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Without going into too much of a tl;dr length, Chris himself does want friends and family, but he feel like he doesn’t deserve either because he believes he’s not a good person or that he’s just incapable of being one even if he tried really hard to. Unlike Sonic who was forced into hiding until he met Tom, Chris’ loneliness is self-inflicted from self-destructive tendencies caused by a rock bottom self-esteem. He may not have to hide from everyone like Sonic did, but Chris genuinely believes he doesn’t deserve what Sonic also always wanted because in his mind who would ever want him unless an ulterior was at play.

That’s why when Tom and Maddie started including him in all of their family activities and getting all buddy-buddy with him, he knew Tom especially was suspicious of him, and it was just their way of keeping an eye on him like a hawk. It was just a matter of grinning and playing along as long enough Chris needed to.

Of course, Chris was surprised to learn that Sonic had not only become jealous of him but even feared Tom and Maddie may eventually replace him because he was a “normal” kid.

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I definitely already know about that.

You know I remember hearing how Eggman’s late Japanese voice actor, Chikao Otsuka, would want to see season three aired on Japanese TV some day. Nice to see it finally happened, but it was unfortunately after he had passed away.

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“Look, Geoffrey St. Stinkbutt, I don’t remember puttin’ you in charge, but even if I had?  I’d say that’s a pretty bad idea.”

“Oh jeez, I think I sprained my tail on that last move…LOOK OUT BELOW EVERYONE!!!”

“It seems…I’ve been found out sooner than I expected.  My apologies, everyone…it’s been an honor working with you all….”

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Barker had Chris start out by basically dancing during the opening of the show, and appear in an act with an elephant performer named Vera. He pretty much told Chris to just look pretty and smile. It ends upsetting Chris. Not because he wanted to be in the limelight, but the way Barker worded made it sound like he was viewed as nothing more than a novelty to be gawked at. Basically, he felt objectified.

Barker eventually better explained to Chris why he gave him what he did to start out with, and how it had nothing to do with him being a human.

As soon as training and rehearsals began Chris literally felt why Barker had him start out with just dancing. With having less time to get up to speed with the choreography compared to all of the others, Chris was feeling sore at the end of day to put it in the simplest way possible.

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