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*ೃ◟♡››。law, doflamingo & crocodile x studious&library!reader
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›› gender neutral!reader  › sfw › not proofread
›› author notes: hello guys! i’m alighieri, and that’s my first time writing for one piece fandom. hope i didn’t make any mistakes or let anyone out of character. enjoy~
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Trafalgar D. Water Law
Law is the kind of person who appreciates and admires intellectual people, so being around someone whose life is all about dealing with books is amusing, to say the least. Being an assiduous studious since his childhood, he surely is happy to have a person who has this interest in common by his side, constantly having the nicest conversations about different topics that even Law sometimes has never heard about.
Because of your work as a librarian, Law enjoys how quiet you can be most of the time. It doesn't mean he hates it when you talk or something, it just makes him more pleased in your presence. He loves to stay in that comfortable silence while he's working and you're reading or just watching him quietly. Especially after his alliance with Luffy and Kid, those loud annoying bastards, Law started to appreciate your silent nature even more than before.
However, when you decide to engage in a conversation about what you've already read in your life or about something you just discovered in a book, Law doesn't want to listen to anything but you. He loves how excited you sound when you're talking about what you like. He will not demonstrate it physically — which means that there will be no smiles or expressions changing whatsoever —, but you can bet he's having the best part of his day when it happens.
He will ask you to lend some of your medical books. If you do so, you must expect a studying date, where Law reads and practices what he's reading as he kind of teaches you, who will be watching him quietly.
Also, Law envies how much you're able to deal with stubborn people. You have quite an experience when it comes to handling situations involving inconvenient noisy guests in your library, so he probably went to complain about his crazy teammates in the already mentioned alliance as soon as he could do it. Also got grumpy when you laughed at his current drama.
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Donquixote Doflamingo
An expert in general subjects which knowledge could be used on his own and only for his benefit? Doflamingo would never let anyone ever get you away from him. He doesn't admire anyone but himself, and neither love would be the right word for what he feels about you; it's hard to explain for him. But what he can tell for sure is that you're a great consultant, and not only your wisdom but also your loyalty is much appreciated.
As soon as you engaged in a personal relationship with Doflamingo, he took you from your modest library in Acacia and gave you a fancy and luxurious one in his castle. Whatever book you wanted would be in your hands as fast as possible by Doffy's orders, and you know what happens when someone doesn't get what he wants in the time he wants.
Doffy is indescribably jealous of you. No one can consult you without asking him permission to do so, no one dares to bother you while you're reading or organizing your books on the shelves of your library, and naturally, nobody has ever made a single noise inside your library. When you're not in your literary paradise though, Doflamingo keeps you on his side — or even on his lap — just to demonstrate that you're not only his font of information, you're his.
The fact that you're quiet most of the time is simply perfect for him. You will never annoy him with dumb questions or babble any bullshit that could make him step out of the line toward you. But what Doffy cannot understand is your patience with those exact kinds of individuals, the ones who are not like you, those who dare to speak to him without anything important to tell. You seem so experienced with these types of conflicts and yet Doflamingo makes sure to solve any problems that can happen in your library.
When the two of you are alone, Doflamingo is pleased by the sight of you excitedly clarifying with assurance whatever he's asked you. It always reminds him why you have such an important role in his kingdom and his life, and surprisingly has never interrupted you during all of your explanations. He feels he's not going to get rid of you so soon, which makes him feel weirdly delighted.
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Just like Doflamingo, Crocodile would keep you as his guru and give you a personal library inside his palace, giving you all the books you wanted in no time — as he provides you all the status and respect for being Mr. Zero's partner. Unlike Dressrosa emperor though, Crocodile sees you more as his romantic partner rather than a tool of general or more obscure information, that being just a nice extra.
But do not let this feeling of his trick you about how he deals with your public status as his partner. Oh, Crocodile is so jealous of you and you know it well, despite his attempts at hiding it. When you're not between the uncountable amount of shelves in your library, Crocodile always keeps you by his side, gently holding your waist or eventually kissing your hand, just to remind everyone else who they must not bother under any circumstances.
He even takes your library to study or gather his thoughts when he's too stressed, which seems like your comfort space is by consequence his own as well. Crocodile would even demand his subordinates a personal room in your library containing a desk and a luxurious armchair to read there in peace while he keeps you on his lap and smokes his cigar.
Even though he appreciates your reserved and quiet personality, Crocodile now and then confesses he wished you were more talkative. The boss of Baroque Works truly admires you and your knowledge, so he would discreetly encourage you to talk more often about what you've learned by questioning you things during Baroque meetings and even allow some of the more important members to have you as a brief consultant.
During spare time, Crocodile would ask you to read for him or simply engage in a conversation about something he saw you studying before. When you questioned him about his reasons to do that, he simply answered that your smooth and wise voice calmed him down, making him forget his stressful routine as "an important man of business".
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i love drawing sketches
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Historically, many American states considered the rights of private property owners to extend “up to Heaven and down to Hell”, a state of affairs which posed a navigational hazard to American vampires. Those who were wont to fly by night in the form of a bat found themselves obliged to weave through a dense thicket of privately owned airspaces, with dire consequences for miscalculation.
With the advent of commercial aviation, however, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was granted control over passage through American airspace which supersedes the properly rights statutes of the individual states. This created a loophole which vampires could exploit, albeit at a peculiar cost: in order to fall under the FAA’s jurisdiction, vampires are obliged to register themselves as ultralight aircraft and submit flight plans for their nightly excursions.
Today, FAA is heavily infiltrated by vampire thralls tasked with ensuring their masters’ registrations and associated flight plans are properly filed and approved without coming to the public’s attention, a position of both considerable influence and considerable risk.
(The plight of Canadian vampires, meanwhile, is more straightforward. Strictly speaking, all Canadian airspace is the private property of the Queen of England, so the freedom to fly by night hinges upon having received the Queen’s personal invitation. The ability to obtain this invitation remains one of the primary drivers of class stratification in Canadian vampire society.)
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☠ The Worst Generation
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The sad part is when you know you're getting worse again and you can't do anything about it.
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just the 3 of them 💀💀💀
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Just because I’ve seen this mistake crop up a lot lately in the context of the Alex Jones meltdown and it’s directly relevant to my irl job and it bugs me a little:
In the American legal system: a plaintiff’s lawyer is NOT a prosecutor
The USian legal system has two big general categories of legal cases: civil and criminal.  PLAINTIFFS are for civil law.  PROSECUTORS are for criminal law.*  Civil and criminal cases use a lot of the same procedures and terminology (subpoenas, cross examination, discovery, restitution, etc), so it’s understandable people get them mixed up.
The Alex Jones/Infowars case is a CIVIL defamation suit.  Mark Bankston, the lucky guy who got to grill Alex Jones about those leaked texts, is the plaintiff’s attorney.  Civil cases are about money, not about prison time or about how much the police/prison system can punish you.  If you want to sue your neighbor for money to pay for the time they crashed into your car and broke your leg, you hire a plaintiff’s lawyer and file a lawsuit. 
Pretty much anyone - good, bad, or ugly - can try to hire a plaintiff’s lawyer.  Johnny Depp hired a plaintiffs’ attorney to sue Amber Heard.  The families of the children who were killed at the Sandy Hook school shooting do not have the power to put Alex Jones in jail for the shit he’s spewed.  What they and Mark Bankston are trying to do is get money out of him for the damage he’s caused in their lives.   Prosecutors and criminal charges are not involved...YET.
PROSECUTORS (also called district attorneys, or DAs) are government attorneys who come after people for alleged crimes they have committed.   If a police officer arrests you for a crime, they file a report to their local prosecutor’s office.  A prosecutor will read that report and decide what, if any charges, to bring against you when you show up in front of the judge - do you get a misdemeanor weed hold for community service, or do you get felony possession for sale carrying up to 4 years prison? 
Prosecutors DO NOT work on behalf of individual clients - they may falsely CLAIM to be representing victims, but legally they are supposed to represent the concept of the state, the government, or “the people.”  This is why criminal cases are named “People vs. [client name here].”  The implication is that the defendant has caused harm to their community, and the prosecutor is the lawyer for that community trying to prove it.  Prosecutors also do not openly work to get money - they are generally looking for things that affect your liberty (i.e. jail, prison, probation, community service, etc). 
Prosecutors are cops in suits - when we say ACAB, we should ABSOLUTELY be including prosecutors. They will be in charge of any plea bargain you are offered.  Your local district attorney has IMMENSE power over the community.  They can choose to run on progressive platforms...but more often they choose to feed mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex.  This is why it is INCREDIBLY important not only to protest against the police and the injustices they perpetuate, but to pay attention to your local district attorney election and show up for jury duty.
*side note: i am AWARE that if you reeeeeally get into the weeds of local county systems the terminology is blurred, but i’m speaking in broad strokes here GIMME SOME SLACK
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Créditos: yoleviii
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Going to university but make it dark academia
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One of the perennial problems with deep learning models like DALL-E is that if you train them too well, eventually they start precisely reproducing material from their training data set that just happens to match whatever criteria they’re given.
Given that these models are a. trained on random images scraped in bulk from the Internet, largely without human curation, and b. being touted as a potential substitute for human artists in certain commercial applications, I’m just waiting for the inevitable lawsuit where one of these models spits out an exact copy of some reasonably well-known piece of art, that copy is used in a commercial publication whose author is unaware of what the model has done, and some poor judge has to rule on whether an AI can commit plagiarism.
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