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Art for @rotg-halloween

I’ll have to put the topics out of order… a mess…

It seemed to me that Mother Nature suited this theme best. I often imagine her reading a book and peacefully walking around her huge garden or magical forest.

(And also tests the resilience of strangers who dare to come to her without an invitation. But that’s a different story…)

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So, guys, hear me out; I’m loosing motivation and currently in a very bad artist block :’)

So if I don’t post for a while…that’s the reason lol. Sorry in advance, I’m trying to think of things to draw but uh. Brain no work. School is obsorbing whatever brain power I have per day ngl.

Requests would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :D

(For anyone who feels like making a request, my fandoms are: Sanders Sides, Voltron, Rise Of The Guardians, Good Omens, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Attack On Titan, Yuri!!! On Ice, and uh I think that’s all 🤔)

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Jamie: Mom, I think there’s a ghost in my room!
Jamie’s Mom: Sweetie, there’s nothing in your room.
Jack Frost/Pitch: SO I’M NOT IN THERE???
Jamie’s Mom: OH MY GOD
Jack Frost/Pitch: OH MY G-

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