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#n she just kinda does her thing
no-brand-gays · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media high school dream girl#i mean i have a Real Living gf now but i see her and go oh my god my former flame#OKAY BUT ON THE TOPIC OF LL PROPER#im watching nijigaku and it's good#the solo idol thing turned me off when the series was being introduced but i'm more into it now#since there's still a sense of rapport among the girls and the solo live angle is common in idol anime anyway#(literally other than like what. wug? zombieland saga? every major franchise is abt solo idols who sometimes team up)#so it's nice! i'm not really attached to any one character but it's all positive so far#it does make me excited to see n girls getting included aaaa#haruka being a pretty major recurring character and now the other touou girls showing up#makes me very nostalgic abt sif#and i'm also glad they're using the potential of the concept!#there's like a million characters w designs and costumes and personality quirks and relationships just waiting to be included#it's a lot more fun seeing 'oh hey it's himeno! i know her' than having it be a rando new character#antithesis of arise#so! i liked this week's episode a lot#it's kinda weird that the season is already almost over but i guess it makes sense considering they're putting all the chara eps in s1#i think both seasons of lls were pretty plot focused but s2 of the original was Gold for character eps#so like we had to wait a while to learn abt rin and nico but they got really great spotlight scenes#and now that everyone's getting their own little arcs all in s1 it's taking up most of the narrative space#but that's neither here nor there this is LOVE LIVE and it's good!!#i got so excited after watching today's episode that i started watching wug just bc i needed to fill the idol hole#personal
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reversecity · 5 months ago
I think I talked briefly about it either here or on discord but One Piece/Maplestory au
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sanderdriesen · 8 months ago
honest to god that’s why i believer noor being friends with her makes no sense because noor would neverrr, considering she’s also friends with sander lmao. their friendship literally doesn’t make any sense to me. either way, she was just the worst god even if i try to understand where she was coming from, i just can’t. and that night with robbe was the last straw. she’s got nothing on sonja, who actually loved and wanted to protect even. and as much as everyone want to use the age excuse like i get that but... literally no 16y/o thinks behaving like that is normal. i just can’t see it that way bc i was that age not that long ago and believe me, i was ignorant too lmao but i would’ve never thought of acting like that🧍🏻‍♀️sorry but that scene after the hotel clip just triggers me sm i swear it’s the worst sfjsks
nah, i get it’s triggering, esp for people who have had people in their lives who disregard feelings like that. every single one of those after-hotel scenes makes me uncomfortable. i don’t agree that age doesn’t play part of it though, she’s not a teenager in woke circles on the internet where mental illness isn’t taboo. and even then... you don’t know everything either. i can’t make a blanket statement abt teenagers being great bc literally MOST teenage girls are hellions at 16 (for a lot of reasons.. that legit suck and also your brain is just changing), definitely not to THAT degree, like she is a certified mean girl in unnecessary ways we can’t relate to, but... that’s legit a shitty time in every way and i’ve known ppl who would be and have been that dramatic/obsessed in relationships. she has never been forced to think about people not like her in terms of mental health and she has ZERO frame of reference that we know of or lived experience in any way. she doesn’t get it, VERY clearly. and i honestly think sander’s bipolar diagnosis is fairly recent in wtfock. i have nothing to back that up other than... bipolar takes a while to be diagnosed and normally happens early 20s and onward, and sander himself doesn’t get to talk abt it much on screen but i wouldn’t be surprised if he was still trying to figure it out for himself.
imo, the sonjas are worse bc they know what they’re saying is just to be manipulative and get isaks off their backs/to leave them alone, lol. like they KNOW what they’re saying isn’t true and are just trying to break a spirit. maybe it’s out of protectiveness, but you could argue it’s out of selfishness and their own fear too and i think the sonjas being older and having dated evens for longer puts them at an extreme power advantage in that situation. like that’s real manipulation, not that i think it’s some lasting scar on the isaks or makes them irredeemable, and i’m grateful they have them turn around and apologize/explain. they clearly understand what they said and did is wrong like.. as they did it. britt legit is just............ ignorant. it’s hard to watch, she gets in robbe’s face and shoves him, and it gets even harder bc you never get the apology from her. but in the end, it comes down to emotional immaturity and britt’s full of it. her exbest friend cheated with her exboyfriend, her current boyfriend cheated on her with robbe, and she has a tight n aggressive rein on him, which IS unhealthy and bad for them both. anyway, i don’t think she’s evil lmao. i also don’t think what she did was the end of the world, even if she caused my faves pain. sander’s own brain serves him far fucking worse i’m sure, and all i can say is now that robbe and sander are in a happier place, it’s easier to logically look at the situation than it was when it was airing. that specific situation always really forces me to try to put myself in people’s shoes bc anon.. i legit wouldn’t have done it at 16 either! and also i think people do things when they’re overly emotional that they wouldn’t condone on a normal day, ESP when you’re young and hormonal. with britt, it just makes me wonder where the redeeming side to her is BECAUSE sander also started dating her in the first place. like...... jflksdjflk noor and jana associated with her.... there has to be something beyond the villain positions we see her in.
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rakeshouseparty · a year ago
You be into what ever you want, I'm not one to shame. I just don't really get what exactly it was that made love those nerds so much. Expanding on why would help!
//OH BOY.. i mean, idk if it’ll help since I feel like its got more to do with my personal tastes, ,,,
#askies#the first character thay i did fall inlove w was ur sneck#i think its bc of how he was introduced in ex-cearulo#when i was readin the first chapter..i mean everything seemed KINDA normal the first half and in comes this weird obscure little man#being described by Mills and i was like 👀👀 bc mystery men are alwyaa good an gooey!!#the more i reas ex tho the more i rlly started to like mills too! even if he was a piece in the past! hes still to me enjoyable!#and heh..cutie... ALSO brandon ! i mean when he first came in he radiated the fun-friend/fun-uncle kinda energy!!! even if he seems kinda#scary when he does get mad..i want to kiss him..on the mouth.worms off the strings... Must Be Included.. the Ex story just made me fall#inlove with a buncha characters bc im a loser.. and ur lore/info posts about mills n sneck just made me love em more!#also they all look amazinf ans cute and sneckdraw is shorter than me which is GODLY in men i want to Pick him up and Fuckin SWING him around#also LUCY. I DUNNO TOO MUCH ABOUT THEM BUT SHE is very good too#apperance wise im a sucker for feminine folks in suits..’am 😳😳🥺🥺 please tell me u have a strap— i’d love to hear much more about#her one day! especially w/ what Ken said about her near the end!#i was glnna put these in the ask but i forgot theres no readmore on mobile app ;-;#sorry if things are spelled wrong..#also i qas gona be like more cursed but i thought i am radiating cursed energy enough as is i kust wanna let u know#i am very open to the idea of holding hands w ur gang of ocs
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camileonss · 2 years ago
Also, my college friends often invite me places but yknow when you’re gay and trans and you actually don’t enjoy their company that much because they’re very straight, like the kinda straights that think saying “from the other side” is “less offensive” than saying gay....................................... h
#listen im gonna say it whatever#i have only one girl friend in the school#i mean one that i hang out regularly with#and shes.... so painfully straight its like... kinda surprising how you can bubble yourself out of gayness so much to know as little abt gay#ppl as much as she does#one day she like said hi to a dude#and she like leaned down and whispered in my and my dude friends' ear#*I think.......that guy is.....from the other side....."#and me and my other friend were like...... so hes gay#and she was like *OMG dont say it like THAT*#and we were like.......wh-#and she was like *GAY is offensive.. its sound ugly*#and like...mmh#i really dont like her and its super weird because she has called me her best friend multiple times#and im just like haha..... thanks :)#and she goes on about how shes so glad she has a girl to do girly things and we're such good girl friends n stuff#and like haha how do i break it 2 u that im not a girl and im not st8 and i dont rly like u#i do have friends i like theres a guy who i think is kinda ok hes nice#but.. yknow i just will never be 100% my true self around this girl or these people and i can never connect with them totally#and i know i look like a coward clown hanging out with this kinda people if they make me repress such a huge and important part of me#but like.. there is not much else surrounding me i dont even like this college#this whole.. thing is like uncomfortable and it makes me repress parts of my true self#like for example my actual passion which is art#and idk.... some days i feel so weak and so pointless#i just think my whole life is so dull and half assed and i became such a people pleaser#like why not do this to my personal relationships too#it doesnt even matter#like what do i want actual friends for if none of our likes are even remotely close..... idk#im just.. kinda emotional because being closeted is a.. idk sad thing for me rn#rambling
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