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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Deceit: *runs into the kitchen when he hears a crash and the cupboards are off the walls, plates, bowls and glasses are broken, the pots and pans are all over the floor etc etc*


Remus: *sat alone in the middle of the mess eating deodorant* BEKFAST

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Cursed idea with my sis

Credit to @invisible-bunny

Remus doesn’t have a face. It’s all makeup. Virgil doesn’t have eyebrows, they were shaved off by Remus while one of Deceit’s was burned by Remus.

The chaos side is the reason the dark sides wear so much make up.

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When a small fire starts in the mindscape, Logan does his best to find who did it.

TW: Fire

Word count: 405 words
Based on the prompt “The fire didn’t start itself! Which one of you did it?”

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Ship: romantic dukexiety

Tw: talk of a cut off head, blood mention, trying to change for someone else, kissing, romance (I think that’s it)

General tag list: @idosanderssidespromptssometimes @eatingashovel


Virgil was resting in his room, laying on his bed as he played on his phone with a small smile. He wondered what his boyfriend was doing.

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