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authorjoydragon · 18 days ago
How about "swimsuits" from the prompts ask and Zutara?
Swimsuits - Zutara
Zuko felt his face burning—and it wasn’t from the sun. He was thankful for his sunglasses so he could at least pretend he wasn’t staring at her.
“Hey! I brought you a beer.” Katara handed him the cold drink and sat beside him on the pool steps as she sipped her own drink.
“Thanks.” Zuko tried not to stare down the top of her suit. She was so close, he could smell the coconut sun tan lotion she had just reapplied.
“Lovely day for a party, isn’t it? We should do this more often.”
He nodded, noticing she seemed to be scooting closer to him. He chugged half of his beer.
Zuko wasn’t quite sure when his best friend’s sister grew into the beautiful lady next to him. It seemed to happen overnight.
Katara felt so off-limits to him, no matter how much he wanted her.
“You know, I didn’t notice until your shirt was off, but you have so many muscles now!” Katara giggled as she playfully poked his arm. Zuko felt his face burning as he wondered if she was hitting on him.
“Thanks, all those martial arts paid off.”
She grinned at him, leaning in closer. “You should show me some moves sometime.”
His brain short-circuited. Flirting?? That was definitely flirting.
Katara leaned in even closer, her finger slowly trailing down his arm, “I’ll take you up on that, hot shot.”
“ZUKO! Stop flirting with my sister or I’ll kick your ass!!!”
Zuko had never fled the scene quicker.
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atla-multishipping-bingo · 2 months ago
We had plans for a winter themed bingo sheet but got busy and missed our time frame. (We’ll save it for next season!) But here is our SUMMER themed bingo sheet!! Fluffy, angsty, smutty—whatever your heart desires! Any creations welcome.
Tumblr media
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justasparkwritings · a year ago
Be the One: Master List
Tumblr media
A Summer Bingo Series brought to you by #thebtswritersclub @bangtanwritingbingo​ posting every Friday & Saturday @ 7PM, PST
Summary: It isn't that you're tired of being single, it's that your friends are tired of hearing about it. In an attempt to force the hand of your Friend with Benefits, you plead with your best friends to set you up with a series of eligible bachelors. Will this summer push you into the arms of the man you've always loved, or send you into the beds of these eager suitors? This summer in the city is going to be a scorcher, are you ready to find out who is going to Be the One? 
Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff, Non Idol AU 
Rating: 18+ 
Warnings: Explicit Sex and Sexual Acts (I blame @sugasbabiie​ for this), Swearing (bc I always swear and I refuse to stop), Alcohol Consumption. 
Specifications in each chapter! 
Completed Word Count: 130K
Tag List: message me! 
Beta: @pars-ley​ 
Banner: KTH, KSJ, JJK, PJM, KNJ 
Posted: June-September 2021
Love Again: Be the One Sequel
Mood Boards
KSJ - KNJ - MYGxJHS - KTH - PJM - JJK - Epilogue 
Joonteenth  Total-Equinox-of-the-Heart Baby, You’re the End of Joon  You Had Me at Pride Of All the Degas in the World Jimindependence Day  Blueberry Fields Forever  Training Date Side-Saddled in Love Mudder Lover  Are You There Simone? It’s Me, the Uneven Bars  One Cart, Two Cart, Burger Cart, Sushi Cart  Charlotte on the Beach  All’s Fur in Love and Sunscreen 
I Shall Call Him Joonie, And He Shall Be Mine Chimcerto Lookin Right Chalk Boy & Pavement Girl The Banana Boat Will Be Making Another Run  Lightning - Butt  Seokjin & The Philosophizing Six Year Old Slow Melt You Say Peaches, I Say Nectarines  I-sland-You
Ask My Muse Questions 
Merry & Bright {16}: Christmas Party Meet Cute 
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cycat-carisi · a year ago
Trying my hand at @thatesqcrush’s summer bingo
Smut is definitely not something I write or post often. I’m still a little shy about it. So, please bear with me! As such, I suspect this fic is pretty vanilla and I wasn’t sure which square it would cover for the bingo...Is it praise? Or just the free space? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Pairing: Sonny Carisi x Reader
Words: 1270
Warnings: smut, married smut, slight praise, idk how to tag this stuff...NSFW! Reader discression is advised!
AO3 here
I’m going to go run and hide under a rock while I unleash this filth unto the internet...
"Hey, babe!" you call out after hearing the front door open and your husband step in.
Instead of answering, he simply walks over behind your spot on the couch and bends down to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. It's not the awkwardness of this half upside-down smooch that catches you off guard, but rather the cool shot of mint you receive from Sonny's mouth.
"Brrr!" you exaggerate, mashing your lips together to savor the taste.
Sonny smirks. "Sorry, doll. Popped a gum before I left the office."
"It's not a bad thing," you purr. "Mint is one of my favorite flavors. So refreshing and leaves you all tingly."
"That so?" he plays along, nibbling his bottom lip.
You bat your eyelashes. "Mmhmm."
Sonny raises an eyebrow at you and nods. A sly grin teases at the corner of his mouth before he dips down for another kiss.
You had completely forgotten about the little mint incident of a few weeks ago and it was especially the last thing on your mind as you lay naked on the bed in front of Sonny. Tonight, he wanted to treat you: his way of making up for the many late nights he'd been spending at his office. And really, who were you to argue with that?
The anticipation of not knowing Sonny’s plan is already setting your belly on fire. Desperate to find out, you wiggle your hips as a subtle way of telling Sonny to get on with it.
"Patience, sweetheart," he breathes, reaching for something out of sight. Then, he produces a bottle of what looks like lube.
"Uhm, Sonny, babe,” you speak up gently, “I really don't think we need that." You can feel the dampness pooling between your legs, and Sonny would know how wet you are too if he'd just touch you already!
Sonny chuckles at your impatience. "I promised that I would take care of ya tonight, doll, so ya gotta trust me." His voice is smooth like silk but shrouded in lust. Despite how much he’s trying to keep his composure, you know that in reality he can't wait to start whatever it is that he has prepared for you.
Playfully, you stick your tongue out at him while Sonny squeezes some of the product into his hand. Then finally he reaches out and touches you, smearing the gel between your legs. You're too distracted by the relief the friction provides to notice exactly what type of product he's used. That is, until it hits you. The coolness sinks into your skin and begins to tingle. Immediately, you clamp your thighs together. A gasp escapes your throat, the sensation overwhelming you.
"You okay, doll?" Sonny asks, worried it's too much.
"Mint?" you shudder as another wave of tingles overtakes your senses. This time however, you moan in pleasure as a flood of wetness rushes down below. You try to steady your breathing and lock eyes with your husband, smiling.
Sonny’s features ease and you can see his pupils dilate. "Ya did say that mint was your favorite..." He takes his fingers and runs them through your folds again. "Wow, doll! Works fast."
Your hips buck to meet his hand and he leans in to gently blow air over you. This sets the mint into action once more, your skin breaking out into goosebumps. Sonny swiftly slips two fingers into you causing you to arch your back off the bed. "Oh God," you whimper, hands fisting the bed sheets. 
Sonny sets a steady pace, pumping his fingers into your hot core. Despite the coolness from the mint, a sheen of sweat forms across your chest. You begin meeting his fingers with your hips, but just as he finds that perfect spot, Sonny withdraws completely. You whine in protest only for him to give you a devilish grin.
Sonny then takes the bottle and squirts a generous amount onto his fingers before plunging them back into you. You cry out as the mint instantly hits you and you clamp down around his digits.
“So responsive, doll,” he whispers his praise, bowing his head to kiss the inside of your thigh. He then splays his free hand overtop your belly, gently holding you in place before he sets a quick pace, pumping his fingers into you once more. This time he curls them just so, effectively hitting that one sensitive spot every time.
Your whole body tingles, the coolness radiating out from your core. You moan and writhe, completely at the mercy of your husband and the tingling mint. Sonny can feel your walls begin to flutter. “I love fucking you like this,” he says in a low growl. “You’re almost there, doll. Now, let go for me.”
With his words, you come undone. Your thighs lock his hand in place as you pulse around his fingers. You’re left panting, brain in a daze, coming down from your high.
"You're gorgeous," he murmurs, mesmerized by the rise and fall of your breasts. "That was a powerful one, sweetheart. You think you could do that again for me?"
You understand what he means; what he needs. He wants to feel you quake around his cock like you did around his fingers. Emboldened, you reply, "I'd like to see you try.”
And with that Sonny sheds his boxers, freeing himself. Pleasuring you has made him painfully ready. He grabs the bottle of mint and squirts you with it, quickly tossing it aside to hover over you. You reach out and give him a few quick strokes. His eyes cram shut and his head falls forward, allowing you the opportunity to run him through your folds.
The mint then takes action causing Sonny’s hips give an involuntarily jerk. He hisses at the sensation. "Exhilarating, isn't it?" you quip before guiding him into you.
“Dear God, I love you,” he says through a strangled breath as he savors the feel of burying himself to the hilt. Now you, too, can feel the minty tingle once again and it doesn’t take long for Sonny to start rocking against you.
A breath catches in your throat. "God, babe, don't stop!"
"You feel so amazing, sweetheart," he answers, failing to keep his composure.
The snapping of his hips grows in urgency, the mint sending shivers through both your cores. You can feel yourself already getting close. You reach down to rub yourself furiously, your thighs clenching and unclenching with every thrust Sonny delivers.
He bends his head to kiss you sloppily, remembering that he was supposed to be the one taking care of you. But none of that matters now. All you want is to come undone together. "Come for me, babe," you whisper against his lips.
With that, Sonny's hips surge forward and lock in place. Soft groans erupt from his lungs as he finds his release. The sensation of him throbbing inside you tips you over the edge and you come crashing down, milking him for all he's got.
Completely spent, Sonny trails breathy kisses down your chest as he attempts to climb off you. He flops down to your side, chest heaving and glistening with sweat. You roll to face him, caressing his cheek and kissing him again. His shining eyes find yours. “I love you,” he says softly.
“I love you, too, Sonny,” you reply, smiling.
“Ya think we should buy more of that stuff?” He’s smirking as he says it. He already knows your answer.
“Most definitely,” you laugh. “I gotta say, you do not disappoint.”
“Neither do you, doll.” Sonny kisses your nose, affectionately. “Neither do you.”
Tag list?  @barbasbodaciousbeard @teamsladsandgents @adarafaelbarba @caracalwithchips @averyhotchner
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belladonnabedlam · a year ago
Kid, you deserve better than me.
My fourth entry for the @starkerfestivals Summer Bingo. This one tripped me up! (Softer things are harder for me for some odd reason. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷🏻)
Square Four: First Love Making
Tumblr media
Bingo card is under the cut and, as always, everything is here and on my A03.
Tumblr media
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carelessannie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely ecstatic for this bingo, and this will be my masterpost. Thanks @peterparkerbingo for the amazing prompts!
“Barebacking” Starker (Peter x Tony)
Take a picture, it will last longer + AO3 Nff, Omegaverse, drabble
“Face-Sitting” Starker (Peter x Tony)
I wanna be your slave by Maneskin + AO3 Nff, hate sex, drabble
“Bedside Vigil” Spidershield/Irondad (Peter x Steve, Peter & Tony)
Looking for Love Chapter 3 + AO3 warnings in chapter for depression and omegaverse, larger work
“They Were Roommates” Starker (Peter x Tony)
Kiss me More by Doja Cat Nff, college au, one shot
“Distracting with Affection” Spidershield/Irondad (Peter x Steve, Peter & Tony)
Looking for Love Chapter 4 + AO3 Sfw, warnings in the chapter, larger work
Free Space “Sharing a Drink” Starker (Tony x Peter)
take a drink with me + AO3 sfw, alcohol, drabble
“Omega/Omega” Keenker (Harley x Peter)
redemption in motion + AO3 nff, boys in love, one shot
“Orgasm Delay/Denial” Starker (Tony x Peter), Peter/All
lower the partition + AO3 nff, gangbang, collab
“Hero to Villain” Starker (Tony x Peter)
just to see your face + AO3 StarkerFest entry, nff
“Childhood Best Friend” Winterspider (Bucky x Peter)
we gonna talk about last night? gifset, sfw
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storiesofsvu · a year ago
Changes To The Blog!!!
Okay…stay with me…I promise it will work out for everyone and for the better it will also help because as of next week I’m back at work and unsure on how much content I’ll be pushing out and at what intervals
As of today, I will ONLY be taking requests/prompts for Head Canons or series.
I’ll still reblog prompt lists & you’re welcome to send in one with a little blurb of a suggestion/idea and I’ll see if I can work with it. After all, I’ve created full series out of one prompt before!!
I just have TOO many series ideas and want to actually give them the love and attention they deserve. While I might throw out a one shot once in a while, it will mainly be series, at least until I’ve cleared out a few of my ideas.
HOWEVER, I will obvi write one shots when it comes to bingos. I’m thinking of hosting another one that will run Sept through Oct all fall/autumn/halloween based prompts.
AND, for bingos I WILL still accept prompts/ideas/one shot requests!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s what I’ve gotten figured out/written so far. If you have any IDEAS/situations/prompts that would fit for any of the open ones hit up my inbox. (I say it like this cause just a character sometimes isn’t enough to spark a fic)
Also note: if you have requested a one shot and it’s still sitting in the inbox, it will get done sooner or later
Anyways….that’s todays update! Happy July!!
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peterbabytt · a year ago
StarkerFestivals // Summer Bingo // Royal AU
Tumblr media
synopsis: prince peter parker, 19, is set to marry princess morgan stark, 17, in an arranged marriage... it's not his fault her father is so devilishly handsome...
words: 1,525
warnings: light swearing
!!everyone featured in this fanfiction is 18+ unless specifically stated otherwise!!
i hope you enjoy 💓 feedback/constructive criticism is and always will be accepted, but hate will always be blocked
(by proceeding, you understand and accept the warnings previously provided)
    “Your Majesty,” Peter lifted his gaze to the door of the library. Michelle, a young servant in the castle, was standing in the doorway. Lifting the edge of her skirt ever so delicately, she curtsied before Peter and his mother. “Your Highness.” Peter cringed. He knew she was being respectful, polite, professional before the queen, but as the two of them? Peter insisted she use his name, as he had a distaste for the formal tone.
    “The Royal Family has arrived.” Oh, good... and here, Peter was hoping they had been run off the road on their way over. Peter glanced at his mother to gauge her reaction. Her features were soft and delicate, but he knew those eyes all too well. In her own mind, she had already debated how to cancel tonight’s dinner a thousand ways over, all with varying degrees of severity.
    “Yes, thank you, Michelle. We will join you in the foyer in a moment.” She beamed. Michelle—MJ—nodded, curtsied once more, then turned to leave the library. The moment she was out of earshot, Mary turned to her son. “It’s not like we’ve had this planned for months already. You’d think, for the sake of the kingdoms, they’d be punctual.”
    “Easy, mother…” He tried, resting a bookmark between the pages of his book before rising, stepping towards his mother, and offering his arm to her. “You’re too tense. I’m sure there’s… a decent explanation.” For their own sake, there’d better be.
    They walked at an easy pace, a pace much slower than Peter was used to, and yet, even after arriving in the foyer, the two still had to await the arrival of their royal guests. And Mary was growing even more impatient as each second dawdled on by. Peter, on the other hand, had a grin resting gently over his features. Tonight was already off to… an interesting start, and if it continued in any similar manner, he knew his mother would call off the arrangement.
    A part of the boy felt guilty for wanting this dinner to go awry, but was it really so wrong to just… not be ready? Everything seemed to be moving so quickly. He had only turned 19 a week ago, and he still felt as though he had yet to meet his own self. Sure, he had a bit of a grasp on who he thought he was, what he thought he liked, and who, for that matter… but even so, many things had changed throughout the span of a year.
    He’d met who he thought was the love of his life, even despite the fact he knew his parents would never approve. In that moment, in the desperation to just be himself, he had prepared to lose everything he’d ever known, all for a chance—not even a guarantee—simply a chance to finally know who he was. He took a leap of faith and prayed to stick the landing. But he stumbled. And that terrified him—he had been so sure of himself...
    Peter leapt from his bed, running a shaky hand through his mess of curls. He felt his skin prick with goosebumps, but from the cold or the fear, he hadn’t yet figured out. MJ was still on his bed, but she was now sitting upright, watching him with concerned eyes.
    “Are you okay?” Peter couldn’t bring himself to form an answer. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment, so he hid his face in his hands, took a moment to gather his thoughts, gather his breath… then, finally, sat back down on the edge of his bed. MJ scooted closer to the prince, resting a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Peter?” It was then that he realized he hadn’t yet answered her question.
    “I’m sorry, I… I can’t.” He trembled as he spoke, so MJ reached for the undershirt he had discarded only moments ago. He took it, but made no move to put it back on just yet.
    “Peter, look at me,” MJ’s voice was soft, soothing, unoffended. He obeyed, and the hand that rested on his shoulder moved to cup his cheek. “It’s okay. This is a big step. We don’t have to do this tonight.”
    “It’s not that…” The words tasted bitter on his tongue, and it took all the strength in his body not to vomit.
    “You can tell me, sweetheart… what is it?” The look in her eyes showed nothing but sympathy, nothing but love… how had he let himself get this far? If he had known from the beginning, he shouldn’t have brought her to his bedroom… shouldn’t have promised her something he could never give her… was it selfish?
    “I love you, I do, just… not the way I thought I did.” The instant the words fell from his mouth, he wanted to reel them all back in, to ignore everything his mind was begging him to do—set everything aside and just give in. But he couldn’t bear the idea of lying to his best friend. To himself, he could live with… but MJ deserved so much better. “I’m sorry, that sounded… harsh.”
    “It did, yea,” her tone was playful, but the smile never met her eyes. She was hurting, but she would never admit it.
    “You deserve so much better than this…”
    “Peter, there’s nobody else I want… I want you. I want to be with you. I want to make this work, and I know it’ll be hard, but I want to do whatever we can to make this work.” He tried to ignore the tears welling up in his eyes.
    “I can’t lie to you, too.” A thick silence fell between them. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let it come this far.”
    “Peter, whatever you’re trying to get at, I’m not understanding.”
    “Her Majesty and His Royal Highness,” An unfamiliar voice drew Peter from his thoughts, and he had to force his eyes to focus. He hadn’t even noticed the gates had opened and the royals had been led inside. He glanced briefly at his mother to ensure she hadn’t noticed his trance, then adjusted his posture before—oh… holy shit…
    The king that stood before him was easily not the king he had imagined. He pictured the man to be far less… sweet heavens and all things holy, was there even a word to describe this man other than purely beautiful?
    He wore a deep blue suit that had been tailored oh-so perfectly for his frame, and his hair had been styled in a delicate wave. He begged himself not to reach out and card his fingers through it—it’d be a shame, afterall, to disturb such beauty. His beard was expertly shaped, sharp and clear edges defining his even sharper jawline. Peter couldn’t help but imagine how that very beard would feel between—
    “I present His Majesty, King Stark—” The queen extended her hand, and he accepted it in his own, raising it gently to his lips for a kiss. Peter was enthralled—hypnotized by their curvature.
    “It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, King Stark,” his mother spoke, and Peter nearly bounced on the balls of his feet, eager to hear the king’s voice.
    “The pleasure is all mine, Your Majesty,” Peter felt faint. “And please, forgive my informality, but call me Tony.” He turned to face Peter next, and he was almost certain, this time, that he would faint. He’d have absolutely no shame in it, either.
    Tony, with a smile, extended his own hand to Peter, and it took every fibre in his being to keep his own from trembling as their palms connected. God, even his hands were sexy. Rough skin, calloused fingers, a warm embrace. Had he died? Was this Heaven?
    “—and Her Royal Highness, Princess Morgan.” A beautiful, beautiful young woman with features to match her father’s. She wore a lovely black dress with a slight v in its neck, and her hair hung in delicate curls by her shoulders. Peter could easily admit that she was, indeed, effortlessly gorgeous. He only wished he could hold some sort of attraction to her rather than to her father…
    It was customary that both families dine together before a decision on an arranged marriage was made, and Peter thought he would never again be so thankful for customs or traditions in his life, for this particular custom meant his assigned seat at the dinner table was right beside Sir Stark himself. The idea of it, at least to Peter’s own understanding, was that the prince would dine beside the opposing king so the two could get to know one another and bond before the father of the princess could make a decision on the marriage. And then, of course, the same way around for the princess and the opposing queen. Then again, of course, this could also just be a blessing in Peter’s favor.
     It wasn’t until Peter felt a knee bump into his own underneath the table that he realized this was definitely a blessing in his favor. Now, of course, it could have been an accident, so, naturally, he brushed it off as one… the first time.
tags: @longlivestarker @starkeristheendgame @katzenbaby1 @starkerbee​
i had more i wanted to do with this one, but i couldn't find an ending that satisfied me lol i might do more with this later, i'll probably work on it a bit more, and repost later, but for now, here's this 💕
happy pride month 💓
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abusivelittlebunny · a year ago
Chapters: 8/9 Fandom: Peaky Blinders (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Chester Campbell/Tommy Shelby, Tommy Shelby/Alfie Solomons Characters: Tommy Shelby, Chester Campbell, Alfie Solomons, Arthur Shelby Sr., John Shelby Additional Tags: Anal Sex, Dysfunctional Relationships, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Angst, Mutual Pining, Nightmares, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Daddy Issues, Daddy Kink, Rough Oral Sex, Face-Fucking, Anal Fingering, Come Eating, Top Chester Campbell, Bottom Tommy Shelby, Asphyxiation, Dom/sub Undertones, Face Slapping, Rape/Non-con Elements, Making Up, First Kiss, Enemies to Lovers, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Implied/Referenced Incest, Father/Son Incest Summary:
I'll be uploading all my summer bingo prompts here in different chapters in the order below to keep them nice and tidy together :) enjoy!
Prompts: 1. ~ 8. Pulling away from a hug you wish would last longer 2. ~ 25. Waking up sweating into the sheets 3. ~ 29. Donaldkacsázás 4. ~ 39. The crack of lightning 5. ~ 27. Pulling clothes onto damp skin 6. ~10. Toska 7. ~ 37. Embers floating into the night sky 8. ~ 40. Clenched fists
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squigglyart · a year ago
Tumblr media
A collaboration between the brilliant @kiro-sveta and me, for @sloaners / @blackkatmagic Rarepair Summer Bingo event!
She did the (fantastic) lines, and I colored and shaded 😊
Thanks for doing this with me, Kiro! I had a wonderful time working on this!
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authorjoydragon · a month ago
O2 for Mai/Zuko?
Sunset - Maiko
Mai leaned against the banister, her eyes focused on the brilliant pink and purple colors of the sunset. She felt Zuko stand next to her.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” She spoke softly.
She could feel his eyes on her. “Yeah. Beautiful.”
“You aren’t even looking,” she teased as she met his eyes.
“I am,” he argued as his fingers softly stroked her cheek. “The colors are reflected in your eyes.”
Mai felt her cheeks burning, biting her lip to keep the giant smile off her face.
“I’m gonna tell everyone the Firelord is a shmuck.”
Zuko grinned at her, reached down to lace their hands and place a kiss on her skin gently. “Go ahead and tell the whole world. It won’t change a thing.”
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justasparkwritings · 11 months ago
Be the One: Lookin Right {17}
Previous: Chimcerto 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Slice of Life, Non-Idol AU, SMUT
Rating: NC17 / R
Word Count: 4.6K
Warnings: Swearing! Protected-Consensual Car Sex! Slight Exhibitionism!  
Summary: Sometimes, you gotta risk it before the red light turns green. 
Notes: I’m ... obsessed with Jungkook okay? 
For @bangtanwritingbingo​
Square: Summer Lovin’
Master List
Tag List:  @pars-ley​
Listen/Watch: Summer Love; Last Kiss; Rivers and Roads; The Louvre
Banner: KTH, KSJ, JJK, PJM, KNJ 
           “You haven’t spoken to them?” Jungkook’s hands drum a mysterious beat against his steering wheel. His shades are low on the bridge of his nose – combatting the setting sun. He tucks a stray piece of hair behind his ear, he’d gone for a faded purple and refused to get a haircut. You hate it, not the purple, the length. It’s too long, a baby mullet growing down the back, the ends looking frail and ready to break. It’s impossibly frustrating that Jungkook still drips sex appeal, hideous hair be damned. You suppose it’s okay, more to pull and grasp within your hands, but man, you fucking hated it a few months ago when he’d wandered back into your life, and you still do.
           “Nope.” You answer.
           “When are you going to?”
           “Eventually.” You shrug, your gut reaction to utter a when hell freezes over or when Heathers the Original Off-Broadway Cast gets the respect they deserve remains stuffed in your throat.
          Jungkook sighs – he was the first person you’d called after the terse interaction with Hoseok and Yoongi at the concert. He’d laughed and nearly uttered a classic I-told-you-so, but abstained, your heartache was too vast, collapsing around you. Jungkook arrived at your apartment not twenty minutes later, holding you as you cried.
           “You’re cranky,” Jungkook surmises.
           “I’m always cranky.”
           “That’s just not true. Spill.” His hand reaches across the console to squeeze your knee, a gesture of comfort and familiarity that no one’s done since you last saw your father.
           “Jungkook, really, it’s nothing.”
           “Are you just going to keep lying to me then?”
           Jungkook shifts gears as he approaches the light. You clock the crosswalk countdown, it’s moments away from shifting to green to yellow then red.
Jungkook doesn’t slow down.
           “What are you doing?” You question, eyes darting from the light to him.
           “If you’re gonna lie, I’m going to take a risk.”
           “I, not with my life!” You yell.
           “Relax, it’ll be fun.”
           Jungkook floors it as the yellow light flashes, making it through with ample time.
           “You’re an idiot.”
           “Next light, I’m going to wait a little longer.”
           “This is dangerous.”
           “Yeah, or a little fun.”
           “We aren’t in The Fast & The Furious franchise. Ludacris isn’t watching to see if you make time, and Vin Diesel certainly isn’t going to spare your ass if you damage your car.” You argue, the anger and fear mixing with adrenaline – you hate to admit that you’re buzzing.
           “Paul Walker – RIP.”
           “Stay bless.”
           “We’ll be fine.” He assures. “I don’t have any ways to propel you out of this car or make it go faster.”
           “Great so it isn’t Too Fast or Too Furious?”
           “You’re cute. And no, Fast Five is more my speed.”
           At the next light, Jungkook makes good on his word, lying in wait until the yellow is turning to red, and speeding through it. You want to throw up, but also want him to do it again, and again after that. Is this how Devon Aoki felt?
           “How are you feeling?” Jungkook asks.  
           “Sick and excited.”
           “Perfect,” He winks and turns on the radio – hits of the 2000s.
           Justin Timberlake floods the car, the beat shaking the windows, which Jungkook promptly rolls down. Sound oozes from his car into the summer air, its waves an invisible melody of familiarity dancing over every surface and into everyone’s ears.
           “I love this song!” You yell, clapping your hands together.
           “Sing it!” He instructs, and you do.
          “Ridin' in the drop top with the top down / Saw you switchin' lanes, girl / Pull up to the red light, lookin' right”
          Jungkook turns and points at you before winking and letting you carry on.
          “Tell me where you from, what you do, what you like / Let me pick your brain, girl / And tell me how they got that pretty little face / On that pretty little frame, girl”
           Jungkook takes it from you, singing the rest of the verse as he continues to drive aimlessly through the city. The plan was dinner and going back to yours. But he’s heading further out, an agenda already planned within his mind. He continues driving and singing, pulling slowly into the parking lot of an abandon high school. The sun, slowly setting, is emitting purple and pink streaks across the transitioning blue sky.
           “What are we doing?” You question.  
           “Come on,” He unbuckles his seatbelt before stepping out of the car and into the back seat. You do the same and turn to face him.
           “What are we?”
           Jungkook leans forward, hands cradling your head between his hands. His fingertips rest on the column of your neck, still drumming whatever beat he had played on the steering wheel. He drinks you in, lips kissing you like he’s leaving for war. You know that feeling, you’ve felt it in your gut since the moment you laid eyes on him tonight. He’s got the apprenticeship back; he’s going to Seoul.
           His hands trail down your shoulders, pushing the straps of your tank top off your shoulders.
           “If we’re going to fuck in your car, shouldn’t I keep my top on?” You ask.
           “Fair,” Jungkook attaches his lips to your shoulder, biting the flesh.
           “Marks!” You swat his chest, a hearty giggle rumbling.  
           “Fine, fine.” He kisses up your skin, forcing you to tilt your head and grant him full access to your neck. You’re glad you forgot to put earrings in after your shower. Jungkook takes full advantage of it by pulling your earlobe between his teeth, scraping down the flesh before suckling it. His hands, still on your waist, begin to move up your shirt, unclipping your bra.
           “Take it off,” He whispers, voice in a range that sends shock waves directly to your cunt. You want him, isn’t it obvious?
           You pull your bra off and toss it towards the front seat.
           “I’ve been wanting you for so long,” Jungkook continues to speak his desires into your ear, an attempt to distract you from his hands that have busied themselves with kneading your breasts, tweaking, and pulling your nipples. The slew of moan that leaves your lips is sinful, a barrage of “Mms” and “keep goings” that harden Jungkook’s cock in his tight jeans. His hips buck slightly, and you generously grind on him.
           Your hands trace his pecks, feeling the muscles you’ve long admired, drawing abstract patterns as your hips continue to move against him. The tent in his pants encouraging you to make bolder moves, circles that become tight spirals, a harsh back and forth resulting in Jungkook’s hands leaving your chest, bruising your hips.
           “I know we’re hooking up in a high school parking lot, but I’m not 17. Don’t try to make me cum in my pants.”
           “Wouldn’t that be so nostalgic?” You smirk, another grind against him.
           He grabs your hair, tugging gently, enough that you’re staring at the roof of his car. Jungkook leans in, nips your throat.
           “Jungkook,” You moan, trying to worm your head out of his grasp. “Not the hair.”
           “You’ve had worse.”
           “Fuck you. At least the fabric of this Honda Civic isn’t digging into your flesh.” You argue.
           “I would trade places with you, if I could.”
           “Just kiss me.”
           “Take off your underwear.” Jungkook counters. His lips are a little swollen, hair mussed - he’s beautiful.
           “Kiss me.” You counter, staring him down. You’ll do whatever he asks, and he’ll oblige and do whatever you wish, because all either of you want is each other.
           You roll your eyes, tired of his doddling and pull him to you, hands firm on the angle of his jaw. You kiss him with everything you’ve got. All the hurt and disappointment you’re carrying, the joy of rekindling your friendship, the hope in what the future holds for both of you - it’s all there between your lips and his.
           Jungkook knows you know, it’s obvious, isn’t it? He won’t dwell on it, on leaving you, at least not right now when his cock is throbbing, and he swears he can feel your wetness seeping through your underwear onto him. He can’t lose his focus because he’s already drowning in you, he has been since he was 18.
           You reach for Jungkook’s top button and zipper, bumping your head against the roof of the car as you do.  
           “Careful,” He whispers, lips reclaiming yours.
           “You asshole!” You pull off him, eyes wild. “No underwear?”
           “I, maybe.” Jungkook blushes furiously, a smirk countering his obvious embarrassment.
           “That’s a bold move.”
           “Did it pay off?”
           You answer with a kiss and a hand between you, maneuvering the fabric of his pants out of the way. It isn’t easy, and you fumble a few times before he’s wiggled out of his jeans just enough that his cock springs free.
           You haven’t messed around with Jungkook nearly as much as your cunt would like you to. Case in point, the look of shock you feel etched onto your facial features when your hand dares to grasp him, stroking him timidly as you gain your bearings. He’s nothing like you thought, and so much more than you could’ve dreamed. Jungkook’s already leaking precum, and carefully you swipe it from his tip, gently running your thumb over his slit.
           “Mm, keep going,” He moans, lips still hungrily moving with yours. You pump him a few times before finding a rhythm. You wish you weren’t confined to this car; you’d much rather bury him deep within your throat, squeezing him tight as you bob your head to whatever pattern he’s already drummed into your skin. But alas, a little hand job is all you can accomplish, you can take him again when you get to yours.
           It’s your turn to play and suckle the flesh of his earlobes, whispering in his ear filthy nothings.
           “You like it when my hand is on your cock?”
           “Mm, prefer your mouth, or your tight cunt.” Jungkook counters, raising the stakes.
           “Wanna fuck me? Fuck me so good I can’t walk?”
           “Bury yourself so deep I forget my name – all I know is yours?”
           “God yes,” He moans.  
           “Do it.”
           Jungkook’s eyes, which had long been shut, open quickly. He watches as you lean away from him and towards your purse where you pull out a condom.
           “That’s hot.”
           “You should always be prepared.” You smirk, tearing it open with your teeth before sliding it down his length.
           Jungkook helps you slide your underwear off – a lace number you’d tossed on and forgot had a hole in the band.
           “You good?” He asks.
           “Yeah.” You nod, head just narrowly avoiding the roof again. Straddling his thighs, you lock eyes.
           Jungkook Jeon stares back at you.
          He isn’t the 19-year-old you tutored, befriended, brought into your inner circle. He isn’t scared and unsure what to do next or how to stay true to his passions. He isn’t lying in wait or struggling through courses he’s supposed to take, but has no interest in. He isn’t living to please others, only himself.
          Somehow, he’s found his way to you when both of you needed it most.  
           He hasn’t told you what it’s meant having you back in his life, how you’ve given him such peace and comfort. You’ve helped ease his mind, given him space to express himself and follow his heart down the career path he’s always wanted. Your endless support and belief in him have never wavered, not with time, not in the absence of your relationship. It’s always been there, the green light across the lake. Jungkook doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to tell you without quoting Kendrick Lamar and ending up a puddle at your feet. But he can take all he’s felt for you and give it back in the most primordial sense.
           Jungkook guides your hips, helping you to lower yourself onto him. The moan leaves both of your lips as he begins to stretch you, hips barely moving as you adjust.
           “Oh god,” You moan, forehead resting against his.
           You shake your head against his, lips finding his. You begin to move your hips slowly. Gentle circles intermixed with riding him back and forth.
           Your kisses begin to grow sloppier as your hips pick up the pace, finding a natural rhythm that rocks the car gently. You can’t stop kissing him, hands scratching his scalp, holding him as tightly to you as you can. The car makes it easy, makes the entire situation sexier as the windows fog and Jungkook starts moving his hips to match yours. His hands are everywhere, under your shirt, trailing your spine, tweaking your nipples and toying with your engorged clit, bringing you closer to release. You don’t know if you can hold it, wait it out for him to come with you, but you’re going to try. Moans flow between your open mouths, carried over tongues and teeth pulling at lips and brought out by the need to become one. The heat from your bodies creates a glue between you, making it impossible to pull any limb from each other.
           You’d always hypothesized that Drew Barrymore was right, riding in cars with boys was always a bad idea. But straddling Jungkook, lips branding and marking every millimeter of flesh, it’s evident that perhaps she had been with the wrong guy.
           “I’m close,” Jungkook pulls away, eyes screwed shut, head seeking purchase on the back of the seat. “Squeeze me again.”
           “I’m gonna come if I do that,” You admit. His hand has left your clit, tending to your breast instead.
           “Come then.”
           “Wanna come with you.”
           “Fuck!” Jungkook yells and picks up the pace. His hips meet your stuttering pace, burying himself deeper and deeper within you, just grazing the tender spot designed to push you over the edge.
           “Oh god – right there,” You moan. You place on hand on the roof, the other on his shoulder, and try to keep yourself upright. “Jungkook.”
           “Yes baby.”
           “I’m gonna come.”
           “Fuck me too,” He moans.
           “Countdown,” You request, eyes peaking open to watch him.
           “Nine, fuck, eight,” He thrusts harder with each number, your walls contract around him, holding him tighter than you thought possible. You just want to feel him, all of him, hitting every single spot that your small hands or dildo can’t even dream about. He does it so well, filling you completely, making you feel like precious sapphire he’s going to hold onto every day of his life.
           “Seven, six, five – shit.”
           “Just get there,” You encourage. You’re so close, body ready to give over to the pleasure you’ve been stoking.
           “Four,” Jungkook opens his eyes, and the sight before him throws him off the edge. “threetwoone.”
           Your orgasm hits, fireworks on Juneteenth and New Year’s Eve dance in front of you.  Jungkook’s doe eyes displaying the entire galaxy as you come with him. He swears he sees through space and time, his own release overwhelming every one of his senses. Pure ecstasy in the form of guttural moans and praises, your names a mix that radiates off the curved walls of Jungkook’s car. You don’t know when you started crying, but the tears slide down your face, mixing with sweat as your high begins to ebb.
          You’d chase it forever if you could, if Jungkook could just stay, maybe you would.
Tumblr media
           An hour later, Jungkook sits on your bed, watching as you finish moisturizing. He showered quickly and made himself comfortable waiting for you. Boxers low on his hips, chest and tattoos covered by a long sleeve waffled-navy blue-Henley – he had tossed an overnight bag in the trunk of his car, the clever bastard. He is trying to psych himself up for the conversation neither of you want to have.
           “You do this every night?”
           “Ew, no. That’s too much work.” You answer. You set the textured jade roller down to pick up a moisturizer, which you apply in a thin coat before rolling it with your smooth jade roller. These are the final steps in a skin care process Jungkook swears has taken you twenty minutes to complete.
           “Your skin is naturally that radiant?” He questions. Every time he’s been close enough to stare at your skin, he’s been mesmerized. Mesmerized by the tone and color, the softness of your cheeks, the clarity of your pores.
           “Also no. You want the truth?” You sit down next to him, body perpendicular to his, knees bumping into his thigh.
           He nods.
           “I take something to help with the worst of my acne and it just so happens to take care of the rest of it too.” You explain.
           “Oh, is it that bad?”
           “I have hormonal cystic acne, so the only way to counteract that is to, well, take out my IUD, which no thank you, or take a pill for it,” You explain. “So, I take a pill because I really enjoy a 99.9% chance of not getting pregnant.”
           “You asked.” You’re quick to defend yourself, the topic of reproductive health is always controversial, when, in your mind, it shouldn’t be. You can buy condoms at the grocery store, why is there any question that you have an equal right to protect your body?
           “No, you take care of your reproductive health; that’s really important.” Jungkook takes your hand, playing with your fingers.
           “It is, and it gets stigmatized as sexual when in reality, it’s a part of my body and has to be taken care of like my mental health or my lungs.”
           “I agree.”
           “It’s absolutely ridiculous that my breasts or ovaries and uterus are policed and demeaned and made to be a problem.”
           “I agree,” Jungkook repeats his phrase.
           “I know you’re a dude and this doesn’t affect you that much, but you fuck women so you should care.”
           “I care! I vote in favor of reproductive health and donate to Planned Parenthood!”
           You teasingly roll your eyes. “That’s the equivalent of saying you have a black friend.”
           “No, it isn’t!” Jungkook shoves your shoulder, and you laugh as you willingly lay back on your bed.
           “I know, I’m teasing. Gotta get it in before you’re gone.”
           He sighs loudly and lays next to you, hand reaching for yours.
           “You wanna talk about it?” You ask.
           “I guess.”
           “Were you going to tell me?”
           He nods, though he realizes you can’t see him. “Of course. I didn’t know how.”
           “Well, you kind of made it obvious.”
           “I did?”
           “You avoided every question I asked about it! I was so clear and pointed, and you side stepped me every time.”
           “I, okay fine.” Jungkook resigns, he did spend all of dinner trying to talk about anything other than the elephant in the room.
           “And today? The way you kissed me!”
           “You started it!”
           “Yeah! Because I wanted you to know that I already knew you were going.”
           “It’s not forever.” His voice is so soft and melodic, a mix between a prayer and wish.  Though, they’re one and the same, aren’t they?
           “It’s a long fucking time, Kook.”
           “It’s two years.”
           You sigh, the tears forming in the corners of your eyes. “So much can happen in two years.”  
           “How many years have we spent apart?” He asks.
           “It’s different now.”
           “Now that I know how you taste? Yeah, it is.” He tries to lighten the mood, shake some of the weightiness off of you before it crushes you.
           “You’re filthy.”
           “I know. We’ll text and talk, and I’ll come home for Christmas and in the summer.”  
“You’re going to fall in love.” You whisper.
           “With Seoul?”
           Your hair flutters against your duvet, twisting and fanning behind you. “With Seoul, with someone. You’re gonna stay there.”
           “How do you know that?”
           “Y/N,” He teases.
           “It’s a feeling.”
           You turn on your side, hand holding your head up. “It’s a gut feeling. Everything’s going to happen for you in Korea, and you’re never going to want to come back.”
           “Is it a gut feeling, or is it fear?”
           “I don’t know how to be someone you miss,” You whisper. You watch his eyes as they scan your face, trailing the bridge of your nose, stopping at your cupids bow before returning to your eyes.
           “Yes, you do; you’ve been doing it for a few years.”
           “I hate that.”
           “It’s all just rivers and roads,” Jungkook scoots closer to you, his non-tattooed hand reaching to rest on your hips. His smile doesn’t reach his eyes, his hand sneaking onto your flesh, drawing concentric circles with his thumb.
           “Till I reach you, but Jungkook.” You start. You lean in closer, hand reaching to tether yourself in the fabric of his Henley. He scoots closer to you, hand dipping to rest on your low back, warmth of your skin greeting his.
           “Hm?” He whispers.
           “I love you.” You whisper, a promise, a vow.
           “I love you too.”
           “I’d still blow everything to sit with you.”
           “You too baby.”
           You have this habit, this pattern, whenever you are in Jungkook’s orbit. You’ve never been able to pinpoint it, to identify what it is about him that both drowns you and gives you life. When he was a freshman, you chalked it up to youthful innocence. He was cute and funny and charming. A good student when he tried, naturally gifted in everything but mastering nothing. All he’s ever needed is focus. Focus and time, dedicated work hours to go over principles and vocabulary, strengthening his understandings of foundational business ideas. It was hours of work that you didn’t have time for, but the hope in his eyes, the sparkle, the giddiness whenever his knee would brush yours under the table… You liked him so much more than you ever let on, perhaps more than you realized.
           When you lost his number – wiped from your cloud and not remaining in Yoongi’s, you were devastated. He was so quiet on social media that even once he accepted your follow request, it was weeks before he responded to your initial message. It was static and your career was moving so quickly you didn’t have time to dwell. When he showed up in that CrossFit gym, it felt like time was finally back on your side. He was there, not the innocent Jungkook who had little muscle mass and a lisp he wanted nothing more than to get rid of, but the fully realized version he’d always hoped to find.
           Now, drowning in his eyes, it’s overpowering to be able to freely acknowledge that your friendship was always based on a mutual love and respect for each other. A love that, maybe, if situations were different, if your heart wasn’t pulled, maybe this could’ve been something more than two friends casually fucking around. But it can’t, and it never will be. You’ve both grown up enough to acknowledge that you’re never going to be anything more than what you are in this moment.
           “We’ll still be friends, right?” You whisper, your hands busying themselves with the superfluous buttons of his shirt.
           “We have to be.”
           “I don’t want to lose you again.”
           “I don’t either.”
           Jungkook pulls you the remaining distance, kissing you soundly. It’s some unspoken form of goodbye, the feelings of years past, the yearning you’ve been kindling this summer.
           Dating Jungkook hasn’t been like dating Namjoon, Seokjin or Taehyung. God, it isn’t even like sleeping with Jimin. Jungkook knows a part of you that only Hoseok and Yoongi have seen. An unspoken familiarity, a comfortability that’s been easy and forgiving to slip into. A pair of over worn jeans, hugging you soundly.
           His kisses taste like honey. The movement of his hips, an intricate ballet requiring unparalleled skill. The caresses of his hands, the sound of his voice, the breadth of his chest when pressed against you … you commit it all to memory.  
           Because this is goodbye… no matter how much pleasure is being shared, every movement and second together still stings.
Tumblr media
           “In five years, where will we be?” Jungkook’s made himself comfortable in your bed, the extra pillows propping him up as he sips greedily from his water bottle. You stare at him - he’s never been one to plan more than a year or two in advance. “Seriously, where do you think we’ll be?”          
           You climb back into bed, tucking yourself under his arm, ear pressed to his bare chest, fingers reaching across the expanse to trace the tattoos of his shoulder. “God, I hope my IUD is coming out so I can have a kid either alone or with a partner.”
           “You’d go it alone?”
           “If I’m single and have no prospects, yeah.” You’ve spent too much time thinking about this, you could adopt too, you’ll have made enough money and saved enough that it wouldn’t be completely out of the question.
           “Interesting,” The smirk on his lips a telltale sign he’s got a joke coming. “You want to be a MILF?”
           “I’m not dignifying that with a response.”
           “It’s alright, you can be the MILF to my DILF, it’ll be perfect.” Jungkook tickles your sides.
           “Are we having an affair or marrying each other?” You’re breathless, readjusting somewhat out of his grasp. He pouts, bottom lip protruding, hand reaching out to pull you back in.
           “Isn’t that a cliché? To make a pact with a friend?”
           You nod, agreeing. “I always imagined if I made a pact, it’d be with Hoseokie.”
           “For sperm?”
           “Still can be.”
           “Meh, I can find my own.” Truthfully, with the engagement of Hoseok and Yoongi on the horizon, the thought of using either of their sperm has seemed less and less appealing and plausible.
           “I’ll –
           “Don’t.” You interrupt.
           “Why would I volunteer to give you, my sperm?” Jungkook asks.
           You turn your head further into his side, the hand resting on his chest covering your eyes as the blush creeps and spreads across your face. “Oh.”
           “That’s what happens when you interrupt! You don’t get to know what the person was going to say. You assume, and you know what that means.”
           “Yes, it makes an ass out of you and me. I’m sorry, what were you going to say?”
           Jungkook doesn’t miss a beat. “Why would I volunteer to give you my sperm when I can just marry you, and you’ll have it for free?”
           “I hate you.”
           You pull out of his grasp, turning to face away from him. Your arm reaches to switch off the light, propelling you into moderate darkness. Jungkook remains giggling, sipping the last of his water.
           “I’m kidding. If you want someone, you’ll find them.” He tells you.
           “What if I have?”
           “Please don’t tell me it’s Jimin.”
           Jungkook can hear your eye roll.
           “You’ve got three other prospects.”
           “I know.”
           “Natural selection will whittle them down, don’t you worry.”
           “Gee, thanks.” You mutter.
          Jungkook turns off his lamp and rolls over, arm snaking around your middle, the softness enrapturing him. He scoots as close as he can get, leg tangling between yours, your back flush to his chest. His kisses your shoulder, lingering with his lips.
           “I don’t leave until the end of the month.” He whispers.
           “I didn’t ask.”
           He kisses your shoulder again. “But you’re thinking about it.”
          “Of course, I am,” Your voice cracks, the tears from earlier today returning in a steady stream down your cheeks and onto your pillowcase. You reach your hand up to wipe them away and pretend they were never there.
          “We’ve got time.” Jungkook reminds you. “You’ll come visit. We’ll be okay.”
           “If you say so.”
           “I do love, I really do.”
           “Will you still love me?” You ask.
           “I won’t ever stop.”
           This time when he says it isn’t just a vow or a promise. It’s a guarantee and a goodbye.
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