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RIP Vicki Hoskinson;

september 17, 1984 in flowing wells, arizona, united states. eight year old vicki had earned the right to bike by herself to mail a card. when she hadn’t returned in twenty minutes, her mother and sister went out to look for her. vicki was reported missing after the pair discovered her abandoned bike near their neighbourhood elementary school. there was paint chipped off of the bike as well as paint chips transferred from something that must have hit it. there were several reports of a suspicious man driving around the area making obscene gestures at the schoolchildren, and one activities coach reported the license plate. when this man, sex offender frank atwood sr, was questioned, authorities noticed that flecks of paint matching vicki’s bike were on the front of the car, and its detailing had recently been chipped. frank revealed that he had been buying drugs in vicki’s neighbourhood at the time of her disappearance - and a friend of his noted that when he met with frank later that day, his clothes were bloodied. vicki’s partial remains were located in the arizona desert in april 1985, though it was too late to determine a cause of death. frank was charged with her murder and remains on death row.

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Find Abby Roberts and Phillip Johnson Jr;

september 29, 2012 in las vegas, nevada, united states. twenty five year old abby and twenty seven year old phillip had been going through relationship troubles prompted by abby’s suspicions of phillip’s potential infidelity. abby was last seen leaving in her car with phillip and their son on september 29. phillip was last seen on october 3, dropping their son off with his mother in torrance, california. while phillip was driving abby’s car, abby was not inside it. the car would later be found abandoned in compton, california. authorities were able to determine that a large metal trash can was missing from the couple’s garage. a fire had been recently set inside of it. it is unclear if abby and phillip did this intentionally before their disappearance. abby and phillip remain missing.

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