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marigolde · 2 days ago
hello! i was wondering, wcif the counters in the third pic from post/666751117535920128 ? thank you so much, have a nice day!
Tumblr media
here u go :)
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dreambot · 14 hours ago
What CC did you use for Shigure? <3
Tumblr media
[ hair | hair acc. | pearls (get famous??) | top | skirt ]
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simmancy · a day ago
Just saying if you ever felt compelled to upload the Vatore’s from your NSB, I would download them immediately. They are so pretty
I am going to tell you a secret....... It's all the CC used, the rest is EA 😳
Tumblr media
→ Caleb
hair (adriana)
→ Lilith
lashes 1, lashes 2
hair (v2)
eyeshadow (macchiato)
lipstick (lucretia)
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meghewlett · a day ago
In your last post, the one with the two sims, one with the Kiru hair in a pink swatch to talking to a man with long black hair--can I ask where you got the outfit the pink haired sims is wearing? I love it and really would like to get a copy for myself.
Tumblr media
Here you go~
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joliebean · 2 days ago
Wcif the toddler hairs on the anniversary dress please.
Tumblr media
I hope you mean these hairs 😳
They are both from Cottage Living EP
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lesyasun · 12 hours ago
What hair is your plantsim using? (the braid one with flowers) And what blush&lips? Thank you <3
Tumblr media
Hello! :)
1) Hair is called Lidiqnata Lily. The natural retexture by Deedee and the green recolour comes with this sim by Someone-elsa.
2) Blush is by Pascalcurious
*And in case if you need he nose blush too, it's by Pooklet (called Clover Red Nose) and should be in this set.
3) As for the lipstick, I wasn’t able to find it. It’s just called Lilith + Noodle Lipblend. I checked both creators without success. But you can get this lipstick together with the sim. I uploaded the plantsim lady here ^_^
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kouzeesim · 2 months ago
Hey! Your rooms are always absolutely adorable, and I always find at least a few CC items that I love. This isn't exactly a WCIF, but is there any way you could post some of your favorite CC or favorite CC creators (ad free)? I'm always looking for more cute CC! Thank you so much!
hello hi, thank you that's really nice to hear since i really enjoy decorating i'm glad others like it 💛 this was fun and i've been thinking of doing something like this to share for a while but i keep saying "later"
some of my favorite adfly*free cc creators are @leaf-motif @aroundthesims @litttlecakes​
Tumblr media
1. painting / 2. poster / 3. post-it / 4. moth / 5. coat  6. painting / 7. couch / 8. pot / 9. mushrooms / 10. plant 11. cactus / 12. table / 13. boots / 14. pumpkin / 15. alien 16. basket / 17. plant / 18. skull / 19. books / 20. print  21. books / 22. plant
Tumblr media
1. curtains / 2. picture / 3. gnome / 4. mushrooms / 5. mat 6. succulent / 7. candle / 8. terrarium / 9. books / 10. plant 11. mushroom / 12. terrarium / 13. giraffe 
Tumblr media
1. skillets / 2. sign / 3. tools / 4. flowers / 5. tools 6. candle / 7. seeds / 8. bowls / 9. dishes / 10. box 11. timer / 12. box / 13. pots 
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mmoutfitters · 3 months ago
Hello! I desperately need children's hairs, both ages work but whatever you choose (or both)! I also need couches BADLY. Either one! Thank you! This is chaotic omfg -ava
hi ava! here are some child hairs :) i didn’t include many for boys or toddlers because most of the girl hairs are available for both frames and many for toddlers too. 
here are some other ‘virtual closet’ type posts that might help you too! - s4cc faves, favorite mm child hair - s4cc faves, female child hairs - s4cc faves, toddler female hairs - mmfinds, hairs for child and toddlers - mmfinds, child male hair - mmfinds, child female hair - mmfinds, afros/curly hair for child and toddlers - mmfinds, curly/wavy hair for child and toddlers - mmfinds, child ponytails
i’m going to put the couches in another post just to keep them separate. 
Tumblr media
1. dahyun hair by casteru 2. floral hair conversion by shysimblr 3. natasha hair by xdeadgirlwalking 4. casey curls by an0nymousghost 5. clairchen hair by birksche
6. no daisy hair girls by birksche 7. kids hair conversion by milkyki 8. ellie v2 hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 9. bob hairstyle conversion by naevys-sims 10. sarah hair conversion by naevys-sims
11. jenn hair conversion by naevys-sims 12. daffodil hair conversion by naevys-sims 13. up & out hair conversion by naevys-sims 14. wavy lady hair conversion by naevys-sims 15. madison hair conversion by naevys-sims
16. lil bun n’ done conversion by naevys-sims 17. wendy wavy buns conversion by naevys-sims 18. ellie hair v1 conversion by dbasiasimbr 19. miley mullet conversion by cupidily 20. morgan twist by dbasiasimbr
21. imvikai’s hair conversion by shysimblr 22. neo dreadlocks by dbasiasimbr 23. libby locs conversion by dbasiasimbr 24. jules hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 25. helena hair conversion by peachibloom
Tumblr media
26. paloma hair conversion by an0nymousghost 27. billie hair conversion by naevys-sims 28. mima hair conversion by an0nymousghost 29. rose hair conversion by an0ynmousghost 30. madison hair conversion by an0nymousghost
31. evangeline hair conversion by stardaze 32. cleo hair conversion by stardaze 33. cynthia hair conversion by stardaze 34. quartz hair by naevys-sims 35. callie hair conversions by salttry
36. dorothy hair conversion by naevys-sims 37. almond hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 38. perennial puff hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 39. maryellen hair by pancreasnostalgia 40. little mathilda hair by birksche
41. chun-li hair conversion by peachibloom 42. jess hair conversion by peachibloom 43. dutch braids conversion by peachibloom 44. manon hair by birksche 45. nana hair conversion by nekochan-simmer
46. ellie kids hair by birksche 47. lynn hair conversion by peachibloom 48. briana hair conversions by an0nymousghost 49. darian hair conversions by an0nymousghost 50. bubblegum hair conversion by naevys-sims
Tumblr media
1. curly mohawk conversion by dbasiasimbr 2. mason hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 3. nash hair conversion by dbasiasimbr 4. diego hair conversion by dbasiasimbr
5. taper fro conversion by dbasiasimbr 6. jay dreadhawk conversion by dbasiasimbr 7. jonas hair by salttry
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servegrilledcheese · a month ago
Hi I love you gameplay and I was wondering if you use any gameplay mods? And if so so what are you must haves?
my must haves:
wonderful whims
meaningful stories
have some personality please
talents & weaknesses
first impressions
delayed invitations
better motive reactions
better mood reactions
online homework
automatic preferences (likes and dislikes)
school holiday tradition (i use this to make summer vacation a thing)
career overhaul suite
and of course, mc command center has a death grip on my throat.
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ridgeport · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
penny pizzazz’s updated guide to daily wear ✨
Everyday 1: hair, choker, dress, sandals
Everyday 2: credit to @uxji 🖤, hair*
Formal: hair, pearls*, dress, heels
Athletic: hair, juicy sweats, thong acc, shoes*
Sleep: top, shorts*
Party: hair, fur coat, top*, pants*, heels
Swim: sunglasses, top, swim bottoms*, sandals
Hot Weather: hair, top, shorts, sandals
Cold Weather: beret*, acc turtleneck, cardigan, pants, boots
*simsdom/tsr warning
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cinamun · 4 months ago
*insert catchy commercial music*
Are you like me and download most of your lots?  Do those lots contain all the CC needed to make it look like the pics?  Is this as convenient for you as it is for me?  WELL THEN YOU NEED: *drum roll* The Sims Mod Assistant!
Tumblr media
If you answered yes to those questions, you probably have a bloated Mods folder.  From 114GB to 74GB in a click of a button.  I have been putting this off for SO long y’all.  SO LONG! As organized as my Mod folder is, I’ve never once crossed checked for duplicates and conflicts (okay maybe once). 
If you don’t have a similar tool, I highly recommend this one.  Easy interface, easy everything. GO GET THIS! I’ve been using this all morning so if you need help and the creator isn’t around, I CAN HELP YOU! 
You know what prompted me? And it’s always something.... I am taking my current gameplay too Granite Falls and something in my folder was overwriting all of the wood objects from Outdoor Retreat with a horrible default retexture.  I searched and couldn’t find ANYTHING in my folder or google! It had to go because in my clean saves I play MM and even for my main saves (Indya) which are mostly alpha, that texture was just gross lol And here we are.... you’ll thank me later!
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rusticottage · 4 months ago
Hi, I hope you’re having a lovely day, I was wondering wcif the bread box in tulipas kitchen and also if you could do a top 10 plant or kitchen clutter cc. Many thanks 🥰
Tumblr media
friend bad news, it's from leosim, here
Tumblr media
1.hanging ivy
2.chinese money plant
3.teen plant
4.shabby box plant
5.small potted pothos
7.little plant
Tumblr media
8.wild plant
9.wicker plant
10.random plant
11.floor plant
this was toooo hard
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blarffy · 17 days ago
I’m convinced you always find the CUTEST cc possible. Would you ever share everything you used in Marshmallow’s bag?
Tumblr media
ask and u shall receive ✨
yogurt cup sprout
frog purse
compact + brush
clear compact (personal rc)
simlish letter bottle
white pill bottle
open lipstick (personal rc)
claw clip
prescription pills
makeup palette (personal rc)
birth control pills
glue gun
heart blush
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pinkpxls · 3 months ago
more reshades, pls? <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Among the Pines / Matcha / Patchouli Rose/ Pumpkin Pie / Spellbook / Wilma
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moonfi · 4 months ago
top 5 formal dresses/jumpsuits/outfits?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. top / 2. bottom / 3. shoes / 4. dress / 5. shoes / 6. outfit / 7. shoes / 8. dress / 9. shoes / 10. outfit / 11. shoes
12. coat / 13. dress / 14. shoes / 15. top / 16. bottom / 17. shoes / 18. top / 19. bottom / 20. shoes / 21. outfit / 22. shoes / 23. top / 24. bottom / 25. shoes
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kouzeesim · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Milo’s kitchen clutter
jam jars 
rustic tin 
utensils & oil 
post-it & recipes  
mugs, coffee & tea box 
bowls mugs & box 
mugs *tsr
tin boxes 
tea boxes *
cereal box 
requested by @shutupsavannah 🌼
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mmoutfitters · 4 months ago
Hi! Do you know any fullbody swim outfits that don't require Island Living?
hello! soooo i was basically finished with this when i realized you might have meant wetsuits or swimwear that actually cover the whole body? if so, i couldn’t find much but here are some:
- wetsuits swimwear - maverick jumpsuit - burkini here are some fullbody swimsuits i have in my game. i am pretty sure they are all bgc. i also found some other lookbooks that might help you
- mega swimwear lookbook by @miirasims - one-piece swimsuit favs by @totalsimsy - let's go to the beach lookbook by @bakersimmer
Tumblr media
1. swimsuit from poolpartystuff 2. ready for summer swimsuit by sunflower-petals 3. summer bummer swimsuit by joliebean 4. willow swimsuit by pisceansimmer 5. bow swimsuit by ancasims 6. layered swimsuit by ikari-sims
7. shark swimsuit by nativemoonlight 8. simsidas swimsuit by 8osims 9. lazy lover swimsuit by alexaarr 10. nicole swimsuit by aharris00britney 11. lace up swimsuit by bramblefinch 12. cupshe swimsuit by brianite
13. amy swimsuit by manueaPinny 14. barbie ‘59 by twentiethcenturysims 15. luna swimsuit by margosims 16. baywatch swimsuit by sibyllinesims 17. can you knot swimsuit by bowl-of-plumbobs 18. unholy swimsuit by christopher067
19. dragon motif swimsuit by harmonia 20. drippin swimsuit by trillyke 21. odd sense swimsuit by trillyke 22. escape swimsuit by trillyke 23. one-shoulder colourblock swimsuit by darknightt 24. swimsuit 03 by chloeMM
25. babewatch 2 by hi-collection 26. magic shop swimsuit by trillyke 27. belt bodysuit by serenity-cc (sdom) 28. ruffle swimsuit by caio-cc 29. bai bodysuit by marsosims 30. sunsuit recolors by me
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kumikya · 5 months ago
wcif the sneaks from the Aria outfit post? so cute
Tumblr media
here you go:
shoes → velcro sneakers
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ridgeport · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one anon asked for a penny lookbook so i took that and ran with’s penny’s end of summer fits anon <3
hair, dress, sandals
hair, bathing suit outfit
hair, top, bottom, sandals, bag
hair, dress, sandals
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pixelunivairse · 22 days ago
wcif the ombre-ish hair in your river top post? its soo beautiful!!
Tumblr media
Here 👍
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