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My uncle just called me to ask if I’m still alive and talk shit for an hour and recommended me to watch Dating in the Kitchen, I was like psych bitch I watched the finale last week already 😂

My uncle, auntie and I then bonded over how cute Zhao Lusi is and then he said he gotta go because he needed to watch the final episode

I said spoiler alert they got together at the end

He said no shit and hung up on me lmao


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Tired of the all too Predictable Dramas? 

High flying, death defying acts, all the nonstop martial arts action and more Everything in one genre….

Chinese Historical Dramas 

We usually come up with  our top 10 lists, but we don’t want you to miss some good historical dramas.

So here it goes,  this is a marathon  list and it’s solely based on popularity by votes. 

Enjoy the stunning visual feast,  from wonderful costumes to marvelous set designs ….the storylines  will  leave you breathless, from star crossed lovers, warring families, just name it, you have it. 

Historical Chinese Dramas 

Enjoy to your heart’s content, much like we enjoy coming up with this list. Countdown starts now 3…2….1……

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Check out the top 10 Chinese martial arts drama or Chinese wuxia drama you should be watching right now! 

When it comes to Chinese dramas it doesn’t matter if it’s romance, historical, fantasy, wuxia or other genre one thing for sure almost all Chinese dramas are worth binge-watching.

 Ever since we stumbled to Chinese martial arts drama we get addicted to it, and keep on waiting for new series. Lately, we’ve been binge-watching Chinese wuxia dramas. It’s not realistic but very entertaining. 

So, here’s a list of our favorite Chinese martial arts/wuxia drama that aired this year

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Are you living in a fantasy world? Maybe not. However,  there are few Chinese fantasy dramas that will transport you into magical, wonderful, fantastic worlds that you can only imagine. Here are few Chinese fantasy drama that we have come across. Hope you will enjoy them. Check it out if you haven’t watched it yet.

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Red beans grow in the south

When spring comes, some branches grow

I hope you will gather some 

[Because] this best represents our lovesickness

Let me know how many you recognize!!!!

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