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Young owl with a stick 😍😯

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A Lovely postcard came in the mail from a lovely friend. To say it filled my heart is an understatement. @thewholeuniverseisinus you are such a wonderful friend. I appreciate you so much. I cannot even express how I feel because I’m overwhelmed.


I’m an owler 🦉❤

The front part that’s orange is very soft and almost velvet feeling.

I don’t think I’ve ever been complimented so beautifully and uniquely. Your words are like art ❤

Thank you from this tear stained face 💜

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BTS as Duolingo Owls
Seokjin: Get in here so you could (possibly) see my oh so beautiful face
Yoongi: 이것을 이해하지 못하면 앱에서 엉덩이를 얻으십시오.
Hoseok: good MOOORRRRNINGGGG! Time to learn some KOREANNNNN!!!
Namjoon: Morning, my one student. Time to finish your beginner's course that you haven't started at all :)
Jimin: we shall practice in *soft* today
Tae: so this is Gucci in Korean: 구찌, and I have a lot of it.
Jungkook: I luv banana milk, and you can buy it for me when we're done here!
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