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Gintama Stills for Every (Canon) Episode → [040/316] “Give a Thought to Planned Pregnancy”

↳ “Pappy, you ignored your family and did whatever you pleased. I don’t want you meddling in my life now. I don’t interfere in your life… so don’t interfere in mine! I came to Earth on my own. I’ll go home on my own.”

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One of his beauty is his ‘colour’. He has that “Contrast” vibe and i love contrast colour so much, so i want to put this vibe into the theme and expose his beauty a bit more.

That’s why i decided to put Toshi + Winter + Night in one piece❄🌃

** Toshi’s outfit reference is from Vacation Arc

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‘till death do us apart - okita sougo

yes!! this is so cuteeee dhdhdg anon tysm for requesting, thank you so much for the support ahh it means a lot <3<3 also is gintama really that uncommon? i actually didn’t know 😳 hope you enjoy!

- the sheets are freshly cleaned, with little to no creases on them. they’re pristine and titanium white in colour, almost like a hotel room. it smells like laundry detergent in here and coffee in the next room over

- you’re slightly sick and overworked, your eyes puffy- nose bright pink and stuffed and you’re sporting a massive migraine

- the harsh sunlight pouring in through the window isn’t working any miracles either

- in the kitchen, your husband- okita sougo - is stood at the counter, one hand on his hip whilst the other stirs something inside a cup

- he’s clad in his usual black boxer briefs, a white button-up shirt and a silky white cravat. it looks like he decided to take care of you before dressing himself to leave for work. his light chestnut locks are still dishevelled from slumber

- on the table, there’s a steaming hot plate of breakfast for you. some pancakes and a bowl of fruit and the bento box you made for him yesterday for today is next to it. you can see the neon yellow post-it note from here, and it has a scribble of a love heart on it along with your greetings for him

- “are you awake, doll? sleep well?” okita hums, reaching for the sugar as he sweetens the beverage he’s preparing

- “‘m okay. is this for me, ‘kita?”

- “of course it is. you need to eat food, take care of yourself because i’m not here to remind you”

- “can’t you just ditch work?” you whine pulling out the barstool and hopping up onto it whilst digging into your food. you let out a groan of satisfaction when it touches your lips

- “you think?”

- “mm-“

- before you could utter another word, okita slips off his tie and throws it into the general direction of your shared bedroom. he unbuttons the first few buttons on his shirt and loops his legs into the stool next to you

- he slides over a steaming hot cup of (your preferred hot beverage, e.g tea, coffee, hot chocolate)

- “eh? aren’t you going to work?”

- “you asked me to stay, so i’m staying”

- okita’s expression is dead serious, and you can’t help but erupt with laughter when you realise he actually isn’t going anywhere

- a smile tugs at the corner of his lips when he sees you giggling

- he stares at you with mock shock, plastering a hand to his chest

- “are you laughing at me?”

- “no, no. you’re just really cute, ‘kita.”

- “cute? you don’t call men cute. you’re cute. you’re beautiful. a god-“

- “alright, shut up.”

- “hey. is that the way you talk to your husband?”

- “yeah, well. you’ll forgive me, right ‘kita? right? you do love me”

- “of course i love you. hurry up, idiot. i want to watch tv, maybe they broadcasted hijikata being stabbed on the news”

- “sure you don’t just want to cuddle?”

- “one more word and i’m kicking you out”

- after eating and attempting to clean the dishes, okita lightly bumps you with his shoulder with enough force to shove you away but not enough to hurt you

- you stick your tongue out at him, and he gives you a small wink with his deadpan expression that sends you laughing once more

- you climb onto the sofa, slightly adjusting the pillows and throw blankets you keep for additional warmth

- okita soon follows after, nestling up beside you with one arm around you whilst the other one works to cover you with the blanket which he also snuggles underneath, his legs tangled with yours

- you sit in the corner whilst he sits besides you meaning you can stretch your legs diagonally over the lower portion of his thighs and his knees

- his left arm snakes around to hold onto your left shoulder whilst the right draws soothing circles along your sore calves

- resting your head on his shoulder, he plants a soft kiss on top of your head as he brings the blankets up further

- fluttering your eyes shut, you nestle up against him into a comfortable position where your neck won’t strain

- “baby, wake up”

- “nnngh- what?”

- “we forgot to go to the post office”

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cupid’s bow - gintoki sakata

heck yea anon! of course u can dude, and tysm 🥺🥺 i do try to keep him in character. hope u enjoy <3<3

- whenever sakata is free the same time you are, the two of you always spend time together

- it could literally be doing absolutely nothing, just sat in silence whilst the two of you doing your own thing

- kagura always calls this weird, saying how the two of you are sharing your nerd wavelengths like it’s some disease

- sakata always scolds her, grumbling when she interrupts

- really, he’s more angry that she disrupted you

- usually, sakata doesn’t allow people into the yorozuya who aren’t there for business

- he’s put you on a whitelist, but he swears it’s only because you bring snacks every time

- you have a special handshake with him

- you finish off eachother’s sentences sometimes, especially if it’s debating on where you two should eat

- you go on ‘dates’ with him a lot. a lot of food dates

- it’s pleasant, and you don’t feel uncomfortable or flustered. just the two of you in a booth with some food or dessert, casually chilling platonically and cracking jokes without a care in the world

- sakata likes to drag you around edo, showcasing his favourite places to eat

- he’s always putting his orders on your tab

- you don’t care and you’re more than happy for him to do so but you still laugh at him, asking him to finally pay his debt back

- you’re sakata’s regular drinking buddy

- even if you don’t drink alcohol and opt for something lighter, you like to keep him company and make sure he gets home okay

- he sends you a lot of memes

- they’re usually cute cat videos and photos of pets

- he sends a lot of photos of sadaharu (if you like dogs)

- he sends a lot of photos of stray cats on the streets (if you like cats)

- always asking you how your day was, if you slept well. he’s just a real sweetheart, yknow? you’re not dating him but he cares for you

- you’re his best friend and he always brags about this

- says he’s got the best friend on planet earth and how lucky he is to find someone who laughs at his jokes and listens to his lectures

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