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I sadly wasn’t a giant fan of this drama, I was tempted to just drop it at episode 10 lmao but I know my friend Saf would of prob frowned at me for dropping another 2020 drama xD so I pushed and forced myself to finish it lmao, I only liked the beginning then finding out later on in the middle that Hyun Soo isn’t actually a serial killer just killed the entire vibes of this drama for me unfortunately :( but I tried my best to make him look like a serial killer in this fanvid to satisfy myself. 😈

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My first collab w the lgbt collab group I joined is up ! happy bi day to everyone (if it’s 23rd for any of you still that is) if not, happy belated bi day 💜🧡💛💚💙❤️

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Hopefully can try get on sims this weekend, since all of my dl’s I had going for asian dramas have all finally finished (kinda) still gotta wait for a few more to finish then I should be finished completely hopefully by the weekend, I feel bit uncomfortable going into sims while they’re on dl so haven’t rly made the time for any sims time, I could do w some chill time on sims tbh I’ve had a rly rough weekend where I had to call cops all weekend and I also had a mental break down too so sims sounds like a good idea this weekend.

Edit: I also want to make a special big thank you to @katverse & @sophiartemis for letting me feel comfortable opening up to them about what happened this weekend 💛 thank you for listening too me, also congrats on your wedding Kitkat! 🥰💛💛💛

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When someone let’s internet fame get to their heads bc they’re so popular now w the online world, like lol you’re such a joke as your face is.

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So glad I’m not the only disappointed person w tkem lol. Honestly felt like the writers took a giant shit on the script and wrote a bunch of meaningless crap then went here you go have this, lmfao, honestly nothing about that drama was good or even made sense…

The LAST Lee Min Ho drama that was actually relevantly amazing and outstanding was The Heirs lol and that was.. Fuck me back in 2013.. Like don’t get me wrong I love Lee Min Ho to pieces but since after The Heirs his acting and chosen parts for dramas has stooped so down hill, like honestly I think he’s the most adorable man alive as well as all the other Korean actors male & female I enjoy but since 2016 I’ve been rly rly disappointed in his dramas, honestly, they’re not even worth watching unless it was before 2016.

Oh, yh I forgot, Woo Do Hwan was my reason for coping and continuing w tkem if he wasn’t in it I don’t think I would of been able to complete the drama from start to finish.


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