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“Parents may be free to be martyrs themselves. But it does not follow that they are free in identical circumstances to make martyrs of their children.”

- Prince v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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27/09/2020 - Daily productivity log

I know I haven’t posted for a few days so I’m sorryyyyyy but I have literally had my butt glued to my desk chair and my eyes glued to my legal theory for the last week as I have 2 major tests coming up this week which I am frankly ill prepared for… I wrote my test for Contract Law last week and I really don’t feel great about it at all (I honestly feel like I bombed out on it but anyways). Hence I took a break from social media just to recuperate and focus on what’s important. I spent the whole of today working really really hard - I’m catching up on lectures (which I should really be done with by now, but I’m not). Some times I can be the most productive human in the world, and other times I am really terrible at procrastinating and getting distracted with other unimportant things. Oops. Here’s to hoping Monday will be a better start…

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Finally i got some time to post this! NEW BOOKS!!!!

though i’m already juggling between 3 books right now but a new addition is always exciting right! these are so beautiful🥺🥺i can’t wait to read these.

BOOKS :: The courtroom Genius - Nani Palkhivala

                  Legal Eagles   -    Indu Bhan 

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So I’ve been watching Better Call Saul with a friend and Chuck McGill always does this horseshit about how he’s an officer of the court and the law is mankind’s greatest achievement and I feel like in articulating my hatred for Chuck I stumbled onto a metaphor for what the law actually is.

The law is a dark, thorny, swampy, predator-filled forest. There are no maps and if there are, they’re outdated, crude and unreliable. The forest is unforgiving, dangerous, labyrinthine and cold.

A lawyer is someone with a machete, a lantern, and a general knowledge of some patch of this terrain.

A lawyer’s duty is to use that machete, that lantern, and that familiarity to ferry weary travelers through these dark woods and hopefully get them to the next clearing safely.

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best hat -

damn, we’ve been talking about the will of d and laugh tale so long we’ve forgotten the true question: ??best hat??

aside from the obv basic answer of luffy’s, i’d like to point out that as glaring as that orange-y colour is, ace’s hat is downright iconic AND (confirmed per an sbs) carries significant emotional value. gonna have to go with him on this one!! (sorry sabo, cool goggles though)

also see: law’s Comically Oversized mushroom poof hat is just. yup

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I governi di molti paesi europei hanno fatto un pessimo lavoro in quanto a sostegno delle famiglie con figli: le leggi sull'aspettativa, sulla sicurezza del lavoro e sulla flessibilita’ sono ancora decenni indietro rispetto a quelle di paesi piu’ progressisti come Norvegia, Danimarca, Francia e soprattutto Svezia (dove oggi non ci sono praticamente piu’ bambini affidati agli asili nido).

Steve Biddulph

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- a day in the studyblr life #5

Today I had to work from 9h30 to 16h30. This is me trying my best to study and be productive in my spare time.

🤎 [7:13] drinking my coffee with oat milk and cinnamon.

🤎 [8:25] the light in the room was so beautiful. This is my favourite time to study, while things are still quiet in my neighbourhood. After that, I had to get dressed and go to work.

🤎 [17:28] when I got home I was hungry so I made myself a bowl of coconut yogurt with a sliced apple and cinnamon. I’m currently reading “My year of rest and relaxation” by Ottessa Moshfegh and loving it.

🤎 [19:03] had another study session with a cup of tea.

🤎 [21:27] went for a quick run before dinner just to take my mind off work and studies.

🤎 [22:12] love love love ben & jerry’s non dairy coconutterly caramel’d ice cream!

How was your day? Also, what are you reading? 📚

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Law: Your place is nice and all

Law: But what the actual fuck is THAT

Eustass: A chair


Eustass: A danger chair

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I’ve never finished any of the tasks I have laid out for the day lately but my to do list has also been very ambitious.

Today I got some work done until lunch but after that it went downhill. I wasn’t able to take my afternoon nap which meant I had energy for nothing after that.

But it was still better than the past few days.

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