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stuff for me to do this week

  • mon: 4h of physics
  • tue: apply for jobs
  • wed: write an essay about media and technology
  • thu: write an essay about safety or smth idk
  • fri: do the rest of the math exercises
  • sat: revise the rules for analysing a poem/short story

bonus! here’s pics of bono stealing my laptop to watch youtube videos. laughed at him for solid five minutes, the posture is just too great 🐪

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24.02.20 // it’s probably not smart to post this to a bunch of strangers on the internet, but why are unrequited crushes a thing and why do I have to have one? :(

listening to: no one told me why - aleph

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So, it was the first day of uni. First day of my final year.

It was pretty good. Good to be back. Majority of my papers for the year are all by distance, so that’s fun.

Creativity in the Community will be an interesting class. It’s one of my last theatre papers. And there are a few familiar faces, which is good.

Tu Tira Mai is one of the BA core papers. They’re compulsory and I can’t get my degree without them. This is the final one I have to take and I haven’t lived the past core papers. But I actually enjoyed myself during this course, so maybe there’s hope.

I have scheduled times to look at my Script Writing and Sexual/Textual Politics courses. But I should get started on reading the bunch of film scripts I saved, start reading The Handmaid’s Tale, and get the rest of my books for Sexual/Textual Politics.

We’ll see how the year goes

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The trip to Scotland was a success! All of our equipment worked and we managed to collect some useful/interesting data! We also had a valuable meeting with Scottish Water; they are intending to carry out some operational interventions at our site, which are likely to have an impact on water quality. We have the opportunity track these potential changes using on site equipment and other sampling techniques. We are all very excited to make this happen as there is a huge amount of knowledge to be gained here. For me, this work could also make up an entire chapter of my thesis… ✨

The trip wasn’t without challenges; it involved 13 hours of driving across 2 days, lots of bad weather (see photo below), and spending all of the time away with one person (my supervisor), which can be testing in itself. Although, I am fortunate in that we get on relatively well. 🚗

Photo: What it is like to work on site in Scotland… ❄ Source: Phone camera. 


The week left me absolutely wiped and I was grateful to my calendar for being empty this weekend, which I spent at home, hanging out with the cat and doing things I enjoy. It feels like in modern society there is no time to stop, no time to think, nowhere to escape from social media and the constant bombardment of information. I felt so guilty for trying to do nothing this weekend, consumed by the sensation that I should be doing something productive, should be living my “best life”, whatever that is. In my opinion, it is crucial for anyone, especially someone doing mental work, like a PhD, to have time in isolation to sit with their own thoughts. You cannot figure out a solution to a problem if you’re constantly distracted. Imagination is stunted by busy schedules, which I can vouch for from personal experience. My brain is so frazzled all the time, that I need at least two days to not think at all before I can recover enough energy to start thinking up ideas, theories, etc. 

Photo: Think. Source: Marco Nabi. 


Currently, I need to figure out what to focus on next as I have at least 5 different things I could be getting on with and all of them are a priority in their own way. For instance, I could be analysing data I collected in America, using the findings for two conference posters that I need to submit by the end of March. Alternatively, I could be doing company data analysis as the outcome of this will determine the next essential steps for the project. Or, I could be re-writing my literature review, which will increase my understanding of the field, help me pick out the current gaps in knowledge, narrowing the focus of my project. On the other hand, I could be upping my coding language skills to make the process of doing data analysis smoother. I could go on. 

The overwhelm is real. 

Have a brilliant week, and thank you to 640+ of you that follow me

P.S. Try cranachan; my favourite traditional Scottish dessert. 🍓

Photo: I wonder where the cat is… Source: ‘Hanging out with my cat’ archives.

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I AM BORED: 심심하다 Vs 지루하다 Vs 지겹다

I think most of you learn 심심하다 to say ‘bored’ or 'boring’, right? But I learned 지루하다 first, so I got confused whenever anyone asked me “언니, 심심해요?”…. And then I just learned there’s 지겹다! (Mind blown). So here’s the subtle difference (it’s actually very easy)


심심하다: to be bored due to a lack of activities, stimulus, etc. AKA 'I’m bored because I have nothing to do’ (me right now)

  • 나는 너무 심심해요 - I’m so bored (because I have nothing to do)
  • 심심해 죽겠어요 - I’m bored to death


지루하다: to be bored because of an activity that is not fun

  • 나는 지금 내 방을 청소하는 것이 지루해요 - I’m bored of cleaning my room now
  • 나는 쇼핑하는 것이 지루해요 - I’m bored of going shopping


지겹다: to be bored because of a repetitive activity***

나는 이 일을 하는 것이 지겨워요 - I’m bored of doing this work

나는 너의 불평을 듣는 것이 지겨워요 - I’m tired of listening to your complaining


Easy right?

*** NB: You wouldn’t really use 지루하다 to say, 'this movie is boring’ because it’s used more when you want to say you find something boring - you should use 재미없다 instead


Originally posted by corredordelaberintos

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1/100 days of productivity

23 02 20 we are on the go! I started off by studying for my Analythical Techniques test on Wednesday and started reading my new book.

My coffee might look pretty but sadly it tasted very bad and it went down the sink :(

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