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Bruins floor History (4/47)

This routine is money! The crowd is involved! She hit every landing! Not to mention, Nia, Gracie, Norah, and Sekai in the background! I love this routine this routine so much!

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sustainucla: #ThirftedThursdays 🧵 featuring UCLA’s #BOSS, Kyla Ross! She is a 4th year student-athlete studying Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. ⁣🔬

“I choose thrifting not only because I can find unique clothing pieces, but because it is an opportunity for me to be more sustainable!”⁣

You too can win a gold medal in sustainability by thrifting!⁣ 🥇

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Listen gym fans, Kyla is AMAZING but don’t go say Sabrina Ionescu isn’t deservering of the AAU award. She broke NCAA records (for both men & women) and was a multi time pac 12 & national player of the year. Was very likely to be on team USA at the Olympics. Is literally one of the most notable WBB players coming out of college (huge for the WNBA).

Kyla’s accolades are very similar for her sport and equally as amazing, but please don’t act like crazy gym fans.

(Btw I would probs put Kyla second in that group or Abby weitlzel an Olympic swimmer. At least it wasn’t Trevor Lawrence just becaus football, this was legit).

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Here it is!


1. UCLA 199.2375                                                                                                2. Denver 198.350                                                                                              3. Florida 198.000                                                                                              4. Michigan 197.6375

All around:

1. Kyla Ross- 40.000                                                                                            2. Trinity Thomas- 39.775                                                                                    3. Natalie Wojcik- 39.6375


1. Kyla Ross, Maddie Karr, Kyia Johnson, Natalie Wojcik- 9.95


1. Kyla Ross- 10.000


1. Helen Hu, Grace Glenn- 9.975


1. Kyla Ross, Nia Dennis, Trinity Thomas- 9.950

I loved these podiums! I was crying when UCLA won!

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Watch every single Kyla Ross perfect-10 routine in its entirety in this supercut of “The Boss”. The first female gymnast ever to win Olympic, World and NCAA championships racked up 22 flawless routines during her time at UCLA, including an NCAA record 14 in 2019 alone.

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Kyla announced on Sam’s podcast that’s she’s going to be an undergrad assistant coach with the team next season!!! I am so happy

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