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shandzii · a day ago
I just found the post about lorge Mer Sun and Moon and my immediate thought was "well how am I meant to give them a kiss kiss now- they're to big-" and if that doesn't show how much I love those bois then idk what will-
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just give their faces a gentl bonk c:
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It was about five minutes till naptime.
A few kids came and went throughout the day, but it was a small turnout compared to the chaos that was yesterday. Perhaps news spread of the scary Moon animatronic that scared the children during Naptime. Sun couldn’t help but notice that a lot of kids went to the theatre or to the pizza stand within the Daycare when it started to near one o clock. Leaving the last few remaining kids at a grand total of five, including Samantha.
Sun fidgeted with the blue construction paper in his hands. The paper was filled top to bottom with a tidy neat manuscript and a drawing of a sun, and a moon figure holding hands. Both of which had wolf ears. Glitter kept dripping onto the floor every time Sun bent and half folded the paper as he fidgeted.
Sun writes a letter. 
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bloo-the-dragon · 2 days ago
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He has
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twinanimatronics · 19 hours ago
It isn’t long before you arrive to Parts and Service proper.
Though not without first getting jumpscared by a Mapbot that was tucked around one of the bends in the maintenance tunnels. A Mapbot that is swiftly taken out by Eclipse punching it in the face, knocking the poor thing onto its back.
It was stuck there, unable to get up no matter how it flailed its arms or turned its wheels. But at least the thing was in one piece, unlike the daycare theater’s performer bots.
Moon had brutally torn those apart some time before your arrival since everyone had assumed they were still functional until you reported the finding.
Moon’s reasoning when you asked why he did such a thing was just a plain answer of “Bored” and nothing else. Though he did seem confused by your lack of anger and yelling at him in response to this discovery.
This chapter is half flashback, half present day
It is time we bid farewell to Eclipse in the Twins AU.
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lukadrienoir · 2 days ago
chica: when i'm rich...
chica: *pointing at roxy* you're getting therapy
chica: *pointing at freddy* you're getting therapy
chica: *pointing at monty* you're getting DOUBLE therapy
chica: everybody's healing!
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jellycreamjammedart · a day ago
Montgomery Gator: Hey I wonder what happens if I put powdered milk into carbonated water.
Montgomery Gator, sometime later: My cereal is loud and it's demanding to know why I would sin against both nature and god so thoughtlessly.
Roxanne Wolf: ... how does it taste?
Montgomery Gator: Bad.
Moon: The fizz comes from carbonic acid in the water splitting up into CO2 and H2O over time. And carbonic acid is-- as an acid-- sour. By adding milk to sour water you've created a very convincing emulation of spoiled milk, so I'll believe in a heartbeat that the taste is Not Great(TM).
Montgomery Gator: I have mastered the potion: Instant Spoiled Milk, therefore earning the rank of shittiest alchemist currently alive!
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ohgodallthefandoms-backup · 20 hours ago
Angels and demons Security Breach AU where Sun is a demon who's trying His Best to be something other than just "another bad guy", and Moon is a mischievous angel who's constantly on Thin Fucking Ice
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frechiiie · 4 months ago
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i was inspired by a shitpost...
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maelicgrn · 4 months ago
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Parent-teacher conference
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shandzii · 4 months ago
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funky robot go swoosh
process video
version w/o effects under cut
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cjyankira-the-simp · 4 months ago
I'm so funny
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bloo-the-dragon · 23 hours ago
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This is Tiaki (tee-ak-ee) he is a scary baby and i love him. <3
Ok so quick explanation for how he came about: Last night i had a dream where ‘Mer!Sun’ appeared and we were in the pizzaplex and it was on fire for whatever reason and there were people running around and this ‘Sun’ straight up opened his angler fish mouth like a heckin gulper eel and swallowed a guy whole and then just sat there innocently.
I proceeded to pick him up and run away with him and thats where the dream ends.
My dreams are whack yo
So following this i started rambling about him in discord and my brain went BIG BRR and so now he has a name and backstory of his own hfdjg
Lore time! :D
- So in my take, mers are very rare and near extinction (mostly due to illegal hunting and pollution) and so many efforts are taken to try and keep the mer species alive.
(Some of the methods however are not always legal or morally correct)
- When Sun and Moon were still living in the aquarium dna samples were taken from them and sold to some science people who took the samples to a secret lab under the ocean for experimentation and namely - Cloning.
- After a failed attempt at cloning Moon’s dna, Sun’s dna was mixed with dna samples from other mer possibly bought from hunters but who knows and after many failed attempts, the first successful clone was born.
- But one thing the scientists failed to take into account was a mers ability to sing, and how each Mer has a unique song of its own. Tiaki as it turned out had a voice that was strong enough to crack and even shatter glass and other weak structures.
- For whatever reason - he was in distress or simply had little to no control over his voice - Tiaki let out a shriek one day at a young age and caused major damage to the facility, causing it to flood and break him free.
- There were no human survivors, which proved to be a complicated situation. On one hand, it worked in Tiaki’s favour as since the lab was technically ‘illegal’ and thus being mostly unknown to authorities it was never investigated and so Tiaki would not be discovered.
But of the other unfortunate hand, the location of the lab had very little wildlife and food was scarce. As such the starving Tiaki took to eating the bodies of the drowned humans to survive.
And now for some Tiaki facts!:
- He lived around the sunken facility for a while after its destruction, and was sustained by the aforementioned feeding on the drowned peoples due to the lack of any other food sources. He would later be discovered by another Mer and taken under its wing.
- Now an important fact to note is my Mers don’t typically eat humans. However Tiaki was a hungry bby fish and as an unfortunate result of this he ends up seeing humans as food-prey. Thankfully this would be counter-acted later down the line when he discovers a love for ramen/noodles (the idea was that ‘its food made from ‘food’ so it must taste good right? Also don’t eat humans they arn’t food but the food they make/eat is good so eat that instead-)
- The fish his design is inspired on is angler fish, lionfish, and koi (the last being from Sun as a result of technically being his clone)
- He is smaller than Sun and Moon but bigger than Geggy fish.
- Despite his appearence he is a cuddly sweetheart and (granted he doesnt immediately see you as food) will accept hugs (but he might still try to nibble you just a little-)
- His spines are venemous but the poison is secreted only when he feels threatened so they can be touched without issue for the most part.
Thats all the notes for now fhdjg but man a visit to the dreamyland ended up bringing about a new oc and i havn’t even finished working on Mer!Nebula and Eclipse yet gjkfg but hey it is what it is lol
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twinanimatronics · 11 hours ago
Give Sun a xylophone
Finally an instrument he can play
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nakakabaliw · 4 months ago
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We were ROBBED of glamrock bonnie i bet the game wouldve been 400% better if he was there no matter how many bugs it might have in this essay I will
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cocokoalatea · 4 months ago
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I drew them all on one canvas and like. That was prolly a bad idea.
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iksiudodi · 4 months ago
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no, I haven't cried 5 times because of how cute and wholesome freddy is no nope
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skyskyskyart · 4 months ago
Freddy's on his way
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Just a dumb doodle about how Freddy arrives
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meanya · 5 months ago
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Saw this and knew what I had to do
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frechiiie · 5 months ago
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hahah hey.........
glamrock bonnie design by @maysdoinathingie
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twothousandgrumpybees · 5 months ago
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