I'm considered a villain by many, but I do not deserve this abuse."
Dramatic ass.
You'll get mad but he's like, why are you mad at me???? I'm telling the truth????? You are terrible at this and someone needs to tell you and because I love you that person needs to be me??????
"Baby. Babe. You've got a great ass, but I just gotta know. How the hell are you making your butt look like a busted Lego dancing like that? I just... I just don't understand."
Literally pouts about it forever.
Tumblr media
This sweet himbo of a man.
Hmm it's honestly hard to say.
On the one hand, to protect your dignity and save you embarrassment, he might not say anything and pretend he didn't see anything.
On the other hand, he could see you and then fucking belt on the top of his lungs, "BABE, ARE YOU TRYING TO TWERK???"
Okay. No. He's definitely like this.
Doesn't see anything embarrassing about pointing it out like that or why you would be embarrassed about it.
He'd just be standing there with a huge ass toothy grin, hands on his hips.
He doesn't even care that you're doing it hella wrong, he just admires you for trying something new out.
He's super supportive too. Will make a point to be around whenever you practice.
Honestly, Kirishima would ask you to teach him or follow along to the tutorials.
You're married and he wants to spend as much time with you as he can with work being so hectic.
Besides, he's gotta put that fatty to good use.
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mcjeanalds · 4 months ago
i am in desperate need of posting so here are some random headcanons about my main 9!! (i'll do like at least 2 each, some may have more)
- connie would be the kid with the speaker in his bag (public school kids, y'all know exactly who i'm talking about)
- eren went through an eyeliner phase. in public? no, but he would just sit around with eyeliner on
- never give sasha the aux because she would just blast "tia tamera" by doja cat on full volume while screaming the lyrics with the windows open
- levi loves cats, he like...,. relates to them? idk but he sees himself in cats and thinks they're adorable n shit
- mikasa has cried to multiple different mitski songs, even ones she can't even relate to (she's just like me fr fr)
- sasha and connie always gaslight jean by making up scenarios and being like "omg remember when..." and jean gets so anxious and thinks he's losing his memory
- erwin really wants a cool sleeve of tattoos but won't do it because he remembers that tattoos are permanent and removing them is painful and expensive
- hange owns a cowboy hat for absolutely no reason, but when they remember they have it, they don't take it off for like a week
- armin, eren, and mikasa fucking love dancing even though they're horrendous at it, and they don't even actually dance, they kinda just jump around and head bang to whatever song is playing (it's cute tho <3)
- sasha is a sucker for squishmallows, especially the food shaped ones
- hange is definitely, not exactly a stoner, but an avid smot poker and is always willing to share
- mikasa can play guitar!! not that well, but she can still play better than everyone else!!
- armin keeps a picture of his pet in his wallet in case he ever feels down and needs to cheer up a bit
- eren's guilty pleasure is astrology. he's not super into it and he doesn't understand everything, but sometimes he'll just be like "oh of course she's a taurus" or some shit
- levi owns so much jewelry. like.... so much. and it's all silver. this mf has rings and necklaces and bracelets and is so tempted to get his ears pierced too
- connie bites. like if him and his friends are like fake fighting/wrestling, he will bite. not hard, but he'll do it
- jean's hair is super fucking soft, regardless of how sweaty or gross he might be
- erwin is great with kids, but not babies. like someone will ask him to hold their baby and he'll like place it under his armpit and just keep it there
- hange has the worst sense of humor– corrupt gen z humor. like y'know that one picture of the horse without legs on the ground and it's captioned "ground beef"? yeah that kinda shit
- armin collects funko pops of all his favorite shows/movies and has all of his all-time favorite characters out of the box on a separate shelf
- levi has baby soft skin regardless of any wounds or scars, and he doesn't even have like a super specific skin care routine or anything
- sasha, jean, and connie all play roblox together at like 3 am when they're drunk off of tiredness and everything is funny
- hange gets fascinated by things that are holographic and will buy it even if they're never gonna use it
- eren steals mikasa's phone and takes 4000 blurry and unflattering pictures on it. she always keeps the most humiliating ones
- armin and hange discuss fnaf lore. jean once caught them playing the first fnaf game together and then he got hooked too
- levi once got into a bad habit of calling things "camp" and then had to explain it to erwin. he was very confused
- jean and connie wanted to make their own nft. everyone immediately shut them down
literally did this on a whim.,,, enjoy my little ackersluts
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harrys-bf · 4 months ago
Fake social media | H.S x fem!reader (she/her)
A/N: As usual please send some feedback💌 so i know u liked it!! Also, you cannot take my work and put it in another platform, thanks <3
Face claim: Mao Xiaoxing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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@yourinstagram: Thank you @vougemagazine for this amazing opportunity, so happy to work with you guys!!
Thanks to @/harrylambert for all the help! Ilyyy
tagged: @vougemagazine @/harrylambert
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@harryfan2: Harry liked omfg
@harryfan6: hes so sus
@harryfan4: couldn’t he make his crush with her more obvious😭💀
@harryfan1: omfg y/n is working with harry lambert, does this mean we can have some harry and y/n interaction 👀
@y/nfan1: perhaps, with harrys crush on y/n he’ll probably beg harry lambert to introduce him to her 😭
@florencepugh: SO GORGEOUS!!
@/zendaya: a literal goddess
Tumblr media
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@yourinstagram: Happy Valentines day!! Sending all my love to everyone from Paris!!
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@harryfan4: he liked again 💀
harryfan8: of course he did 😭
@/harrystyles: ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
( liked by yourinstagram )
@harryfan7: PLS HARRY WHAT
@harryfan8: HE COMMENTED OH MY
@y/nfan7: forget about his comment yall, he got noticed by her 👨‍🦽👨‍🦽hes probably off being a giddy teenager because she liked his comment 💀💀
@harryfan5: FR^
@harryfan3: im so jealous 💔
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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@harryupdates: Harry with fans today at Paris!!
@harryfan6: wait, if y/n is in paris rn and Harry is there too…
@harryfan8: oh damn
@harryfan5: istg if they don’t meet up im gonna have a blast
@harryfan9: fr^
@harryfan5: shitting tears rn
@harryfan6: don’t ruin my day and mention her 🥱
@harryfan2: ayo what..?
@harryfan3: she’s literally the cutest person ever wdym.
@harryfan6: i just don’t like her thats all
@harryfan3: nah you’re just jealous that Harry has a crush in her and you envy her, i get the jealousy but not liking her about something she has no control in is stupid
@harryfan2: SLAYY @harryfan3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harrystyles: a day off with a beautiful girl🌻
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@harryfan5: DUDE I- WHAT
@/tchalamet: HAHASJAHS show off 😭
@yourinstagram: 💅💅💅💘
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@y/nfan5: AAAGHH Y/N
@yourinstagram: we do darling, don’t worry, he’s a no one 😉
@/harrystyles: excuse me?
@harryfan3: BQIHWIAH1&[email protected]/&HQKS2””92$SN29:$JWIS2/$2!
@harryfan7: ^my exact reaction
Tumblr media
A/N: I know Valentines day was ages ago but i want to post this shitty fake social media so i dont starve you to death until i post the 6k word fic i’ve been killing myself for.
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lilacsa · 4 months ago
# tokyo revengers + their fav music
i had too much fun w this.
warnings: chifuyu, & mitsuya’s are pretty suggestive, cursing, idk dude its just music characters: baji, kazutora, chifuyu, mikey, draken, emma, & mitsuya + bonus characters. au where everyone survives lmao
Tumblr media
# baji keisuke artist: Ski Mask the Slump God, Gunna, Baby Keem
- We been knew that Baji’s a ski mask fan. He fw any loud trap artist. - Would really listen to anything loud and strictly only listens to music if its at full blast. - Never worn a pair of headphones in his life. - If he’s gonna play music, he’s making sure everyone’s listening. pissing off the neighbors n all that. He’d be deaf by the time he turned 16. - Definitely don’t get into Baji’s car if you have sensitive hearing. - He’s not giving you aux either. If it’s not his music, he’s not listening. - Firm believer of the “my car my music” rule. - Only has one playlist and its 148 hours long with 2,000+ songs. - Timeskip!Baji listens to a lot of Baby Keem. trademark usa is one of his favorite songs and DIE FOR MY BITCH is his favorite album. - “Trademark on that pussy, trademarking my brand-new bitch!”
# kazutora hanemiya artist: Playboi mf Carti
- He’s a vamp. Since day one. Diehard carti fan.  - Young kazu also listens to music on full blast, timeskip Kazu is more mindful. - Timeskip!Kazutora always brings airpods with him, anywhere. Listens to music while biking, at school, or while working his shift at Chifuyu’s pet shop - Kazutora and Chifuyu have a playlist they listen to while they clean up the pet shop after closing. - Definitely has the most versatile taste in music among toman, and is open to any kind of music. His favorite genre is probably alternative rap. - Listens to a lot of female rappers too, like Rico Nasty and 9ina. - Also low-key a barb.  - Is always trying to put his friends on new music and gets pissed if they don’t listen to the songs he recommended. - Would gladly make you a playlist if you asked <3.
# chifuyu matsuno artist: A$AP Rocky, Steve Lacy 
- Chifuyu x A$AP Rocky just makes sense. - Timeskip!Chifuyu cried to A$AP Rocky, fucked to A$AP Rocky, beat a bitch up to A$AP Rocky... - Middle school Chifuyu thought blasting music made him cool. He got it from Baji. - Chifuyu and baji would 100% be blasting F**cking Problems. - High school Chifuyu and Takemichi made playlists together. Kids Turned Out Fine was their song fr. - As he gets older, his taste expands. Jaden and Steve Lacy become some of his favorite artists.  - Chifuyu listens to Miss Del Rey too. Lana and Rocky’s break up had him contemplating if love was real. - He’s a sucker for love songs.  - Imagine riding in his BMW with the windows rolled down while listening to Groupie Love, you singing Lana’s part and him rapping to A$AP Rocky’s- - He also loves L$D and Sundress. Duh. - Chifuyu’s really open to any music, and will listen to anything you recommend him unless it’s country, he really hates country music. - Pilot!Chifuyu listens to music while in the airport or while in a taxi going to a hotel.
# manjiro sano artist: Ski Mask the Slump God, XXXTENTACION
- Middle school Mikey and Baji would blast Ski Mask when they were together, probably while lighting a car on fire or some other stupid shit. - Would def play it on full blast too. - Not even rap along, just listen to the sound of his eardrums breaking. - Baji would be shouting the lyrics though. - Take A Step Back was their song fr. - Timeskip!Mikey relates to xxxtentacion’s music on a spiritual level, you can’t try to tell me that the entire “?” album wasn’t about Mikey. - Especially Numb. - When x said “And every single year I'm drowning in my tears” he felt that.
# ken ryuguji artist: 21 Savage
- Growing up he would wear headphones to drown out the noise of prostitutes fucking outside of his bedroom save him. - Over the years it became a habit for him to play music while working or unwinding - He brings a speaker to the bike shop and plays music while he’s fixing bikes. - 21 Savage is definitely his favorite artist. i am > i was is his favorite project by him. - Doesn’t really rap along that much, just kind of mumbles and mouths the lyrics and adlibs its kind of hot. - 21 ends up being one of Inui’s favorite artist too, since he’s always hearing his music over the speakers whenever he’s working with Draken. - Wouldn’t dare tell anyone but Draken would listen to music by himself to cope with problems he didn’t feel like talking about - listened to ball w/o you after getting in a fight with Emma. Ken Wakui told me so.
# emma sano artist: Doja Cat, Rihanna, Miguel
- Loves Doja so much. Hot Pink and Planet Her are some of her favorite albums. - Bottom Bitch is her song fr! - Has always been a Rihanna fan too. Love on the Brain, Only Girl, Shut up and Drive, thats her shit. - As much as she loves Doja’s albums, Good Girl Gone Bad will forever be her favorite. - She also loves Shakira, Kali Uchis, and Miguel. Emma speaks spanish it’s cannon. - Emma has a whole playlist on songs that remind her of Draken. Can’t Remember to Forget You with Shakira and Rihanna is definitely on there. - She sings in the shower too. - “I rob and I kill to keep him with me I'll do anything for that boy...”
# mitsuya takashi artist: Brent Faiyaz, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean
- yeah he has a sex playlist. - Listens to a lot of r&b whenever he’s working, he’ll sing along if no ones around. - Has such a good voice too. Imagine him singing poison by Brent Faiyaz while making clothes in his workspace ohmygod- - The horniest taste in music. - Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd is definitely his shit. - Also listens to Frank Ocean. Has 100% cried to Frank Ocean. Specifically Godspeed. Wouldn’t tell a soul that though. - If Self Control started playing, he’d pull you close and slow dance with you. what a gentleman - Have I mentioned Mitsuya’s godly voice yet?
# bonus! - Emma put Hina on her music and now Rihanna is also her favorite artist. - Takemichi Listens to Kanye West. Him and Naoto get into Kendrick vs Kanye arguments a lot. - Hina sings Rihanna’s part to All of the Lights while Takemichi raps Kanyes. - Same with Famous. - Sanzu’s weird ass has Beyoncé, NBA YB, and Bon Jovi all on the same playlist. - Hakkai and Mitsuya have essentially the same taste in music. - YUZHA IS A SZA FAN! SHE LOVES SZA! - I forgot to mention that Chifuyu listens to Bruno Mars too. - Kokonoi likes old-school rap. He listens to a lot of Three 6 Mafia and 50 cent. - Senju listens to Tay K. I won’t be taking criticism.  - nahoya loves Sosa. 
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softieteez · 3 months ago
ateez and s/o… twerking. reactions
request: since ateez love twerking, can you do a reaction to their s/o twerking
note: THE REQUEST GOT DELETED. but i love this 😭 plzzzz😭 also i added a fun twist. also also, instead of adding a scenario i’m just doing full bulleted cause i’m suffering from writers block
warning: twerking. kinda suggestive actually.
Tumblr media
he isn’t innocent when it comes to twerking himself
so when he sees you and his members twerking to lisa’s money
he doesn’t know how to feel
obvi you’re a sexy bitch (don’t deny it)
but at the same time.
i just imagine him literally walking into the practice room.
ready to PRACTICE
and you and wooyoung are twerking while yeosang secretly films.
he wants to turn around, and go back to his studio and act like he never saw. THAT.
but he decides to stop it.
he probably scolds wooyoung for encouraging your behavior.
and then
he finds out you started it.
you’re doomed
literally run.
he stands there, let’s out a disappointed sighs. and says nothing
you and woo are shaking in your boots while yeosang is laughing his ass off.
“go home” is all he says.
pray for wooyoung.
Tumblr media
you catch HIM twerking
he gets so embarrassed when he notices you standing there
he literally goes from 🕺🏼 to🧍🏻‍♂️ SO FAST
what members are twerking with him ??
everyone was dancing crazily yes.
but he was the only one twerking (at least when you walked in he was)
he will forever be clowned for this.
literally will do anything for you so you DONT bring it up😭
and if someone does bring it up
he walks tf out
but when you do walk in btw. he doesn’t notice you standing there for. A HOT SECOND.
like one or two, maybe even three members will notice you before he does.
and it’s not until someone says hello to you until he freezes.
wooyoung will put him on blast online. ANY DAY
woo or san will say something about it on universe or something and hwa will go “atiny. don’t listen to them. they’re crazy”
but (if you are in a public relationship) if you confirm it.
it’s over for him.
cause now he doesn’t only have his members clowning him.
again. he will never live this down.
“babe, did you really have to tell people about that on live~~~~”
cue the pouting and red cheekies
no but fr.
plz save him from his own misery😭😭
Tumblr media
you catch him twerking too
however !!!
he has a completely different reaction than hwa.
man would be a little flustered at first
but then he would try to get you to join
so him and mingi will be dancing right right
and then they go into hoe mode.
and obviously. yungi in hoe mode is classic.
well yunho starts twerking. obvi
and then he remembers that you’re there.
yun does a similar thing to seonghwa.
goes from 🕺🏼 to 🧍🏻‍♂️ BUT THEN he goes back to 🕺🏼 and tries to get you to go along with it.
and ofc
mingi is influenced and tries dragging you into it
Like you’re sitting in a chair and yunho walks over and drags you out of it
if you refuse he won’t budge anymore
but that doesn’t stop him from continuing his duty
if you join, it might turn into something mingi doesn’t wanna witness.
or it will turn into you laughing on the floor with mingi while yunho keeps going
and the best part about this you ask ???
jongho walks in
and then he walks out.
once again 🕺🏼 to 🧍🏻‍♂️ and then back to 🕺🏼
jongho secretly records tho
and then he will probably subtly mention it during a live with yunho
“COME DANCE WITH ME” *twerking*
yeah. good luck.
it’s too juicy to ignore.
Tumblr media
yeosang claims he’s normal
but lets just say that when he walks in on you and woosan twerking.
oh dear lord.
probably makes a remark at woosan saying how they’ve corrupted you or something
honestly i feel like he will either:
just walk out and mention it later
pause the music, grab your hand and walk out while telling you that you need to stop hanging around woosan so much because it’s not good for your health 😭
honestly i don’t think he would make fun of you for it TOO much
but that doesn’t mean he won’t make fun of you for it at all
no cause y’all will just be sitting there
you might make a snide remark or say something just to get under his skin and he’ll just
“remember when you were twerking like a warm with woosan?”
and you’re done for
like rip
like just cause he’s your bf does NOT mean you can escape his sarcasm (?) or maybe just bluntness
he probably won’t really mention it to anyone else
but idk you might hear about it at your wedding. and your funeral. so.
good luck bestie :))
Tumblr media
he walks in on you twerking
i feel like you’d be home alone and he shows up out of nowhere
but lowkey
he’s proud of you-
like he thinks it’s attractive too
this man😭
no but fr
he’s like cheering you on
and if you get flustered or something he will ENCOURAGE YOU TO KEEP TWERKING
like sir😭
idk if he would tell anyone else actually
i think if you were okay with it he might
but if you really were embarrassed about it he would keep it between the two of you.
but you will never hear the end of it.
like he’ll tease you or whatever and just ask you to twerking
also have i mentioned that i believe he’s an ass man
yeah he likes your twerking
he MUGHT join you in your twerking from time to time
he definitely will if he’s drunk.
anyway yeah. san likes butts.
i think that’s obvious-
Tumblr media
idk what you’re expecting
be he walks in on you as well.
tbh i’ve seen mingi do some….
dance moves
but i don’t think i’ve seen him actually twerk ??
and if he has i don’t remember it
i feel like he’s lowkey proud too. but also lowkey making fun of you
mingi is also an ass man.
so he finds it kinda hot
but if you are messing around by yourself
yeah he’s gonna make fun of you a lil bit😭
he’s not gonna complain !!!
you know that video of min when him, woo, and jong we’re all live and mingi goes ‘damn’ kinda out of nowhere
yeah that popped in my head when thinking of his reaction
that actually what makes you realize he was there in the first place
like you’re shaking ass. doing your thing.
so you know he goes ‘damn’
you get scared and maybe scream
and he laughs a little
no but fr. he likes ass
“ik wooyoung did not teach you how to do that so well-“
at least he hopes woo didn’t teach you to twerk-
Tumblr media
i believe i put him in every reaction
because of how often this man shakes ass.
like yes yunho was kinda the og when it came to twerking in ateez. but woo does it more if not just as much so.
anyway. obviously you catch him
you have to laugh.
if you don’t laugh then you’re not good enough for woo
i don’t make the rules 🙄
no but fr he has no shame
in fact
he is proud of his twerking skills
honestly i don’t think you would be shocked to see him twerking
like. c’mon now.
idk there isn’t much to say about him because.
he just doesn’t have a care in the fucking world😭😭
oh. and he might make you smack his ass or something
“wanna join???”😉
Tumblr media
oh deAR GOD
he has no words😭
like he’s used to his members talking and shaking ass
but honestly i think he’s probably laugh after a second of realizing what’s happening
if you get flustered…
he’ll just continue laughing at you
might hug you and give you sarcastic praises
while still laughing of course
he believes wooyoung and yunho put you up to it
honestly. he doesn’t hate it tbh
like he finds it funny and kinda cute (depending on how well/badly you’re twerking 😭)
now. if you’re shaking ass like a pro. he likes it for a different reason
but he won’t admit that
also an ass guy. (but honestly more of a thigh guy. that’s for a different time tho)
if you’re alone he’ll probably keep it to himself
because yes he picks on his members a lot
but i think he’d be completely different with a s/o just cause it’s a different dynamic yanno.
esp cause he’s kinda a private/reserved kinda guy
he doesn’t need ppl knowing what he and his s/o do even if it’s something as silly as twerking
ANYWAY your secrets safe with him.
he might bring it up to mess with you from time to time
but he might forget about it after a while. really a hit or miss with him.
good luck tho
“ahh don’t stop” *literally dying of laughter*
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writergraves · 23 days ago
• Eddie’s charisma is absolutely infectious. Definitely would bring out a louder side of you, or at least makes you feel at ease even in the most daunting situations. He makes you brave (aww)
• Dates consist of: Rides in his beat up truck and blasting Sabbath (Everyone loves Ozzy cmon), Jam sessions – whether it be you listening or playing along with your instrument of choice, OMG painting your DND figures!!! Mhm yep yep, fr. It takes focus but your low records playing in the background while in the company of ur hot boyf is just to die for
• ^^ consoling one another when you fuck up the paint job on one of the figures, you know this boy would scream and punch the floor in the most theatrical way NO NO falls out of his seat backwards in that way he did that one time.
• You’re just sat there like ………..u ok bud
• HAHAHAH SPEAKING OF….do not call him bud
• Or pal or dude or bro
• He’s gonna get so petty on you lmao pls, man goes “oh? Mk” TURNS HIS BACK OF YOU, HAIR SWISH INCLUDED, oh and you are officially his “pal” for the end of the day
• Make it up to him or else the title is permanent
• Always always always has a hand on you
• Hand firmly on your waist, intertwined hands, hand in the back pocket?? R u kidding me?? Oh and pinky linking when you get in trouble for PDA in school
• No authority can stop munsons love
• I APOLOGISE FOR RAMBLING but that one scene in scott pilgrim when he makes a song for ramona and its just him singing her name a few times and shes like “woah can’t wait till u finish it!” and hes like “…finish it…?”
• He actually cleans up now he has you, albeit not straight away. You make it into a wholesome lil activity lmao. He has his hair tied back and you’re both wearing rubber gloves or aprons omg its so domestic and cute just clearing up his trailer.
• Whether you’re a cheerleader, on the basketball team, debate team, volleyball etc etc he won’t be like doing top tier research or some shit but he’d totally try talk to you about it
• ^^ would be totally clueless lmao, but the thought is there and its 100% just him wanting to hear you talk and look excited and hear you talk about all the stuff he has no clue about because it reminds him how impressive you are
Tumblr media
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v-hope · a year ago
Sweet Night
Pairing: Artist!Taehyung x Heiress!Reader, Heir!OC x Reader
Genre: Fluff (yes, only fluff today, enjoy), Ex Roommates AU, Enemies to Lovers AU, Arranged Marriage (Heir!OC x Reader)
Word Count: 4.8k
Summary: Neither you nor Taehyung were expecting you to show up to his art exhibition, let alone when everyone was already gone, for the two of you were well aware that you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to attending your possible future husband’s charity event instead. Then again, neither of you were counting on your brother and sister in law to take your side and drive you all the way over to him so you could surprise him before the day was over.
A/N: Helloo! This is part 24 of my Social Media AU “Belong”, but you can read it as a stand-alone one shot if you want! I would like to make a shout out to my 🇫🇮 anon for giving me the Jimin idea (you know which one, I changed it a bit to make it fit the story better, but still). I hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Looking away from the backseat’s window, your eyes focused on your trembling hands instead — the city lights as you passed them by being the only source of light as your brother drove through the streets of Seoul, which for some reason seemed to be extremely long that particular night.
The light music Miyoung had taken upon playing on the radio from the passenger seat, in an attempt to create a somewhat calm atmosphere for you and the nervousness she was sure you were feeling, had yet to make you actually calm down. If anything, you could feel your shaky hands become sweatier by the second as you felt a tingle of anticipation in your chest.
Although you wanted with everything in you to attend Taehyung’s art exhibition, you had got out of bed that morning being mentally prepared to spend the entire day at the Lee’s charity event.
You had been ready to spend most of the day with your parents pretending that everything in your relationship was alright, perfect even. You had been smiling for the cameras all day, greeting people you were sure were just pretending to have the perfect life as well, and being forced to make small talk with the ones who used to be your friends yet had turned their back on you as soon as they had found out you were choosing a more modest life over the luxurious one — the same so called friends of yours that had to keep quiet about your little secret if they didn’t want your parents to destroy their family’s business. After all, your family was with no doubt the most powerful one in Korea. And honestly? You couldn’t help but see it now as a curse, after having spent a lifetime believing it was a gift.
Not only that, but you had also spent most of the day next to Sungjin, lovingly posing for the cameras and holding hands, making you wish every single second it was Taehyung instead. You were sure that way it would’ve been more bearable. What you hated the most was the fact that you knew said pictures were being posted right away, meaning Taehyung would see them, and you hated the utter thought of having the man you had feelings for see you acting like a happy couple with someone else — even more after you had to cancel on him to attend an event with the one guy he had asked you not to bring with you to his art exhibition to begin with.
And yet, after having to endure all of that, here you were — a little over an hour after Taehyung’s exhibit was done, being driven over there by your brother and sister in law, while Jimin held him back at the gallery, and you not even knowing what you were supposed to say at all once you saw him. You couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this whole impromptu apparition of yours was a good idea at all. It had been a long day for him, you knew that for sure, and although he had told you earlier that day that he would’ve loved to have you there, maybe by this point he just wanted to go home and get some rest.
You didn’t have much more time to think about that, though, for just as you remained deep in your thoughts, Seokjin pulled up right in front of the address you had given him before. Looking up from your fidgeting hands, you were met by two pairs of eyes already focused on you.
“Do you want us to go with you?” Seokjin asked, hand on his keys, ready to pull them out at your command.
“Um…” you hesitated, leaning closer to the window as your eyes travelled around the rather isolated street in search of any paparazzis, finding yourself to be quite relieved when you saw none of them around. “Maybe just until I find Tae”.
They nodded, exchanging one last look before they made their way out of the car right as you did. Feeling the cold breeze of the night as soon as you closed the door behind you, you couldn’t help but hug yourself, sticking close to Jin and Miyoung as if you were a kid heading to school with her parents after being called by the principal.
Right as you were about to reach the entrance, however, Yoongi made his way out of the building, looking the other way before his eyes fell on all three of you.
“Hey,” he greeted, politely bowing his head, which you didn’t wait to reciprocate. “I came to see if you were anywhere near, Jimin is going crazy trying to come up with more excuses for Taehyung not to leave”.
You chuckled at his comment, imagining just how troubled your friend must have been. After all, and to be fair, you had taken a good while to get there. “Well, I’m here now”.
“That I can see” he sarcastically replied, eyes travelling from you to Seokjin, and then focusing on Miyoung. “Are you all coming in?” his eyes went back to you.
“Is it just the three of you inside?” your brother spoke up before you could nod. As far as he had understood, it should have been only Jimin and Taehyung inside.
“Oh, no” Yoongi denied. “Namjoon-ie is with us, too”.
“Namjoon?” Miyoung wondered, puzzled eyes going up to your brother. Given her reaction, you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she knew what the rest of you didn’t when it came to those two.
Seokjin bit the inside of his cheek, giving her a knowing look before his eyes went back to Yoongi. “Actually, I, um… I just remembered Miyoung-ie and I have things to do, so…”
Although your sister in law looked troubled for a split second there, she wasted no time in nodding her head. Looking at Yoongi, she struggled to get the words out of her mouth. “W-We do! So, um…” her eyes focused on you. “We should probably leave. Is it okay?”
“You’ll be okay?” she pushed it, earning a small laugh from you over his motherly ways.
“She’s in good hands” Yoongi reassured her, receiving a genuine smile from her that only caused his lips to part into one of his own as well.
“Okay” she sweetly replied, giving him a small nod as a sign of gratitude.
Seokjin playfully nudged her, grabbing her hand so the whole marriage thing could at least be a little bit more believable. “Shall we go then?”
“Mhm…” she replied.
“Call me when you’re done here” your brother demanded.
“Oh, I’m sure Taehyung will drive her home” Yoongi’s words got chills running up your spine.
“Okay,” Jin’s eyes travelled from Yoongi to you. “Call me when you’re home then”.
“I will” you obediently complied.
With that said, your brother and sister in law turned around, leaving you alone with Yoongi, who didn’t wait to motion towards the door for you to go inside.
“After you” he politely said.
You smiled, taking in a shaky breath before you took a step in. Suddenly all the nervousness you had felt on your way here came right back to hit you in the face, not knowing at all what to do once you were in front of the guy you had ditched the Lee’s event for — not even knowing how he would react at all, yet hoping he would be happy to have you there.
You didn’t get too much time to mentally prepare, for as soon as you entered the place being followed by Yoongi, you caught a glimpse of the backs of the other three men inside as they faced one of the many paintings that brought some life to the neutral white covering every single wall of the gallery. And it was a matter of you taking a few steps towards them for three pairs of eyes to be set on you. However, yours were only focused on one particular pair of them — those chocolate ones that displayed a mixture of surprise and pure happiness in them.
“You’re here?” Taehyung asked the obvious once you reached their side, causing his friends to chuckle in amusement.
“Seems like it…” you nervously managed to get out.
Silence took over as big smiles were plastered all over your faces — on yours and Taehyung’s, as the two of you were happy as hell to see each other, and on his friends, for they were having a blast watching the two of you awkwardly stand in front of one another with those dumb smiles of yours, not knowing what to do next.
“Come on,” Jimin chimed in, placing his hand behind your back and lightly pushing you towards Tae. “Your girl fooled her parents into coming here, the least she deserves is a hug”.
With a giggle escaping Tae’s mouth, he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you when your body was about to collide with his. Feeling your heart going wild at the warmness of his touch, you wrapped your arms around his waist as well, resting your face on his chest and taking in his scent right as he lowered his head just enough to bury it in your neck.
“Thank you for coming” he mumbled.
A light chuckle abandoned your mouth, deciding to say nothing and instead just nod your head and wrap your arms tighter around his figure.
“Okay, I think this is our cue to go” Namjoon’s voice broke the comfortable silence you had fallen into.
“Yup” Yoongi agreed, patting Jimin’s back to catch his attention, as he was shamelessly taking pictures of the two of you to remember the moment his friends somewhat got together. “Let’s give the love birds some privacy”.
Nodding his head, Jimin shoved his phone back into his pocket — neither of them bothering to say goodbye not to kill the moment the two of you were sharing, and just quietly leaving the gallery instead.
Once you heard the front doors being closed, Taehyung pulled away, cupping your face in his warm hands and smiling at the sight of you. “I never thought seeing you would make me this happy”.
“Yah, Kim Taehyung” you called him out. “I’m sure you can be sweeter than that”.
He chuckled, rolling his eyes at how spoiled you had become when it came to him and his show of affection. “I’m happy you’re here, princess”.
You smiled, resting your hands over his and drawing small circles with your thumbs on his skin. “I’m happy I’m here”.
His smile turned sweeter somehow, lightly pressing his forehead on yours before a chuckle escaped his mouth and he amusedly shook his head.
“What is it?” you wondered.
“Nothing,” he laughed, pulling away and letting go of your face. “It just makes sense now why the guys were trying so hard to keep me here. Specially Jimin”.
“Was he losing it?” you laughed.
“Totally” he nodded. “He made me go over the whole exhibition again and explain each one of my paintings at least twice to him” his eyes travelled to one particular spot on the wall right next to the painting they had been admiring when you walked in. “When he ran out of pieces to ask me about he pointed at this small crack on the wall and asked me how I had come up with such a deep concept”.
This time, you couldn’t help but tilt your head back as a throaty laugh escaped your mouth — one that had Taehyung giggling, absolutely loving the sound of your laugh.
“He’s an idiot” you stated. “But he kept you here for me, so…”
“That he did” he smiled, biting his bottom lip as his eyes unconsciously travelled down your body — that pink dress of yours sure did look even better in person. “Aren’t you cold?”
Your eyes instinctively went down to your uncovered legs and then to your uncovered arms, remembering how you had hugged yourself outside minutes ago because of the cold air of the night. “It’s alright in here”.
He nodded his head. “My coat is by the entrance, in case you get too cold”.
You smiled sweetly, yet it didn’t wait to turn into what seemed more like a teasing smirk. “So you told me earlier today that you wished you had got to see me in this dress and now you want to cover it up?”
Taehyung rolled his eyes in amusement. “Don’t get me wrong, princess. I already told you I think you look beautiful and am most definitely enjoying the view right now” his bold words brought heat to your face. “I’m just looking after you”.
“How sweet of you” your sarcastic tone didn’t really match your flustered expression. “I’m okay for now. Will let you enjoy the view for a little longer”.
“How considerate of you” he was quick to follow your sarcastic antics, silently enjoying that particular choice of yours.
“I know, no need to say it” you playfully squinted your eyes at him, later taking a look at the whole gallery. “You think you could show me around?”
He nodded, a bright smile already taking over his face. “It will be my pleasure” his dramatism got a playful roll of eyes from you. “Where would you like to start?”
“This one is alright” you pointed out, moving closer to the painting you already had in front. “So,” you began, eyes tauntingly going to the crack next to his painting. “Tell me about how you came up with such a deep concept”.
“Shut up” he amusedly rolled his eyes.
“No, but seriously now” you smiled, this time staring at the piece of art in front of you. “Tell me about this one”.
Taehyung’s art, you had found out quite a while ago, tended to be on the abstract side. Therefore, it was even harder for you —or anyone for that matter— to interpret.
This one piece, just like the tag placed above it on the wall let you know, was called ‘Winter Bear’. You could clearly see the winter, the palette of colours he had used just screamed cold days and melancholy. Nevertheless, the bear mentioned in the title was nowhere to be found in the painting — instead, you managed to tell apart what you thought was a little boy, somewhat hidden in between all the colourful strokes surrounding his figure.
“That’s me” he pointed out when he could no longer deal with the confusion in your face, managing to draw your attention back to him.
“What?” your bottom lip stuck out in a pout. “What is the word ‘bear’ doing in the title then?”
He chuckled. “It’s art, you dork. You can name it anything you want”.
“I think it must mean something, though…”
Taehyung bit his bottom lip. Of course you would know better.
“That’s what my grandparents used to call me” he confessed.
You nodded quietly, understandingly — not really knowing what to say yet not wanting to stay silent. “You must miss them so much…”
“Sometimes,” he nodded. “I mean, not a day goes by in which I don’t miss them, it’s just that… it’s been years so… you kinda grow used to it” his shoulders moved up and down, in a shrug that tried not to make it seem like a big deal. “The whole exhibit was related to winter, so it naturally reminded me of them and how they used to call me, and… I guess I got too personal with this exhibition”.
You gave him a sweet smile of reassurance, reaching for his hand and holding it in yours. “It’s your art. It’s supposed to be personal”.
The boxy smile that he gave you right then was all it took for your heart to skip a beat, later taking in a shaky breath when he intertwined his long fingers with yours and his thumb drew small circles on the back of your hand.
Your eyes went back to the painting in front, trying your best not to let him know what his touch did to you. “I love it” you stated, much to his pleasure. “Love the way it seems to make no sense when you only read the title, yet it makes complete sense after you explain it”.
He smiled wholeheartedly. “I think it just makes no sense” his words had you furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. “Not everyone is lucky enough to know the true meaning behind it”.
You giggled. “Lucky me then”.
“Lucky you” he agreed.
Tugging at his hand, you moved on to the next painting, and then the next one, and so on. Not a second had gone by in which you had let go of each other’s hand as you commented on the different paintings and the meanings behind each of them — the two of you finding yourselves having the time of your lives as you gave him your take on them and he confirmed whether or not it was what he had tried to portray.
That was what each of you liked about art so much, the fact that there was no wrong answer and you could discuss it so freely. Sure, he had something in mind the moment he painted each one of his pieces, but it was always fun to see what the rest of the people would feel when they looked at them.
And, for some reason, it was particularly enjoyable to him when it came to discussing art with you. So he had found out back when he invited you to one of his friend’s exhibits. It was different than talking about it with his friends, and he didn’t know if it was the fact that, unlike them, you actually knew about art, or just the fact that it was you.
Maybe both.
Tightening your hold on his hand when there were only four more artworks left, you moved on to the next one, having your jaw drop at the sight of it.
“Hey, this is the one I fixed” you blurted out in both surprise and excitement, unconsciously moving closer to it and dragging Taehyung with you so you could appreciate it better.
Although you were excited to see it there, you couldn’t help but feel your face heat up at the memories it brought back — the fact that you had collided with it and spilled coffee on it, still being both upsetting and embarrassing as hell.
You remembered quite well the way you had ran out in search of an art shop to find the necessary supplies to fix it before Taehyung could get home. Maybe you should have been faster. Not like that would’ve been of too much help, though, for whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not, you knew very well he would’ve noticed something was off with his newest creation right away.
Looking at the different shades of blue and touches of yellow right then brought you back to that night you pulled an all-nighter, meticulously trying to recreate his painting — the hardest part being that you had only got to see it for a split second before the coffee that used to be on your —by then— broken mug had ruined it. You could only be thankful that it had been just a particular part of the painting and not all of it.
Staring into the picture, you had to stop yourself from reaching your hand out to it and trace your fingers over the pair of eyes you could tell apart in yet another one of his abstract works. You had not truly paid attention to them that one night you spent in Taehyung’s living room fixing his painting, for you had been way too invested in the details you had ruined. And you couldn’t help but feel relieved over the fact that the hot liquid had not touched the eyes he had so perfectly portrayed, for although they looked quite familiar somehow, you weren’t sure you would have been able to do any justice to them.
“I didn’t think you were actually displaying it” you mumbled after a few seconds, eyes still fixed on the painting.
“Why wouldn’t I?” he cocked one of his eyebrows. “Not to be that guy, but it’s quite good”.
“Yes,” you agreed in a heartbeat. “But you can tell one part of it is quite different to the rest of it”.
“You did a good job fixing it, princess” he recognized. “No one could really tell the difference”.
“I can tell” you mumbled.
Taehyung laughed under his breath. “Will you just look up to its title?”
Doing as told out of curiosity, your eyes darted up in a heartbeat — feeling them well up with tears when you read what the label above the artwork said.
“Sweet Night”, ft. Ariel.
Looking up to hold back the tears you felt so dumb for even having in the first place, you shook your head as the corners of your lips curved slightly up. “You did not just credit me after being the one to ruin it to begin with”.
“Hey, I wasn’t taking full credit over something I didn’t completely paint” he stated. “Plus, it’s smart, don’t you think? No one will ever know this Ariel person is no other than the infamous Kim Y/N”.
“You really didn’t have to…”
“I wanted to” he stated.
You bit your bottom lip, no longer being able to hold back your smile and letting it part your lips like it had been threatening to. Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh under his breath over how adorable he thought you were, not even dreaming of stopping himself when he let go of your hand and placed his arm over your shoulders instead, pulling you closer to him as the two of you stared into the artwork in front.
���Why ‘Sweet Night’?” you wondered, leaning your head on his body.
He shrugged. “It’s silly”.
“Come onnn,” you pouted, pulling slightly away so you could look at him. “Out of all the paintings here, you can’t leave out the explanation to this particular one”.
Taehyung sighed, knowing well enough that, one, you were right, and, two, you were not letting this go until he told you.
“It was inspired by that one night I came home to you and Sungjin” he said rather bitterly, remembering pretty well how he had not been fazed at all by the fact that you and said guy had obviously been making out right before, yet feeling his blood boil at the mere thought of it now. “We stayed up late eating lots and lots of sweet popcorn because I had way too many of them and you became addicted to them and how well they went with wine” a small laugh escaped his mouth at the memory. “So I just went with that. Plus, you were being really sweet that night and it was the first time I got to see that side of you, so…”
“That is really sweet” you mumbled, feeling the heat reach your cheeks.
“Don’t” he pleaded.
You laughed. “It truly is sweet, Vante” the way your eyes had softened at the sight of him, had his heart skipping a beat. “What do the eyes mean, though?”
“You just want to torture me by now” he called you out.
“I’m just asking!” you defended yourself with a giggle.
Taehyung rolled his eyes, feeling the heat reach his face as he intently focused on the painting, evading your eyes as he spoke.
“I’ve never been a fan of people having their full attention on me, I don’t like being the center of attention… I mean, I told you today how I was not looking forward to the moment I would have to give a speech in front of all my guests” you nodded, remembering how you had tried to cheer him up when it came to that. “So I don’t really talk about my art… or about art in general, to anyone. I just show it to them and let them interpret it, that’s what art is about, after all. But that one night you asked me a lot about my art and I actually felt like talking about it with you, and I remember the way your eyes were fixed on me almost as if you were scared you would miss some kind of important detail,” he laughed lightly. “And for the first time I liked the attention. I guess that inspired me enough to paint this”.
“So those are my eyes?” you asked.
He shrugged. “It’s up for interpretation”.
You shook your head in amusement, staring down as you felt your face burning. “You’re the worst”.
Taehyung chuckled, pulling you closer to him with the arm that was still around your shoulders, and using his free hand to place two fingers under your chin and make you look up at him. “Am I now?”
You felt your breathing become heavier the second his nose faintly bumped on yours — his lips only centimeters away from your anticipating ones. Too intimidated by him right then, knowing well enough he had you wrapped around his finger, you managed to shake your head no to answer his question, without taking your eyes away from his for even a second. Or well, that until his chocolate ones travelled down to your mouth.
Staring down into his tempting lips as they slowly came closer to yours, you looked up to his eyes for a split second, just enough to catch a glimpse of the way his remained fixed on your mouth. And then, you saw nothing — eyes instinctively closing when his lips softly trapped your bottom one.
Just one touch of his lips made you wonder how you had managed to go on all these weeks without getting a taste of them again.
“I thought you didn’t do this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing?” you whispered against his lips, opening your eyes to find his dark ones already fixed on you.
A small, breathy laugh escaped his mouth, leaning in so it would faintly brush against yours. “I’m not kissing you as a friend”.
Your lips parted into a smile, not letting another second go by before you pressed your lips to his, making him smile and cup your face in his hands just like he had done weeks ago with the intention of deepening the kiss.
With your arms wrapping around his neck, you pulled him closer to your body, letting go of the kiss for a second to catch your breath and having him take advantage of your slightly open mouth to trap your bottom lip in his eager ones again, this time tracing his tongue over it and slipping it inside your still open mouth — meeting your awaiting one in the middle just the way he wanted.
Letting go of your face, one of his hands travelled down to your lower back so he could feel you even closer, fingers tracing their way down your bare arms as he did so, and feeling goosebumps form on your skin.
“You’re cold?” he asked, taking one second to catch his breath before his wet lips were back on yours.
You shook your head no, a small, shy laugh escaping your mouth. “I didn’t get chills because I’m cold”.
Taehyung bit his lip, feeling the corners of his mouth curving up and pressing one last kiss to your lips before finally pulling away from you as his eyes were intently fixed on yours.
“I will keep my coat to myself then” he teased you.
“Nope,” you were quick to deny. “I am taking you up on the coat offer when we leave”.
“Okay” he laughed lightly, the hand that was still on your face travelling down your arm to intertwine his fingers with yours. “Shall we go?”
You shook your head no quite effusively. “We’re not done with the exhibit yet!”
“I’m hungry, let’s go eat something” Taehyung whined. “We can come back some other day”.
“Yah,” you called him out. “I came all the way here just to see your artworks”.
Your words earned a somewhat bitter pout from him. “Thought you had come all the way over here to see me”.
You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at that, tugging on his hand to pull him closer, and then making him replace said pout with a smile when you pressed two chaste kisses to his mouth. “It was implicit” your teasing words had him rolling his eyes. “We only have three more to go and then I’m all yours”.
He smirked, pulling you with him to the next piece. “I like the sound of that”.
“I meant it as in, then we can go get some food” you mumbled, feeling your face burning for what felt like the millionth time that night.
“I know” he pecked your lips. “Doesn’t change that I enjoy the sound of that”.
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 9 months ago
i’ll take whatever your thoughts of shigaraki are, chubby/ neutral/ sfw/ nsfw. he’s my trash king
He's our trash king sksksk i hope this fulfills your Shiggy cravings 💕
Tumblr media
Alrighty let's goooo
No but fr he really is just a trash king
Literally the "i'm the trash man" meme personified
Just a skinny lil toothpick nerd dummy dumdum dweeb
Fucking otaku twerp who probably jerks off onto those lil anime figurines
Im being mean, lemme stop bullying him sksksks
Let's be real: he's severely mentally ill
He's def not on meds and his brain is just so fucked up
The result is a depressed boy who can't communicate well and has a lot of anger issues
You'll probs end up being his therapist at the beginning of the relationship
He's not trying to dump all his problems onto you: you're just a really good listener and you're pretty and nice and he can't help but spew out too much information sksksk
Just loses his filter when he's around you and he has no clue why???
You just make him all flustered and mushy and suddenly he's blurting out how he bought Belle Delphine's GamerGirl bath water and—
Basically he ends up embarrassing himself more times than he likes to admit
But it's kinda cute how he gets all red and fumbles with his game controller and pulls his hood over his head to hide so it's not as weird as it sounds skksks
He def jerks off at least once a day to combat his shit mental health, probs more often 2 or 3 times a day bc he's an obsessive gamer and a loner and def has an anime body pillow that he cums on
Listen, I love Tomura dearly, but he's kind of a loser
Literally an incel sksksk
But he's not irredeemable
He was just raised by the internet and so he doesn't know how to be "nice" or "generous" or "how to respect people who aren't like him" so you're gonna have to teach him a couple of things
He's v protective (in a possessive, kind of scary way) but it's still sweet when someone is bothering you and Shiggy steps between the two of you and threatens to dust the jerk messing with you
He gets food delivered constantly and he'll get some food for you too
He always says it's bc he doesn't want to hear you complain about being hungry or that it's just easier to get you both food at the same time, but he's just trying to show that he cares, and since he sucks at communicating this is one of the best ways he can do that
He forces invites you to watch him play video games
Will definitely get you to sit in his lap somehow
Makes some kind of excuse that he can't concentrate unless he's holding his body pillow but it's in the wash no it's not it's hidden under his bed so you have to sit on his lap so he can beat the boss and win this stupid game
So what if he starts breathing heavily and you can feel something poking your ass? Just keep still so he can focus on his goddamn game
He'll reward you by having Kurogiri get your fav dessert or something
Dont ask why he kicks you out of his room after his game and locks the door and blasts his music he's totally not masturbating that would be weird and he's definitely not weird you guys i promise
He's not romantic by any means so dont expect chocolate or flowers or any of that stereotypical bullshit
Like yea he buys you stuff with AFO's credit card but half of it is stuff that HE benefits from
Like he'll buy you cosplay outfits of his favorite characters and take pictures without your knowledge, he's such a fucking whore jesus christ—
It takes a lot of time for him to trust you, but once he does you're STUCK, good luck trying to go anywhere without him, he won't even let you go to the bathroom without following you and waiting outside till you're done
Kind of like a disgruntled kitty cat
Like he definitely relies on you for comfort and basic necessities bc he doesn't know how to take care of himself, but will he ever let you know that? NO
Just a big ole tsundere
Could be cuddled up to you, practically begging you to pet his hair, but he will continue denying his feelings for you
He's so fucking touch-starved, like he needs to be touching you 24/7 or else he'll get really pouty and angry about not being with you
Every time you come back after going off to do whatever, he has to fuck you
Dummy dumdum just missed his baby so bad, like he kept worrying that you'd never come back or maybe you found someone else or what if someone hurt you—
The minute you walk in, completely fine, he drags you off to his bedroom and jackhammers into you for at least thirty minutes just to calm himself down
Has to cockwarm you after you have sex every time, he hates the idea of having to leave your warm tight body and be a leader again
He's so fucking needy all the time jesus christ it's almost annoying but lowkey super cute uwu
You're gonna have a permanent limp bc he fucks you daily and never holds back
Just a needy lil virgin who has waited so long to fuck someone and he's become addicted to you and your body
Lowkey he's a chubby chaser sksksk
Typical tall skinny guy who likes tiny chubby beauties
Wants to be completely smothered by his chubby s/o
PLEASE sit on his face, he wants to suffocate between those thick thighs
He's even needier if you're chubby bc you're like a big teddy bear and provide comfort just by letting him hold you
Once he gets stronger and creates the paranormal liberation front, he turns into a sugar daddy of sorts
Yea, he was sorta wimpy and annoying when yall first started going out, but now he's got money and can literally do whatever he wants SOOOOOOOO he's gonna treat you like royalty
So you're gonna be showered with gifts you dont even want bc thanks to AFO giving him everything except love and a stable home his love language is receiving gifts, so he's buying you so much shit to prove he loves you
At some point you'll sit down with him and explain that you don't need all of these things, you love him for him not what he can give you and that's never gonna change
He'll cuddle up to you the rest of the day, refusing to let you spend time without him
Although Shiggy's fucked up and emotionally unstable, i think he would be soft and kind with his s/o bc they're one of the only good things in his life and he just can't lose you 🥺
Tumblr media
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donquxiotes · 7 months ago
You're at work when all of a sudden your phone rings, you see it's Mitsuya and excuse yourself to the bathroom to answer it. Once you pick it up his moans starts blasting through the speaker, luckily no one was in the bathroom with you. You ask him what he's doing but he doesn't respond, like he can't hear you, he continues making those provocative sounds and you hear distant sqelching noise which means he is fucking himself with a lot of lube. Oh god.
After what feels like forever with you already soaking wet, your hands reaching down to pleasure yourself, ready for him to finish what he started. He immediately cums moaning your name. As you're about to let him know you're not done yet, "Mitsuya I never said you can cu-" *beep*, he ends the call.
You're home now, furiously angry with what happened earlier today. You stomp to you guys shared bedroom ready to chew his ear out when you see him naked on the bed. Blind fold on, hands cuffed, and anal beads sticking out of his ass, as he lays on his stomach with his ass up. He lazily grins towards the door once he heard it open "I'm ready for my punishment".
mitsuya’s such a whore for this fr. but, i’m not the type to let him win, i can’t let him win and allow myself to be baited like that. i have to make him pay, i have to make it worse tenfold.
you weren’t going to give him what he baited you to do. why would you give a greedy slut, what it wants? you don’t. so, how about not falling for his trap?
mitsuya lays there, frowning and confused, asking you what are you doing? we’re not having sex? no punishment? as you ignore him to untie him from the bedpost, clean up all the toys he picked out for the occasion- assuming you were going to give him what he deserves. his poor cock is also deflated, precum drying up on his belly.
instead, you’re fighting the temptation and the frustration of being left stranded and horny. you have to, it’ll be worth it. that was that for the night.
and all throughout the week, mitsuya eyed you  suspiciously, wondering what you’re up to or why haven’t you fell for any of his other undeniable baits. ‘suya was left frustrated and irritated.
until the next week. when he most likely forgotten about the stunt he pull or when he’s swamped with work commissions, you punish him then! completely breaking him, piece by piece until his sack’s all dried out and he’s left having dry orgasms, until he’s left drooly and unconscious.
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