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1917 (2019) dir. Sam Mendes
“Deliver this to Colonel MacKenzie. It is a direct order to call off tomorrow morning’s attack. If you don’t, it will be a massacre. We will lose two battalions. Sixteen hundred men, your brother among them. You think you can get there in time?“

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#mating rituals

[Caption: in s02e02, Flint and Silver execute their plans to regain a position in the crew. In the first row, Flint offers counsel to Dufresne with the intent of sabotaging his captaincy and Silver starts his round publically spreading rumors on the crew. In the second row, they express skepticism of each other’s plan. The third row shows their stratagems working (the crew after a moment of hesitation follows Flint’s orders during battle, and they start beating on each other instead of Silver). In the fourth one, Silver smiles in awe of Flint’s move, and Flint reluctantly shares an appreciative smirk with Silver. In the last row, Flint walks triumphant back to his cabin, under the incredulous yet impotent eyes of crew members, and Silver smirks satisfied with blood on his face, seeing the effects of his plan.]

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The Duke of Hastings, I hear, was left looking rather tongue-tied last night, as Miss Bridgerton seems to have finally grown tired of waiting for him to pose that all-important question. Or, perhaps, the young miss has simply traded up. Surprising? Quite. Unreasonable? Of course not. After all, why settle for a duke when one can have a prince?

Bridgerton (2020– ) | “Art of the Swoon”

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