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I’ve been waiting for this pack for literally years! I was super happy when this came out, however it’s not as exciting as the Sims 3…*sigh* but it’s still playable I guess. University Life in TS3 was my number one favorite pack that I spent more time playing more often, so I decided to send Yoosung back to college to prevent him from remaining a hermit in his room playing LOLOL!😂


We felt sorry for Yoosung always moping about his life, being alone with no friends or girlfriend in college, and always falling asleep in class with his professor scolding him to focus on his work. We didn’t want to continue seeing him skip classes and being emo, so we decided to join him in University so he didn’t feel alone. So, Seven started the first day trying to loosen Yoosung up a bit.


I was so excited to see the Pleasant twins from The Sims 2 here, Lillith was a perfect match to hang out with Saeran. They seem to be up and down though, they would hangout together and then start arguing at each other. Both of them have villainous intentions and both knows what it’s like being labelled as the evil twin.


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Snow White AU! Part Four

The Puppet

After what seemed like hours of on and off running through the tunnel, saying you were drained would be an understatement. Your index and middle finger shifted up to rest on the side of your head where dull throbbing had set in a while ago, pressing against the supple skin as you silently pleaded for it to stop. You could really, honestly, genuinely do without the waves of pain shooting up through your feet and legs, or without the large surface scratches left on your shins from the undergrowth poking out of the tunnel walls. Physically you weren’t doing so great, but mentally you were even worse. Although unintentionally, you kept running the memory of Lydia’s death through your head on loop; your stomach turned from the repetitive horror of it.

An intense ire stirred deep in your chest as you rubbed the side of your head and a sharp grunt slipped from your lips. You didn’t know how, but Rika killed Lydia - the one person you could remember who had given you sympathy throughout the time you were locked away. Rika had taken another life. Who knew how many she had taken by this point? Your lips curved downward in a frown of rage, but despite that your eyes began to well up with tears for what was probably the fifth time. She was slaughtering your people; innocent people, innocent children. After all, Lydia had barely been fourteen years of age, the poor thing. Her mother was most likely being told of ‘an accident’ the girl had during work that had left her daughter maimed beyond recognizability. Alternatively, perhaps Rika would tell her that Lydia had rebelled and gotten killed by a nameless guard for her behavior. A furious scowl spread across your features. Exactly how much blood did Rika have on her hands?

Too much was the only answer that came to mind.

You only shook out of your thoughts as you noticed a ray of light brightening up the tunnel ahead. Before you even fully had a chance to process it, you were racing forward to stand underneath a gaping hole and stare up to try to figure out where you were. Your father had never told you much about the tunnel much less where it lead.

Crawling out of the hole was a bit of a struggle, but you managed after a few failed attempts. You collapsed onto the soft ground beside it, panting heavily from your trek. The grass was much more vibrant than you recalled, and you had certainly forgotten just how many individual leaves would sway on the trees as a breeze tumbled through them. The fresh, earthy smell was probably what you had missed the most about being outside; it was unspeakably better than the stuffy yet sharply cool air of the cell you had been held in.

Lydia has given this back to you; even if you died tomorrow, you would always owe her everything for that.


“Hello? Is anyone in there?”

The voice wasn’t familiar to you, but it was comfortingly light and cheerful as if speaking to a lifelong friend. You peeked open your eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the overhead light. Overhead light? It took you a few seconds to recall where you were and why, and a few more to comprehend that there was a silhouette standing over you. The sun created a halo-like effect around the figure’s head.

“Hey! You’re awake!” The person stood and you winced at the direct light on your face, but as your sight adjusted you could see the silhouette was a redhead with odd glasses and hunter’s gear. A wide grin sat on the stranger’s face as he rested his hands on his hips, “Ya know, the ground’s not the best place for a nap. Especially in these woods, haha!”

A groan slipped from your lips and you sat up a little too quickly. Your head spun as nausea flooded over you in an abrupt wave. That’s right, the last meal you had was about this time the day before. One of your hands quickly moved to rest over your stomach instinctively. The stranger’s eyebrows furrowed in concert and the edge of his mouth turned downwards in a frown.

Before the redhead could speak, a second much rougher voice piped in, “We don’t have time for this, Luciel. Leave them and let’s go, we’re on a mission.” Your eyes trailed over to see a tall, rather built brunette man glowering at you. He stood with one hand grasping the sheath on his hip and the other hovering over the sword hilt tensely.

“Calm down, Mary. The mission can wait a few minutes,” The redhead, presumably Luciel, crouched next to you, “You okay? You’re really pale.” You turned your gaze to meet the piercing amber eyes behind the odd glasses. It was odd to see such a striking color - they felt familiar, somehow. You didn’t know why, but a sense of sorrow struck your chest.

You managed to get out, “I’m fine, I’m fine… just really hungry. Now, where exactly are we?” The hunter raised an eyebrow at you, pushing his glasses up his nose. Mary, as Luciel called him, narrowed his eyes further. Why were they so on guard? After all, you were unarmed and dressed in sleepwear - ah. No wonder they found you odd.

Abruptly, Luciel lightly laughed, “Talk about waking up on the wrong side of bed, eh? We’re a little ways past the northern border of Araminta.” He glimpsed over to the gaping hole that dropped into the tunnel, then back to you. “Was there an attack or something? These tunnels haven’t been used since before the king died.” His hand shifted to a pack on his waist and he pulled out a small loaf of bread. He broke it in half, holding one piece out to you.

“No, no, nothing like that, I think…” You gratefully took the food and sank your teeth into it hungrily. Luciel sat cross-legged beside you as you scarfed it down, eyeing you with a look of conflicting amusement and worry. The bread was fresh. You honestly couldn’t remember the last time you hadn’t had to cut mold off of your bread. It wasn’t long before you tossed the last piece into your mouth and let out a soft breath of relief. At least now you knew you’d get through another day. Probably.

He took a leather flask from his pack and twisted off the lid, offering it to you as he asked, “Are you an escaped prisoner? Damn, kudos to you! I’ve heard Rika’s castle is impossible to escape.”

You opened your mouth to respond; however, your mouth went dry and you closed it again. Technically he was right, but putting it like that made it sound like you were a criminal. Wait, were you a criminal? You did escape directly against Rika’s orders…

“Uh… maybe?” The uncertain words felt heavy as they slipped off your tongue. You silently accepted the flash to down a couple gulps and hand it back. You hadn’t quite fully comprehended that you were wanted until that moment. How long had you been asleep? Surely guards weren’t far behind if Rika knew about the tunnels.

Luciel tilted his head with an exaggerated pout, “You can tell us. I don’t give a shit about royalty - except for Prince Jumin’s cat Elly. She is my bride-to-be!” He pulled an obviously fake ring out of one of the coin pouches on a strap over his chest and slipped it into his left hand, holding it out dramatically. “See? We’re engaged~” You couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at his joke. At least, you hoped he was joking. In these kingdoms, you never know for sure.

“Luciel, seriously. We need to go,” Mary reminded grimly, his lip curling up a little as he glanced around warily, “It’s not safe here.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Luciel dismissively waved off Mary over his shoulder, “Come with us, if you want to. It’s dangerous to be out here alone.” What choice did you have? You had no idea where you were, and going in the wrong direction meant certain death and letting Lydia’s sacrifice be in vain.

Mary gaped for a few seconds before butting in, “There’s no way they’re coming with us. Absolutely not.” The huntsman finally glanced over his shoulder, a smirk forming across his face.

They had a stare off for a few seconds before Luciel spoke, “Just until they find a safe place! We can’t just leave them here alone.” Mary stayed quiet, glaring daggers at Luciel until the silence was taken as a reluctant agreement and the friendlier of the two turned back to you. “So how ‘bout it?”

You nodded slowly, hesitantly, “Alright.” Luciel’s expression lit up and he practically jumped to his feet. He offered his hand to you to help him up, unintentionally showing off the callouses scattered across his palm. Your hand automatically moved up to accept his help and he pulled you to your feet.

“So, what’s your name? How’d you end up here?” Luciel put the ring away as he nodded to Mary and they both started walking.

You started to respond only to have someone new speak over you, “Shit! Why the hell are you here!?” The new person’s voice sounded completely eerie, as if three or four voices were speaking at once. It was practically impossible to tell which voice was actually his; it was haunting. You froze, a shudder curling up your spine before you finally glanced back.

A man wearing a mask that covered his nose and mouth stood next to the tunnel entrance, toying with a knife in his hands. His nose wrinkled in what seemed to be anger, fury even. You felt you were supposed to recognize him. He felt so familiar, yet so foreign. You couldn’t recall anyone you had previously met who had white hair with pink tips before, so it must just be deja vu.

“Ah! Another hunter, except you work for Rika. You must be the one I’ve heard about all these years, right?” Luciel lightly yet firmly questioned, half stepping in front of you. You couldn’t see him do so, but you could hear Mary draw his sword.

The masked man’s grip on his knife tightened and he dropped his other hand to his side. He stared at the blade for a minute, seeming to completely ignore Luciel. A bluish liquid suddenly seemed to lightly ooze out the sides of the knife and trickle down the blade.

“Even now all you do is ruin my life,” The stranger hissed.

You blinked in confusion, “Huh? What?”

The man scoffed and closed his eyes for a minute, “Not you, MC. Him.” He gestured to Luciel with the knife. The redheaded hunter froze for a few seconds as he tried to process. You didn’t even really have much time to question how this man knew your name.

“Wait, you know me?” Luciel mumbled questioningly, his tone dropping from somewhat casual to completely grim. A laugh rose from the stranger’s throat as he lifted his index to run along the edge of his cloth mask.

Mary gave a long, annoyed sigh and grumbled, “Luciel, what the fuck did you do this time? Who did you piss off?”

“You know exactly what you did. Is Luciel the name you go by now?” The man pulled down his mask to reveal the rest of his face, including the empty smirk on his lips.

You could see Luciel’s eyes widen a little as he started to put the pieces together, “Wait-”

“Took you long enough. Now, enough of you. MC,” The man looked up with hollow yet piercing mint eyes and spoke in a low growl, “I missed you.

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Hi! Can i request Saeyoung and MC spending first morning together~

For some reason, on this particular morning, you’d awoken far earlier than you usually do. Maybe it’s the sunlight streaming into the bedroom, maybe it’s the chill of the winter weather, or maybe it’s the strange addition to your routine–that being a boy with vermilion hair and light freckles scattered across his features. 

When you first opened your eyes, you couldn’t believe it. You thought that the previous night was a dream, something your brain had concocted to help you sleep happily. But from the clothes strewn across the room and the boy sleeping not a foot away, you knew your memories were real.

A smile spreads across your face, but then it fades. Your body freezes, refusing to move or risk a chance of waking your companion. You’ve never had someone else to wake up to. There’s never been anyone important enough to stay the night, let along greet in the morning. You’ve never had to do any of the things you do in the morning when you have someone sleeping next to you, someone you care about, someone you might even love.

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Mystic Messenger anon! Don’t worry, I’m 19. Sorry for not including that.

Alright alright! Thanks so much then!! 

Can I get a Mystic Messenger matchup? I have long ginger hair, brown eyes, and freckles. I’m 5’6. I have a tendency to be very quiet and sometimes I just drop off the face of the earth. Despite being a welcoming and kind person, it can be difficult to get to know me past that. I’m SUPER supportive of the people that know me though; I want nothing more than for them to be happy with their life. I like drawing, playing instruments, and hiking (or generally wandering around)…

I ship you wiiith…. 707!!

✝️ Ginger bros!! He’d always go on about how lovely your hair is, and how you were destined to be together since his hair is red!

✝️ Both of you are similar in being able to disappear for a bit- but that doesn’t mean 7 won’t worry and scold you when you come back! He at least wants a warning before hand!

✝️ 7 understands also how scary it is to let yourself feel vulnerable, so he’ll never push you! But he reminds you often that he’d never hurt you, and that he understands you need some time!

✝️ Your support means the world to him, and you’re his biggest hype man! But, he’s also your biggest hype man too! He’s constantly cheering you on with your goals and doing anything he can to help!

✝️ He’ll be amazed at your instrument playing, and often asks you to play something for him! And when you’re confident enough you could even play for the RFA’s party!

✝️ While he will go hiking with you, he’s gonna complain the entire time! This man is a hermit and not used to being outside or hiking for so long! He does take a lot of pretty pictures of the scenerie and you though~

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I thought of an interesting idea for a senario :0 what if MC, when told by the RFA that she should stay at the apartment, she suggests she can use it like an office instead? (and/or MC feeling uncomfortable living in their dead friend’s apartment. Depending on if you think they’d prefer her live in the apartment or not)

Hey, Nonnie! So sorry it took so long to get to your request. I have been soooo behind with my Askbox, so thank you for your patience! Hope you enjoy!!


Rika’s apartment didn’t bother you at first, but after spending nearly two weeks living there, dealing with a stalker, let alone a bomb, you’ve become more than uneasy in the space. There’s something about the air that sets the hairs at the back of your neck on edge and sends shivers down your spine. You knew you were just seeing things, but after dark, you felt like Rika’s spirit was watching you.

Shaking your head, you push those thoughts away and turn back to your laptop. You knew you’re just hearing things. It’s your imagination, but still. After everything that’s happened, you don’t feel like Rika’s apartment was the best place to live. You already had plans to make it into an office space and had already looked into another home nearby.

A clicking noise comes from the front door of the apartment. It doesn’t take you long to jump to the worst possible conclusion, that it’s either a ghost pranking you or someone trying to break in. 

“Not ghosts,” you mumble to yourself, getting up from your sofa to grab the nearest heavy object: the small yet heavy statue on the desk. 

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Hyuna Lee just started college, and while procrastinating decided to give a popular MMO called LOLOL a try. Here she will meet new friends, battle monsters, part takes in epic quests, and potentially find love!

Most of this will take place in LOLOL at the beginning.

This takes place a year/ year and a half after Seven’s good end, and the secret endings.

Yoosung x OC

**Update’s once a week**
Chapter word count: 4408

Smut in later chapters, of course

Shooting For Stars: Chapter 1

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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a juciel prank?

Nonny you speakin’ mah language

But its sunsnotup o'clock so have some hcs

- if you thought seven would settle down once he was with Jumin boy were you wrong

- the hacker’s always used pranks as distractions and for attention

- and Juju works too much

- starts small, escalates steadily

- gluing his laptop shut

- switching out Jumin’s black coffee mug at the office for one with thermal graphics that are Not Appropriate for Work why is the boardroom so distracted during his presentation?

- installing a whoopee cushion in the heir’s home office chair (yes its juvenile but he was being iggggnnnoooorrreeeddd)

- filling a winebottle with PHD Pepper, spending an hour figuring out how to properly cork it and then serving it with dinner it’s classy soda Ju

- switching out all Jumin’s suits for mint green ones backfired tho, cause he pulled it off????

- changes all the elevator music in the Penthouse building to rickroll the riders

- call forwarding every phone in C&R to pizza hut

- replacing all the appointments in Jumin’s schedule with links to youtube cat videos

- novelty ties for days!

- till he finally crosses the line…

- pushes a little too much

- dyes Elizabeth the Third blue…

- and then the pranks stop

- no one knows what happened

- but Jumin looks uncommonly smug

Poor seven

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HC request: RFA, including Saeran and their first sleepover with MC as a couple


  • Probably going to be at his house. 
  • You spend more time with Elizabeth than him. 
  • Well, he’s working most of the time of your time there, so you don’t have a choice. 
  • You tried to pull him away from work. 
  • “Come on, please? Why did you drag me over here for?" 
  • "To watch over Elizabeth since you’re the only one who doesn’t harass her," 
  • "Jumin, we both know that’s not true,”
  • He fails to focus on his work. 
  • You’re too cute. 
  • Screw you and your cuteness. 
  • Actually no, don’t do that. It’s too precious to be screwed around. 
  • The two of you end up taking a bath together, eat a homemade meal freshly made by you, and an excellent hour-long cuddle before falling sleep. 
  • Best sleep he has is always with you~


  • Bruh, this man is going to spam up pictures of you into his camera roll. 
  • It already has plenty of pictures of you, but it’s not enough for him. 
  • Loves seeing you in his shirts, please do it for him and his smiles. 
  • “You’re beautiful as you are, Y/n. Don’t fuss over something like your hair,”
  • “Are you sure? I don’t want to look bad," 
  • "Since when did you look bad?" 
  • He makes you take selfies with him. 
  • Ends up eating instant noodles with you and falling asleep on the couch, draped over you like a blanket.
  • Your personal and best blanket. 


  • Marshmallows. 
  • That’s it. 
  • Just marshmallows. 
  • He will completely forget about LOLOL. 
  • He will get proper sleep and food because you’re there. Bless you and your existence for keeping this kid alive. 
  • "Y/n, cuddle with me~." 
  • "Yoon-Sung, that tickles!" 
  • "Tehehe!" 
  • The fluffy couple, that’s what people call you. 


  • Would make you work out with him because he wants you to stay healthy. 
  • He doesn’t mind if you have little abs, he finds them cute.
  • He would post pictures of you online when you’re taking a break. 
  • Especially your side profile. 
  • "Y/n, look over here~." 
  • "No, Zen! I’m sweaty and disgusting," 
  • "I don’t care just give me a hug," 
  • Whiny baby always gets what he wants because he’s your worldwide handsome. 
  • There are selfies everywhere, mate. 


  • Cuddles for days. 
  • No joke, he will hold you down until the sun rises the next morning. 
  • "Seven, I need to pee," 
  • "No," 
  • "It’s a human function, let me stay healthy," 
  • "No," 
  • "Seven," 
  • "NO,”
  • Yeah. 
  • I’m sorry
  • He’s too funny for anything else. 
  • Give him hugs, please.


  • The angsty boy is like his brother.
  • Lots of hugs and kisses. 
  • He won’t want to let you go. 
  • He’s your koala. 
  • Be prepared for back hugs and butt groping.
  • “Stop touching my butt," 
  • "They’re so soft, though," 
  • "Saeran, please,”
  • “No," 
  • He’s like Seven. I’m telling you, mate!
  • Give him the kisses. He needs them. 
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