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#fat girl running

from couch 2 5k for now, I think. We’ll see. I prefer to run at the track at the park, but with the lockdown, we aren’t supposed to go to the park. I can run my neighborhood, so maybe I’ll try that, but I might just take my dog for walks and do fitness Marshall workouts at home for my workout. We’ll see what happens. I’m just going day by day. I am going to continue working, we were given the choice to get paid time off, or $3 more an hour to keep working. So for now at least, my store is still open. Who knows, that might change. Hang in there friends! 

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Working right now is just making me tired. I mean, I’m on day 4, so by this point I’m usually tired, but I’ve been training, which is a bit frustrating, because it feels like I’m doing 2 jobs at once, my own, plus babysitting someone else. But I’ll be happy once that training bonus comes in! But it’s also just frustrating being one of the few businesses open. It’d be nice to be paid like a necessity! But I’ve been having trouble getting myself to go out running even though it’s GORGEOUS out. With being wiped by the time I get home and then also hanging out with my friend who’s home, I just keep putting it off. So I’ve just been running every 4 days instead of every other day. Oh well.

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w4d1 again, a slow one this time. Running in corona virus central! The park was a little crowded cause it was a beautiful day! My favorite part was seeing the basketball players passing around the hand sanitizer. I work at Starbucks and as of today we are grab and go only, which is pretty bizarre. No one can sit in the cafe, so it’s really quiet. The drive thru was pretty hoppin though! We are all a little worried that it’s gonna go to full quarantine soon, I hope not. I’m being irresponsible and going to the mall tomorrow to pick up some dresses I ordered from Old Navy and one of my friends needs to return a few things I think. We’ll see if it’s even open by the time we plan to go. Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

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c25k w4d3 done! After work today my mom and I took Luna to the dog park and she had the best time ever. She played with tons of dogs and ran and ran and ran. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth the whole time. Then I came home and went for a run, since tomorrow is supposed to get kind of stormy. I put my c25k app and my watch info side by side, so you can see the huge difference between the paces. The app has my pace way faster, which is just really annoying. On my Garmin, laps 2 and 3 are the running/walking portion while 1 and 4 are warm up and cool down. I’ll probably just post my Garmin here from now on to post more accurate stuff. I’m definitely repeating this week, no week 5 for me yet! 

In corona virus news, all schools are now shut down until almost the end of April. I kind of wish I was back in school, cause I’d be pumped! But no, I work one of the only jobs that continues on like normal, we’ll see if Starbucks ends up having to shut down cafes or anything, apparently they are “prepared” to do that according to an e-mail sent out to customers, but we haven’t heard anything on the store level. I’m glad I wasn’t able to go down to Orlando since now Disney and Universal on both coasts are closed! It’s madness out there! 

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w4d2 done! DEFINITELY going to be repeating this week before moving onto week 5. That 5 minute run is hard! 

For those of you that don’t know, I am in the Seattle area where we seem to be the epicenter of corona virus in the US. Everything fun is currently cancelled or postponed! This weekend I was supposed to go to comic con, which is postponed (though I’m not getting my hopes up) and I had a 5k on Saturday, which they’re just turning into a virtual run, so I can still go pick up the t-shirt, which I’ll probably do. There was no medal anyway. There will still be pie as well (it was a pi day dash, with pie!) I was also supposed to usher at the end of the month at one of the big theaters downtown, but that’s cancelled as well. The good news is that my friend is home from China since they don’t have school there, so I’ve really been enjoying having her home. I wanted to take advantage of these super cheap flights right now and go down to Orlando, but I wouldn’t be able to stay with my family down there because they are close with immunocompromised people, so I can’t risk bringing the virus into their home. Totally understandable and probably good for my wallet to not go, haha. They are saying that there might be more announcements in the next couple of days as to what other changes the corona virus is going to bring to our lives, but for now I’m just keeping on, living life. 

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The other day was super nice out so I went and did w3d3 again since I took a week off. Then my friend and I took Luna on a walk at the waterfront! She had a great time sniffing new things and meeting new pups! Yesterday I didn’t do much, but today the sun is starting to come out so I think I’ll go try out w4d2. I’ll update on that.

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Yesterday I did the hot chocolate 5k! I didn’t run as much as I wanted, partially because it was so crowded!!! I wanted to walk up hill and run most of the way down (it was pretty much uphill for half and then downhill) but there were plenty of times when I couldn’t run because there were people blocking the way walking. Oh well. I finished in 52:36 according to official time, though my watch showed it as being only 3.06 miles, not that that’s a HUGE difference, but still. I’m excited to keep the c25k program going and get my speed back up to what it once was! 

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So I was looking back through the last time I did c25k and I was showing my data from my runs, so here we go! Though, it’s definitely not accurate, cause my Garmin had me at about 2 minutes slower on average pace… so I was probably more like a 16 minute running pace. Whatever. I guess I should be showing the Garmin info as well. I’ll figure it out eventually, probably by the time I’m done with c25k. Anyway, w4d1 done! This was the hardest one so far for sure. My mom went to the park with me and brought Luna, so she wasn’t my excuse for slowing me down. She did FREAK OUT every time I got close to them, she cried cries I’ve never heard before. So I tried to take her with me, but she just kept jumping and pulling on the leash, so back to mom she went. She sure is cute though! I definitely think I’m going to have to redo this week before moving on to week 5. I know it’s only day 1 of this week, but I can just tell. I probably should have redone week 3 since I had Luna 2 out of 3 days. But I definitely CAN run for 5 minutes at a time. Just very very slowly. I wish I knew the info from the first time I did the c25k so I could compare! 

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FINALLY my day off! My friend and I went to the mall and I bought 4 new clothes pieces! 2 pairs of clearance jeans that were only $10 each, another pair of running shorts, because I love old navy’s running shorts and they were on clearance. I also bought a super cute blue striped dress from old navy that was just on sale, not on clearance, so I probably shouldn’t have gotten it, but I just loved it! While at the mall we got tamales at a little Mexican place in the food court. I didn’t finish my food. We stopped for ice cream on the way back to my friend’s place and I got a small sundae, so hopefully that didn’t screw with my eating too much. After I got home I tried to go for a run, but about half way through I got an upset stomach and decided to just go home. I’ll try again tomorrow. 

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W3d1 done! This one was definitely the hardest so far, and I was NOT fast at all. Those 3 minutes felt pretty long. I might have to redo this week before moving on to week 4 with those 5 minute run segments! We’ll see how I’m feeling by the end of this week. The weather is still BEAUTIFUL. It’s been so nice and sunny all week and I’m loving it. Yesterday I finally took a rest day and hung out with my bff who’s home from China, due to the virus. I’m not happy about the corona virus taking over the world, BUT I am glad that she’s home for a bit. We went to the mall and had lunch (I ate way to much bread and my blood sugar went way up) we also went shopping and I was good and resisted other than getting some underwear and a couple work bras at Ross, so they were cheap. I’m so ready for a day off to sleep in. I worked on my last day off cause someone called in sick and I could use the extra money. I’m so wiped. My next day off is Saturday. I just need to make it through tomorrow! 

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Anyone know any body pos bloggers/vloggers that also address weight loss/fitness?

I’m really tired of seeing videos of people making their blatant fatphobia as concerns for health. They’re not concerned about your health. They’re pissed you don’t meet their standard for fuckable. That’s literally it.

I just want to see some people who treat their loss or fitness as a privilege. Also not shit on people who are obese. Because fuck that.

I’m losing weight literally because I think it will benefit my body more and allow me to be the athlete I always wanted to be. And it is more of a side effect of my goal to celebrate my body through fitness. Because I want to be an Amazon.

Or a dragon.

So if I find any body pos fitness or anything I’ll try to share. Because this is fucking bullshit.

Side note: my resting HR has gone up since being sick and I’ve gained like five pounds. I’m more concerned about the HR. And blood pressure. It could be because I was fighting off my strep pneumo (and consequently coming down with strep pyogenes aka strep throat) or it could be because I was stressed the fuck out from missing work. Or because I was eating a shit ton of salt. #oops.

Gonna see if I can run some and maybe go by the gym. Since my brain doesn’t want me to and I think I feel a depressive episode coming on. Gotta make use of this energy while I have it lol.

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Fit bit says 2.2 mi, Zombies, Run! says 3.06 km, and Charity Miles says 3.1 mi. All are GPS based mind you. Going with the middle ground, here are the stats.

2.2 mi in 39:55

Wow, that looks terrible. Points I’ll add in my factor:

- I haven’t been exercising lately so this was my first day out.

- its 84 F with 69% humidity

- cars

Things that I could have done better:

- I probably could have ran more of the stretch. It was 100000000% a mental thing

- went earlier when it was cooler (5 degrees may have made a difference)

- drank more water before I left

- used my inhaler 30 min before instead of immediately before

- not worn all black

Overall, I think it was a decent start to ease back to fitness. When my muscles quit twitching I’ll stretch.

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I’m super proud of myself for this week! I’ve been on three runs (2 mi, 3 mi, 2 mi), and haven’t fallen off schedule yet. Tuesday and Thursday were hard to get out because I was so tired from working all day, but I did it anyways! Already, I can feel my speed and endurance getting better.

My “long run” (only 4 miles) is supposed to be on Sunday, but I’m in Cleveland for the weekend and really don’t feel comfortable running in downtown CLE lol. So I’m going to do that run on Monday once I’m back. I’m a bit nervous that not being able to follow my training plan to the day might throw me off again, but I’m determined to stay on track until the race!

Side note: I’ve switched my tracking from km to mi (bc my new training plan is in miles and it just seemed easier that way), and what an adjustment! Lol my fitbit app talks to me every mile, and it’s weird having to wait so much longer between alerts. I keep thinking “this is where my fitbit should be saying another mile completed”, because I’m used to what a kilometer feels like. A bit of adjustment (my pace also looks WAY slower on paper now lol), but I’m getting used to it.

Countdown to Race Day: 51 Days!

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Got a burst of energy today and jumped on the treadmill. One mile in 16 minutes and 23 seconds.

Walked for a quarter mile at 3.5MPH.
Jogged for a quarter mile at 4.5MPH.
Walked for a quarter mile at 3MPH.
Walked for .10 of a mile at 3.5MPH.
Jogged for .15 of a mile at 4.5MPH.

I was tired after but I could probably have pushed myself harder.

My goal is to jump on the treadmill for a mile while my fiance makes dinner. Walking wasn’t making the scales budge.

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So there’s a Women Rock marathon in Chicago in mid September and for some reason my brain said “hey, superchthonic, you want to do the thing” 

…and I’m never one to resist an impulse, so I strapped my sneakers on, downloaded the couch-to-5k app for my phone, and took off to start training. 

it was the first time I went for a run (well jog, let’s be real) in probably 3 years? 

AND HOLY ENDORPHINS, BATMAN! I feel so fucking good, just AHHHHHHH I crawled up the stairs with sweat pouring down my face and managed to beat the killer storm that’s on the way and ordered Mexican food as a victory prize. 

Now I just have to decide if I want to go babby-step style and start with the 2.5k, or if I go for the 5k, since I have time to train? 

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