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Main focus for the next 21 days = Low-Carb Diet! 

Healthy elf: 💙

~ set a daily reminder to stay focused on Low-Carb

~ make plans and go shopping according to them 

~ buy yourself something for café (snacks) so you don’t binge on dark side food

~ gym exercise (try for 3 times a week, but don’t stress yourself!) *

~ shower if you feel like it *

~ do sheet masks if you feel like it

~  try to eat less - again don’t stress yourself! *

~  go vegan if possible, it’s not a must tho ;)) *

Rich elf: 💛

~ pay back debts at the beginning of new months

~ if possible save up for Suju

       ~ schedule budget planning stuff *

~ don’t spend money on fun-stuff (no clothes, no bureau, no deko)

Friendly, earthly and cultural elf: 💚

~ communicate that you’re not available until March 2020

~ visit wives when I get to my parents

~ try to answer asap, but don’t stress yourself

~don’t stress yourself to find ELF-friends to spam

~overshare on Tumblr to try to limit your irl ppl

Career elf: 🧡

~ use kanban board daily

~ plan out your working hours (30min per class per day)

~ find BA writing routine

~ check E-Mails daily

~ don’t be average

      ~ start learning Japanese again

Family & s/o elf: 💜

 ~ don’t stress yourself to find somebody to love

~ keep in touch with family

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#NailSalon by @derekliontis … #Gorgeous #Acrylic #nails by the #NailArtist #DerekLiontis ! #September #inspired #NailArt with #Shimmer and #Shine #Pearl #Peach #Gel #Color & #Real #Metallic #Gold #Hand #Painting . #FashionNails with #NoFilters ! #Autumn #Nail #Art #Nails #instavideo #instanail #instafashion !

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