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glad i had an annoying sjw phase cause god knows i was gonna be obnoxious as a teenager no matter what but at least i spent a few years learning historical context and language i needed to learn in order to start unlearning racism and other prejudices, accepted myself for being bi+nb+neurodivergent, and became passionate about helping people at 15/16years old….i still cringe pretty hard at a lot of the stupider shit i would get mad or anxious about and the performative shit it was for a while, but overall it’s pretty cool to have had a head start on learning how to not be a dipshit (accidentally or on purpose) and also discover how much more fulfilling simply giving a shit about other people is than being jaded and selfish

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whenever i feel bad about relaxing i remind myself that i’d be pretty bummed if i lived a whole life and never discovered any new music or finished video games with my fiance, probably not very much less than i would be if i didnt achieve my goals. time spent enjoying others’ art and connecting to both the author and others who enjoy the thing isn’t time wasted at all

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almost done with “a history of america in ten strikes” by Erik Loomis (might upload quotes might not idk yet) and so far I’ve gathered that the biggest historical obstacles to union and labor power in the U.S. have been:

  • conservative unions siding with the state and with capitalism over fellow workers in order to distance themselves from comrades they declare “too radical”
  • the complete unwillingness of radicals to engage in pragmatic optics of any kind
  • White working class racism

Our inability to stand in solidarity with each other (ESPECIALLY ACROSS RACIAL LINES) has done more to break union power than any other force besides the naked brutality of capitalists themselves!

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i refuse to actually believe in astrology, not because i think im too smart for it, but because i like blaming completely random shit on astrology and if i started to understand it i wouldn’t be able to. “omg ur driving like shit” “sorry im scorpio rising :/ “ i fucking love it. no one else laughs at this but me but i WILL NOT stop doing this bit

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oh it’s so difficult to look at and read about openly nonbinary people because I’m so jealous of them. every time theres an androgynous or gnc character I automatically identify with and love them. I think all the time about how great the idea of being genderfluid/genderfuck is and how badly I want to do it. The idea of looking like a girl upsets me enough to frequently style myself deliberately in mens clothes and mannerisms. If only there was SOME WAY that I, too, could be nonbinary. Alas, for I am clearly cis

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sure! so long as you don’t play wonderwall :P 

for you i drew sextans + octans (reversed), venus, supernova, and (i felt compelled to draw this next one as a clarifying card) puppis

sextans + octans being drawn first is interesting because it seems to say that you should be very careful about accepting insight from just anyone. this is a reminder to always examine the information you’re given objectively, and verify things for yourself. 

that said, venus sets the tone for what i actually asked about, which is for insight into the spell they’ve been talking to you about. venus has the obvious implications of love and lust and passion. but also compassion and understanding. on top of it’s usual romantic interpretation, this card also points to the thing that makes a good relationship regardless of it’s nature: communication, intimacy, and sincerity. whatever the spell might be, it would be good to keep these concepts in mind.

supernova (coupled with puppis) indicates this spell is going to be very impactful. it’s going to build up, go off in a huge explosion, and then the windfall will go very very far. plenty of people will feel it’s echoes. puppis lends the frame of reference that this is something that will one way or another lend you some strength and stability despite trying times. it’s giving you the reigns.

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If you're still doing these readings, can u ask Set if he has instructions for me? Thank you :>


he wants you to be prepared to defend yourself. it seems something is coming and he wants you to be able to withstand it, so work on perseverance and stamina. Set also wants you to be the first to jump at this challenge, to tackle it with confidence and creativity. finally, he wants you to trust him through this.

[free readings are now closed.]

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I'm trying to get into more folk music (the Mountain Goats are one of my favorite bands and I've really liked a few assorted artists I've listened to like David Rovics), where should I start?

- From Pete Seeger: Pete, If I Had A Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle, American Favorite Ballads, vol. 1-5, Rainbow Race

- From Woody Guthrie: Woody at 100

- From Lead Belly: Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection

- From Utah Phillips: Starlight on the Rails

- From John McCutcheon: Howjadoo, Winter Solstice

- From Phil Ochs: A Toast to Those Who Are Gone, There But For Fortune

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smarmyanarchist replied to your post “No, I do not like the Godspouse trend. Here’s why.”

I agree that I see people jumping onto these relationships really fast, and I wish the term was more like “consorts” or something that implies a romantic relationship without such a huge commitment attached to the whole concept.

Yeah, like something that equates to being datemates or something.

Actually, I was talking about this with a friend some time ago, and he was saying that people probably jump to godmarriage and oaths because we have no other way of making things feel official. Which is a problem, because we as humans like having markers like that in relationships.

Unfortunately, yeah, it’s all heavy business.

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ooh ooh this OC reading thing looks super fun!!! can i get one for my OC Mari, asking how to break free from the control of her story's scifi macguffin? ty! <3

Rem is sitting patiently in her violet tent while waiting for her next client. That is when Mari comes in, asking for guidance.

“Yes, of course,” Rem says, and she shuffles her cards.

Rem continues to shuffle her cards until she draws three cards from the top of the deck: The Moon, Knight of Pentacles, and Queen of Swords from the Ellis Deck.

“Ah, I see,” Rem says as she gestures to the first card. “First step is The Moon. You need to open your eyes to what is real, and what is imaginary. You need to recognize that you are trapped, and recognize what is trapping you. All is not as it seems, and it is important to realize that in order to move forward.

“Which brings me to the next card,” she says gesturing to the second card. “Knight of Pentacles. Once you know what you are up against, create a plan to move forward. Plan and plan. It can be slow movement, but it must be movement. But make your movement calculated and thought out. There is no need to rush forward – in fact, that will most likely be detrimental.”

She gestures to the last to the card, “As I said with the previous card, this card – the Queen of Swords – is asking you to be decisive in what you keep and cut. This Queen is resolved in what they must do, and there can be no second guessing. Be prepared to make tough choices in order to break free. You will not be liked, but you will survive.”

Rem collects the cards and adds them back into her deck. “This does not seem like an easy task for you, but it is what you must do to break free from this circumstance and to find the truth.”

Rem takes her payment from Mari and sends her on her way.

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smarmyanarchist replied to your post: theheartroad reblogged your photo and added: …

I hear a lot of that but a) it’s possible yo draw Set as paler than the other NTRW and with red hair without drawing him as looking like, Irish, it’s not like white people are the only people who look “foreign” as compared to Ancient Egyptians; b) drawing him as white still has the same #problematique implications no matter what the justification behind it is I’m a disappointed cause I like this design but for these reasons can’t in good conscience rb it

Understandable. I’ll note I tried to not make him too pale, and gave Him the same features as Heru-wer, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. 

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terfs call trans activists “the regressive left” when they have urls like “subhumandestroyer”……..u can’t make this stuff up

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