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#anne marie

just finished “thieves of the wood” and let me tell you I fucking sobbed at the end

it’s partly a true story with Jan de Licht being a real person (he has a statue outside Antwerp justice palace) and it kind of follows his story. obviously, with the show being a drama it isn’t 100% accurate with other characters being mostly made up other than tincke and Anne-Marie but they’re not very accurate representations at all

but yeah, I loved the show and definitely recommend

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1. What is your favorite source of the X-Men (comics, show, movies, etc)?
2. Jean and Scott or Jean and Logan?
3. Logan Howlett or Victor Creed
4. Kitty and Bobby or Bobby and Rogue?
5. What is one character you could talk about for hours?
6. What is your favorite mutation?
7. What are your top five ships?
8. Do you have any OT+s? 
9. How do you rank the movies? 
10. Do you have any characters you really dislike? 
11. Do you prefer Famke Jean or Sophie Jean? 
12. What character do you wish had their own movie?
13. What is your favorite AU for the fandom
14. Do you enjoy interacting with the X-Men fandom?
15. Rant about a character, movie, or ship!
16. Tell us one of your headcanons!
17. Do you prefer the new (First Class, Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix) or old (X1, X2, Last Stand, Days of Future Past) timeline? 
18. Scott Summers or Alex Summers? 
19. Peter Maximoff or David Haller?
20. Erik Lehnsherr or Charles Xavier? 
21. Who is your favorite original recruit (Hank, Sean, Alex, Angel, Darwin)?
22. What is your favorite movie? 
23. What were your thoughts on Dark Phoenix? 
24. What were your thoughts on The Last Stand? 
25. What character would you like to see in the movies that didn’t appear?

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