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#Anti good omens

Every blog that puts Good Omens on my dash during Pride Month owes me five bucks for buying into a show that is too cowardly to own up to the fact that they intentionally portrayed the characters as queer without making it explicit in the text thus continuing the trend of gaslighting queer viewers who see what is obviously there but is stopped *just short enough* as to not offend the homophobes

Queer subtext in Western media was necessary in the past, when creators could lose their careers and lives. Now it’s just an excuse for creators who don’t want to risk losing money.

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ANYWAYS if you’re one of the thousands of people who got burned alive by Supernatural’s finale, I highly recommend checking out Hannibal and The Untamed on Netflix and Good Omens through pirating Amazon Prime, so you can actually enjoy a queer love story with a satisfying and appropriate ending for the characters you’ve grown to love (or in Hannibal’s case be fearfully arosued by).

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