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#1989 era
Adam from Q99.7 Atlanta interviews Holly Turner (@idsb) and tells her about his experience of working with Taylor (Q99.7 Atlanta IG Live, March 26th 2020)
I wanna tell you the story about Taylor Swift and me, cause I think you’ll appreciate this. I mean I’ve talked to her over the years so many times, but the one time that sticks out is - it was American Music Awards, I think it was the 2015 one [it was actually 2014 AMAs]. We did an interview in her dressing room during the award show, and her mom was in there and her manager. And she’s like, ‘Dude, hang right here, I gotta go see…’ and that was when Selena Gomez was about to perform and Selena was going through the break up, and Taylor’s like, 'I gotta go out there, I’ll be right back.’ So she went out there, she saw her perform, she was crying and she just like came back and finished the interview, which I though was really cool. You know what it tells me though, and it goes back to your story and all the people that she’s donated to and helped out, is that she is very aware of what’s going on, down to the littlest things. She really, to me, is aware of not only her fan base, but just the world, of what’s going on and how you are dealing with what everybody else is dealing with right now.
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I said earlier this year that I’d loved Tay for 13 years, and she saved me from so much as a kid from a shitty background, but none more so now than an adult who is facing the possible loss of her mother due to breast cancer.

The world can be fucking hard. And fucking cruel. Thank God for @taylorswift and music because this is my apocolypse and I honestly don’t know how the actual fuck I’d get out of bed and get to work if I didn’t have music that felt my pain and relieved it.

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Looking for new music to keep you occupied during social distancing? I recently released a new album!!! The album is definitely an entity as a whole, so like the intro and the interlude make sense pretty much only in the context of the album.

Top 3 bops: spectacle, going out, I’ll be there

Top 3 songs to cry to: tired, no more tears, in the garden

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