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#yato kagura
alexiethymia · 8 days ago
revisiting the rokkaku arc (an analysis)
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Listen, I will always love rokkaku arc for the sougo-focus and shippy reasons. In the same way, the Gintama Wiki says Sougo has only ever apologized to two women, Mitsuba and Kagura (though I’m a bit doubtful on this since he casually apologizes to people more or less, Kagura’s was in between a gag and serious, still hilarious though, sorry Sho-chan), I think he has only ever used keigo (polite speech) for Mitsuba, and Kagura. Though in Kagura’s case, it was after threats, but that’s it, that’s their literal dynamic. And this whole interaction is again just funny to me because rather than a wolf, Kagura has the guts to treat Sougo like a damn puppy. 
But in all seriousness though. Sougo is always blank-faced or evil-faced. In Hijikata’s words, it’s as if he has no weaknesses. Whenever he interacts with any other character, he almost always comes out on top. Meanwhile, his sweet side is only reserved for Kondou and Mitsuba, and yet at the same time, interactions with Kagura have him shedding that blank mask. He gets casually annoyed like when he was a kid, when emotions would show more often on his face as compared to the deadpan face he dons on now (part of me thinks he became even more deadpan when Mitsuba died). You can see him get angry, and it’s always a tie between him and Kagura. If he embarrasses Kagura, she gets him back.
In this one conversation, Kagura says she hates him, but acknowledges his skill. More than that she cuts to the truth of the matter. She’s confident in saying that he’s not a murderer, so why is he pretending to be one? She wants him to tell the truth, not just for Kirie’s sake, but for his sake as well. For all that she says she hates him, the truth outs and instead shows her concern for him. (Which Sougo calls out-of-character for her; this later gets paralleled when Kagura calls him out-of-character for trying to say goodbye during the Farewell Shinsengumi arc. In conclusion, they’re both tsunderes ffs.) And for Sougo’s part, because Kagura isn’t someone he can easily intimidate, because she’s so annoying that he can’t easily shut her out, he ends up giving away pieces of the truth. This is a secret he’s kept for over two years, but one way or the other, he opens up to Kagura.
*Also I just really love the fact that he calls her ‘ojou-san’, even if mockingly, instead of his usual ‘komusume’ or ‘gaki’. 
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In the same way, I think Kagura may be the only (?) woman (besides Mitsuba of course), that he’s given his gratitude to. Again for shippy reasons, I can’t believe they’re talking about how a woman’s heart easily changes, in this case Kagura’s heart. It’s serious fanfic fuel. Because in the same way, Sougo is opening up, Kagura’s opinion toward him also slowly changes. (I also love how between the both of them, Sougo is almost always the tsukkomi, which rarely happens otherwise.)
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And this conversation is just so important. Sougo of course has the Shinsengumi. Even with Hijikata, and then later on with Gintoki, he shows a bit of vulnerability. But with Kagura now, he’s quite honest. He’s openly showing his vulnerability. And Kagura never exploits that weakness. 
This, to me, is a really important aspect of their bond, shipping or otherwise. Because this conversation ties so well to the Shogun Assasination arc, and the Farewell Shinsengumi arc. Through this conversation, Kagura gets to know more about the Sadist, what makes him tick, what’s important to him. He’s not just a little shit, but someone with his own insecurities that he tries to fight against to protect what’s important. And Kagura can respect that, but more than that, Kagura is the person to reassure him about those insecurities. For all that Sougo admits he’s a killer, Kagura instead calls him a softie who can’t even stand the mere sight of a girl’s tears. This ties so well to when Kagura reassures Sougo much later on that Soyo didn’t hate him or wasn’t afraid of him. 
But I disagree with Sougo when he says a ‘kid’ like Kagura wouldn’t understand. Because Kagura is an unbelievably intuitive person, and I love that so much about her character. 
Kagura shies away from killing because she doesn’t want to lose to herself, and Sougo for his part probably sees her as someone clean or pure, and therefore someone who won’t be able to understand him, though it’s not her fault. Kids are supposed to be innocent after all. The Shinsengumi are supposed to dirty their hands so the innocent won’t have to. But that’s absolutely wrong. Kagura has Kamui as a brother. And though she shies away from killing, she absolutely understands what it means to protect something. And as someone who constantly fights to win against herself, Kagura is the one who can reassure ‘killers’ like Sougo, Kamui, and Nobume. 
Sougo for his part, despite his reservations and his preconceptions about roles, still ends up unleashing his burdens to a ‘kid’ anyway. I guess in that aspect, Kagura is really an intriguing existence for Sougo. She’s not a fellow officer like Nobume whose hands are expected to get dirty. She’s not a villain like Kamui who he’s expected to defeat. She’s supposed to be part of the people he protects, a civilian, and yet he fights seriously against her, never underestimating her. By his own definition, she’s part of the people he’s supposed to get his hands dirty for, and yet despite his propensity to handle his problems himself, Kagura with all her bullheaded stubbornness manages to be there for him anyway, to support him one way or another. Maybe Sougo always thought he had to do it alone because he was the strongest, but he can’t pull that crap with Kagura because Kagura is as, if not stronger than him. Kagura doesn’t fall into a neat box or category for him. He protects and fights her, while she fights and supports him.
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LISTEN, I WILL ALWAYS BE BITTER MITSUBA DIED. This arc also subtly ties with the Mitsuba arc I think. For one, Sougo mentions his aneue, although for gag reasons, Kagura still gets to find out that Sougo had an older sister who died. 
For all that we joke that Sougo’s gag proposal answers Kagura’s wish to never have an empty house again, Kagura’s statements here answers Mitsuba’s words when she said Sougo was always alone because he was ‘selfish, obstinate, and stubborn’. I will forever and always be bitter that we didn’t get to see more of Mitsuba. She would have been reassured and unbelievably happy that Sougo despite the way he is, is no longer alone. It’s not even just his brothers in the Shinsengumi, but rather for all his faults, there are other idiots like him willing to fight for him, support him, and protect him. In Kagura’s words in the manga, ‘idiots travel in packs’. I just can’t even imagine what would have happened had Mitsuba met Kagura. I think somehow, she would have been deeply grateful for her. 
I love Kagura so much. That care and sensitivity, not just towards Kirie, but also towards Sougo. She knows him so well, despite all of his efforts to guard himself and hide. All of their interactions thus far lead her to confidently say that he’d be happiest with someone there to fight and trying to kill him (and personally for me, I think he’s happiest when fighting Kagura, see: post-timeskip). 
In other words, this was a great arc for character insights and relationship building, not just for Sougo, but also Kagura. It’s not even for entirely shippy reasons. That mutual understanding and constant support amidst that outward dislike (they’re tsunderes, I tell you) is just another thing that makes their relationship and interactions so compelling. For all that Kagura knows him so well, Sougo proves that he also knows her just as much as the Feigned Illness arc and Post-Timeskip arc would show. 
And how many chapters and arcs later, it’s still Kagura who gives him the reassurance he needs, and with character development marching on, he even finds it in himself to be vulnerable for once and actively seek her out for that exact same reassurance that only she can give. 
I just really love mutually hella supportive ships. And it’s for these reasons, that I really think they’re perfect for each other. I honestly think Kagura is a special existence for Sougo. She’s the recipient for so many exceptions and out-of-character moments for him, that I think even after the manga has ended, no other girl for him will do. 
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hashtagartistlife · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
drew this for a krtwt mutual of mine who performed a great service for me 
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imagininggintama · 5 months ago
Yorozuya / Odd Jobs Masterlist + Katsura
Posted April 6th, 2021 7:51 PM PST
Gintoki Sakata:
Consensual non-con not sfw scenario*
Being Gin’s younger sibling & dating Hijikata
Safety HCs
Gintoki with a chubby s/o who’s self conscious
Birthday Celebrations
Scar HCs
Best Friend HCs
Honeymoon sfw & not sfw*
Shy, short, and very caring s/o
Fear HCs
Sex HCs*
S/O who likes stubble
Death of S/O
Aromantic & Friend with Benefits (separate)*
Scent HCs
Hands HCs
Crying/Affection HCs
Breakup HCs
Angst! Happy end.
S/O who suffers from panic attacks
Calling him someone else’s name
Tall S/O
S/O has low iron and easily faints
“I want a baby”, “I’m pregnant”, Trying for Baby, Pregnancy Sex*
Birth HCs
Angry & Sex HCs*
Being A Sadist in Bed*
Personality Preferences/Some of what they need
Going to the dentist with scared boy
S/O helping with nightmares
Appearance HCs
Oral: Receiving & Giving*
Taking care of Drunktoki
Reaction to small!s/o wearing his clothes
Kiss HCs! (Smoochtoki Sakata ;P )
Sleeping with Gin
Reacting to sad s/o
Gin trying to find a Glucose Guardian (sugar baby)
Baking HC
Gin sulking because girls are hitting on him (accidentally misread)
Gin’s S/O sulking because he keeps getting hit on
Jealous Gin
Helping S/O with bad period pains
Birthday celebrations!
Oblivious Crush
Oopsie During Sex*
S/O catcalling from balcony
S/O who is good cook
Appearance HC
Asking S/O to move in
How he would be with his daughter
Childhood crush & War ally reappearing in his life
Reaction to older child shaving younger’s head while on baby-sitting duty!
GIF reaction to flexible S/O
Getting caught by Shinpachi and Kagura😱
Getting scared of a horror movie during a sleep over at S/O’s place
S/O steals lollipop!
Pegging HCs*
I almost lost you
Reader has been cheated on in the past
First Date HCs
NSFW Alphabet O*
56. Spank me
33 from 300 follower event
12&16 from 300 follower event
NSFW Alphabet F*
31 from 300 follower event
4 from 300 Follower Event
NSFW Alphabet C G U*
NSFW Alphabet M*
1&58 from 300 Follower Event
NSFW Alphabet I*
NSFW Alphabet W*
NSFW Alphabet Q*
NSFW Alphabet X*
NSFW Alphabet I*
NSFW Alphabet K*
NSFW Alphabet J*
23&40 from 300 Follower Event
NSFW Alphabet D*
S/O who looks younger
52 from 300 Follower Event
S/O celebrating his birthday
Shinpachi Shimura:
Romance HCs
Kagura Yato
Your bedhead is super cute!!!
Kotarou Katsura:
Kissing HCs
Sex HCs*
Breakup HCs
Personality Preferences/Some of what they need
Katsura spending time with his niece
First Date HCs
NSFW Alphabet O*
NSFW Alphabet I*
NSFW Alphabet J*
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kyonkyonsstuff · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I finished and i don't know what to do with my life anymore. Gintama gave me so much funny, sad and happy ohhh such happy memories. I always be thankful for that. It was a wonderful travel, thank you yorozuya and thank you Gintama!
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alexiethymia · a month ago
Gintoki: Tsukuyo and I don’t have pet names for each other.
Kagura: Oh really?
Kagura: Hey Gin-chan, what do bees make?
Gintoki: Honey?
Tsukuyo: Yes, darling?
Kagura: Don’t ever lie to my face again. 
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imagininggintama · 3 months ago
I wanted to explore the relationship between Kiana (my OC) and Kagura!
A lot of it is based around how their interactions go in my roleplays/personal stories!
So here's a small HC post!
I was gonna write more but my brain stopped, so enjoy!
Kiana Kondo/Mochizuki & Kagura Yato
Tumblr media
Kiana has an issue with asking for help, so will usually try to go shopping AND carry every thing back on her own.
This isn't always an easy feat, since sometimes she's bringing home food to cook for the Shinsengumi. Sometimes that's a few days worth of food. One can imagine how much that weighs.
Kagura saw her struggling and offered to help in exchange for some food. Kiana was initially against it--if only she felt like she was taking advantage of the young girl, but seeing her pick all the bags up with one hand made her reconsider.
Naturally Kagura stuck her nose up at seeing where she was bringing all the goodies, but helped her none the less, it wasn't her fault all the men there were idiots.
The two talked and ended up really getting along, which was helped by Kiana's cooking. Kagura offered to help her carry more groceries whenever she needed it, as long as she got something yummy in return.
The more time they spent together, the more nurturing Kiana became for Kagura; going over to the Yorozuya with lunch or dinner. She felt that they needed more variety in their diet, especially the two teens, and didn't mind using her own money to bring them an occasional treat.
The two love having sleep overs together, since neither got to really have them when they were younger, and watching movies until they pass out.
While she's not fond of junk food, Kiana will buy a huge variety of it just for when Kagura comes over. She figures they deserve to pig out now and again. She wouldn't be so lax about it if it were more often than about once month.
Depending on the setting and who is writing Kagura; she sees Kiana as a big sister or mother figure.
She is fairly protective of Kiana and will yell at people who ask too much of her, or for no reason when it comes to Sougo. She knows that the older will bend over backwards to help others, so she tries to help make sure she's not stretching herself thin.
She also likes to insist she come with her to some of her sleep overs with Soyo, since she wants to spend time with both of them and she deserves to be treated like a princess once in a while.
Sadaharu loves her also, but that could possibly be from either Kagura's attachment or the fact she'll bring dog food and treats when she does come over. Either way, he ends up knocking her to the ground with lots of licks/kisses!
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hijikatalove · a year ago
Tumblr media
gintama yato Family ❤LOVE❤
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kyonkyonsstuff · 9 months ago
I don't know what to do with myself since I watched the latest Gintama episodes. I don't wanna watch another anime just yorozuya. So im watching edits and amvs and missing them so much. This is my life now.
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dragonshost · a year ago
This was actually a request from FFN, but I thought I’d post it here as well.
Requester: general zargon
Prompt: “Shinpachi fluff”
“Here, Patsuan,” Gintoki said, shoving a smallish, slightly crumpled white box at his employee.  “This is for you.”
Immediately on his guard, Shinpachi warily eyed the box up and down.  “This isn’t part of some prank, is it...?” he wondered aloud.
Gintoki affected an expression of deep hurt, as false as his promises to someday pay Shinpachi his wages.  “Patsuan!  When have I ever-”  Then he paused, and abandoned the charade all together.  “Well if you don’t want it, I’ll take it back...”
“Yeah, Shin-chan,” Kagura stated, standing on the tips of her toes and eyeing the box, a dribble of drool escaping her lips.  “Give it back if you don’t want it.”
Something about the gleam in their eyes told Shinpachi that if he did that, he would be playing right into their hands.  “No, I’ll take it, Gin-san!”  Hurriedly, he swiped it from the silver-haired man.
Setting it on the office’s table, he opened the box.  And to his great surprise, found...
“Is this a... cake?”  It was a question, because the cake had clearly seen better days.  It looks like it had been dropped, repeatedly.
“For your birthday, dummy,” Kagura informed him, plopping down next to him.  “Gin-chan and I got up really early to get it for you, and we were nice and restrained ourselves!”
Despite the sorry state of it, Shinpachi could tell from the hunk missing on the back of the cake that they had not.  Still, it was sweet of them to remember his birthday at all.
Gintoki sat down across from them, and rubbed the back of his neck.  “...Sorry it looks so bad.  Things happened.”
Ominous, but it wouldn’t detract from Shinpachi’s enjoyment of the cake.  When Kagura passed him a fork, he tried a small piece, much to Kagura’s outrage.  “You’re supposed to wait and blow out a candle first!”
Oddly enough, the cake... didn’t taste like cake.  Not proper cake, anyway.  All Shinpachi could taste was sugar.  All other flavors in the cake had been drowned in the sheer amount of sugar that was in the thing.
Which told Shinpachi that Gintoki hadn’t gone to a cakeshop for it after all, and had instead made it himself.
He took another bite, eliciting a screech from Kagura.  “I said to wait!”
Funny, the second bite tasted much better.
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