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Someone sent me a #wcif about these ornate tiles and I accidentally deleted the ask—I’m so sorry! :///

However, here’s the link.

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Hi! The truth is, my screenshots are all over the place, because the gameplay ones were taken a year ago when I had different defaults (I can’t remember which ones were these - these were the eyes, I think? I don’t remember the skin but it was quite similar to the current one), but this and this picture were taken recently.

Here’s what I currently use:


Eyes 1 (the ones in the recent pictures) and Eyes 2 (the ones that I switched to, the sims will appear with them in newer pics that I’ll be posting later)

I also use some Pyxis content (skin details) and the Heihu overlays.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot of cc installed. I tend to download hairstyles from noodlessorbets and poses from Lana CC finds, but I’m not really an expert in ts4 cc so there may be other good resources that I don’t know about yet. I recommend browsing the resource pages of various maxis match ts4 blogs to find some stuff!

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Hi! Thank you <3

You can find the pants here

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You can find in my latest retweeted blog😌😌


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You can find in my latest retweeted blog!!😘😘

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hey luv! so sorry, the whole dress does not exist yet (hopefully, someone would make it). I just patched up diff cc pieces together to make it. but, if it’s any consolation here are the items I used:

— Top from Bella blouse by Nightingale (I recolored it to match)
— Sleeves from Jomsims dress (I forgot I changed the name in my folder😢)
— Skirt from Vanora skirt by ColoresUrbanos
— Ribbon belt by ColoresUrbanos

if there’s any creator who’d be so kind to recreate it, this is the irl chartreuse dress by Mark Bumgarner.

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I’m starting to download furniture and buy cc, apart from Veranka, whose downloads do you guys reccomend? :] I like both sober and colorful stuff so it doesn’t matter the color palette

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Heyyy! They’re by MMSims, free on Patreon now. They are one of my favorite shoe creators.

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ilysm nonny, thank you!

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does anyone recognise this rug because i always use this colour swatch in my sim builds but it’s like vanished from my game and i cannot find it and i don’t remember the creator


if any of you have any idea where i can download it again i will be forever grateful !

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@miravellecc said: This is amazing, I love it! 😍 Where are those counters from?

Thank you! This is two kitchen sets, too many links, that’s why I’m answering in a separate post.

First is Neil loft kitchen 3t2 by Beautifulnerdkitty, recolored by Riekus13 here.

Island is from BB’s AMD kitchen, it’s repo’d to Kitchen Basic. The orange wood recolor of BB kitchen basic counter I made a long time ago. I can upload it in case you’d want it, but it’s really orange, you’ve been warned. There’s 6 recolors in the archive, because I’m not sure which one it is.

sfs / mega

But I can assure you, all 6 of them are extremely orange

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Hi ☺

Sorry for the late response 🙏🏼 that skirt was a wip too but I already uploaded it so I hope you will like it ,thank you 👍

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hello kat!! it is a base game recolor and you can find it right here

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hey lovely!! I added link to the post here :) they’re not quite finished yet I only added the ones I can remember off the top of my head but I will add the rest when I can check on my PC later <3

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hello! u can find the lot here.

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hi! you can find it here

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