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After We Collided | TEASER, GIFS.

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You’re mine, understand?

Characters- Hardin Scott x Reader.

A/N: This was requested by the lovely @ellagoals, please keep sending in requests everyone! They are open!! Don’t be shy, I don’t bite :)

  • Warning: This will include STRONG SMUT, language, praising kink, possibly Daddy kink, dom!Hardin x sub!Reader, at least 16+ please.

Description- Hardin has always been the jealous type. He hated seeing you with other guys, so when you have an English exam coming up Jace needs ‘support’ studying, and you are there to help. To say the least you have never seen Hardin get this way with anyone else except you.

Jace and I sit on the floor of his bedroom, books scattered absolutely everywhere on the carpeted floor as I try desperately to explain to him what the difference is between word choice and imagery. I myself know that Jace is not stupid, he is far from it but it seemed to me that he was trying to act like an idiot, though I’m not one to judge so I persevere on.

“Are you getting any of this? Or should I go over it one more time?” I ask as softly as I could without seeming irritated.

“One more time? Please?” He gives a quick smile and waits for me to go over it again. I’ve been at this for almost two hours.

As I’m reading over the tumblr worthy notes in the notepad, the words now memorised. I look up to see him just staring at me, like what I was saying was going in one ear and out the other. He was staring at my lips quite a bit which made me shift uncomfortably.

“So how are you and Hardin?” He blurts out randomly, right as I was explaining the thing he was apparently ‘stuck on’.

“Uh.. we’re great, actually.” I spare him a glance and turn my gaze back to my notepad, scrunching my eyebrows in confusion when I feel a vibration come from my back jean pocket. It was a text message from Hardin, this can’t be good.

Hardin: Where are you?

You: I’m with Jace, he needed help studying. Why?

“Y/n, everything okay?” I somehow had forgotten where I was and flinched when I heard Jace call my name.

“Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah. I’m alright.” I give a convincing smile and look back down at the bright screen which illuminated my face with a blinding shade of white. Hardin took a good couple of minutes to reply which gave me the impression that he was obviously pissed.

Hardin: I’ll be waiting for you outside your dorm in 5 minutes. Don’t be late.

I smile slightly at the reply, finally!! A chance to escape from this hell which has been brought down upon me.

“I’m so sorry, Jace. I need to go, we can pick this up again some other time, yeah?” I rush out, hoping that my apology seemed convincing enough for him to let me leave. I collect my books as quickly as I could, shoving them into my bag.

“Oh, uh yeah for sure, text me when we can next do this, you have my number and if not, Hardin sure does.” Of course he would want me to ask Hardin for his number, it’s like he lived to provoke Hardin into exploding.

I scurry out of the room and shuffle as quickly and collectively as I can. Something thrilled me about the thought of Hardin being somewhat angry about this.

I enter through the doors of my building and take a left to see Hardin leaning against my dorm door, his arms crossed against his chest as he stared me up and down. I take my lip between my teeth and suck on it gently.. he notices but chooses to ignore it.

“Are you fucking him?” He growls out, his eyes darkening as the words emitted past his lips. The smile faded from my face and I immediately shake my head.

“What? No! Of course I’m not fucking him!” I unlock the door to my dorm and step inside, Hardin following and slamming the door behind him.

“If you’re not fucking him then why haven’t you realised that he’s just taking advantage of the fact that he has you there alone with him? That he can feed your head with lies about me and others.. that’s the kind of person Jace is for fuck sake, Y/n!” He inhales deeply as he calms down, his nostrils flaring “I know you’ve got a brain up there. Start using it”.

I stand there speechless, my mouth pressed in a pout. I give a soft sigh and nod my head softly, looking at him through my eyelashes.

“You’re right. The whole time I was so uncomfortable.. I just wanted you” I admit quietly which makes Hardins lips twitch up at the sides for a spilt second. He takes a step towards me, his fingers gently hooking around my chin as he tilts my head up to meet his.

“Next time you feel that way, just leave. Okay?” It sounds like advice but also like he is somewhat warning me.

He gives my cheek a stroke and I relax into his touch, my eyes falling shut.

“Now be a good girl for me and come give me a kiss.” He speaks lowly. I look to him, his words making my core ache and my cheeks flush a pretty pink.

I slowly snake my hands up abdomen and let them rest on his chest as I softly grab his black shirt and pull him in for a kiss. He takes a firm grip on my waist and drags me roughly against his body, a muffled moan escapes my mouth as he does.

He pulls back from the kiss and throws me over his shoulder, giving my ass a firm squeeze as he walks towards the bed and lays me gently down on it.

He crawls over me, taking my wrists into his hands and pulling them up above my head as his tongue dives into my mouth. My hips buck up from the bed slightly as I become more and more impatient to feel something, anything.. as long as it’s him.

He pulls away from the kiss and grabs my chin tightly “Open your eyes, I want you to watch me ruin you” his eyes are basically black with lust now.

Hardin kneels down and unbuckles my jeans and helps me get out of them. He peels down my black thong slowly all while maintaining eye contact. He notices that my thong is damp which makes him smirk. “All for me?” I nod at his question. He then carefully pulls my shirt over my head and slides the straps of my bra down my arms and unclasps it leaving me totally bare and basically dripping wet.

“You’re such a pretty baby..” He groans softly and unbuckles his belt, his jeans fall to the floor and he peels of his shirt leaving him in only his boxers.

“Would you like me to taste you?” He asks, his eyes narrowing as he examines me, I begin to feel intimidated under his gaze.

I nod shyly.

“Words baby.” He says as he lets his finger tips trail over my bare stomach, leaving goosebumps coating my skin.

“Yes.” I say, my thighs pushing together slightly.

“Yes what baby girl? Say it.”

“Yes.. I want you to taste me, Hardin. Please…” I look up at him with pleading eyes and he coos at me.

“Fuck.. look at you using your manners, Angel. Such a sweet little thing.” He takes a hold of my thighs and spreads them apart, exposing my dripping centre to him, which boosts his ego as he knows that it was him that caused it.

He kissed down my neck and trails his kisses down to my thighs which he holds open. He leaves sweet kisses across my entrance before he teases my wet core with his tongue, trailing it along my slit making me let out a needy whimper. He flicks his tongue a few more times before he circles my clit. Hardin enters a finger inside of me, testing me as he moves it slowly. He slowly but surely picks up his speed and I grab onto the sheets as I let out a breathy moan.

“You like that, Princess? Being so good for Daddy.” He licks his lips before he begins to devour me again. The nickname he gave himself making me squirm with need, which made him move his hands from my thighs to my hips as he pinned them in place.

“You know I can’t give you what you need when you’re wriggling around like that, sweetheart.. now stay still, yeah?” He asks to which I slowly nod.

He teases me relentlessly for 20 minutes until I give in and begin to beg for him.

“Hardin.. please, please just fuck me. I’ll be good I promise” I sit up slightly and look at him, biting my lip “I won’t ever do anything like that again. Please” I continue to whine and he stands there smirking, his large hands gripping my hips and dragging me back down onto the bed and towards him.

“You want this?” He perks a brow as he pumps his shaft beneath the fabric of his boxers.

“Yes, I do.. I do.”

Without hesitation he pulls down his boxers and positions his cock with my core, teasingly pushing the tip in and taking it back out again.

“Hardin, plea-“ I don’t get a chance to finish my sentence as he pushes the whole of his length inside of me, my back arching of the bed. He seemed to enjoy the sinful little sounds coming from me as he rocked himself back and forth. His hips crashing into me every time.

“You’re mine, understand?” His fingers curl around my throat and squeeze gently, making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“I-I understand.. I’m y-yours.” I stutter out during moans.

“Good. That’s what I like to hear” he huskily whispers to me as he nibbles on my ear lobe. His cock continuing to pound me into the mattress steadily, making sure that the bed didn’t rattle against the wall too much. We went at it all night like horny rabbits and I was certain that he knew that he got his point across.

Let’s just say Jace didn’t hear from me for a while..

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