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I see some of the feralcore crowd on tumblr dot com with their “howl at the moon” this, and “decay in the soil” that, “run barefoot through the woods”, etc. And I’m just like “asswipe, you were bullying teenagers online the other day because they weren’t catdora shippers. That’s not feral. That’s inbred, wall-eyed, blueblooded, genetically bankrupt kennel club shit right there. You’re about as feral as Pekingese dog.”

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justin anti’s are bold asf bc they say they hate him for a completely dumb reason that never fucking happened? they really love to over exaggerate his part in jessica’s assault. no he didn’t PLAN it. no he didn’t assault her himself. no he didn’t let hannah get raped. no he didn’t know about the clubhouse. ugh the dumbassery because they can’t handle the fact that he was the only decent character on that trash tv show they stan.

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ok listen. if I get 300 followers I will change my url to dilfhordak unless I think of another awful url this is not a joke it is my only solution to my conundrum rn

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I hate to discourage ppl from following me… BUT!! IF YOU ARE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:










Anti any group of people who’s lives and philosophy don’t hurt anybody, PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME! I know I have left out a lot of prejudices, this is not because I do not recognize you, it is because there are sooo many hate groups, that I cannot name them all.

I accept all peoples of ant race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, political faction, and profession, as long as they can keep their own hate to themselves. I do not tolerate ANY hate speech, and I do not tolerate prejudice against anybody.

I know this is sudden but something came up (I will not share what happened) and I feel the need to say this. I try not to get political on this blog, due to it being a fan blog, but I will not tolerate any hate activity. Thank you.

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Are you fucking serious?? I dragged YOU down ??? I am the one who is going through a breakup and all you do is complaining about not seeing my sexual photos anymore that you can see for FREE !???

Did you maybe start your Brain for one fucking minute and thought about why I deleted them ??!!! HE took all these pics of me and since we’re broken up now I don’t want to see this pictures anymore and I don’t need to justify myself for it !!!!

Also if you see that I didn’t respond to your first anon, why are you sending this text all over again ? I deleted your messages because they’re highly toxic for the state of mind I’m in rn. So I didn’t want to respond. But you don’t seem so think twice before you send something like this. So here’s your answer !!!

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as a society in general! He meant it as something bad! He was NOT justifying cheating ou n'importe quoi. People are nuanced, and not every situation is the same. Arthur's situation is complex. Also, maybe take a step back. They fucked up, but they are professionals, they can handle criticism just fine. But you should also think about the line between criticising aspects of a show and incessantly saying how much you dislike it.

the content should speak for itself, it shouldn’t have to be explained by the authors if something is ambiguous. idk, for me lucas furrowing his eyebrows didn’t really look like he took it like eliott was talking in general.

and you know what? you can unfollow me now. all i’m saying is how much i don’t like their writing choices, cause if they’re bad then yes, i won’t suck it up and pretend i love it when i don’t. guess who’s been giffing the show, hm? or who’s been actually keeping the tag alive during the hiatus? you have no right to come to me and say something like that when i wanted this season to succeed so badly and now i’m only using sarcasm and making fun of it as a coping mechanism. maybe they should also realize what mistakes they made cause so far it looks like they’re completely ignoring disappointed fans. the fact there’s so many of them should speak for itself.  

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i feel like i only come here when im depressed and i apologize to the 826 people seeing that type of bullshit on their dash when they have their own problems to deal with

i’m not the blog i used to be, thriving with content from theories to stories to memes and such, and i’m just really sorry because i know you guys didn’t follow me for the emotional baggage i place on this blog

it’s always me me me when it should’ve been about you guys

i made this blog to communicate with y’all and i don’t

since i’ve just been a depressed ranter i 100% am okay with you guys unfollowing me

don’t feel bad about it, it’d be better for the both of us ok?

and to the people who will try to comfort me and say that i’m not as bad as i think i am? it’s been a while since i’ve been on here, you didn’t get to see the way i’ve changed for worse and i need to work on it severely

i’ve had my share of toxic people and i’m not about to become one of them.

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!If you are a thinspo/pro-ana/pro-mia/any ed or negative body image related blog please unfollow and do not interact with me!

I’m sorry if this offends anybody, but I have terrible body image issues and these sorts of posts are very triggering and negative to me.

So please don’t take this the wrong way, I support anyone who suffers like this in getting treatment and becoming healthy, but if your blog consists of ‘thinspiration’ and pro-ed content, please do not interact with with me.

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loool do you think i care about that??? bish im so far up their asses i dont care why they did it???? the fact that they had dinner with wine and a candle and that jensen kept their photo for 10 years???????no one can take that away from me

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