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pixel8or 6 months ago
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rowanellis a year ago
my anxiety is like feeling this entire video in my body and soul聽at all times 馃檭
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literallymechanical a year ago
old-timey baseball stadium organ tune but it鈥檚 anxiety
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spectral-neophiliac 2 years ago
James Tenney - For Ann (Rising)
Created in 1969
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simikaurblog 3 years ago
Sound and Movement - lecture
Tumblr media
Here are my notes from the lecture.
Diegetic sound -聽聽is a noise which is coming from inside the scene so they聽are edited in. For example, dialogue between characters or footsteps.聽
Non聽diegetic sound聽 - is a noise, which isn鈥檛 apart of the scene so it has been edited in. For example, dramatic weather conditions or instruments / music.聽
Example of聽diegetic sound:
How does sound make us feel?
It uses the doppler effect to make the viewer feel as though they are actually part of the scene.聽
Example of non diegetic sound:
How does sound make us feel?
These sounds are often so artfully created, edited and mixed to enhanced what is going on. It can create tension and emotional impact for the viewer. Horror films make great emotional use of non-diegetic sounds.
鈥樷榃e don鈥檛 listen enough take notice鈥欌.聽
We can use sound as trigger聽
Ryoji Ikeda - sound artist
Store X The Vinyl Factory
Night thoughts - Helen Simpson
Shepard Tone - named after Roger Shepard, is a sound consisting of a superposition of sine waves separated by octaves. When played pitch of the tone moving upwards or downwards (scale).聽
Opinions on lecture I think that some of the stuff that was shown to me was tripy and near the end of the lecture made me feel a bit weird because of the images, patterns and sounds shown.聽
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danieldiazmusic 3 months ago
(Daniel Diaz)
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belle-the-mess 6 months ago
Shepard tone 馃 risset rhythm
Completely fucking me up even tho I know how they both work
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rierubino 3 years ago
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o-lanterns 26 days ago
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A place I saw in a dream recently.
image description under cut
ID: Abstract figure sculptures in a dark museum room with no discernible edges. A beam of light illuminates one statue, a marble torso shown from the back with no head or limbs wrapped in a crashing wave. There is a crack in it below the ribs. Another sculpture is mostly obscured by shadow and has a swooping amorphous crescent shape, with one end forming into a hand. end ID.
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pixel8or 10 months ago
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viscariadraws 7 months ago
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Meet me at the bar
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audio-wreckage a year ago
Wrecked Loops Vol.2: Shepard Tones, is a sound library that features 40 Shepard Tone Loops and 15 Bonus Tension Loops well suited for film, tv, and game composition and video productions.
Purchase Includes Two Formats:
1.Kontakt Format - Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or Above (WILL NOT work in the free Kontakt Player)
2.WAV Format - For easy drag, drop, and editing audio in any DAW or video editor.
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luisadedonato 4 years ago
video installation
L'opera si propone come naturale continuazione di una ricerca che parte dalla performance "spiritus e animus", riguardo una riflessione sul pensiero di Telesio. "Animus" immerge la filosofia telesiana nella modernit脿 in un rapporto di dialogo con l'evoluzione storica del pensiero filosofico e scientifico. Il pensiero di T. circa lo spiritus e l'animus non ha mai trovato riscontro effettivo, nel caso specifico di un singolo lifetime. Lo spiritus, volto ad animare il corpo coscientemente e destinato a morire col corpo fisico in cui risiede, l'animus immortale che sopravvive al decadimento della materia e della forma stessa. Si nota tuttavia un parallelismo sull'evoluzione del concetto di spirito a livello sociale. In una societ脿 che vive e decade e muore e rinasce come un organismo, il pensiero di telesio diventa allegoria della sensibilita' storica nei confronti del concetto di anima. Con l'indebolirsi del pensiero e dell'autorit脿 religiosa gli interrogativi circa l'origine e il destino dell'anima sono in evidente crisi nella societ脿 odierna, conducendo il concetto ad una morte in termini sociali. Vi 猫 invece una componente che funge da subrstrato immortale, un tema quasi intrinseco dell'intelletto umano, rappresentata dall'interrogativo circa l'origine della coscienza, della consapevolezza, del libero arbitrio. In altri termini si potrebbe dire che la scintilla vitale, lo spiritus di cui parla Telesio, sopravviva ed acquisisca nuova vita destando l'interesse della societ脿 e della comunit脿 scientifica, sempre pi霉 attenta alla questione. Si pu貌 quindi individuare un capovolgimento concettuale tra l'idea telesiana di spiritus e animus e questo parallelismo sociale del concetto, in chiave moderna. Lo spettatore 猫 coinvolto in un'esperienza audiovisiva paradossale in cui i due concetti si fondono ancora. Coesistono staticit脿 e decadimento in un'unione che sembrava impossibile. Il tronco diviene quindi al contempo simbolo dello spiritus e dell'animus, del decadimento e dell'immortalit脿, quasi a voler placare i contrasti nelle forme, nelle interpretazioni; il flusso mette in risalto la forza vitale unica che pulsa nei suoi cicli di permanenza, vita e morte, in qualsiasi forma essi si manifestino.
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theliquidstation 4 years ago
The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense
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virmire 6 months ago
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aceghosts 5 months ago
Rooney/Thane - listening to the other鈥檚 heartbeat
Thank you for the ask! I had some fun with this prompt, but I did take some liberties with it.
[Prompt List]
Summary: Commander Rooney Shepard lays in a coma after the Reapers are destroyed. By their side, Thane Krios dwells on memories. Words: 1,003 words. Warnings: None that I think I need to warn of. Does the ending of ME3 need a warning? Also, this is a ThaneLives! AU.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
The vital signs monitor beeps steadily on, the only indication that Commander Rooney Shepard鈥檚 heart still beats. Thane takes their hand in his, thumb rubbing the back of their hand. Rooney looks so fragile in the hospital bed, surrounded by the pale, sterile white of the sheets. Dark red hair is spread on their pillow, giving them a dark, fiery halo. Even at their lowest moments, Rooney never looked fragile, a current of strength running underneath any weakness they may have felt. Whatever happened on the catalyst took its toll on Rooney, knocking them into the coma.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
It just continues on, a soft droning noise in the background. There is nothing the doctors can do for Rooney. It鈥檚 not a matter of when they will wake up; it鈥檚 a matter of if they will wake up. He squeezes their hand, thinking of the first time he heard their heartbeat.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
It was a typical mission, one found by the Commander when they were scanning for Iridium. Thane accompanies the Commander, along with Garrus, to the planet鈥檚 surface, only to find a deserted base and rogue mechs. The team journey into the depths of the base, destroying mechs and surveying the trail of death left in the mechs鈥 wake. Eventually, the trio reaches the heart of the base, the place where the signal is coming from. The Commander approaches the console, a look of focus and determination on their face. 鈥淕uard my back!鈥 They command sharply, holstering their Widow sniper rifle and starting to disable the signal.
More mechs approach, desperate to stop the shutdown. Thane and Garrus work in harmony, a mixture of biotics and gunfire. Behind him, Thane hears the Commander yell, 鈥淚鈥檝e almost-鈥
A blast cuts them off as the Commander flies backward from the impact. Thane reacts on instinct, rushing toward them as they slam into the wall with a pained gasp. Garrus snipes the last mech, following closely on Thane鈥檚 heels. 鈥淪hepard!鈥 Thane yells, concerned as he kneels down by their side. Immediately, his hand reaches out toward their neck, his head lowering to their chest. He breathes in relief as his fingers find their pulse steady. Beneath their armor, he hears their heartbeat muffled, soldiering on. His own heartbeat slows in relief as he suspects they are fine.
The Commander鈥檚 dark blue eyes flutter open, reminding Thane of the ocean at night. 鈥淲hat did I miss?鈥 They ask, clearly unconcerned by what just happened.
鈥淵ou nearly got yourself killed, Shepard.鈥 Garrus replies, shaking his head.
They shoot a smirk at Garrus. 鈥淭hought I could outhack the self-destruct.鈥
Garrus sighs as Thane helps Rooney to their feet. 鈥淭hanks.鈥 They say to Thane with a nod.
鈥淎lways, Shepard.鈥 He replies, releasing their hand. Thane instantly misses the touch of their hand, a dawning realization of how much the Commander already means to him.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
The pair are relaxing in bed as Rooney works, his head on their chest. Rooney frowns clearly displeased by whatever they鈥檙e reading. Their heartbeats steadily in his ear, a reminder that they鈥檙e alive and content with him. It鈥檚 a grounding sound, reminding him to live in the moment. To be here with them. 鈥淪iha, I think the Illusive Man will understand if you have to send your report in tomorrow.鈥
Rooney snorts. 鈥淚f you mean understanding, by the fact that he鈥檒l sick Miranda on me to find out why I didn鈥檛 finish this report, then yes, he will be understanding.鈥 They reply with fond sarcasm. He hears their heartbeat pick up the pace, a sign of stress. 鈥淕ive me another half hour. I鈥檒l get it done.鈥
鈥淵ou did say that a half hour ago.鈥 He looks up at them with a teasing smirk.
Looking over at their alarm clock, Rooney scowls, unaware of how much time has passed. 鈥淚 did. Give me a few minutes and I鈥檒l be ready for lights out.鈥 As they get up, Thane already misses the sound of their heartbeat. Rooney鈥檚 quarters already sound so silent without their heartbeat in his ears. He watches them prepare for bed, yawning as they set the datapad on their desk.
A few minutes later, they crawl back into bed, the only light coming from the fish tank. 鈥淚鈥檓 back.鈥 They whisper, trying to fight the urge to yawn.
鈥淕ood.鈥 He says, pressing a kiss to the edge of Rooney鈥檚 jaw. They hum pleasantly as his head returns to laying on their chest, Rooney鈥檚 heartbeat already making the room feel more alive. 鈥淚 missed your heartbeat.鈥
Rooney stills beneath him, their heart skipping a beat. They take a deep breath, their heart returning to their normal pace. 鈥淲hy do you think I like to lay my head on your chest? Your heart sounds like home to me.鈥
鈥淪iha鈥.鈥 His voice trails off, chock full of love and warmth. Thane knows how difficult it can be for Rooney to be vulnerable, to not pretend to be more than human.
鈥淚 know. I love you too.鈥 They reply, wrapping an arm around him and rubbing his back. Thane never wants this moment to end. He wants them to stay like this forever.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Thane swallows tears prickling at the edge of his eyes. 鈥淵our heart sounds like home to me too, Siha.鈥 He speaks aloud, breaking the silence of the cold, impersonal room. He scoots his chair closer to them, resting his head on their chest gently. Rooney鈥檚 heartbeat beats steadily on, signaling they鈥檙e still alive. That Rooney is still fighting.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Tears run down his cheeks as he squeezes their hand. 鈥淪iha, please come back to me. Please wake up,鈥 He begs, desperate to have them back. He prays to Kalahira, to Arashu, to all the gods in his pantheon. Thane prays that Rooney will hear him. He knows that if they hear him, Rooney will find their way back no matter what.
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chroniclesinlacuna 3 months ago
so! The ever wonderful @ejunkiet tagged me for snippet sunday. And. It is no longer sunday. But I finally have something, so, late it is! More of my 鈥渘ot the beginning of a love story鈥 that has been plaguing me - there鈥檚 some more bits around this that need to be roughed out more, but I鈥檓 liking how this part turned out!
Scorched out planet, a base full of mercs, and him, Garrus, and the Commander bunkered down behind a thin outcropping of rock only just wide enough to cover them. Kind of. Shepard had stepped out of cover long enough to return fire against a too-close potshot more than once already.
There鈥檚 only one path to the base, and it鈥檚 absolutely littered with mercenaries with plenty of cover. Lucky them. Unlucky...well, them.
And they鈥檝e been debating what to do for all of fifteen minutes. A fucking lifetime, and they鈥檙e damn lucky they鈥檇 surprised everyone by showing up when they did - they had a couple more minutes, maybe, before the people in there started running numbers against the people out here.
There鈥檚 a lull - a breath, and another potshot, answered by a shot from Shepard that seems to have found its mark this time, if the yell is anything to go by - and Kaidan鈥檚 gearing up to suggest falling back, and trying to actually scope the place out when Shepard straightens.
鈥淕arrus, you actually any good with that scope?鈥
And Kaidan can hear the half-caught sound of offense, before the turian seems to catch whatever look is on Shepard鈥檚 face.
鈥...Good enough.鈥
Shepard nods, a short, sharp acknowledgement before turning to Kaidan with a vicious grin he鈥檚 never seen.
鈥淪hields up, Lieutenant.鈥
And that is all the warning he gets before blue snaps into place and the Commander is stepping out of cover and heading for the base, one deliberate step at a time.
It鈥檚 instinct that has Kaidan folding energy around himself and following the man out of cover.
It鈥檚 reflexes that have him shooting at any on the right that leave cover to shoot at the now glowing, bright blue targets heading their way while Shepard takes care of the left, and Garrus takes care of the slow.
And it鈥檚 acceptance that has him falling a step back and to the right to better cover what he鈥檚 once noticed, now confirmed, is as close to Shepard鈥檚 blind side as he鈥檚 got.
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draconic-interactions 6 months ago
Muse Roulette + @betterhealing
Bryn ducked behind a rock in the Pandora landscape, trading shots with a pair of bandits and cursing herself under her breath for managing to get ambushed. During the lull in the bandits鈥 fire, she flicked on her tactical cloak and sprinted to higher ground before they could process where she鈥檇 gone.
Once she reached her destination, she took careful aim and fired, making short work of one of the bandits. The characteristic surge of her cloak鈥檚 power cells amplifying the shot overheated the system, rendering her visible again. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone coming down the road toward their little firefight. Hopefully they weren鈥檛 another bandit.
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