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#anxiety tings

how am i worse at interacting with people online than irl

like i’m a total, utter, complete mess irl, so i really didn’t think i could get any worse

i either don’t talk to people on here because i’m too scared everyone will hate me OR i’m incredibly awkward when i talk to my mutuals/anybody on here….yikes

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just waiting for one of my buckys to message🥺🥺 cause im an anxiety ridden bitch with very little self esteem and im scared that ill be bugging them🥺

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am i the only person who types most replies in notes and copies and paste them to person i’m texting because i’m very anxious at replying (especially if it’s out of the ordinary conversation) and i have to get the message perfectly articulated whether its a short or long.

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Literally all I want to do is sleep, the one thing I can’t do rn.

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does anyone have any tips on how to NOT be stressed all the time? thanks 😻

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do you ever get worried that when you talk on a different accent that the ghost in your house might recognize it as someone they used to know and then find out it’s not who they thought it was so they get mad and will curse you,,, cuz me neither

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am i really about to have a panic attack over the thought of having another crush because im That afraid of having my heart broken and being fucked over?? yes. yes i am.

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When I was younger, I asked whatever deity was listening for big boobs and a great personality.

I must’ve gotten patched in to loki because all I have is a big forehead and an even bigger attitude.

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Do you ever see someone you went to school with in public, they start talking to you and you just have to go along with it like “yeah I remember you didn’t really bully me, but you hung out with the kids who did and I’m experiencing extreme anxiety right now and I might start crying right here in the store but yeah hi lmao”

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chest pains at 12:30am! we love a fun time!!

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I just be chilling and then my heart goes


against my chest and now I think I’m finna collapse

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Heyo, I know that I’ve got exactly one follower, and it’s a bot who likes cheese but I managed to make myself an appointment to get my hair dyed today. In person. And that might not seem like a very big deal, but I once cried ordering pasta so we’re getting better at this life thing.

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i can’t watch singing shows because they make me doubt my supposed “talent” and instead of motivating me they make me wanna quit.

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me: in las paplapas drive thru

my brain: they’re playing mexican music

me: wow, mexican music at a mexican restaurant

me: looks out at restaurant patio tv

tv: eat at chipotle

me: interesting

me: tries to bite chick-fil-a chicken strip

chicken strip: squirt you in face with scolding chicken juice. take that bitch

me: i-

my mom: you have a stress tea packet sticking out of you’re bag. are you stressed

me: … yeah

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