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Pharmacist preparing to undergo conscious sedation in surgery

Me: hey, subconscious self


Me: You know you don’t have to educate surgeons and anesthesiologists about medication use while they’re cutting you open, right?

Me: Like, maybe don’t be bubbly and chatty this time.

Me: and please don’t call the geniuses with knives morons. Can you do that for me?

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I have decided that I need to start documenting my studying because otherwise nothing gets done. Sorry for anyone that encounters this blog, it is a mess. I spent about 5 hours studying in Einstein’s today. In the morning, I had tried to study in my room, only to find that I had been procrastinating and snacking the whole time. An iced coffee and headphones became a close friend and I finally started studying for the pharmacology, pathophysiology, and toxicology exam that I have tomorrow. 

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Clinical rotation anxiety

Does anyone have any tips about preparing for different clinical rotations? Or what to expect when doing them? I start mine on Monday and I’m SO anxious. I’ve been off work for two weeks, so I’m already starting off anxious coming back, and now I have to be pharmacisty? I am terrified. Any advice or help please send it my way!! (Doesn’t have to be pharmacy specific advice either!)

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12/2/2020 // 19.44

Revising anticoagulants and getting food inspo from the Tesco magazine, I always love recipes like this but never actually make them because I like the look of them but don’t like the reality of salads! I went shopping today with my mum which was really lovely to spend time with her and I also got lots more workwear and a new coat for a wedding I’m off to ✨

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Genius physician

There’s this one attending who has a certain routine while inpatient. She sees her patients, writes her orders, then comes to the inpatient pharmacy. Every day. Not at rounds! Just us and her. She reminds us which patients are hers, a word or two about her diagnoses, then asks if we have any questions or suggestions. If she’s ever struggling with finding the best treatment plan, she waits until she gets there to bounce ideas off of us.

Not to give us orders, but just to plan together. It rarely takes more than five minutes out of her day. She also will sometimes give a brief, respectful heads up about one of her residents’ patients—asking us to be a more alert safety net as the resident makes decisions.

This physician makes typos and errors as often as any other, but you know what? I think I’ve paged her maybe once the entire time I’ve worked here. She’s already answered all of my questions, so why would I page her? Think of the freedom for the rest of her day that this five minute visit buys her.

She seems to be completely aware that we’re not her bosses. She’s so humble—totally okay with making mistakes, as long as she makes them in front of the pharmacists, because we’re here to protect and empower her.

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9/2/20 // 18.28

Sitting out the stormy weather by revising chapter 1: the GI system. I thought it would end on section 6 but here we are going all the way up to section 11! This is painstaking, but made more bearable with Kitchen Nightmares USA on in the background, and some before-dinner wine

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Hello, how are u, guysss?

This picture is showing my study corner (one day I will have a better hahahaha) and i want to share with u what subjects will I study this semester: pharmacodynamics, biosafety in laboratories, pharmacognosy 2 and analytical chemistry 2!! I hope this semester is good for you and me :)))

Who want to study pharmacy??

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Not bad

One time I was taking care of a patient who needed a heparin drip when an odd alert flashed up, “ALLERGY TO PORK PRODUCTS. Reaction: patient is Muslim and has religious objections to pork.”

Heparin is porcine or bovine in origin. I had it switched to fondaparinux, a more expensive and rarely used anticoagulant.

In the days that followed, nobody questioned it in the daily monitoring. “Patient is anticoagulated with fondiparinux due to religious objections to pork products such as heparin. Dose will be adjusted today due to improving renal function.” It was never a thing. The patient wasn’t conscious when the drug was started, and it was fine. I don’t live in a place where there are many Muslim in my community, too. There was never a policy to allow substitution of fondiparinux for religion and we didn’t need one because it was obvious that it should be substituted.

Sometimes I think about that, when the news makes me scared. Most people aren’t jerks. It’ll be fine. People won’t necessarily make a big deal about it.

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