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Malditas inseguridades y negatividad que arruinan todos mis planes y me quitan las ganas de hacer las cosas

XO- Jen✨

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for awhile i haven’t been able to be bare.

“are you going to get a boob job?” they asked.

my jaw hit the floor, at such a young age.

i thought everyone was going to stare.

“eat a burger,you’re too skinny.”

more cuts into my heart.

you cant see them, but they are surely there.

that’s how all those insecurities began to start.

getting undressed in the bathroom with just me,

myself, and i.

i still couldn’t look.

feeling vulnerable i started to tear my flaws apart.

not being happy in my own skin.

it felt like confidence was a sin.

but not anymore.

naked i see my clothes hit the floor,

all of those flaws i still see


but the insecurities are there no more.

“i love myself.” i say.

a love that is so strong that

i don’t care what they think.

my confidence is not a flaw

but a bouy so i do not sink.

with every day i look back

i want to hug that broken girl.

she will soon learn,

that she loves herself.

and figure out all along she was actually a pearl.

- Kathryn Sommer

idk just my past thoughts and current thoughts about myself. i feel like maybe i didn’t write this poem the best but i came up with it on the spot so enjoy. <3

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When you hate your main YT channel so much due to your style of drawing so you make another YT channel that no one knows and just post anything there


Originally posted by lake-cervidae

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WSuspicious - A Tool To Abuse Insecure WSUS Connections For Privilege Escalations

WSuspicious – A Tool To Abuse Insecure WSUS Connections For Privilege Escalations

This is a proof of concept program to escalate privileges on a Windows host by abusing WSUS. Details in this blog post: It was inspired from the WSuspect proxy project:

Privilege escalation module written by Maxime…


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Today my body was just tired.

Tired of working out.

Tired of getting up ever morning.

Tired of not having enough sleep.

Tired of studying for my test next week.

What would happen if I would make a break? If I would give my body a break from working out? If I would focus on my test and on having enough sleep?

I don’t know. But I am afraid. There is that part of me that needs control and structure.

So maybe next time I’ll have a break.

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i saw someone on tik tok say they act like a ten even though they know they’re a 5. bitch that spoke to me bc i wanna be a 10 and i know i’m a 10 at heart (bc my personality is fire) but i’m an insecure little toad

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My inspiration today: my insercuities

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with the path I’m destined to go down why didn’t the universe make me cute nd hot? like my appearance is only gonna take me two steps back but my brain is going to be light years ahead (like it already is) kmft !! (c" ತ,_ತ)

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And you’re probably with that spoiled girl, who always made me doubt, she’s so much younger than me, she’s everything I’m insecure about.

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Insecure (2x06)

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