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fioweress · 8 days ago
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i know her song by heart 🌸
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nctdream · a year ago
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SuperM ✕ Marvel
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fourorfivemovements · 2 months ago
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Mia Wasikowska - Bergman Island
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hayden-christensen · 5 months ago
revival of Pitch would fix me
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deanitis · 9 months ago
the writers woke up and CHOSE utter destruction by having dean die in a barn and cas be nowhere to be found 
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ttuk771 · a year ago
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Afterwork, with Miss Emery ✨
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deadgheist · 5 months ago
It's been five years and I'm still thinking about you, or at least the ghost of who you used to be. Are you happy now?
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reizerisanoingsstuff · 2 years ago
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Queen of Meridian
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yaziciyasemin · a year ago
a mood 
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leefi · a year ago
daiba nana......
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thewanderingscribe · a year ago
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yang-belladonna · 2 years ago
so heartbroken that i’m resorting to YouTube for advice
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erudice · 5 months ago
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An Allegory of Innocence
Lorenzo Lippi (1606-1665)
Oil on Canvas
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hermywolf · 6 months ago
some ways in which learning english mostly through spn and tumblr when i was 14 has affected me:
- i thought stuff like biggerson’s and gas-n-sip were real
- i thought stanford was a fictional school they created specifically for sam in spn
- i thought kia sorento was a person
- i thought ‘kill’ ‘gank’ and ‘waste’ were like. pretty much equally used because of how much dean uses them
- i thought motels was just what people in america called hotels. i thought they just replaced the ‘h’ by a ‘m’ for some reason. just for kicks. why not
- i didn’t know ‘vessel’ could mean anything else than. well possessed person i guess. and was deeply distraught when my teacher asked me what it meant, listened to me rant about it for two minutes then went ‘its just like. a boat’
- it took me a while to realize that the word hunter was not, as a matter of fact, specifically applied to monsters
- had no idea who paris hilton was and thought they just made up a celebrity for supernatural. i repeat: i thought they created paris hilton for the cw show supernatural
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missnoirr · 2 months ago
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my life as a dog (1985) dir. lasse hallström / laika in 1957 / laika, wil wagner / laika in 1957 / first dog in space, brennig davies
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inkskinned · 4 days ago
one of the hard things to learn, once you're outside of it, is that people will get upset at you sometimes. sometimes they will be hurt, or disappointed, or frustrated. sometimes you will misunderstand them or they will misunderstand you, sometimes they will disagree with you passionately, sometimes they will just have had a hard day and feel annoyed by pretty much everything.
but people who are good people - the kind of people who you should keep - they do not rely on that feeling to guide them. they understand i'm upset right now. when they lash out, they apologize afterward. they take responsibility. even angry out of their wits, they try not to cross boundaries - they don't say things to hurt you, they don't break your things, they don't make you afraid. they take space or deep breaths or write it down before replying. they work hard to not-be-upset, they return to you and say. okay. i'm sorry i lost my temper, that was really upsetting for me. i'm ready to listen this time, let's solve this as a team.
there is a gripping , soul-crushing fear i have of making someone upset. i catastrophize the situation. being upset is dangerous. is to be solved immediately, regardless of what it takes out of me.
there is no person on earth who can always be happy with you. someone who is never upset with you is likely someone who is pretending. but the hard thing for me to learn was that being upset with me was not a binary love/unlove, friend/enemy. it was not - that person hates you now, forever. it was instead - there's a whole spectrum of use for an apology. my trauma doesn't understand the lighter grey shades at all - the idea someone can have just a passing displeasure because i stepped on their foot or misheard their coffee order. that a person might just be upset at the situation, and not even think to hold it against me.
i used to avoid any contact with a person i thought i had even vaguely upset - interrupting them by accident, or, once, because i had not known about a rare allergy before i made dessert for our company - on the assumption that it was one-and-done. once someone disliked me, it was permanent. or else, maybe worse: i would have to work, tirelessly, wrought over with it, like a sick sad puppy. i would do anything to make the person love me. i didn't make a lot of close friends. i assumed nobody really liked me, because of course they don't, i'm annoying. i wanted to get out of their life before they realized i am worse than they had expected. i wanted to get out before i could prove them right.
i wish i could give you a happy ending to this. i am still carrying it with me. people pleasing. my therapist admits she isn't too surprised ("well, it sort of perfectly fits with your history of trauma and adhd"). i feel rejection like an open wound, all gaping and torn inside me. i hate the idea so much that i simply assume the worst and skitter myself into the dark corners, cowering. thinking - i've done it! i've made everyone safe from me! if i'm in here, and they're out there, they can never be upset with me!
and what kind of a life it is. so safe and so potently lonely.
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thirteenstardisfam · a month ago
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cutetanuki-chan · 5 months ago
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Luz broke a mermaid :D
and Amity is still a cat even when she’s a mermaid
I have more for this au but it’s mostly just a small fun art ideas :D though I still don’t have a fully story with it, just some moments 
so shortly, Amity is a wild animal and don’t understand a word Luz speak, for now, she’ll catch up with time. I like the theory in media that mermaids actually can be really smart and stuff, so she learns 
but she’s still very dangerous, Willow and Gus terrified of her and scared for Luz but Luz’s just goes “beauty in the water, angel on the beach, ocean's daughter-”     
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shadowed-dancer · a month ago
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I can't believe we went through a year of "ooooo where's Toga?!" teasing just for the answer to be "lol she's with her friends"
Edit: A year in our time. It's been just over a month for them
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seance · 18 days ago
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