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Story: Speak Now, by Aldela, on fanfiction/net

Speak Now by Aldela

Story: Speak Now 

Author: Aldela 

Second Account: Kc495 

Tumblr: @hostagine

Website: FF.Net

Word Count: 15, 407

Status: WIP 

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016

Rating: T (13+)

Author Summary: Hikaru left that airport with a broken heart. He was ready to leave for Italy and never go back, as the love of his life left for Boston with his best friend. Now Kaoru struggles to keep his brother from making the biggest mistake of his life -Marrying someone he doesn’t even know-, but proven to be impossible by himself. He’s ready to ask for help from the friends they left behind.

Relationship: N/A (there is no established relationship mentioned outside of Hikaru and his future wife)

Applicable Tags: Romance, Friendship

See you Friday (4/10) for the full review!

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Kiss kiss fall in love!!!

I see you’ve come

I watch you go.. You never really seem to leave me though

So this is love or hate we’ll see

You’re making me crazy…..



This is probably one of the most amazing animes I have ever really watched in my life and I am really glad that @books-art-love introduced me to this anime!!!! So, if you crave for Romantic comedy or drama 🎬 this is the world’s best Anime to watch.


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The Hosts Favorite Disney Princesses

I tried to put gifs but it kept deleting the text. So I am sorry about not having any gifs.

Tamaki Souh

Tamaki was the hardest for me to figure out but then I decided on Moana. He really likes how much travel there is in the movie. Even if it is all by sea. Being someone who moved to a new country. He knows how great it feels when you see new sights and when you learn new things. He also loves how the movie revolves around family. He could feel the connection between Moana and her family. Since he thinks of the host club like family. He likes to see the family moments. He also loves how Moana as a character is a strong and independent girl. Who wants to explore and do what is right. Reminds him of a certain girl with brown hair. Now whenever he goes to the beach he has to sing “How Far I’ll Go”.

Kyoya Ootori

Tiana!! He really likes how hard working she is. He liked how she didn’t like the prince because he was a prince and was good looking. Some people didn’t like how she was a frog for the whole movie. He did like it. He thought it was a nice plot twist from the original story. He really admired Tiana for her hard work and determination. He likes how she worked for her dreams. Even if he didn’t come from a poor family like she did. He knows what it is like to work hard for your goal. Since he is the youngest Ootori son. Tiana also reminds Kyoya of Haruhi. Since they both speak their mind.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Merida! Okay so first. The hair! Curly and auburn. Second um… her fiery personality. Even if he doesn’t like to admit that he has a short temper doesn’t mean that he can’t appreciate a character that has that trait. He likes how it deals with arranged marriages. Since he comes from a rich family. He has probably had his fair of seeing arranged marriages happen. He likes how Merida doesn’t take it and proves that she doesn’t need a man. He loves her talent in archery. He has always wanted to learn how to do it. Let’s just say… this boy likes a girl who can lift him up without a sweat. He also like the family bond. Even if Hikaru and Kaoru barely ever get into a fight. He likes to see it in films. Not because he likes seeing families fight but he likes to watch the process of them forgiving and understanding each other.

Kaoru Hitachiin

Cinderella! I mean come on, how could I not say Cinderella? I mean the whole symbolism with the pumpkin? Plus Cinderella made her own dress before her evil step sisters went and torn it all up. The animals helped her but that made him like her even more. When he was a kid, I think he thought his mom could speak to animals. I mean if Cinderella can make dresses and speak to animals then, why can’t his mom!? I think he liked how simple her story was. Yeah, she isn’t the strongest and most badass. Sure, she had the prince save her but, he also had to look across the whole kingdom for her. I think he can see her strengths in her talents and then putting the shoe on as a big f you to her step sisters and mother. Also you got to admit that dress and the glass slipper is iconic.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Does Vanellope count? I mean the princesses literally called her a princess. I mean she literally has candy all over her. Jk jk. I think Mitsukuni’s favorite would be Rapunzel. He likes her bubbly and adventurous personality. He also like how she is looks innocent and cute but can defend herself. Reminds him of himself. He likes how she has many talents since she has been trapped in a tower for years. He also thinks it is really cool how she uses her hair for many different things in the movie. She likes how she is determined. Even when the odds weren’t in her favor. She kept fighting.

Takashi Morinozuka

I think he likes Belle. I think he likes how she is a book worm and isn’t like what the town folks think she should act like. Obviously some people might be intimidated by his looks and don’t get to see how kind he is. He can relate to Belle in that way. People judged her for having a passion about reading. It was obvious that Gaston was intimidated by Belle’s smarts. Which is something that Takashi likes about Belle. He also like how Belle would do anything for her family. I mean she literally traded places with her father. It is kinda like how Takashi is always there for Mitsukuni.

Haruhi Fujioka

MULAN! I mean how could I not make Haruhi’s favorite princess Mulan? They have many similarities. Mulan dressed as a man for her country. Haruhi also cross dresses. Very determined. Mulan went through a lot of hard training. Which Haruhi admires. Haruhi is hard working as well. I mean Haruhi got to go to a really expensive school. Just by her grades. That is amazing. Haruhi loves strong woman. Her mother was a strong woman and so is Mulan. I think having a princess that she could look up to and a mom in her childhood years is nice to think about.

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hey love! 馃槈 been a while! if you’re not too busy, could i get an OHSCH match? female, 5’4, with long, curly/extra wavy brown hair, dark hazel eyes. im a Leo. on the outside, i can be quiet, only around new people. i like to think i’m cheerful, outgoing, and funny. i have a lot of friends and love them all. i can be loud and giggly, but i do get serious when i need to. i’m active and love the outdoors, but also treasure my time inside dearly. (short little part two to be coming)

“I like the outdoors, and enjoy anything with my friends, even if it pushes me outside my comfort zone. i play volleyball and run track, on my school team for both. as much as i like to be outdoors and active, i enjoy my down time. i like watching tv, reading, and listening to music, and my bed. i also like Nintendo and PC games. including occasional pranks. (i was mistaken, this is kind of long) thanks again love! keep up the good work, your blog never fails to disappoint!”

Hey love! It’s good to see you again! Of course you can get a matchup! And thank you for your affection, though I can’t really understand if the last part I should read in a positive or in a negative way- (the blog that never fails to disappoint) maybe I’m translating it bad sorry HAHA

I ship you with…

Hikaru Hitachiin


Originally posted by cheshirescats

(from Ouran Host Club)

Hikaru is a troublemaker and mischievous boy who can be pretty childish and immature in everyday life, despite being the eldest of the twins. He could be slightly rude when he feels insecure about himself, getting angry, but it’s his way to make explode his emotions and he’ll understand when he does something wrong and he’ll apologize after, feeling sheepish for his childishness.

He’s a pretty outgoing guy and he has a good humor, though often he does bad jokes to piss off people, and he tends to have a mischievous attitude with everyone, mostly with you though. You’ll get along quickly thanks for your positive behavior, and he’ll surely challenge you about anything, from stupid things to dangerous ones, though if you accept the last one, he’ll say it was a joke and you shouldn’t accept something like that.

He won’t run with you since he’s pretty lazy, though he likes to do sports, and running is not entertaining for him since you have just to, well, run. But he’ll play volleyball against you, and if you win he’ll say that he let you do it, though everyone know it’s not true at all. He prefer beach volley though, since he likes to go to the sea. But he’ll come to see you to your races and matches, being the loudest one to cheer on you. And don’t let me start if the referee will even try to give you a penalty or a punishment, that poor man will have to deal with him after the match. And it won’t be a beautiful sight.

He loves videogames too, always taking with him a DS or a Switch, and if you want to play with him he could give to you another. He has many consoles after all, in different versions and colors, so he can lend you one. He prefers battle game and he’ll challenge you even in that type of game. (secretly he has an Animal Crossing too, but he thinks someone will say to him that it’s a childish game so he hides it)

That’s all! Hope you liked it! Thank you for the request and have a nice day~🌹💕💕

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I know this might sound silly but can you do headcannons for ohshc guys on what there preferred s/o is? Thanks

Totally! I’ll get this out to warm myself up to write some sad shit for you guys today; let’s get someone cute before we get sad. 


Tamaki tend to drift towards people who aren’t as outwardly crazy as him, as seen in canon. I can see him falling for someone who’s sweet and bubbly, but also level-headed and able to handle his big ideas. He’d fall for someone intelligent because, as much as he doesn’t act like it, he is quite smart on his own and I feel he would want to be with someone he could have deep conversations with after a hectic day. Perhaps even a musician, or just someone with an artistic hobby that he can brag about and fawn over. 


How fucked would it be if he fell for a commoner? Oh, poor boy. Anyway, I think Kyoya would fall for someone with lots of power and money, just like him. He would go after someone who’s a bit more flamboyant than he is, but I don’t think they’d reach Tamaki’s level of flamboyant. He would want someone passionate and goal-oriented. I can see him falling for someone who’s a bit more reserved in terms of their accomplishments, not too prideful in the things they do and wouldn’t brag much about themselves. Whoever he falls for would probably be full of praise for others, though. 


Give him someone who’s just as mischievous as he is! I look at one of my own best friends, all the time, and I think that her personality would work perfectly for Hikaru. He would fall for someone who’s fun-loving and enjoys being around people. Perhaps the person he loves would help him get out there more and help him drift from his brother a bit. They’d go to concerts together and tell each other fantastic stories from their lives. But, and here’s a weirdly specific thing I imagine he has as a small requirement: they have to be family oriented, bonus points if they have siblings of their own. He wants someone who chooses family above all else, because, to him, nothing else matters if you don’t have your family. 


I can see him falling for the sweet and quiet book nerd. Like Tamaki, he would likely go after someone who’s got an artistic talent of any kind. He’d probably go for someone creative but reserved, a bit shy even. Like Hikaru, he would fall for someone family oriented, though he wouldn’t necessarily care whether you have siblings or not. He would want someone patient and with a good sense of humor. He would fall for someone who he could just have conversations with and they would just laugh over lots of shit. 


Mori would fall for someone athletic, or at least someone who works out a bit. Reason for this? They could spend more time together when working out and doing sports. But, if he didn’t fall for someone athletic, he wouldn’t care. He would want someone who’s chill and suave, gentle with people. He’d want someone who’s kind. He’s a gentle giant so he would want someone who’s also sweet and gentle to people. He’d definitely be a great listener, don’t get me wrong, but he would probably actively go for someone who doesn’t need to say much to communicate. 


Hani is canon to go for someone who’s not like him. Like this girl he goes for is, I believe, in the Black Magic Club. So I think he’d straight up go for someone who’s a bit more serious and enjoys the more serious things. He would go for someone who could go along with his cuteness and optimism, but they would also have their own pessimistic outlook or nihilistic look on life. He’d want someone who could probably mix cute and creepy. Oh god, a pretty pastel goth SO! He would love their differences.


This girl doesn’t have any specific type. She’d probably go for someone who could take charge in enough to where she feels equal with them. She would date someone who doesn’t baby her or see her as less than what she is. She’d go after someone smart and goal-oriented. She’d want someone who’s independent. She’d also want someone who cares deeply for their family. Oh, she’d want someone who could cook. Something about her just makes me think “This bitch wants a motherfucker who will cook her a nice meal.” 

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