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Say a company is making a car.

The worth of one sheet of metal is £5. The workers who mould and shape the metal are paid those £5 that the sheet of metal is worth, although the worth of it has gone up to £10 because of the work that’s gone into it. Other workers rivet the pieces together, to form the frame of the car. The rivets used by each person also cost around £5, so that’s the amount they’re paid. But because of the work gone into the frame of the car, it’s now gone up to £100.

This goes on for all of the people who work on different aspects of the car: the painters, mechanics, furnishers, whoever. Say they all get paid £5, the worth of whatever they’re working with. Meanwhile the price of the car has gone up to £3000.

The worth of the car is far more than the sum of the worth of the things being used to make it, and the workers are only being paid a fraction. The employer, businessman, seller, whoever, has a car that is now worth £3000 pounds, though. They can sell it for those £3000 plus profit, and therefore make much more money than the people who were working on the car, and the worth of their work is going to whoever owns the company.

That’s capitalism.

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In honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Let’s remember Dr. King was a socialist aiming to unify the country and the world across race, gender, class, religion, national origin, and disability status.

Anti-war. Housing for all. Non-violent activism. Native rights. Public transportation. Expanding education access. Working class solidarity. Civil rights. Racial justice. The legacy of Dr. King.

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Every year for my birthday i go to the womens march as a little treat (taking off work is expensive) and this year it was actually ON my birthday (1/19). Got lucky because for some reason dallas does it a day after everyone else. Got to see Kim Olson and got some awesome free merch from sweeties at the socialist table!

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I am a strong believer of letting people choose where to put their money. Statesocialism did nothing good about telling you what to buy, what to eat, what to read - and punishing you if you broke the rules.

I am also a strong believer that ridiculously expensive things are a crime against humanity and peace and are just deepening the inequality among people. Statesocialism at least tried to help with that.

But I also really like pretty castles and think that they are great, and are a part of our culture.

Even though I think they are a symbol of oppression.

How do I make sense of my eastern european existence?

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