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phpoetry·3 months agoQuote
Just kiss me like the sun kisses the waves on the shore
Softly and gently
With your warmth against my skin, 
Then wrap your arms around me like
The tide crashing into the sand
And don’t let me go
Even for a moment
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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
When my whole world is falling apart
You’re the one always there to pick up the pieces
Pulled and broken at the seams
You pick up every crumb until I’m whole again
And stay there to put me back together
But let me know it’s okay to be broken too
Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you
Until I realize I guess you deserve me too

My heart was heavy, eyes were dry, and I couldn’t seem to breathe without feeling the weight of the world on my chest
But you did it
You lifted me up and out of this boulder I was strapped on to
And I don’t know what to say to you
Because no matter how many times I say it, it won’t be enough
To the light of my life, thank you, I love you

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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
I cried for days
I’d sit in class not making sound
But if you looked me in the eyes
Anyone could tell
I was begging not to feel this way
Begging for a different outcome
Begging for a second chance, for him to love me again like he once used to

Because honey, I would run to the moon
Take away all your fears and hide them inside my stomach
Crawl to the shores and power through your thunder
Only to wipe all your tears and sing you every lovely tune
Just to be able to move mountains to be beside you

But while I was trying to create oceans out of droplets of water
You wouldn’t even lift a finger to make sure I was still happy with the life I was living
So I had to force myself to do the same

~ your love drove me insane
  but tell me why I’d still do it all over again

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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
You were a bird
Sitting on the branches of my love
All you wanted was the support that you thought I could give you
But appearances are everything
And you didn’t happen to realize how broken I really was
Until my branches came crashing down
Destroying you and everything in your path
And only then did you realize what a mistake you had made in choosing me
And I wish I could go back and change it all, I really do
But my trunk is planted in the roots of this stubborn soil that is your love
So I’ll just have to watch you fly away
Devastated and overwhelmed but completely helpless in all of this
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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
I read this quote today talking about how we can’t let go of certain people
because we think we’ll never find something like that again
And it’s like a light flicked on in my head saying THIS, THIS IS YOU.
I spent months trying to get over you
only to fall back in your grip once again,
not knowing why I couldn’t just move on.
This is why.
Boy the way you stared into my eyes the first time we met,
well that was the closest thing to “love at first sight” I had ever seen.
We held that gaze for what felt like hours,
completely mesmerized by each other’s pupils,
not being able to do anything but smile.
And it’s like every time I looked into those seas of hazel and gold,
a part of me would melt inside.
So yes, I am holding on,
because love at first sight never happens for a girl like me,
until you came along.
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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
She told herself that she had been damaged enough
That she’d try to forget him and let go
For she’d cried too hard, for too long and was tired of hurting
But the second the clock reached 11:11,
She found herself wishing to be in his arms once again
… I guess he hadn’t left her mind after all
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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
It’s been one year today
One year since you first came into my life
Introduced yourself with sparkling eyes and a beaming smile
One year since you looked at me like I was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen
Made me feel special,
gave me such butterflies I couldn’t shake them away
One year since I met the guy who could make me happier than anyone else ever could just with a simple hello
One year since you would hold my hand,
Give me a big hug and ask me about my day,
Staring at me for hours while I pretended not to notice
One year
One year since you caught me in your trap and I’ve been stuck ever since
One year since you broke my heart and I’m STILL hurting
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phpoetry·4 months agoQuote
Don’t try to work your charm on me when you know it’s only going to bring me closer to you
Close enough for you to grab my reformed heart out of my chest and stomp it on the floor one last time
Isn’t that what you wanted all along?
To prove your lesson?
To make a point?
Well, I got it… loud and clear
So please just let me go

Yes, I wanted you, but that feeling wore off

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phpoetry·a year agoQuote
That name…
No matter how much I see it
I still get goosebumps every time I come across it
And as much as I don’t want to admit it
I’d like to think that makes you pretty damn special
If I’m having such trouble shaking that feeling away
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phpoetry·a year agoQuote
For six months all I did was pray.
I prayed you’d keep looking at me with that wonder in your eyes and it would never fade
I’d pray to hear that calm voice of yours one more time, telling me everything’s going to be okay
I’d pray you’d remember my favourite things like I remembered yours and you’d ask me about my day
I’d pray you’d hold me in your arms once again
I’d pray we’d go back to those days where I felt special, I felt wanted… I felt loved
I’d pray that I still mattered to you, that you’d bother to remember my name
I’d pray to feel the warmth of your palm against mine and the comfort of your presence beside me again
I’d pray for those butterflies in my stomach and giddy little laughs with my friends just one more time
But none of my wishes came true
Except for one:
I had prayed that after you left I’d get another chance to see you
To change our fate, to change your mind
And after all that praying, this one out of a thousand wishes came true
But this isn’t what I want anymore
Because now I’m praying NOT to see you
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