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#did i mention no ones straight?

Tonight’s ops shenanigans:

@astrifer-bound and I caused the entire raid to wipe on the Brontes fight on Dread Fortress by talking about how any wlw worth their salt would definitely be down for letting themself be unmade by Brontes, because come on she is the ultimate femdom. She’s got the sexy/scary mask, the sultry voice, knows how to take charge, and it’s 10000% obvious she’s a lesbian. (She has pets who are “legion,” she’s got tons of high-tech toys, and her weapons in the final fight are Hands and Fingers—six of them!) But we were so busy talking about getting six-finger-blasted by Brontes that I stood in one of the reaches until it killed me (and the other healer was still learning and could not handle solo healing, so it did not go well after that).

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