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monsterfuckerdiaz · 2 days ago
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Witches Madney (requested by @bieddiediaz)
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prettyboybuckley · a day ago
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ficlet for 9-1-1 Halloweek day 1 with as prompt: candy. words: 636 - part 2
"Do we really need all of that candy?" Eddie asks, looking at the kitchen table with a mix of awe and disgust.
There seems to be a never-ending amount of candy coming from the shopping bags Buck brought in, and he's spreading them all out on the table, sorting them by kind.
"Do you really need to ask?" Buck shoots back, grinning as he drops the last bag of mini chocolate bars onto the pile, tossing the shopping bag somewhere behind him.
Eddie rolls his eyes, rubbing a hand down his face as he tries to find the patience to deal with his best friend.
"There is no way there's going to be that many kids trick or treating around here, and I'm not letting Chris eat any more than the bare minimum," he tells Buck, crossing his arms over his chest as he puts on the most stern face he can muster.
Buck has started opening bags, putting about a third of each into a giant bowl, while emptying the rest of it into a big storage box Eddie didn't even know he had. (He probably doesn't, Buck has either bought it for this occasion or brought it from his apartment.)
"Exactly, which is why we are going to hold a movie night and gorge ourselves on this candy."
He holds up the bowl as he says it, the smile on his face almost as bright as the sun, and Eddie has never been able to resist Evan Buckley anything.
They don't have Chris in the house right now, and Buck has already set up the living room with pillows and blankets on the couch. He tells Eddie to take the drinks, carrying the giant bowl of tooth-rotting snacks.
"What movie did you pick?" Eddie asks as they settle on the couch, the bowl between them.
"Nightmare on Elm Street."
He's never seen it, but the way Buck is excitedly bouncing in his seat certainly promises something good. They settle in to watch the movie, and Buck is already unwrapping the first piece of candy, gaze fixed on the TV.
Eddie doesn't eat any for the first half-hour or so, before reluctantly taking a chocolate. By then, Buck has accumulated an astonishing amount of empty candy wrappers, and Eddie already knows how this is going to end.
But now that he's looked away from the TV to look at Buck, he can't find it in himself to tear his eyes away from his best friend. Buck is giddy, already high on sugar, and enjoying the movie to the fullest.
It's moments like these that make his heart ache, that make him want something more.
Eddie's not sure if there's anything he can put the blame on for what he does next.
Buck tastes sweet, like a mix of chocolate and the wine gums he had last, and he makes a confused noise in the back of his throat before he's kissing Eddie back. The candy wrappers still in his hand fall to the ground as he brings it up to cup Eddie's face, and Eddie's hand is fisted in Buck's sweater.
They kiss until the taste of the candy is gone, and when they pull back they're both breathless. The movie has kept playing in the background, but they pay it no mind, too wrapped up in each other.
There is still a smudge of chocolate on Buck's cheek, and Eddie laughs out loud, a little hysterical but oh so happy. He puts the bowl onto the table before diving back in for another kiss.
(When Buck complains of stomach pain later on, Eddie can't help but say: "I told you so", before kissing him to distract him. He forces Buck to bring most of the leftover candy to the station to be handed out for trick or treating.)
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lesbiandiaz · a day ago
for @eddiebodywantssome who requested "falling asleep while stargazing together" i didn't follow this one exactly but i hope you like how it turned out!
Buck’s been planning this all week, a small comment by Christopher sparking the idea. He’s spent days researching, placing orders and waiting for packages to arrive.
He’s decided today is the perfect day - Eddie and Chris will be out for a couple of hours at one of Chris’ appointments and their post-therapy McDonalds trip.
It takes him two hours to get everything set up just right, moving the ladder around the living room, moving furniture and setting up the blanket pile on the floor.
He just has time to take a quick shower and change into sweats before his boys come rushing through the door. They take in the sight, the confusion on their faces evident. He knows they’re asking themselves why they’ve come home to a redesigned house layout.
Buck greets Eddie with a kiss and Chris with a ruffle of his hair before he gets them moving, “Change into something comfy” he instructs, ushering them towards their bedrooms.
They emerge ten minutes later, Eddie in one of Buck’s old t-shirts and the pyjama pants he’d gotten for Christmas last year. Chris in his favourite pyjamas, the ones with aliens on.
“Okay, I’ll bite,” Eddie says. “What’s going on, Buck?”
There’s a mischievous glint in Buck’s eyes when he replies, “Why does anything have to be going on? Can’t I just want to spend time with my two favourite boys?” He manages to hold eye contact with Eddie for all of three seconds before he cracks, “Okay, okay, get on the blankets.”
They eventually get comfortable after a lot of wriggling from Chris, who says he can’t decide which pillow is best, so he has to test them all.
Buck has them both lie back and close their eyes, “Just do it, Eds” he says when Eddie gives him a suspicious look “You trust me, right?” That’s what gets Eddie to relax.
He moves to turn off the lights, checks to make sure Chris still has his eyes shut “No peeking!”
“Okay. 3…2… your eyes!”
It was worth the days of research and hours of work to set this up when he sees the look on their faces. They’re looking up at the constellations Buck had carefully put together on the ceiling in glow in the dark stars.
“Woah!” Chris exclaims, “Buck! This is so cool!”
“Yeah? You like it, buddy?” Buck asks as he joins them on the floor. “I know you wanted to go stargazing, but like your dad said, it’s a little bright here to see the stars so...I brought the stars to you.”
Eddie has been quiet throughout all of this, hasn’t said a word, eyes fixed on the ceiling. When Buck leans over he can see Eddie is crying.
“Eds, hey, hey, what’s going on?” He reaches out to touch Eddie’s face. “Are you upset? Did I-”
“Buck. It’s perfect. Thank you.” Eddie whispers.
They lie there for over an hour, Chris snuggled against Buck’s chest as Buck points out constellations and Chris sees how many patterns of dogs he can find.
Eddie’s been quiet the whole time, only speaking up when Chris falls asleep right there leaning against Buck, mumbling about the little dipper and dogs in the sky.
“I love you.” Eddie says, “And I love him, and I love us. You- you did all of this for him.”
“I love him, Eds. I love you, too. You know that, right?”
Eddie smiles, “Yeah, I know.”
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