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rngdshep · 2 months ago
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Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition + New Armors for Femshep LE1 (mod)
🌌 Happy N7 Day!!!
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cgarts · a year ago
Tumblr media
Happy Belated N7 Day!
It was some kind of N7 Day though.
Have an Eme. 
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dorkousloris · 11 months ago
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been wanna to try this picrew, since i have seen dorks doing it on here so why not?
top row: Tristan Padilla, Anita Lee, Florencia Cruz (they’re all from the same story I’m developing with Anita as the main character) bottom row: Max Vasquez (FNV), Carmen Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy), Vabyn Smallburrows (DND Halfing Artificer) 
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ferelden-loser · 3 years ago
“I would die for you!”
Inspired by @breadedsinner - I liked this way too much not to have a go myself.
“I would never let that happen!” - Yvenne Alaris (the Arcana), Jane Shepard (Mass Effect), Lorrayn Cousland (Dragon Age), Emmett Trevelyn (DA)
“Bold of you to assume I would need saving.” - Artin Aeducan (DA), Arahiel Lavellan (DA)
“Then perish.” - Imun Adaar (DA), Maria Trevelyn (DA), Leon Cousland (DA)
“[laughs nervously] Haha, okay. Cool.” - Sara Ryder (Mass Effect), Garrett Hawke (DA)
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impossible-rat-babies · 2 months ago
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oc-tober 2021 is finished! I know I kinda limped my way through this year (adjusting to working again will do that) but I did manage to finish for the fourth year in a row!
thanks y’all for letting me borrow your characters and drawing a whole lovely smattering of them! every year i wish i could draw more of them ;--;
who is who under the cut!
1. pollux bixby (mine) 2. levy graham -- @possumgeist 3. oren malloch -- @syrcus 4. rae jung -- @bitchesofostwick 5. ephyra “effie” metaxas -- @coldshrugs 6. pippa hawke -- @captaintiny 7. nemo ainsley -- @starrypawz 8. una moore-- @sidestepping 9. november “noa” caine -- @marshalortega
10. walter luna -- @danielsullivan 11. charlie -- @rickety-goose 12. riley owens -- @kittlesandbugs 13. silas king -- @waspgrave 14. theo west -- @ellstersmash 15. katerina irakleidis -- @rosewoodcasket 16. rabbit winslow-- mine 17. tammy newman -- @mybookswerealltome 18. faustus valentine -- @veeples
19. kindcaid anderson -- @attraeus 20. leigh bennett -- @th-ink-first 21. aimee lin -- @losingface 22. antoine duman -- @punkranger 23. jericho lee thompson -- mine 24. rue basri -- @spike-spiegel-is-jewish 25. enasali lavellan -- @jewishtabris 26. valerie kalesko -- @winterkeys 27. nathair chernobog -- @sysba
28. nyx shepard -- @full---ofstarlight 29. einar helguson-reed -- @nephaltis 30. akos -- @pearl-kite 31. river lee -- @sdorran
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neketakas · 2 days ago
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i was tagged by @brujah to make some ocs in this picrew, thank you sidney! ♡♡
elaine trevelyan, dragon age     //     jean shepard, mass effect
kiana lee, mass effect     //     ophelia ryder, mass effect
arianna tygrill, pillars of eternity     //     fraya, skyrim
tagging, if they want to, @montliyets, @camelliagwerm, @avallachs, @voelds, @steelport, @maykr, @gorotakemura, @alistairs, @dredgenyoure, @vayne!
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lesbianclaptrap · 4 years ago
someone stop me from turning all my ocs names into nicknames
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alyssalenko · a year ago
OC Faceclaims
@starsandskies​ and @emjs-good-out-here​ you have no idea the can of worms you opened with this innocent tag XD I have been slaving away on these edits for TWO WEEKS. I figured If I was going to show them off, they were going to look right. :’D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some of them are not used very often or have not been used yet but sometimes I wanted to refer to a specific feature so they got face claims as well because my brain just works like that…and since some of the text is hard to read because I made it their eye colors (which thankfully some of these edits were just changing eye colors) and that was a bad idea on my part, from left to right and top to bottom:
Ksenia Solo: Alyss Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko
Clara Lee Kelly: Abigail Shepard LI Jeff 'Joker' Moreau
Oksana Butovskya: Taye Shepard LI Thane Krios
Julie Kennedy: Odessa Cousland LI Alistair Theirin
Natasha Barnard: Elyssia Hawke LI Fenris
Emily Rudd: Victoria 'Tori' Trevelyan LI Cullen Rutherford
Meagan Tandy: Alexis Ryder LI Liam Kosta
Tolle Sommersprosen: Ivi Ryder LI Reyes Vidal
India Eisley: Marlo Ryder LI Harry Carlyle
Taylor Noel Freeman: Nessa Sinclair LI Asra Alnazar
Emily Didonato: Quinn Shepard LI Conrad Verner
Jessica Heap: Phasmi and Phranki Trevelyan LI Cullen Rutherford and Thom 'Blackwall' Rainier, respectively.
Rachel Hurd-Wood: Newti Lavellan LI Solas
Deborah Ann Woll: Celeste Hawke LI Anders
Taylor Swift: Y'vonne Vollay LI Aric Jorgan
Lauren Mellor: Stelloc Merr LI Archiban 'Doc' Kimble
Riley Ramussen: Seyla Vorre LI Andronikos Revel
Courtney Eaton: Tayli Pirrard LI Vector Hyllus
Isla Fisher: Mira Stelloc LI Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Grace Phipps: Raelita Planen LI Corso Riggs
Ana Villafañe: Tourmaline and Corazón Deskar LI Archiban 'Doc' Kimble and Aric Jorgan, respectively.
Yanina Studilina: Briar Lavellan LI Thom 'Blackwall' Rainier
Gugu Mbatha Raw: Calysta 'Cal' Shepard (and her twin Grainne, but Grainne belongs to my co-author) LI Kaidan Alenko
Simone Haas: Marina Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko and Jeff 'Joker' Moreau
Mackenzie Foy: Mira Stelloc LI Sirius Black
Chloe Grace Moretz: Seyla Grove LI Brendan Birch
Xenia Tchoumitcheva: Yvette Harrington LI Muriel
Tiffany Withrow: Lorelei Ryder LI Tiran Kandros
Holly Peers: Viola Ryder LI Jaal Ama Darav
Sai Bennett: Carlotta 'Lotte' Payne LI Julian Devorak
Phoebe Tonkin: Nebula Hawke LI Sebastian Vael
Miranda Kerr: Naomi Shepard LI James Vega
Anna Popplewell: Myka Shepard (and her twin Lillith, but Lillith belongs to my co-author) LI Kaidan Alenko
Jasmine Sanders: Winnifred Shepard LI Garrus Vakarian
Odette Yustman: Casey Shepard LI Urdnot Wrex
Karen Gillan: Adrienne 'Andy' Mett LI Thor
Benoît Maréchal: Blaize Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko
Gigi Hadid: Kayliss LI Master Rahool
Matt Lanter: Stanley Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko and Zaeed Massani
Rita Ora: Hetti of Lyria LI Eskel
Ana de Armas: Molly Shepard LI Liara T'Soni
Jayde Rossi: Default Sara Ryder LI Liam Kosta
Emma Roberts: Victoria 'Phasmi' Graceland
Tagging @auroraborealia​ (since you wanted to see the finished product and to share all of yours!) @pikapeppa​ @lauraemoriarty​ @a-shakespearean-in-paris​ @schoute​ @kenshi-vakarian7 @foofyschmoofer​ @guileandgall @obvidalous ​ @briarfox13​ @forlornmelody​ @joufancyhuh​ @vorchagirl​ @badwolf626​ @rpgwarrior4824​ @natsora​ @naromoreau​ @hawkeykirsah​ @amarmeme​ @gugle1980​ @bardofheartdive​ @shretl​ @citadelsushi​ @seigephoenix​ @illusivesoul​ and anyone else who wants to play but as always no obligation!
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dafan7711 · a year ago
Music Meme x Fan Fiction
Thank you to @natsora​​ for tagging me with this OC Songs meme. I’m having a hard time thinking of OC songs that aren’t wrapped up in my characters’ stories with their love interests, so I’ll share some of those (full music playlist on youtube):
Dragon Age
Kate Cousland x Alistair Theirin – This is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars.
Margie Trevelyan x Alistair Theirin – World on Fire by Les Friction.
“World on fire with a smoking sun . . . I will cover you, when the sky comes crashing in.”
Story: The King and the Inquisitor, 18,940 words, complete.
Tumblr media
Karl Trevelyan x Dorian Pavus –
Stay By My Side by Miracle of Sound.
Safe in My Hands by Eli Lieb.
Story: The Amatus and the Altus, 153,630 words, complete.
Tumblr media
Leo Trevelyan x Lace Harding – Lace’s song: Kickback by Miracle of Sound.
Story: The Amatus and the Altus, 153,630 words, complete.
Leo is Karl’s elder brother and heir to the Bann of Ostwick.
I’ve also written M!Hawke x Fenris x F!OC, but don’t have a song for them.
Dragon Age: OC x OC
Prince Duncan Theirin x Surgeon Georgie – All of Me by John Legend.
“What’s going on in that beautiful mind, I’m on your magical mystery ride . . . ’cause I give you all of me, and you give me all of you . . . All of me loves all of you.”
Story: Courage, My Heart, 49,663 words, complete. Also stars Enchanter Janelle x Enchanter Alan, who serves King Alistair, but keeps secrets from him. And Prince Duncan runs off in the night to search for Alistair’s birth mother.
Stanley x Rachel (ex-Templar and former Seeker) – Jet Black Dress by Miracle of Sound.
Story: Guard My Heart, 17,020 words, complete.
Mass Effect
My Kimberly Shepard x Garrus Vakarian –
Broken by Seether (feat. Amy Lee) – Shakarian fan vid & OC in vid not mine.
No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine – Shakarian fan vid & OC in vid not mine.
Tumblr media
My Kimberly x Garrus stories:
Shakarian, 7,692 words, complete, Kimberly x Garrus in ME2.
There's No Shepard Without Vakarian, 8,141 words, on hiatus, ME3 sequel to Shakarian.
I Watched Them Dance, 663 words, complete – James’ POV.
Tumblr media
My Jane Shepard x James Vega –
Holding Out for a Hero, Jennifer Saunders cover, Shrek 2 Soundtrack.
Hold My Hand by Hootie & The Blowfish.
Story: Soldier’s Heart, 53,478+ words, WIP.
Tumblr media
This playlist | AO3 fics
Tagging anyone who wants to do a music meme, writing meme, or share a life update!
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autodiscothings · 2 years ago
What inspired you to write Ori and Kolyat specifically? What drew you to them? Sorry if you’ve already answered this!
Tumblr media
I couldn’t answer this last night, as to me this is a question that requires more thought than two large gin and tonics would allow, and I wanted to do it justice. 
Before the art, which I think most people follow me for, there was (and still is) the writing. I wanted to write a Mass Effect crime story back in 2017, and thought a drell lead who could remember things perfectly would make a fantastic detective. 
Eidetic memory could be a useful plot device, too; if I wrote it in first person, it would not only make the mystery element more compelling (you are there with Kolyat as he works things out) but would make those flashbacks less jarring.
Kolyat was also a character that intrigued me. I could’ve gone with a drell OC, but I wanted to know more about him. I thought his father’s story was done, tied up in a neat bow; Kolyat’s story was not, and I was left wondering- was he okay? Did he survive the Citadel explosion? What does he do with himself, does he become a priest, a detective, an advocate for his people? Does he stay under Bailey’s wing? Does he return to Kahje? Does he actually carve a life for himself out of his parent’s shadow? 
It occurred to me that rather than badger other fanfic writers to answer the questions above (you can still see my “but what about-” comments to some of them, sorry guys) I could write my own.
Tumblr media
Disconnect is my first Detective Krios mystery, and I did begin to answer some of my own questions. It’s a WIP I’ll return to one day, but Kolyat has remained unchanged as my writing has progressed. A good thing, since it’s his voice that steers the stories. He is still:
Grumpy, to the point of misanthropic behaviour.  
Has dry, somewhat sarcastic observations 
A secret softie, good with kids and animals
Obsessed with his work
A runner- likes to run to clear his head
Just a detective. Not a Shepard, not his father, not a Vakarian. 
A stranger in a strange land- a minority in whatever space he’s in.
Complicated in his thoughts regarding his people, culture and religion; has an immigrant’s guilt, but pragmatic with it.
Has/had a conflicted relationship with his father. Kol knows as an adult that his dad was dysfunctional because of the Compact/his own shitty childhood -even has empathy for it- but he still can’t quite forgive Thane his choices in life.
Tumblr media
You’ll notice it’s all Kolyat I’m talking about so far, and not Ori. Partly because the reader doesn’t know her inner thoughts- she might be in every story, but the reader only knows her through the eyes of Kolyat.
Tumblr media
I go into great detail in this post here why she’s important to me, and how I write her. In all honesty, when I first started writing her in Disconnect, I liked the idea of her more than the character. She was a woman in his flashback memories to haunt him, a familiar Noir trope. 
It’s also one she took great offence at, as weird as that is to say about a character I write. Ori’s personality has had the most change and nuance in my writing because of this, but from the start I knew:
She was no one’s doormat
Works in colony development, understands politics and red tape
She has a very rich life outside of Kolyat’s sphere/observation
She has a sense of humour- sass is the name of the game
Smart, capable- more so than Kolyat in some aspects
Old Hollywood femme-y glamour passed through a Mass Effect filter
Ori’s had so much more added to her since then. Disconnect is the story where she’s the least featured; Sirens & Selkies and Acts of Repetition she is very much there and holds her own, and is not just a flashback.
Tumblr media
I know a lot of people in the fandom are either nonplussed about the pairing/story (it’s not Shepard, etc)  or have problems with the Kol/Ori ship itself, but that’s rarepair hell for you.
 I’ve also seen the “but why?” comments in the tags- pair the spares, ugh is one, but that’s part of the reason I like them; in the postwar context as I write the characters, it just makes sense.
Tumblr media
Kol and Ori have a lot in common; the biggest is of course the Normandy connection, a frankly secret part of their life they can’t talk about with most people- not really. Ori even calls herself a Lee, not a Lawson. Why would she take Henry Lawson’s name, anyway? She had a family before him and Miranda.
 Obviously “but my sister worked with your dad” is not enough for a relationship, but it’s definitely enough for an introduction. “We met at a party” is also a start, which is how they first met Postwar. I’ve found the ones who hate ‘Koliana’ the most have their own passionate/thought out version of Kolyat and Ori anyway; fair enough, so do I.
My OTP is (personally) delightful to me, because:
Their sass! Back and forth banter is a delight to write.
An interspecies relationship where the physical is not actually the difficult part- the cultural and emotional side is.
Not soulmates, but people who have to make an instant connection last a lifetime, and always work at it.
Seem polar opposites, a moon/sun dynamic
It just makes sense to me. These two are in the long haul, and I know what they do up until their mid 50s; I will finish Disconnect and Sirens after Repetitions is written, maybe I can explore that time of their life (and their kids!) after they’re done.
Writing takes me a long time though, oh boy. I’ll get there! I have no desire to quit; obviously this world I’ve made still means a lot to me.
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rngdshep · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition + a better intro outfit for femshep (mod)
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cgarts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Belated Birthday, Commander.
— i looked at no references so, take complaints about inaccuracies directly to HR. —
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dorkousloris · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got tagged by @impossible-rat-babies to try this picrew! :D
these nerds are currently who im feeling rn, so from left to right; Jas Ryder (ME:A), Anita Lee, annnd Carmen Shepard (ME Trilogy) 
i would tag but madmmamg, brains too sleeby so anyone seeing this post? youre tagged! go whatever you want to try the picrew (and if not, thats okay! ❤️) 
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jaymescabinn · a year ago
Meaning for this Blog?
I’ll be posting my Character Charts, from descriptions of my Original Characters to reference photos. 
List of my Ocs  -Clayton James Shepard -Matthew Lee Collins
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katajanokka · 2 years ago
11 Questions Meme
Rules: answer the questions of the person who tagged you, come up with 11 new ones, and tag 11 new people. I was tagged by @slothssassin and @occorner, thank you lovelies. :) I am tagging @amys2885, @cactuarkitty, @tessa1972, @somethingbanana, @thejeeperswife, @ieatlazers and @oliviawildesjawline - no pressure. ;) Here are my 11 questions:
1) If you could choose, in which could country would you like to live and why?
2) If you could live in a video game world, which would it be?
3) Do you any favourite herbs?
4) Which fictional character do you admire the most?
5) Do you prefer the sea or mountains?
6) Is there any era in which you would like to have lived?
7) Do you believe in reincarnation?
8) What is your favourite weather?
9) What would you consider your main vice?
10) Are you a family person?
11) Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
My answers to @slothssassin and @occorner questions are under the tag. ;)
@slothssassin questions:
1) What’s your all-time favourite song?
Hard to pick only one to be honest. Probably something from Tarja, like Crimson Deep. Depends on the mood. 
2) A country you always wanted to visit?
Iceland (dream come true this year!), more of Finland and then Canada and New Zealand. 
3) How has this year treated you so far?
I can’t complain, it could always be better but also a lot worse. 
4) Do you have any vacations planned?
Yes! :) Iceland soon and then there is the Gamescom with my sis and the Baltic Sea with my family. :)
5) Do you collect anything?
Anything? Well, a lot of things to be honest. :D
6) Which OC of yours is the most developed?
Hard to say...probably my Lynn Shepard, not least cause I had so many playthroughs already. :)
7) Who is your favourite artist? Again, not easy. :D There are so many areas to consider, so I’ll just randomly name some that come to my mind right now: Myazaki, Edvard Munch, Tarja, Ali Smith, Ingeborg Bachmann, Tove Jansson, Christa Wolf, tbc.
8) What’s your favourite book and why do you like it?
There are like 865392 faves here :D One very dear to me is certainly Amy Liptrot’s “The Outrun”. I love the contrast of the anonymous and desperately active city life and the harsh but soothing nature up in the North and how they mirror the protagonists soul.
9) 3 things you like about yourself?
Hum, my legs, my eye for details, my poems if ever I would write some these days
10) Your favourite soundtrack from a videogame?
AH! Dragon Age Inquisition, Fallout 4, Skyrim and Assassins Creed 2 as well as Life is Strange
11) Which game(s) are you currently playing? Mass Effect, again
@occorner ‘s questions:
1. Favorite season and why? I used to love the inbetween seasons, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Usually, it was always spring but that seems to get skipped nowadays. 
2. Something to make you happy. What is it? Being silly with my sis, watching birbs and animals in general, immersing myself into any piece of art, the ocean, my gf, talking to my mum...
3. Something that you dislike and it drives you insane? Arrogance, plainly put. The general disregard for our planet. Society’s structures and how people cling to it. 
4. Do you curse a lot? All the damn time, at least at work. 
5. One thing you always have on you, wherever you’re at? Some special pieces of jewelry, like a ring and pendant.  6. The OC of yours, you have most conflicting views with? To be honest, I don’t usually make OC’s whose views differ so much from my own.
7. Writer or artist? Maybe both? if so, which feels more like your element to you? I’ve always considered myself to be a writer and that’s what feels most close my heart, though I have drawn more than written in recent years. 
8. If you could live a life of your OC for a day, who you would change places with? Uh hard to say! My Lynn Shep? My Inquisitor Lilja? Or my Dragonborn Lyra, or maybe my Sole Lee? :D 9. Favorite game, which isn’t very popular, but you love it? I don’t know about popular but probably not so well known: The Council? 10. One character you like really much, but fandom/others are keen on criticizing a lot? Uhm, nothing comes to mind right now. I don’t know whether my faves are particulalry disliked?! 11. Favorite piece of clothing you own? One of my many comfy jumpers probably. :D
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jt-boi-n7 · 2 years ago
OC Theme Songs
What tracks plays when your OC enters the scene and why?
Tagged by @cassandrapentayaaaaas -- meant to do this way earlier, but this week has been a bitch.  Thanks for the tag!
Evan Shepard
Tumblr media
Seven Nation Army -- Glitch Mob Remix
I'm gonna fight 'em all A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna rip it off Taking their time right behind my back
And I'm talking to myself at night Because I can't forget Back and forth through my mind Behind a cigarette And the message coming from my eyes Says leave it alone
Obviously this song is awesome, but there’s something about the remix that just takes it to another level.  The distortion, the effects, the heavy beat--it’s a perfect synopsis of the synthetic/organic conflict at the heart of the Mass Effect series.  You can just imagine Shepard wading into a swarm of husks with nothing but an omniblade and emerging without a scratch.
Ember Ryder
Tumblr media
Rock This Town -- The Stray Cats
Well, we're having a ball just 'a bopping on the big dance floor Well, there's a real square cat, he looks a 1974 Well, he looked at me once, he looked at me twice Look at me again and there's gonna be fight We're gonna rock this town We're gonna rip this place apart
Ember is a damn good guitarist and a rockabilly at heart, so this is her go-to pick up jam.  Considering her situation, she needs a pick up more often than not, so this song is heard quite often coming from the Pathfinder’s quarters.  Plus, it’s just rebellious enough to play right after she tells Tann to go fuck himself.
Everly Trevelyan
Tumblr media
Announcer at Halamshiral: Lady Inquisitor Evelyn Lee Trevelyan, daughter of Bann--
*Lights dim*
*Funk guitar kicks in*
*Beat drops*
*Everly busts down door*
I'm too hot (hot damn!) Called a police and a fireman I'm too hot (hot damn!) Make a dragon wanna retire man I'm too hot (hot damn!) Say my name you know who I am I'm too hot (hot damn!)
Josephine: I fucking quit
Tagging @inquartata30​ @joking611​ @inoshatrynn​ @mercurialmind​ @thewindysideofcare​ @hobbular​ @linguini17​ @pentaposting​ @ripplesofaqua​ and anyone else who wants to play.
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eliniei · 2 years ago
Those Hard Days Masterlist - COMPLETE
Those Hard Days
Other fics: Masterlist
Type: Sisterfic
Summary: Rae’s brother always made sure she was tough as nails. But when her father flips her world upside down, will she find that there’s a limit on how strong she can be?
Warnings: Rape/Non-con (non-graphic, fade-to-black), child abuse, underage drinking, underage smoking, drug use, violence, major character death
A/N: I originally wrote this fic when I was in high school. It has been around for a good decade but needed a major face-lift (it was pretty cringey). I have worked hard to make this fic seem more realistic (if theres something that doesn’t seem right, please tell me, I want to make it right) and the characters more, well, in character. I truly hope you all enjoy it. The story is…very different now than it was ten years ago xD As a fair warning, it’s 30 some chapters, so be prepared. Chapter list and other information under cut.
Major Characters: Rae Winston (OC), Dallas Winston, Two-Bit Mathews, Curly Shepard, Carrie Merril (OC)
Relationships: Curly Shepard/OC, Tim Shepard/OC, Steve Randle/Evie, Dallas Winston/Sylvia (mentioned)
Point-of-view: Prologue/Midpoint/Epilogue 1st Person, Chapters 3rd Person
AO3: here Fanfiction.net: here
Character Profiles:
Rae Lee Winston Carrie Merrill
Kiss Me - Rae Winston x Curly Shepard, 5 years later Tattoo - Rae Winston x Curly Shepard, 1 year after the end of the story
Chapter List:
Prologue Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 - Part II Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 Chapter 39 Chapter 40 Chapter 41 Chapter 42 Chapter 43 Chapter 44 Epilogue I Epilogue II
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rvtstudent-blog · 2 years ago
OC Interview
I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but really wanted to do it for Ryan Hunter, so I did.
I’m going to tag @bronzeagelove @amariahellcat @thealexmachina @wafflesrock16 and @squigglysquidd if you want to! Anyone else is free to do it as well and say I tagged you :)
1. Choose an OC. 2. Answer them as that OC. 3. Tag 5 people to do the same.
1. What is your name?
“Ryan Lee Hunter-Regirian”
2. Do you know why are you named that?
“My parents thought they were going to be having a boy and never came up with a girl’s name that they liked. The only name they liked was Ryan, so it stuck.”
3. Are you single or taken?
“Taken and married.”
4. Have any abilities or powers?
“Does bull-headed stubbornness count?”
*Atticus guffaws in the background*
5. Stop being a Mary Sue.
“Definitely not a Mary Sue.”
6. What’s your eye color?
“My eye color is a pale, ice blue. Think icebergs in the Antarctic. It darkens or lightens under different lighting.”
7. How about your hair color?
“Dark blonde with red and copper highlights – most would say I’m a strawberry blonde.”
8. Have any family members?
“I have three other siblings: Leah’s a lawyer at a large firm on Earth - and the oldest, followed by Dr. Patty boy, aka Patrick who is a cardiac surgeon at Huerta, then Sean, who is only a year older than I am. He looks after the family business and does his philanthropy work on the side, and is the dad of my niece and nephew. My Mom, Tanya, still lives in the family home.”
9. Oh? How about pets?
“At current count, we have about 30 varren of varying ages, from newborns to 14 years old. And Atticus’ cat….”(sighs, and mutters under her breath): “I can’t stand that cat, and I think she’s plotted more than once to kill me.”
Atticus: “Hey! She’s not that bad!” 
10. That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like?
(Scowls) “Batarians”
11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
“My job is my hobby. Breeding, raising and training varren for military and security work.”
12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
*Stays silent*
13. Ever… killed anyone before?
“Of course. It’s hard to be in active combat situations and not.”
14. What kind of animal are you?
“Definitely a lioness! Hard working, family oriented, powerful.”
15. Name your worst habits?
“I’m known for letting my emotions cloud my judgement, and don’t take too well to authority if I’m not given the respect I deserve.”
16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
“Shepard. Even though she’s younger than I am, that scared teen I saved on Mindoir became the savior to so many others. And my dad – if it wasn’t for him, I’d never have joined the Marines, or met Atticus.”
17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?
“Bi, but with a preference for male turians…one in particular.”
*Winks at Atticus in the background*
18. Do you go to school?
“I did, but not now. I’m supposed to be a grownup apparently.”
19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
“I am married, and we’re working on the other thing.”
20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
“No? That’s just weird.”
21. What are you most afraid of?
*Swallows audibly* “Loss”
22. What do you usually wear?
“Military fatigue cargo pants and either a tank top or tee shirt.”
23. What’s one food that tempts you?
Atticus answers before she is able to: “Breakfast food. Breakfast all the time.”
24. Am I annoying to you?
“Not yet.”
25. Well, it’s still not over!
“Keep ‘em coming.”
26. What class are you (low/middle/high)?
“Middle? Middle-high? But the Hunter’s are a high class family.”
27. How many friends do you have?
“Very few. My brother Sean and my husband Atticus are who I am the closest with.”
28. What are your thoughts on pie?
“It’s alright.”
29. Favorite drink?
“There’s this centuries old asari whiskey made by one of the oldest matriarchs that’s the real deal – best thing I’ve ever drank.”
30. What’s your favorite place?
“I love our home on Mindoir. Located in a rural area, away from our neighbors, but close to the main city centre.”
31. Are you interested in anyone?
“I did say I was married, right?”
32. That was a stupid question…
“You think?”
33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
“Lakes all the way…salt water sucks.”
34. What’s your type?
“Tall, muscular, military. Biceps that could crush someone’s skull, with plates covered with the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen. Ruby red eyes, golden plates that fade to a tawny brown.” 
*Atticus rumbles in approval*
35. Any fetishes?
*Atticus butts in* “You are not answering that.”
Ryan: “Yes sir.”
36. Camping or outdoors?
“Both? Are they meant to be different? For me, camping = outdoors.”
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morlanwen · 3 years ago
Video game asks: 5, 18, 24, 35, 36, 43. Sorry, that's a lot - but they're fun questions!
5. Game with the best soundtrack?Witcher (1,2 &3) or Skyrim? Skyrim or Witcher? If I had to chose only one to listen to the rest of my life, it will be Witcher (in this order: 3,1,2) :)
18. Worst game you’ve played?The worst I’ve ever played? I suppose I don’t remember the worst game, but I remember one of the worst: Les chroniques de la lune noire (1999)(the Dark Moon Chronicles) a mix of Warcraft/Heroes of Might and Magic minus the fun in Warcraft and/or the magic of HoM&M. I played it 2 hours and resold it.
24. Ever cried because of a video game? Which one(s)?Ooooh yes. I cried when Lee asked Clementine to shoot him (The walkind dead season 1), I cried when Mordin sacrificed himself (ME3), I cried for Garrus and Shepard last goodbyes at the end of ME3, and I cried in Darksouls (the 1st) because I am this bad at this game I can’t even pass the tutorial (ok, not the same cries as the others, but I cried nonetheless ^^)
35. Best protagonist? I supppose OCs do not count… I really, really like Rincewind from Discworld (1995 - this dates me a bit ^^). I never laugh so hard with a  game before him ^^
36. Best antagonist?Arthas. I loved his story in Warcraft III. I love to hate him ;)
43. Favorite sidekick or companion?No surprise here. Anders. I have a thing for rebel/revolutionary/witty (in DA:O Awakening). And he’s a healer !!  ^^
Thanks for asking me :)
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christophermoltisantisgf · a month ago
OC List
Here is a list of my self insert and other ocs I will be posting about.
Self Inserts in Canon
Tiara Rizzo / The Sopranos (married to Christopher Moltisanti)
Fianna Fuentes / X Men Origins (life mates with Victor Creed)
Valeria Claro / Resident Evil (married to Nikolai Zinoviev)
Cali Ortega / Resident Evil (dating Lucas Baker)
Cereza de Santa / Resident Evil (dating Jack Krauser)
Nonia Fonzarelli / Talladega Nights (engaged to Reese Bobby)
Machete / DCEU (dating Captain Boomerang, formerly dated Victor Zsasz and Roman Sionis)
Paige Peralta / Mortal Kombat (engaged to Kano)
Brittany Spade / Dawn of the Dead (dating CJ)
Bella Spade / Army of the Dead (dating Martin, Brittany and CJ's niece)
Lucy la Paz / Fargo (dating Gaear Grimsrud)
Spike / The Matrix (dating Shepherd)
Angela Wesson / Scream (engaged to Cotton Weary)
Jordanna Lewis / Uncharted (engaged to Orca, friends with benefits with Knot)
Candy Crowe / Goon (dating Ross Rhea)
Pudding Navarro / GTAV (engaged to Trevor Philips)
Cici Cifaretto / GTAV (dating Dom Beasley)
Honey Monaghan / Death Stranding (married to Higgs Monaghan)
Missy / Firefly Trilogy (married to Otis Driftwood / dated Ray Dobson)
Sheep / Texas Chainsaw Massacre (dating Tex Sawyer)
Avril Deschanel / Call of Duty (married to Vladimir Makarov)
Lacy Morrison / Far Cry 5 (engaged to Sharky Boshaw)
Chanel Payne / Far Cry 5 (engaged to Staci Pratt)
Rosa de Angelis / House of Wax (dating Bo Sinclair)
Bonita Dorado / Red Dead Redemption (dating Arthur Morgan)
Anabel Lee / Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Various (married to Seven Overland)
Navy Young / The Last of Us (dated Owen, currently dating Derek Hart)
Rosie Rodriguez / Men In Black II (dating Scrad/Charlie)
Kimi Carson / Walking Tall (engaged to Ray Templeton)
Jewel Shepard / Mass Effect (dating Joker)
Minerva Marquez / Venom (dating Eddie and Venom)
Olivia Morello / Metalocalypse (dating Pickles)
Reverie / The Boys (dating The Deep, formerly dated Lamplighter)
Stella Glasgow / MCU (dating Brock Rumlow)
Marina Jay Vasquez / Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 (engaged to Spinner Cortez)
Eve Estevez / Dogma (dating Azrael)
Brooke Cornell / The Rundown (engaged to Travis Walker)
Gehenna / Hellraiser (dating Frank Cotton)
Saria / Subnautica (dating Ryley Robinson)
Annalise / Sonic the Hedgehog (married to Shadow)
Vixey Vargas / Scrubs (dating The Todd)
Vanilla Valentino / Pineapple Express (engaged to Ted Jones)
Other OCs in Canon
Mischka Claro-Zinoviev / Resident Evil (daughter of Valeria and Nikolai)
Ariel Key / Resident Evil (dating David King)
Anais Bilodeau / Silent Hill (married to Elle Holloway)
Mary Anderson / Uncharted (dating Rafe Adler)
Shelly Ryan / Trauma Team (dating Gabriel Cunningham)
Stacy Lupertazzi / Call of Duty (dating Sandman)
Alyssa Swanson / The Sopranos (Tiara's roommate)
Sadie Sanders / Far Cry 5 (dating Charles Lindsey)
Lilly Murphy / Far Cry 5 (dating Faith Seed)
Seven Overland / Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Various (married to Anabel Lee)
Derek Hart / The Last of Us (dating Navy Young)
Josephine Young / The Last of Us (cousin of Navy Young)
OCs from Original Projects
Cleo Martinez / Leviathan: Still on Patrol (dating Ishmael Philips)
Ishmael Philips / Leviathan: Still on Patrol (dating Cleo Martinez)
AK Karakolov / Girl of Crosses (engaged to Vince Woods)
Vincenzo "Vince" Woods / Girl of Crosses (engaged to AK Karakolov)
Veronica "Ve" Lancaster / Girl of Crosses (dating Jasper Chase)
Jasper Chase / Girl of Crosses (dating Ve Lancaster)
Sonja Minelli / .under (engaged to Scott Frey)
Scott Frey / .under (engaged to Sonja Minelli)
Vena Cava Melville / .under (dating Harv Ericsson)
Harvey "Harv" Ericsson / .under (dating Vena Cava Melville)
Sofi / .under (adopted daughter of Vena and Harv)
Elisa / .under (adopted daughter of Vena and Harv)
Molly Starbuck / .under (crush on Alejandro Bonpensiero)
Alejandro Bonpensiero / .under (crush on Molly Starbuck)
Priscilla Ellis / Hazard Diary (engaged to Marvin Lewinski)
Marvin Lewinski / Hazard Diary (engaged to Priscilla Ellis)
Sylvan Peterson / Opal Rain (dating Aaron Rojas, niece to Garth and Camilla, cousin to Iris)
Aaron Rojas / Opal Rain (dating Sylvan Peterson)
Garth Peterson / Opal Rain (married to Camilla Peterson, uncle to Sylvan, father of Iris)
Iris Peterson / Opal Rain (daughter of Garth and Camilla, cousin to Sylvan)
Camilla Peterson / Opal Rain (married to Garth Peterson, aunt to Sylvan, mother of Iris)
Kimmy / untitled (on and off dating Jay, crush on Chris, currently dating Ivan)
Jay / untitled (on and off dating Kimmy)
Ivan / untitled (dating Kimmy)
Chris / untitled (former teacher of Kimmy and Jay, crush of Kimmy, coworker)
Gabriel / untitled (best friend of Jay, friend of Kimmy, coworker)
Crystal / untitled (best friend of Kimmy, friend of Jay, coworker)
(All are subject to change as I create new characters)
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