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“I think when you have someone you like, you have to be good to them when they are with you…if you make the decision to leave thinking it’s the best for the other person, you’ll just end up hurting both.”

- Mystic Messenger (Saeyoung/Lucile/707)

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Seven: searan! How about you try skateboarding ? It’s fun and it will go with your edgelord game going on !!

Searan: *glares* I try everything to be away from you

*5 minutes later*

Mc: oh searan, how was skateboarding?

Searan: shit, I didn’t know what to do, I put one foot on the skateboard and it started to move while my other leg was on the ground. Needless to say, I ripped myself a new fucking arsehole because of that

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Hi! Would you mind writing headcanons of the rfa finding out mc is a really famous DJ?

Thank you for the request! I don’t really know how a real DJ’s work looks like, so it may be a bit unrealistic, but I did my best…!

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  • He’d probably be told about it by someone from his own field, because he’d be out with you and they’d ask him about it later on, and he’d be so confused because he had no clue.
  • He’d instantly ask you about it just to confirm it, and he’d be just so curious about what you do, how you learned it, how you became famous, and what music you do. Even if it wasn’t his style to begin with, he’d totally fall for your music, because it’s yours. He wouldn’t just tell you he likes it to please you, he’d legit love it because he knows it’s you who made it!
  • He’d try to give you advises about being famous until he’d figure out you’re just as professional as he is and you don’t really need them at this point! He’d understand all your struggles so well though, and if anything, he’d always know how to help you, because these are things he goes through at times as well. The same goes for him though, he won’t be afraid to ask you for help if he feels too burdened with his own fame.

◄ 707 ►

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Author’s notes:

  1. This chapter came out quite long. But it’s mainly because of chatrooms.
  2. Be aware of: my strange sense of humor, angst, yandere-ish Jumin (I couldn’t resist).
  3. There will probably be another chapter. But we will see.
  4. I used these stickers to create gifs.  I know they are not perfect :(

Chapter I | Chapter II (You are here) | Chapter III |

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You did not expect that after what happened last night, things will become so awkward. After yesterday’s drinking, your head ached and you didn’t feel well. Fortunately, you worked mainly at home - as a blogger and marketer. So you could take a day off whenever you wanted. And today you needed it. But when you had nothing to do - and without taking care of guests, as the RFA has not planned yet another party - you quickly got bored. So you decided to enter the chat room.

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