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#Hoshiko Mizushima
skelimagines · a year ago
Do you guys have your own MHA OCs/Sonas? Just curious. (I just got to season 4, so hypehypehype.)
*Vibrates* I have so many OCs, one of which is a self-indulgent semi-self-insert OC. They are{Name: Quirk. Ask on main { @the-lightest-shadow} or @shadows-oc-showcase for more}:
Haruto Ueda: Cloud Manipulation
Kaori Yamasaki: Spider
Kumiko Hisakawa: Flash Freeze
Mao Maki: Blossom
Sherley Zima: Temperature Change
Takashi Shimizu: Flow
Yuuma Aizawa: Vocal Wipe
Kageko Yukimura: Liqui-manipulation {Semi-self-insert}
Nameless Villain: Free-Will Puppet
Yuu Ikeda: Regeneration
Ayame Togata: No Clip
Tomomi Amajiki: Manifest 2.0
Hoshiko Kaminari: Elecwire
Rai Kaminari: Electrification
Hinata Kaminari: Quirkless
Yuki Tetsutetsu: Metal Strengthening
David Jerome: Quirkless
Kohaku Mizushima: Iron Shield
Yuuki Hayashi: Snow Breath
Ryou: Resurrection
Yeah. The last 4 were made for my AU Reborn, which can be read here. ~Mod Feral
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the-lightest-shadow · a year ago
Tell me about your ocs!
I got two people actually say they want it and a few more liking the post so here we go, in no particular order:
Takashi Shimizu
His quirk allows him to change the pressure of water, allowing flow to increase or decrease in speed. Can be deadly if worked on.
Hero outfit is currently just a wet suit and cap. It has a logo that says “logo” in kanji.
Made for an attempt at a collab classroom
Has artwork made
Ayame Togata
Made as one of the two Big Three twins I made
Has an upgraded version of her father’s quirk that allows her clothes to stay on and even clip through dust particles, making her appear to float in the air.
Actually a villain
Is a villain because she, quote “wants people to fear her instead of respect her”
Has artwork made
Tomomi Amajiki
Other twin
Also has an upgraded version of his father’s quirk. It can last longer and have more unique effects when he eats meals or combined foods.
A currently unknown to him combination allows him to see the future.
Is currently hiding the fact of being able to see the future because he doesn’t know what causes it.
Haruto Ueda
Quirk allows him to manipulate clouds, including if they have lightning in them or not.
Hair is cloudlike, but not in the same way as our canon cloud boi who I’m forgetting the name of.
For the collab classroom
Has artwork made
Kaori Yamasaki
Quirk is spider. She’s spider-like and can do things spiders can do. {climb up walls, produce silk from her mouth, venomous bite etc.}
For the collab classroom
Has artwork made
Mao Maki
Quirk allows her to grow flowers on any living or once-living surface. If it’s an animal, it’s one that works with their personality or species. If it’s a plant, it’s the type they normally grow. They sting badly and fall off after a few minutes.
Very serious about becoming a hero.
For the collab classroom
Has artwork made
Sherley Zima
One of my examples of “this started out as a planned self-insert but now she’s her own thing” OCs
Quirk allows her to manipulate the temperature around her. The closer to the center of her radius {her} you get, the stronger it’s effects. Unless you’re on top of her. Then there’s no effect at all.
She’ll pass out if she uses it for long. The effect will slowly dissipate in those instances.
Exchange student.
Is now part of the collab classroom
Has artwork made
Kumiko Hisakawa
Don’t remember her quirk
Was made for the collab classroom
I really should try and remember her quirk
Has artwork made
Yuuma Aizawa
EraserMic child
Quirk allows him to erase the quirk of others with vocal commands. Vocal commands are also needed to deactivate it. Can only erase one quirk at a time.
The vocal commands are along the lines of “stop”, “cancel”, and their reverses.
Mostly reclusive personality.
Didn’t discover his quirk until he was about 13.
Might change him to nonbinary but still using he/him pronouns
Kageko Yukimura
Self-insert villain made to ship with Dabi because shut up
Quirk manipulates liquids at the molecular level, allowing her to boil or freeze any liquid {that can boil/freeze} as long as she has physical contact on it.
Ultimately her goal is to kill 99% of all people who kill innocent people and any “heroes” that don’t kill killers or at least advocate for “this person should be killed ngl”
Villain that I haven’t given a name to yet
Has a horrifying quirk that’s a type of brainwashing that makes the affected person believe they were acting of their own free-will as they’re under it.
Activates with wrong answers to questions.
Yuu Ikeda
Any pronouns but he/him are allowed.
Quirk allows them to quick heal and regenerate any lost body part, from skin to full limbs to even organs.
When regenerating, their frame can change, along with other things. The only thing they can’t change is their eye and hair colors.
Ran away from home because their parents weren’t accepting
Is a black market villain at the age of 11.
Keeps selling their own organs to stay alive
Is actually very kind and probably would’ve tried to be a hero if they had an accepting household.
Is one of my favorites
Hoshiko Kaminari
One of three Denki Kaminari x Ibara Shiozaki kids I made because It’s my rare pair and I choose if they have kids!
Her quirk is that she has electric fence wiring as hair. As a result, she needs an insanely high amount of iron in her diet.
Side effect to her quirk is that she’s immune to all electricity-based attacks.
Doesn’t know how to swim, and even if she did her hair would weigh her down.
Hair needs to be cut with wire cutters or similar, as it doesn’t stop growing unless she stops getting her needed iron.
Hair-wires stay live for about 10 seconds after being cut
Another one of my faves
Rai Kaminari
Middle child, younger brother of Hoshiko.
Has the same quirk as his father, but can withstand higher amounts of voltage before frying.
Hinata Kaminari
Youngest of the family, Hoshiko’s younger sibling.
Yuki Tetsutetsu
Name is not written as “雪” {snow}, but as “勇気” {courage}
Don’t have another parent, probably just someone I’ll make later {unless someone else wants to}
Quirk allows her to make any metal she holds stronger and can be unbreakable with focus. It can still get knocked out of her hands, though.
If I have to explain who her dad is....
David Jerome
Made for my AU story “Reborn”
One of the reborn individuals {you’ll understand what that means soon}
Was an American tourist at death. As a result, is Japanese isn’t perfect
Died in a car crash, along with his mother and father. Only his younger sister survived on their end.
Kind but quiet. Very supportive
Default emotions are fear and regret
Yuuki Hayashi
Made for my AU story “Reborn”
One of the reborn individuals
Don’t remember the quirk I had given her, but it wasn’t an impressive or powerful one.
Died from anaphylactic shock
Default emotion is disappointment in self
Kohaku Mizushima
Made for my AU story “Reborn”
One of the reborn individuals.
Quirk allowed them to make a ball around them as a defense. It was hard to break and could hold in whatever was already around him as well. Couldn’t be seen through and wasn’t recommended for long use.
Died from... drowning... that may have been self caused...
Harsh, but very much protective
Default emotions are sadness and anger
Made for my AU story “Reborn”
Quirk allows him to resurrect anyone who has died within the last 24 hours. Upon resurrection, the revived {which he calls “reborn”} will have different colored sclera than before that relate to how they died in one way or another. They cannot die from the same thing again, and he cannot revive someone more than once.
Has a friend that works for the hospital, allowing him to revive random people easier than otherwise
Tries to keep is quirk hidden from the public because can you imagine what would happen if word came out about a quirk like that?
Whenever he picks a child, which is actually rare, he’ll take care of them. The previous three are under his care.
Is rich
Chaotic Neutral
And I believe that’s all of them besides Ryou’s friend, but he’s literally only named and given his job.
Any more questions? Maybe about individual ones? Send em here or here!
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blo0pkin · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
My OC, Hoshiko Mizushima!
I was also messing around with the new features in Procreat for this price so I apologize if it’s a little.... hard to look at.
Enjoy! :D
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