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I did the Sixfanarts challenge! I really like how mine came out, but there has been so many cool looking ones from other artists out there. Over all it was fun trying this. 

Penyywise:  IT

Legoshi: Beastars

Travis: Sally Face

Honey-Senpai: Ouran Highscool Host Club

Death the Kid: Soul Eater

Jason: Friday the Thirteenth 

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And now I present to you, notes I’ve written in documents while working on my Ouran WIP 😂😘

(Chapter six) “And then Mistukuni gets yeeted from a giant ass wave”

(Chapter seven) “A/N: insert douchebags cockily protesting, thinking she’s just a stupid blonde. But then how the tf would she be able to scale the fucking rocks like that shithead? Pray to the glitter gods? I think the fuck not.”

“Insert scene between Kyoya and Haruhi that has the whole fandom going ‘uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kyoya? No’.”

(Chapter nine) “(Tamaki’s line about Adam and Eve here)”

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Hello! May i please have a matchup for ohshc? :) I’m a bi 5’9 girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m antisocial, and closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I love to playfully tease people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I get jealous easily. I LOVE animals. My hobbies are shopping, singing/piano, and archery. I’m a tomboy, and i live in hoodies. I’m honestly pretty touch starved. Thanks in advance!!

Hi! Thank you for your request! You seem so cool and your icon is adorable!🌸

I ship you with…

Kyoya Ootori


Originally posted by kagamiz

(from Ouran Host Club)

Kyoya is a clever and calculator guy, who realizes things quickly even when for others are impossible, liking to keep those info for himself to tease a little people involved. He’s calm and logical, showing a diligent and sometimes threatening attitude. Though he doesn’t like getting many friends, he’s really fond of the few he has, showing with them a caring and protective side. He’s very polite when he needs, but he never let others put their feet on hid head.

Though you’re quite antisocial and closed, Kyoya will be able to find the way to get closer to you, even if just for the fact that he finds you interesting, making him curious to search more info about you and knowing you better. It’ll be a defeat for him otherwise. Knowing each other better, you’ll surely get along, since he loves sarcasm and he’ll laugh under the mustache for every joke you’ll say, hiding his smile while he adjusts his glasses or uses his blocknotes to cover his face. But he could wink at you to let you know he appreciates.

And obviously he’ll make sarcasm too, maybe whispering it so only you can hear him. Do we have to talk about teasing people too? He’ll love it! It’s what he does for the 99% of his day! And he’ll find so funny seeing you doing it with other people, falling for you even more.

He could scold you a little you for being too stubborn and childish, but he does it just to tease you too, bc in reality he finds you cute when you do it.

He could even play a little of your jealousy, talking with people he knows can cause it, though doing nothing really explicit with them, since he’ll be always loyal to you. He just likes to see you pout.

He’ll take you often where you can stay with animals, from cat cafe to zoo, to even safari. It’s just a little way to spoil you. In exchange he’ll ask you to sing or play the piano for him, sometimes even to make him sleep since he doesn’t do enough and your music relaxes him a lot.

That’s all! Hope you liked it and sorry for the waiting!

have a nice day🌸💕💕💕💕💕💕

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“Here you are^^ I thought it might be easier if I just submitted it instead of trying to send it through multiple asks<3


May I request two Ouran matchups for romantic and platonic? I totally understand if you’d rather just do one!And if so a romantic please! I’m female, straight, 5’5, and in my early twenties. I had long curly brown hair, but I cropped it short on a whim and I’m loving it! I’ve got green eyes that tend to change color depending on what I wear. I’m a rather soft spoken individual and I’ve been told my voice is soothing to hear.(1) Personality wise I’m your typical introvert^^ shy when I first meet you but as we become friends I’ll come out of my shell. I’m also incredibly easy to fluster…I blush soo easily T-T…While I’m most comfortable with my family and close friends I don’t mind meeting new people but I kinda have to be force into it^^’(2) I love reading and have been known to mildly obsesses over my preferred fandoms! I enjoy cooking and love spending time with the kiddos I nanny!(3) I also love the outdoors! Walking around the countryside, watching fireflies and the night sky, or splashing around in a creek equal hours of fun in my opinion!I also have a deep love for any type of water! Whether it’s floating down a river, swimming in a lake, or playing in the sea! I also have horrible balance and have been known to run into walls, doorframes, counters, corners, and people on multiple occasions. welp I think that’s about it^_^(4)<3

Again I hope you’re having a wonderful morning/day/night!!^_^”

Hi! Thank you again for submitting all your description, I know it’s a bother ;; And sure that you can get the two matchups, dw!

I think you would be a great friend for…

Tamaki Suoh


Originally posted by epicsaydra

(from Ouran Host Club)

Tamaki is a charming and kind guy, that shows himself as dramatic and princely, meanwhile he can be pretty naive and outspoken, always exaggerating his reaction, from the positive to the negative ones. He’s intelligent, but only on paper, since he doesn’t put effort in the study, but mostly of the time he moves on the idea of the moment, acting quite clumsy and goofy.

Being him confident and flirtatious, he’ll surely approach you first flirting with you in his usual sappy way, complimenting your hair cut and kissing your hand. But he’ll get so at ease with you around that you’ll understand that you two are better only as friends, though he still flirts with you as a joke, knowing that you find it funny and you can laugh at it later, specially bc you’ll blush anyway even knowing that it’s a little joke between you two. He’ll be the loud to your soft spoken voice, always involving you in things you will surely like but you’re too shy to try, specially giving you the opportunity to talk with new people, since he’s a good speaker.

He’ll be really affectionate with you, running to hug you everytime you meet, shouting that he missed you even if you were together the day before. And if you tell him that, he’ll pout in a corner of the room, telling you that he just wants to show you his affection, and you should respect him more since he’s your father. He’ll call his child a lot of time, in a innocent way, using the comparison with a family in your friendship, and he won’t lose the opportunity to spoil you taking you on travel or giving you gifts, mostly strange, but he thinks you’ll like them.

If you propose to him to go for a walk in the countryside with the fireflies and the night sky in mind, he’ll just get so excited that he’ll start jumping around and he’ll organize everything to go on camping, though what he means it’s a really big tent with all the possible comfort. It’ll feel like an house in the wood to be honest, but how could you tell him that it’s not the good way to do camping when he does his usual puppy eyes?

He’ll even help you cooking, but we could say that he’ll create even more trouble, since he’s pretty clumsy, so it would be better for you to not let him in the kitchen.

and I ship you with…

Umehito Nekozawa


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

(from Ouran Host Club)

Nekozawa appears mostly as a scary and quite strange guy, bc of his weird behavior given by his shyness and the fact that he usually wears a big dark cape with an hood that covers half of his face, with the help of a black wig and the contacts. Even if extremely timid, he’s yet caring and considerate about the people he let enter in his space.

Since you’re both quite shy at first, you’ll need some time to get to know each other, but it’ll be bc of Tamaki for sure, since he’ll surely run to you to hide from Nekozawa, thinking that he wants to curse him when he just wants to give him a puppet of Beelzenef made by him. So you’ll know each other that way and you’ll start with small talks, since he needs a while to get comfortable, though he can be pretty chatty if you choose the right subjects, like occult and horror. You will find yourself talking often without even noticing, staying together for most of the day.

He’s a reader too, though mostly of one or two genres about dark things, but he will read the ones you recommend too, curious about your tastes. But he’ll suggest you some books too, big and old one with some pages in strange languages, so you’ll need his help to translate them, but it’s an opportunity to spend more time together after all. And since you love your fandoms so much, he’ll make a puppet like Beelzenef for your favorite characters, giving them to you as gifts. But he doesn’t have the courage to give you them in person, so he’ll leave them in your usual place, watching you from the shady corner of the room, hiding himself behind a piece or furniture.

He’s great with children since he loves his sister so much, so he could help you with your kiddos, always if they don’t get scared by his appearance, but he has a good heart so they’ll love him eventually. He’s not that great at cooking though, but he’ll love to eat a packed lunch cooked by you, specially if you go to see the night sky in the countryside, since in that way he’s completely in the dark and he doesn’t have to get worried about his photophobia.

That’s all! Hope you liked them and sorry for the waiting~

I hope you’re having a great morning/day/evening too HAHA 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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This is for a Match-Up for Furuba & OHSHC. I'm a Pan Trans Girl, Mexican-German Mixed, Green-Eyed, short Red-Hair, Dark Skin, bad eyes sight, blind in my right eye, heavily scared on my face (car accident and child abuse), 4'11'', and 122 LBS. I have Autism, Anxiety, PTSD and Depression, I am bad at communicating my feelings and articulating myself. I tend to be pessimistic. I enjoy reading, writing and knitting. Cuddling would be my favorite thing to do in a relationship. & thanks 4 the last 1.

Hi again! You’re welcome for the other requests and thank you for the new ones!🌸

I ship you with…

Hatori Sohma


Originally posted by keiko-chan

(from Fruits Basket)

Hatori doesn’t quite open up to others, and in fact he doesn’t like to do it, seeming cold and indifferent like snow. He’s always calm and composed, with no sense of humor at all, always taking for serious every joke or prank. But even if some people doesn’t see Hatori as it, he’s caring and considerate about the wellbeing of his loved ones and bc of this you can say that he’s a great doctor too.

Hatori is not a person who really talks, and when he does, he say just few words, so he’s now quite empath with people, understanding them by their body more than their words, so you don’t have to feel any pressure if you can’t articulate yourself very well, you just take your time, he’s patient and he can understand in general what you’re trying to say, so if you don’t feel like continuing the sentence, he’ll answer you. And if he’s wrong about his idea, he’ll do some simply question you could answer with just a simple code of yes or no. He’s a doctor, he knows what he’s doing.

He’s almost blind in a eye, like you, so he’ll understand what you’re going through in that aspect too. But in a objective way he’ll encourage you in your down moments, even with his usual straight face, and if you contradict him, he’ll find facts that he could use as facts for his theory, sometimes even odd, since the nearness of Shigure and Ayame surely had some effects on him.

He’s a reader, so he’ll suggest you books that he think you could like, even though most of his readings are scientific he doesn’t disdain a good sci-fi novel. He could even lend you his library if you need something, so you can just take them without asking, but remember to return them, they are important to him.

He’s not really affectionate, but there are some times when he just needs the proximity of someone he loves, so even if he’s quite uncomfortable cuddling, he’ll do it anyway.

and Haruhi Fujioka


Originally posted by kaijohs

(from Ouran Host Club)

Haruhi is a straighforward and clever girl, though she can be pretty naive, specially about the feelings someone can have for her (even more if they are romantic, since she doesn’t have any experience in that field). She’s quite more on the practical and responsable side, being a person you can lean on when you’re in a bad moments for her reassuring and calm presence, though her still being friendly and caring.

He’ll be really kind with you and her feelings for you will grow rather quickly, becoming herself fond of you in a little time. She’ll help you at showing you the positive aspect of the things (mostly the obstacle) you’ll have in your way, giving you a hand to let you get out of trouble, or even just telling you what she would do in your situation. But she won’t force you to do anything, since she’ll care more about your wellbeing.

She’s really mature, so she’ll make you comfortable around her, trying to find a way to communicate that doesn’t make you feel anxious or annoyed, and since she’s a curious person she’ll read some books to have some idea, though surely her idea will be something from her mind, like a new version of a childish game that you two could use. And if you have to talk with someone else she could be the one to speak for you if you wants, for her is not a problem after all.

She’s not really physical affectionate, always preferring to not stay too close to people for formality, but she could give a try to the cuddle thing, and she’ll like doing it so why not keep doing it? Maybe you two could even sleep together while hugging, specially if in the night there will be a storm, since she would be really scared in that case and your presence could help her a lot.

That’s all! Hope you liked them and sorry for the waiting~

Have a nice day~🌸💕💕💕

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How would Kyouya Ootori react to an s/o who recently lost a close friend? (And by lost I mean they had a fight and the friend doesn’t wanna be friends anymore.)

Oh gosh, I’m sorry! It’s always hard, but, I believe you’ll get through this! I’ve lost lots of friends, so I hope in time you’ll be able to heal love <3 

🖤 When he first heard that you and this friend had broken up, the first thing he asked is if you’d like him to get them expelled. It wouldn’t be too hard, he has all the students files anyways~

🖤 But, if you say no and just want to be comforted, then this boy is gonna spoil you! He’ll start with a day of skipping school, instead going to the mall where he lets you pick whatever you’d like~

🖤 He’d also tell you to get a movie, becuase once you’re back home it’s straight to bed to cuddle and watch whatever movie you want!

🖤 While you’re cuddling, he reminds you that you’re not bad for cutting off people- or, for others cutting you off. Self reflecting on why they did will just make you point out every little flaw in yourself

🖤 Not that self relfecting is bad or wrong in any way, but dwelling on the one you lost will do you nothing but give you pain. They don’t want to be in your life, and they’re no longer worth your energy to try and keep them around

🖤 You’ve got plenty of other friends, and the entire host club behind you. Losing one bad friend will hurt, but it won’t kill you. Kyoya and the rest of the club will always be there for you~ 

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The Roses: Chapter One

Summary: Y/N makes his move to get close to The Roses, but his scent is quickly found under the synthetic pheromones. Can he twist this to his advantage?

Triggers: Mention of Alpha Dominance??? Not really sure. Nothing graphic though.

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