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#mun magpie draws

//Told you guys I was workin’ on a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for Hanta! I’ve drawn her as a Korean Kumiho (or ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ as you guys will know it) for Halloween seeing as she’s a Korean virus (Hanta Pulmonary Virus to be exact). I did a bit of research into traditional Korean outfits before I started this drawing and chose to draw her in a cute lil’ dress called a Hambok. Lemme know what you guys think!//

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//I noticed that everyone liked that little sketch I did of Drix as a plushie for an ask I got,and since I just got my first ever drawing tablet, I figured what better drawing to make into a cute little sticker than this one!

I know it’s not the best, this IS my first ever digital drawing, but I do hope you guys like it anyway!//

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Would anybody be interested in taking a commission from me? Money’s super tight rn (was made redundant by my work) and I don’t have any form of income until September 14th.

Commissions will be suuuuuper cheap (no higher than £10 I promise you) and I will do my best to give you a worthwhile drawing. DM if interested!

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Bikini Challenge!

//Ah, the glorious yellow-hate orb has finally decided to show its face and grace us with its warmth. Which meeeeeeaaaans it’s Bikini Time™!

Fellow RP blogs, I challenge you! I want YOU to draw your muse/OCs in their favourite swimwear and reblog this with the drawing!

There’s nothing really to be won other than my absolute love for your creativity and art skills! I’ll start off with a drawing of good ol’ Khloe in her favourite polka-dot bikini.

Happy Drawing peeps!//

~Mun Magpie

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