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mardereads19 · a month ago
Thank You! 🌸🦇
I know Elriel Month was officially over yesterday, but since I did a belated post, I hadn’t considered it official until now...
Thanks to @elrielmonth for hosting this amazing month! More than simply allowing us to have fun with our favorite characters, it was great practice for writers like me. It also helped me get out there with my writing (something I hadn’t done since my Wattpad days, almost a decade ago).
Thanks to @themissyvonne who heard my breakdowns when I was confused on what to write on certain days, read my posts everyday, and who kept me motivated! ♥️ (Also, thank you for your amazing oneshots, writer bestie! 😭🌸)
And thank you to all the lovely Elriels who kept on reading my posts! Special shout out to the Rosehall 🌹 Discord fam and to the Tumblr Elriels who commented on and reblogged my posts (y’all know who you are 😭)! Your words really fueled my writing and inspired me beyond comprehension. A simple comment really gets to creators and artists, and I thank you for them. 🥺
I will be posting a Masterlist soon with all my Elriel Month oneshots in chronological order. This way if you’re ever interested in rereading them, you can see how they connect on a bigger storyline! ✨
Also, if you see me reblogging and liking old Elriel Month posts, it’s because I was busy and couldn’t keep up with all the goodness in the tag! ♥️
Thank you again, Elriels! 🌸
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