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Oh wow, ok, hi guys! I didn’t expect that Peter Maximoff thing to get so much attention considering it was my first post, but ty for the support. I’m not great at doing requests, but I’d love you know what you’d like to see from me and hear your thoughts and ideas ( *cough*espsiallyifitspeter*cough*). I could always use more inspiration :)

p.s. I prefer to write for women and sub boys

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Listen, I only know of two decent men in Buffy the Vampire slayer and they are Giles and D'Hoffryn.

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Thoughts on New Moon Rising, Buffy 4x19

I just want to briefly say that Where the Wild Things Are was not good, because wow, that was easily the worst episode of the season and this is the season of Beer Bad and Giles Is Turned Into a Demon and Body-Switching Slayers. 

New Moon Rising is much better. It was nice to see Oz again. Plus this episode allowed Willow to come out to Buffy, finally admit her feelings for Tara, tell Tara how she feels, and really draw that line in the sand: she’s not pining for Oz anymore. She’s moved on. 

Nit-pick: Tara’s encounter with Oz in the hall when she’s wearing Willow’s sweater felt very weird to me. I get that one of Tara’s definable traits is that she’s shy and non-confrontational, but the whole exchange was just strange. Plus Oz goes from 0 to 60. Yeah, yeah, that’s the wolf running hot or whatever. It was still super awkward and not in a “Tara is awkward and this is an awkward conversation” way. 

I liked Willow and Oz’s conversation in the van but the dialogue felt a little stilted to me. The hug at the end was sweet. I’m glad Willow got closure there and they can both move on. 

Willow and Tara are sweet together. They should have kissed at the end, though. (Like, on camera. I’m sure they did.) 

I’m glad Riley has finally learned that demons/vampires aren’t just blanket evil and broken with the Initiative. Spike was fun this episode, though I don’t love him working for Adam. Honestly I don’t love any of the Adam stuff, he is the worst Big Bad so far and I can’t wait until he’s gone. 

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So, basically, this fic is my tender love letter to late-s5/early-s6 spuffy. It is, strictly speaking, “The Gift” + s6 fix-it, but kinda more so in affectionate conversation with the two seasons. Similar themes, different flavor of ouch? Also there’s pegging, so. Really I should’ve led with that.

Rating: E
Word Count: ~86.5k
Pairing(s): Spuffy (+ co-parenting Dawn)
Summary: Buffy is ashamed of him, Spike knows. But when no one else is around, she touches him like she could love him.

(In which Spike makes a damn good cup of coffee, watches a sunrise or two, and plays confidant to a Slayer who thinks dying to save the world would’ve been easier than this.)

Read here on AO3!

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Pairing: Giles x Spike (”platonic” but they’re arguing lol)

Request: Spike & Giles bicker fest a la missing moments from when they were housemates, please?

Requested by: @staycalmandbeafan 

Warning: Sex references.

A/N: Sometimes when I write I assume the attitude of one of the characters. Therefore, Spike doesn’t always appear in a good light lol (It was fun to write though and I got a little carried away sorry) 💜🖤


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Giles liked to live alone.

He had grown up living with his parents. He had roommates in university. He even flat-shared in the communal house him and the friends he hung around at the time broke into and claimed as their own in his early twenties.

And that, is exactly how Giles knew he liked to live alone. Some days he could barely tolerate the young people that no matter how fond of them he was, would go on about pointless and often arbitrary nonsense in his presence.

His home then, became his sanctuary. A place where he could shut out the world.

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white dresses and leather jackets - StopIWantToTalkAboutCheese - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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I quit! I resign, I’m fired, you can find someone else to stop the Master from taking over!

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Xander’s doppelgänger episode was hilarious 😂

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Part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with pain and fighting…

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I’ve just had a fabulous idea

Well, I’m not gonna do anything about it (just like the White Collar/Leverage ot3′s crossover), but White Collar/Buffy, cs “band candy”

the ep of buffy where all the adults like turn into teenagers, and I’m watching “As You Were”, where Peter mentions buying “an ungodly amount” of band candy

it would be pretty role-reversal, I feel like - Neal going back to when he idolised who he thought his dad was, an stuff

! And Willie Garson was in an episode of Buffy once! He played a security guard!

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for the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of music while I write, and I came across some songs I think describe some Penumbra characters pretty well, or at least some situations they’re in or would be in at some point. also some of them are going to be super obvious but I’m going to write them anyway. here they are:

Moonage Daydream, by David Bowie (Peter Nureyev) 

I’m an alligator
I’m a mama-papa comin’ for you
I’m the space invader
I’ll be a rock ‘n’ rollin’ bitch for you

(Nureyev is good at using different disguises and he’s a different person before and after and before and with Juno)

Keep your mouth shut
You’re squawking like a pink monkey bird
And I’m bustin’ up my brains for the words

(In his episodes of season 3, he gets annoyed with Juno not being discreet, flirting, making a show of himself, and saying anything at all to Nova Zolatovna (apologies for any misspellings))

Keep your 'lectric eye on me, babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah!

(well Juno literally has an electric eye, always carries a ray gun, and I imagine they ‘put their faces close together’ quite often.)

and the whole song also has kind of a Peter Nureyev vibe. I imagine he would listen to a lot of David Bowie/stuff like that but be embarrassed to tell anyone that he even listens to music at all

Be Calm, by Fun. (Vespa Ilkay)

But I always knew you’d be the one to understand me
I guess that’s why it took so long
To get things right

(they obviously understand each other to an extent, and also they didn’t see each other for years and years, and the first time they actually met Buddy stole from Vespa and they fought)

Oh, why haven’t you been there for me?
Can’t you see? I’m losing my mind this time
This time, I think it’s for real, I can see

(she is literally losing her mind, and in her episodes of season 3, Buddy is gone)

I’m scared that everyone is out to get me.

(exactly what it sounds like. especially Juno)

But with every single buck I’ve made
I’m saddled with bad luck that came

(also exactly what it sounds like)

Or when I found out one day I’m gonna die
If only I could find my people or my place in life

(idk, it just sounds like something Vespa would think)

Oh be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
I know that it gets so hard sometimes,
Be calm.
Take it from me, I’ve been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it thinks you’re still alive
And everything’s wrong
It just gets so hard sometimes
Be calm.

(I just imagine she would feel this way sometimes)

I don’t remember much that night,
Just walking, thinking fondly of you
Thinking how the worst is yet to come
From that street corner came a song
And I can’t remember the man,
The panhandler or his melody.
The words exchanged had far exceeded any change I’d given thee.

(this reminds me of her first interaction with Buddy)

Don’t Ask Me, by Ok Go (First half Peter Nureyev to Juno, second half Juno Steel to Nureyev)

Peter Nureyev:

Quit acting so friendly.
Don’t nod don’t laugh all nicely.

(when Juno flirts with Nova at the heist where they steal the map)

And don’t flash that stupid smile.

(he stares at Juno’s smile for like 2 minutes and describes it for what seems like longer)

Don’t show up so on-time
And don’t act like you’re so kind
Don’t ask me how I’ve been.

(Juno changed a lot since the 1st and 3rd seasons, and he’s been I think more polite to Nureyev, and I think no matter what he does Nureyev will be annoyed, but this annoys him especially for some reason)

Juno Steel: 

Don’t sit there and play just
So frank, so straight, so candid,
So thoughtful, so gracious,
So sound, so even-handed.

(all of these words could describe Nureyev, cold and pretending to be an ideal thief, an ideal family member, always listening, but really just tucking things in his “save for later” file)

Don’t be so damn benign
And don’t waste my fucking time.

(he’s also benign)

Also I have a couple of BTVS inspired songs bc why not? one isn’t really a song, just a singer who the voice sounds like someone else, but whatever.

Heavy Cross, by Gossip (Buffy Summers)

It’s a cruel, cruel world to face on your own
A heavy cross to carry along
The lights are on but everyone’s gone
And it’s cruel

(the slayer is a very isolating job. It’s a burden, and she literally has to carry a cross with her. Also vampires don’t come out when the ‘lights are on’, and of course it’s cruel. her job is fighting demons.)

It’s a funny way to make ends meet
When the lights are out on every street
It feels alright but never complete
Without joy

(it is a very unique way to ‘make ends meet’, or at least a weird job to have. the vampires come out when ‘the lights are out on every street’ and it feels alright but she can’t be fully happy knowing that she’ll probably die young and will never have the ability to choose her future)

I checked you, if it’s already been done
Undo it
It takes two, it’s up to me and you
To prove it

(this makes me think of her and angel, of her checking that he’s good, then undoing his spell, and it took two people to do it, if you know what I mean.)

On the rainy nights even the coldest days
You’re moments ago but seconds away
The principle of nature, it’s true but
It’s a cruel world

(demons don’t stop being evil when it’s rainy and cold! Sometimes when she’s fighting she punches/kicks where they were moments ago, but she punches too early and they are just seconds away. the principle of nature is that the slayer kills demons)

We can play it safe or play it cool
Follow the leader or make up all the rules
Whatever you want, the choice is yours
So choose
(this is her deciding to go on her own, no council, no official watcher, just her and Giles and the “scooby gang”)

I checked you if it’s already been done
Undo it
It takes two and it’s up to me and you
To prove it

(I’m repeating this line because Spike also got himself a soul. They thought that Angel was the only one, but Spike always had to do everything angel did (even if it wasn’t for that reason)

so that’s it! whoo, that was a lot. 

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Wesley: “A lone wolf, such as myself, never works with anyone. I’m merely allowing Angel to assist me.”
Cordy: “Oh, wow.”
Wesley: “I’m a rogue demon hunter now.”
Cordy: “Oh, wow. - What’s a rogue demon?”

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Thank you, this is very kind! I’m sure people will love your blog and your writing !!

Okay, I have some very basic fic writing tips:

1) enjoy what you’re writing - if you like reading it back then someone else definitely will !!

2) try and imagine the scene/conversation before you write it. Sort of act it out a little in your head perhaps to see how it works out

3) keep practicing, you don’t have to post anything straight away just try out different styles and see what works for you best

4) always use as much as you can from the show !! Watch different scenes with the character you’re writing and pick up the way they move, the way they talk. Whatever makes them identifiable as a character

5) this isn’t a writing tip but it appears that you’re a minor based on your blog, please make sure to only write things that you’re comfortable with and don’t ever feel pressure to accept whatever someone asks of you

[Good luck with your writing !! 💜]

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