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#art prompts

Winter Prompt Lists!!!

We are back with themes for December! Y’all know the drill - send me an ask with the list [Themes or Things to do], prompt # [1-31], and pairing [Vigcup or Dagcup].

  • Example: ask “Themes, #13 Silver Bells, Dagcup”

And feel free to use these! For drawing, writing, crafting, making a snowman for each day, idk do what you will with them, be creative :)

*Lists are also included, typed, under the cut.*

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Introducing Fluffcember 2020


Welcome to Fluffcember!

Created by yours truly and with the help of my friends on the Vode An 2 server, this is a list of 31 creative prompts for the month of December. These are not holiday-specific or fandom-centered, but are instead simply cute, fluffy winter prompts for you to use to your heart’s content.


  • Tag it as #fluffcember2020 for ease of locating, along with the prompt number (example: #no.1)
  • Have fun and be kind!

  1. First Snow
  2. Frozen Breath
  3. Northern Lights
  4. Candlelight
  5. Ice Skating
  6. Cold Toes
  7. Hot Chocolate
  8. There Was Only One Bed
  9. Warm Hugs
  10. Stars
  11. Blankets
  12. Dancing In The Snow
  13. Handmade Gifts
  14. Hot Soup
  15. Fuzzy Socks
  16. Flu Season
  17. Fireplace
  18. WIinter Gear
  19. Movie Night
  20. Homemade Meal
  21. Snowed In
  22. Fairy Lights
  23. Sleepovers
  24. Slipping On Ice
  25. Snow Fun
  26. Winter Wonderland
  27. Cuddle Piles
  28. Nipping At Your Nose
  29. Surprise Kisses
  30. Sharing Body Heat
  31. Ugly Sweaters
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We wanted to do something a little different from the usual so instead of only prompts, we’re also going to give you some dialogue prompts you can follow if you so please on some days!

Day 1 - Snakes and rats - dialogue prompt

Day 2 - Stolen hat

Day 3 -  (qp)Partners in crime - dialogue prompt

Day 4 -  Wedding - dialogue prompt

Day 5 - Comfort and Warmth - dialogue prompt

Day 6 - Our song

Day 7 - Light in the dark - dialogue prompt

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