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#i love you

She walks with elegance,beauty, and strength she’s truly amazing in all she does her smile her laugh her touch makes my heart sing. I love the way she looks at me her eyes are so incredible it’s like looking into a Angel’s eyes.

She is my angel!

She is so creative an amazing artist truly if you could watch her draw like I have you would see she puts love into everything she is love she is amazing she is an angel she is the brightest star in the sky.

She is love!

She is so amazing in all she does from a small gesture to helping someone in need she finds the good in everything I mean she found the good in me and helped me realize the good in myself and I will forever be grateful. She helped me realize so much about myself things I would have never known unless she helped me find it in myself to surface it I love her more then I think I could ever show her but I will always do my best to make sure she feels love. She deserves all the love.

She is amazing

I love you so much

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I love my mutuals for putting these posts on my dash back-to-back




There is no higher form of comedy than this


[ A screenshot of tumblr mobile. The first post by author Dirtgirl1999 reads ; ‘I think i’m afraid that if i dig deep then there will be nothing remarkable about me, Or if there is, I won’t know what to do with it. Silly fears. I wish i knew what to do with these hands. Sleeping is so easy.’

The post below it hosts an image of obama, holding an edited sign. It reads ; ‘Anime is illegal, later nerds’ in comic sans. ]

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💞💝💓💝💝💛💝💓💝💗💝💚💝💗💝💓💝💗💝💓💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💓💝💗💝💗💝💓💝💗💝💗💝💓💝💗💝💓💝💓💘💞💘💚💘💛💕💕💓💞💝💓💝💝💓💝💞💗💞💞💞💝💓💝💗💗💘💘 MY ANGEL💝💝❤💟💚💛💚💕💜💝💕💝💕💝💟💝💘💛❤💟💛💘💝💕💜💕💝💕💛💕💝💜💖💝💟💛💖💝💖💝💖💜💖💝💕💖💜💖💝💜💕💝💕💝💕💜💖💜💟

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It’s been two years without you. I miss you so much. I wish I could give you a call and rant about my perceived injustices from work. I wish I could send my latest ideas about my fictional characters and reminisce our early teens.

I wanna know what your thoughts would have been over today’s political climate. Or what your thoughts on the latest tv shows would have been.

Are you watching over us? Do you stop by from time to time and shake your head at what I’m doing?

I miss you. I love you and I know it won’t ever stop hurting, but please know I’m okay.

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I want to be on your lap with my arms around your neck and your lips all over mine.

Reblogs. I appreciate them so much, but my only request is to please not take my work out of its original context with your own tags, notes, etc. My work is an extremely personal reflection of my love and dedication to Bayek. Please respect this.

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