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anakitty99 · a day ago
Ana's Quotes
“just remember in 20 seconds the food will be gone,the taste will be over,and all that will be left is regret. just like last time.”
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lyingdamsel · 2 days ago
manifesting dropping 20 pounds and having a flat stomach for my bts concert in two days
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kallilone · 4 hours ago
hii i wud just like to share some tips that help me to avoid binging and ruining my progress:
1). eat the food you crave as a meal. this really works for me!! i have been eating snacks i crave as a meal now and it helps me to avoid binging on them because i will get the mindset of “i literally just ate that as lunch/breakfast/dinner” or “i don’t need to eat this snack rn because i can eat it as a meal later or tmr”. make sure you still fit the snacks inside your cal intake tho!
2). keep a small journal besides u to track your cals. this helped me more than tracking on a phone and i’m not sure why lol. i guess i just feel like everytime i eat something and i have to take a pen and write it down is annoying. it helps me just not eat smthn. also, in my spare time i like to doodle some inspo on my journal and it helps motivate me!
3). reward yourself w a gift. not a food tho! i would usually get myself a new hoodie or a new pair of jeans once i get thru 2 weeks of hard work w/o binging. i like awarding myself with clothing cuz it shows that the hard work i made is worth it (i can wear a smaller size etc). what’s on my checklist is basically just jump roping, stretching, and making sure my cal intake is below my limit.
4). get addicted to an action game lol. for me it’s genshin impact, and i realized that i thought about food a lot less after getting addicted to that game. especially because genshin requires a lot of fighting in the game and it keeps my hands busy instead of grabbing for food,,
5). get the same kind of clothes someone wore in your favorite inspo pic! then wear it and compare yourself to the picture. i did this a lot, and i would hate my self more everytime i did it, but it would help me avoid binging. a tip i found to not feel devastated is by telling yourself that one day you can and will look like that! it just requires time, patience, and a lot of hard work.
that’s all for now!! i hope these tips helped u and have a nice day! <333
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skinnygirltmbrl · 19 hours ago
December will be my month.☃️🎄
- I'll fast for at least +16 hours everyday. ⏳
- go on a walk everyday 🚶🏾‍♀️
- only drink 0-cal drinks 🍹
- excerscise at least once per week 🏋🏾‍♀️
December is the month I'll lose weight and be my best self.
Tumblr media
Hopefully this will bew at my UGW
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itachi-web · 2 days ago
being fat is unconfortable. our thighs rub against each other and make a rash, it gets sweaty under the breasts and along the body, we can't take 5 steps without the shorts coming up all the way and getting wrapped around the waist... i hate it.
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sophiecruz · 2 days ago
calorie log (nov 29):
got my wisdom teeth taken out btw
breakfast: konjac jelly - 5 cals
lunch: konjac jelly - 5 cals
piece of bread - 30 cals
dinner: konjac jelly - 5 cals
gerber yogurt melts - 60 cals
half of a banana - 50 cals
total: 155 cals
did so good let’s go💪🏼💪🏼
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butterfliesandsunrays · 8 months ago
✨Supermodel✨ Workout
Roughly 327 cal burned
50 jumping jacks
50 high knees
50 squats
25 forward lunges & side lunges (each side)
25 sit-ups
25 Russian twists
25 bicycle crunches
25 hip touch planks
20 triceps extensions with 10lbs weight
15 tricep dips
15 burpees
10 pushups
5 kettlebell swings (5lbs) + 1 burpee: repeated 10 times
Tumblr media
Stay safe 💕
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abitmuch · 4 months ago
I wonder if the people who make movies about eating disorders know that the only people who watch them are the people with the same eating disorders trying to trigger themselves 
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scrumdidillyumpciouss · 17 hours ago
my family must really be in the holiday spirit because recently they’ve been giving me the gift of free meanspo ✨ 🎄.
Tumblr media
p.s. also i’ve been kinda failing my diet😭 i’m doing good today tho!
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skinnydippingcel2 · 5 months ago
Do you ever correct your posture just because you think you look fat standing like that?
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thinoli · a month ago
anyone else got "fridge goals" for when they own one fully?? bc 2 me it's a dream
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sk1nnyho3 · 6 months ago
I used to think 1200 calories was too little but now I think 600 is too much
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