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Original caption August 27, 1956:
“ To Thomas E. Milton, 6, of  Martinsville Virginia, knowledge is something to lean on right now. But to think that there are 42 books in the pile for him to study in the next twelve years doesn’t seem to make Thomas very happy. He is starting school this year and from the look on his face he isn’t sure he is going to like all the subjects in those books.”

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Shahrukh Khan honored a Kerala researcher, Gopika Kottantharayil Bhasi with the ‘Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University Ph.D. Scholarship’ at an event in Mumbai earlier this week.

The Kerala researcher, Gopika Kotthantharayil Bhasi from Thrissur(Kerala) has been constantly working on farming practices through animal science, ecology, and molecular studies. Gopika was the chosen one from over 800 other competitors and was awarded the four-year scholarship at a ceremony in Mumbai.

This award even comes before the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne will enter its eleventh year. The prelude event was held in Mumbai before the main event in Melbourne. In 2019, superstar Shahrukh Khan was awarded an Honorary PHD at the La Trobe University and a special PhD scholarship was named after the actor.

Apart from the Phd at La Trobe University, Shahrukh Khan has been awarded several other honorary doctorates for his contributions. Shahrukh Khan has time and again emphasised and spoken on his beliefs on education.

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Women can be assholes. Men can be assholes. Advocating for female rights when they are being trampled upon,—is admirable and legit. Advocating for male rights when they are being trampled upon,—is admirable and legit. All forms of abuse perpetrated against human beings are wrong. That being said, do not naturally assume — in every case — that you are able to intellectually and morally discern what is abusive and what is not abusive and what rights should exist and what rights should not exist. Your opinions on these matters have been heavily colored by your upbringing, education, the news, social media, the entertainment industry and the different circles in which you move.

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